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  1. dtb1987

    Thread [Guide] How to enable wifi tethering

    This guide is for academic and development purposes only and should not be used to circumvent any contracts you have with you cell carrier. You need to be rooted in order to enable wifi tethering. Rooting and editing your stock image voids most warranties. Follow this guide at your own risk. (I...
  2. dtb1987

    Thread [Q] Root for VM LG Volt

    Has anyone rooted the virgin mobile (or boost mobile) LG Volt let? If so how? I've tried several ways, Kingo Root, using adb to push the SU binary, ioroot update in recovery, etc.... love the phone just really need to root it. Edit: VRoot also doesn't work, testing more methods Thanks in advance
  3. dtb1987

    Thread [Q] Messed up Superuser

    I got a Zenithink C91 with 4.0(it comes out of the box rooted) on it and i bought the superuser elite settings and downloaded superuser 3 beta 4 and tried to flash it onto my C91. Now when ever i open my root only apps it says my device is unrooted a message i wasn't receiving before i tried to...
  4. dtb1987

    Thread [Q] Setting up a ROM kitchen for Motorola Triumph

    Hey guys, I'm new to this so please be patient with me. I'm want to try to make my own custom ROM for the Motorola Triumph. My questions are: What programs will i need in my ROM kitchen? What are some good resources for when i get stuck? What wisdom can you guys share with me?