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    Thread Wireless Charging

    Is there any good wireless chargers out there that are compatible with the Xperia 1 II.
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    Thread Tempered Glass

    I just pre-ordered this phone and bought this case. Is there any good tempered glass out there? Is it also worth getting a screen protector for the camera as well. I saw this on ebay...
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    Thread Unable to use own ringtones

    Hi, I'm trying to use my own ringtones but i don't see them in the list. The ringtones are in the ringtones folder in the internal storage and are in .ogg format. When I try to add ringtone using the add ringtone function nothing happens and a it creates a duplicate file in the ringtone folder.
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    Thread Songpop

    Does anyone here play songpop? Everytime a song plays the volume keeps jumping up and down. Does anyone who plays songpop experience this? Or do i have a faulty handset.
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    Thread Xpera 1 sold out in Europe.
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    Thread Screen Protectors

    Is there any good screen protectors out there?
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    Thread Editing contacts on PC

    Hi, Is there any free contacts editor software out there for Windows that I can use to edit my contacts on my XZ Premium? Thanks.
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    Thread Charging issues

    HI, I'm using the charger that came with the phone into a wall socket(uch20). If I use a USB-C cable it charges at around 1100ma for 5 minutes and drops to under 600ma and phone then discharges faster than charging. I have left it overnight and woke up to 7% battery this morning. If I use a...
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    Thread Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Hi, I got my phone yesterday set it all up and it refuses to connect to PC. When I connect to PC it charges the phone but cannot transfer files. I don't get the popup asking me to charge MTP Mode etc. I don't even get the option for usb debugging enabled. I've tried 4 different cables all...
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    Thread Pre-order

    Clove in the UK has the phone for pre-order at £645. Aswell as some accessories :).
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    Thread Sony announces Z5 Premium Pink

    Sony has announced the Z5 Premium Pink version.
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    Thread Z5 Premium Cases

    Hi, Is there any good cases out yet for the Z5 Premium? I'm looking for a clear one that covers the buttons but not the fingerprint sensor. I like the Orzly Fusion Case but it doesn't cover the buttons...
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    Thread Flash zip files without root

    Hi, Is it possible to flash zip files without root using my PC? I can't root my phone because my banking apps won't work. Thanks
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    Thread Has anyone used this company before?

    I found this on google. Seems like a good price for the Z5's. Was wondering if anyone has used this company before? I don't want to be wasting my money if it turns out to be a scam website.
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    Thread Revision numbers

    Hi, Im looking to get the Z5 but is there any difference between revision 2, revison 3 and revsion 4 handsets?
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    Thread Long press back button to kill app without root?

    Hi, Is there anyway to long press back button to kill app without root? I like this feature but the Barclays banking app force closes on my rooted 5.1.1 with xposed. So I need to unroot and uninstall xposed for this app to work .:mad: Thanks
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    Thread Torch

    Hello people. Whats the torch like on the Z5? Is it like older Xperias where the flashlight is weak? Thanks
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    Thread Problems with Sony music app

    Hi, Everytime I play a song in the Music/Walkman app it chops off the last second of the song. This is pretty annoying if the song doesn't fade out at the end. For example Bon Jovi - It's My Life. In Walkman app it's 3:42 long and in other music apps it's 3:43 long. Anyone know a fix? Thanks
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    Thread Sony Logo

    Hi, I bit of a weird question but is there anyway to remove the sony logo from the front of the phone and the xperia and sony logo on back of the phone. Thanks Kamal
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    Thread [Q] App drawer in middle.

    Hi, Is there anyway to get the app drawer icon in the middle on the touchwiz homescreen on lollipop? Thanks
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    Thread [request][ftf] o2 uk

    Hi, Can anyone please make a FTF of the O2 UK firmware. Me being dumb forgot to make a FTF when I flashed my O2 branded handset to the German Generic. Many thanks.
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    Thread Sygic App

    I've recently install the Sygic Sat Nav app on my Z2. The problem is all the avatars, emoticons and pictures from sygic are showing in the gallery and album apps. Is there anyway to hide these? I've tried the .nomedia file but no luck. Thanks
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    Thread [REQUEST][FTF] UK generic 17.1.A.2.55

    Does anyone please have the UK generic firmware with cda 1282-0226 Thanks
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    Thread Walkman app

    Hi, I just sold my iPhone 5s and ordered the Xperia Z2 online. Is the Walkman app able to play the iTunes m4a format and show the artist, song title, album name, artwork etc. I have over 4000 songs in my iTunes library. All my songs are DRM-free. I would rather not covert these to mp3 as it...
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    Thread Screen protector

    Hi, I just bought the Xperia Z2 Uk model off the internet today. I wanted to know if there is a screen protector already applied to the phone or will I have to apply myself. I know there is some in the box. My current Sony Xperia Arc already had a screen protector applied from factory.
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    Thread [Q] Screen is Smashed.

    Hi, My two year old son smashed my screen on my Arc :(. The screen is unresponsive. Is there anyway to get my contacts off the phone? All my contacts are stored locally on the phone with no backup to gmail. My phone is rooted if it helps. Thanks
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    Thread Problem receiving calls

    Hi, Whenever I receive a call and answer it the loudspeaker is automatically on. This is really getting annoying as I have to switch off loudspeaker after answering a call. Anyone know how to fix this??? I'm running ICS 4.1.B.0.431 on my ARC Thanks
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    Thread ICS contacts problem

    Hi, I have a problem with contacts with .587 If I set a ringtone for a contact it won't work when they ring. It always plays the default ringtone. Anyone else have this problem. I have rooted and remove all the bloatware. Thanks.
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    Thread Titanium Backup

    My Arc is running Generic world ICS 4.04. My phone is NOT rooted but titanium backup works and has root access. I am puzzled. Anyone have any ideas what is happening.
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    Thread [Q] Browser in ICS

    Hi, Everytime I start the browser in ICS 4.04 on my arc It tries to download settings and comes up with a box to select operator. Is there anyway to disable this. I don't have a data plan and just use the WIFI. Thanks