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  1. ahmarchi

    Thread Question... been gone from here for a few years

    Man I was a avid flasher,kernel modding, and cooker back in the day... I have been away from the hustle for about 6+ years I believe maybe longer. Yesterday I made the switch from iPhone back to the note 20 ultra. I see nox has become even more prevalent... how has the ability to root, and...
  2. ahmarchi

    Thread Menu button or something like it

    Hey guy coming from note 1 to 3 been used to a menu button... Is there something I do not know about this wonderful n6. Is there a swipe motion that will open something similar. For example hitting menu in Facebook would bring options and setting options. Other programs alike.
  3. ahmarchi

    Thread need some help

    ok guys, heres my problem...... i went into safestrap. factory wiped, and deleted system cache dalvik etc. was about to try alliance v4. when i went to install it, it said error and my phone automatically restarted. now here is my problem, i was on official 4.4.2 and used towel root. NOW...
  4. ahmarchi

    Thread [MOD][TWEAK]VulpiX

    Hello guys, just posting this in here for us to use. i have this up and running on knoxraid and it is amazing. **this has fixed the wake lag for me, instant screen on and unlock** Vulpix 3.0 this is a tweak made by Nitzz (thank you brudda) , i am not the creator of it, but am simply...
  5. ahmarchi

    Thread x-note 7 stock messaging with group texting and other mods

    ok guys THIS IS FOR XNOTE 7 ONLY. for those that use group messaging know that it is not available in xnote 7. i have modded the secmms.apk to allow group messaging to be selected under Settings>mms as well as increased mms size and quality as well as have original time of message...
  6. ahmarchi

    Thread New wanam update

    Anyone see this new update to set the SELinux to permissive on boot. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  7. ahmarchi

    Thread Any news on mj5 odin

    As the title States, has anyone heard any news on the Odin file for MJ 5? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  8. ahmarchi

    Thread Downgrading

    Is it possible to downgrade build in our devices. For example mj5 to mi9. Been trying to figure it out so I can test keyboard apks on mi9 from mj5 but when I try I keep receiving and error from odin. Anyone shed some light on me please. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4...
  9. ahmarchi

    Thread New Samsung keyboard mj5

    Here is the Link Here is the odex file Make a backup of it current apk in /system/app then put that one in and fix the permission. Hit thanks if it works please. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  10. ahmarchi

    Thread new update with de la vega

    anyone try to use de la vega (current MI9) with the new att update?
  11. ahmarchi

    Thread question

    is it me or is twrp sd card mounting broken? i do not have my sd card, and i flashed a rom, but got it to soft boot. sad thi is is that i wiped the sd card by mistake not thinking, now i cant get the phone back on. so mouting via twrp is not working. anyone else have have any ideas on what i...
  12. ahmarchi

    Thread stock recovery

    guys anyone know where i can get a zip of the Stock recovery to flash via CWM or teamwin so it goes back to stock. my usb is broken and i have no way in doing so. stock recovery for ics 4.0.4 btw
  13. ahmarchi

    Thread new 4.1.2 customs roms and reverting to stock for warranty

    hello guys i did some research and i have only found Da-G's thread which is the old revert to stock. I currently have an issue with my note, and i called warranty and my new device should be here on Monday. i will have to ship my old device back, thus ill need to revert it back to stock...
  14. ahmarchi

    Thread Now that ICS is official....

    How long do you guys think until we see kernel source code? I'm looking forward to having OC and these new linero tweaks I hear about Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda app-developers app
  15. ahmarchi

    Thread Am i on lte

    Ok i am very confused... am i on lte or no.. as u see it only says 4g n not 4g lte..... but look at these speeds! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda app-developers app
  16. ahmarchi

    Thread Att owner here asking international help :)

    Hello guys. Im coming from the att galaxy note forum asking a favor. Would someone mind posting the dialer apk from yalls ics international note. Our ics dialer is having issues and i would like to see if using yalls will fix the problem. I did not want to post on development but any help...
  17. ahmarchi

    Thread Ucld3 dialer

    Its so slow to open up...then i ralized that it is closing itslef there a way to make it be permanent open amd not close from ram. I HATE having a 2 second delay from the time you click the dialer till it loads. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  18. ahmarchi

    Thread Cm 9 official galaxy note.....

    For the n7000 :( sad but good news for our brothers nonetheless Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  19. ahmarchi

    Thread ics dialer

    is it me or is the ICS dialer EXTREMELY laggy opening and the xt9 dialing is always being on dial presses. GB roms = click on dialer and instant opening, this one i have to wait up to 3/4 seconds.
  20. ahmarchi

    Thread (request) 240 dpi stock dialer

    Would anyone be able to upload the stock dialer without the yp mobile but one that is functional with the 240 dpi setting? I like the stock dialer and would prefer to not have to get a 3rd Party dialer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  21. ahmarchi

    Thread Spen

    Anyone having problems with the spen chasing from right handed to left handed...there are times my pen goes into left hand mode while right hand is sil still selected...then i have to go in and seal them around and back to right handed and the own is perfect them eventually it goes left...
  22. ahmarchi

    Thread Exchanging note

    If I got exchange my note at an att corporate store do you guys think they will look at the flash counter? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  23. ahmarchi

    Thread To all my non LTE brothers

    Myself, being in between 2 LTE cities, Raleigh and Charlotte NC, I'm from Greensboro am stuck with ever running a test it seems like we are like the Atrix, seems that hsupa is disabled!!!! I'm am only getting .3/.4 mbps upload like when I first first got the Atrix. After the update...
  24. ahmarchi

    Thread Super charger script

    Wow I just ran the super charger 1000 HP and WOW what an improvement. Just heads up for you guys to try it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  25. ahmarchi

    Thread Volume

    Any way to increase volume....ita funny such a big phone yet so small of a volume.haha guessing we have to wait for cm9 or is there any mod we can do. The speaker is just so low. Watching netflix and youtube is an experience like no other....hearing it is a different story haha Sent from my...
  26. ahmarchi

    Thread Battery percentage?

    Is three a way to show the battery percentage on the taskbar up top? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using xda premium
  27. ahmarchi

    Thread Unlimited grandfathered

    Quick question do we keep our unlimited grandfather internet when upgrading to this phone? ??? Currently have atrix with unlimited, would be awesome when I get my note tomorrow that I keep it Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
  28. ahmarchi

    Thread Coming from an atrix

    So I'll coming from good old Motorola, and I know we have wait for stupid bootloader unlocking etc on motor phones.... is Samsung the way or does this little piece of perfection already come unlocked Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
  29. ahmarchi

    Thread Atrix 2 guess we will be seeing the atrix 2 sometime late this year maybe. here aresomeof the specs for it looks like...
  30. ahmarchi

    Thread Atrix x86 computer drivers

    Guys can some post a linkdl to the atrix computer drivers for win x86... I need the drivers on a newly formatted laptop.... and I've looked everytlwhere even kens posts cause I remekber seeing them but can not find them anymore...any sort of help wil be greatly apreciated Sent from my MB860...
  31. ahmarchi

    Thread Wallpaper

    Why does setting wallpaper always make it distorted or make out to big... Setting exploratory if the internrt is there any app to reduce the picture accordingly...even saving the image and selecting the wallasey usa super ugly. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated Sent...
  32. ahmarchi

    Thread Bloatware to freeze on new 2.3.4

    Had anyone been messing with the new gb build in tibu? So fast I have only frozen bugs app and the book s app... I tried installing the bugs asp but will not work... uninstalled book but icon is still in app drawer. Anyone else mes with it any? Sent from my MB860 using XDA Premium App
  33. ahmarchi

    Thread gingerblur 3.5

    hey guys anyone have a link to download gingerblur 3.5??
  34. ahmarchi

    Thread battery

    any ideas how i can fix this.... my battery will not charge to 100%. i have tried doin g a battery wipe.. i downloaded the battery calibrator app, and tried to wipe it, and see if it charges... and it will not go past 99%... is there something that i must do to get it to 100%... im trying to...
  35. ahmarchi

    Thread Download OTA wihtout wifi

    is there a way to download the OTA without having to connect to a wifi and use our cell phone data??? i want to use the new scrip to keep root on the new OTA but im no where near a wireless router..... are there any apps that i can create a hotspot and connect to my own hotspot to trick the...
  36. ahmarchi

    Thread 4.1.57 ota is live- OP UPDATED with directioin for root

    i just connected to a wifi... went to settings, system update, and the msg DOWNLOAD came up....its doing it as i type! UPDATE: OTA is LIVE....... AND THERE IS A ROOT FOR IT you have to flash the 4.1.26 SBF file root with super one click reboot phone enable allow on your...
  37. ahmarchi

    Thread Audio Booster

    possible to create an audio booster file?
  38. ahmarchi

    Thread holding power button automatically restarts

    it just recently started happening. i am running the newest adeo, and when i press the power button, the menu does not pop up and just restarts..... any ideas what can be causing this?
  39. ahmarchi

    Thread Headphone voluelme

    Hey guys is there a mod for headphone volume? The volume seems limited and so low when listening to music or pandora... I liketo blast music. I hate having restricted volume levels.... any help or advice will be highly apreciatedq Sent from my MB860 using XDA App
  40. ahmarchi

    Thread [request] barebone 1.56 official rom

    would it be possible to have someone make a barebone of the newest official rom?
  41. ahmarchi

    Thread Asking this question again to all forum members

    Ok guys, the photo tab in manilla, we can set a folder path as favorites and have only that selected folder show up.... here is the question??????/ can we do the same thing for the music tab!?!?!?! MAN ITS SO ANNOYING having songs on my phone, only to all of a sudden a ringtone come on and...
  42. ahmarchi

    Thread little help about music player

    quick questions for the pros here.... how can i have only one folder showing off my storage card. for example i hate having it scan all of the card, and having ringtones mixed in there.... i wish i could have music and ring tones separate andonly full songs on the player(tf3d) show up on the library
  43. ahmarchi

    Thread New Manila - Check this out :)

    as some know or don't and most ppl just don't give a fawk :) hehehehehe ive moved on to the touch HD. however i constantly check the raphael bc its a great phone! but on the touch HD side, GUYS look at Dutty's new rom for the HD :) look...
  44. ahmarchi

    Thread thanks and good bye to they touch pro

    i just wanted to say good bye and thank you for all the support provided in the touch pro and how much everything has been appreciated..... i will still be popping in and flashing if needed, but i will be moving on to a touch hd, and i cant wait to see all these outstanding cooks soon join me...
  45. ahmarchi

    Thread changing polling

    is it possible to change to poling to the towers like explained on the ppcgeeks forums? would be nice to be able to do this on a att fuze.... reports from changing the polling make it ring faster thus the ring on your phone has no delay.
  46. ahmarchi

    Thread Merry xmas!!!

    just wanted to wish everyone a merry XMAS!!! and thank your guys for everyhting
  47. ahmarchi

    Thread static clicking noise

    does anyone have any static clicking noise? for example b4 some sort of sound comes on u hear a little static click from phone, or right when about to call, u click call and a clicking static noise clicks once or twice then calls? everything runs perfect, but this noise annoys me so much? is...
  48. ahmarchi

    Thread quick question about the fuze/ touch pro

    ok ATT is taking forever to release or even announce the fuze or when its coming. I went to my local best buy here in Greensboro, NC and i saw that they we already selling the "touch pro" even saw a customer purchasing one and activating it. i asked when it was coming for att, and he said he...