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  1. oriondream

    Thread Direct dial contacts from the edge panel

    Right now when I select a contact from the people edge panel I get a choice whether to call them or message them. Is it possible to link a contact in the edge panel so that when I click on the contact I make a call directly?
  2. oriondream

    Thread S4 Browser Built-in Translate Tool

    The shortcut to translate (in the menu that comes up once any text is selected on the web page) utilizes Samsung's proprietary S translate application, as I understand. Unfortunately, the application has very limited availability of languages, unlike Google translate. Is there a way to use or...
  3. oriondream

    Thread ATT or international (not the usual set of questions)

    I honestly searched multiple forums but have not seen specific answers to the following two questions: 1. Is resale value of international version of Samsung Note 2 significantly higher/lower than carpet branded version (ATT in my case)? 2. What about warranty/tech support? I know where to go...