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    Post I need a stock lg v20 music app

    Let me know if you get your hands on the updated version of the app.
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    Post I need a stock lg v20 music app

    This is the apk sign trick OP was talking about. I have the same issue with the app not working for my h910. It just errors and force closes so I do want to know if anyone has an updated version of the LG Music app.
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    Post [ROOT] HOWTO: AT&T H910 up to v20g (FULLY TESTED)

    Haven't been flashing for a while so have two noob questions.. The first post states that if I do this method and revert to stock ATT cannot know that I rooted my phone. I thought the issue with the h910 variant of the the v20 was that the KDZ wasn't available and you couldn't relock the...
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    Post Music player that can utilize DAC

    Basically follow the instructions from this thread: Download an apk of LG Music Download the app APK Editor from playstore. Had it installed in a few minutes.
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    Post Music player that can utilize DAC

    Late post but there is a way to get the LG Music app onto ATT V20, let me know if interested.
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    Post 3 hour battery life. Max!

    Checked on my h910 and quickmemo+ is indeed taking up a crazy amount. I don't think you can disable or uninstall through system either, going to try Greenify. I really want to root my phone but I'm going to be trading it back to ATT in a year and I need to be able to go back fully to stock.
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    Post Google Assistant

    You wait. Server switch on Google's end.
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    Post [STOCK][TWRP BACKUP][UPDATE] AT&T H910_10L Stock Recovery, Boot, and System Image

    Does the factory reset to stock also reset the recovery? Want to root phone but will most likely trade in to ATT once I'm eligible for upgrade(with trade in).
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    Post List of Music Players that Use Our DAC (10j changes things)

    You should definitely contact the poweramp app maker and see if they can get this integrated.
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    Post [H910 (AT&T)][ROM + Kernel] NRD90M Modded NotSoStock ROM v5.5 1/1/2017

    From what other people have told me it's actually the custom kernel that breaks it. If you reflash the ATT kernel it supposedly works.
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    Post [H910 (AT&T)][ROM + Kernel] NRD90M Modded NotSoStock ROM v5.5 1/1/2017

    Planning on rooting my phone soon and have a question. I want to keep wifi calling and volte(hd voice) on my phone so I'd most likely be installing stock kernel over this to keep the features. However I would like to use magisk to pass the safety net check, could I do that with this rom or am I...
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    Post [LS997|VS995|H910|F800L] DirtySanta Bootloader unlock and Root guide

    I wasn't aware it worked on the stock kernel. I'll try that out then.
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    Post [LS997|VS995|H910|F800L] DirtySanta Bootloader unlock and Root guide

    @me2151 I have a question, searched the thread and didn't find an answer. I saw in two rom threads that the H910(AT&T version) cannot have wifi calling or hd(volte) calling because the bootloader unlock specifies the phone as a us996. Is there any way for me to change that or att version being...
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    Post [Dorimanx LP][v2.9+][SELinux-Enabler] Script to Enable SELinux

    Thanks again. I got Magisk(and Pokémon go) running perfectly. Turning on selinux from dorimanx app bootlooped my phone once and then just plain didn't work the other time. Happy there was an alternative method.
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    Post [Dorimanx LP][v2.9+][SELinux-Enabler] Script to Enable SELinux

    Hey Blastagator I'd love if you could take a look at this again. I'm trying to use magisk to get Android pay and Pokémon go working while rooted but I think Selinux being disabled is causing root to be detected.
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    Post Has anyone tried Magisk for root / xposed?

    Works for me on D800 with the bump script
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Except I'm pretty sure the wifi stability changes you made in your last kernel had something to do with it. I wouldn't get the high millisecond latency notices when I'm using my cell data (4g lte) even when it's at 3 bars. But on my home wifi network which has much faster speeds I'd get bad...
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    I've been playing this online moba game called Vainglory. I'd get frequent latency or lagging issues(which is terrible in pvp games). The latest kernel seems to have fixed those issues.
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    Post [Q&A/T] CloudyG2 3.3 -=- [All Variants]

    Does anyone know what files I need from this rom your enable voice recording on my stock rom? I want to use a debloated version of my stock rom but don't know how to enable call recording with it.
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    Post [ROM][d80030b][v1][2015.06.26] Stock Lollipop (30b) Stripped Down

    I was interested in the system/priv-app LGVoiceRecorder and system/vendor/overlay com.lge.voicerecorder I'm assuming those are the two things you need to enable call recording with xposed on g2/g3 tweaksbox? Really miss voice recording on cloudy rom and it isn't enabled on the stock ATT rom.
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    I'm running stock(not custom), xposed, I'm sure we have different apps and settings. No two phones are alike, maybe you got a premium one and I got a lemon. My point was everybody's phone and experience is going to be completely different and while Dori works magic it's impossible for everyone...
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Just reporting for D800. As someone who has had plenty of freezing and reboots (on stock and many of Dori's kernels) latest update is flawless to me. Every now and then Dori releases a kernel that will be the one that I continue to flash if I run into any problems, 8.1 is one of those kernels...
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    Post [ROM][d80030b][v1][2015.06.26] Stock Lollipop (30b) Stripped Down

    Where is this available to download???
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    Thread D802 Stock Dialer/Voice Recorder App.

    Could anyone make an apk for me of the international dialer and voice recorder apps? I'm on stock D800 ATT Lolippop and I noticed I can't record calls using g3 tweaksbox, it just gives me an empty audio file. Most likely because ATT dialer or Voice recorder don't have the functionality.
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    Post [Mod][Xposed] Amplify - Battery Extender - Control alarms, services, and wakelocks

    What can I do when I try limit wakelocks but they flat out have no blocked time? Example in picture
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    Post Where to buy genuine D802 battery?

    Where exactly is Lg's storefront to order them?
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    Post [dlpkgfile] LG G2 D800 AT&T lollipop update file

    I got this as well, anyone know what exactly it changes besides "device security improvements", is it a stagefright fix?
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Kernel has been stable for 5.4 when I had many reboots before on D800. Looks like Dori got to the bottom of it, now to try 5.5.
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Another reboot on D800. I don't know what it is with the past kernel versions but I'm receiving reboots when I've never had this problem with the kernel before. Hope Dori can eventually figure out what's causing it for those who have it.
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    Post [XPOSED](1.5.1B1/2.2)G3 TweaksBox(THEME,Call Rec,Lockscreen,Notifications,LED,MORE)

    Does anyone have an idea of how I can get call recording to work on G2 D800? The button appears during a call and I can press record but when I go to check the file after it's always a 0.00 kb file. Using stock At&t rom and dorimanx kernel.
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    Post [ROM][d80030b][v1][2015.06.26] Stock Lollipop (30b) Stripped Down

    Does this rom come with a working voice recorder for phone calls? I'm not able to record calls on the stock AT&T D800 rom even with the g3 tweaksbox app when I could before on kitkat cloudy stock.
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    On 5.2 my Internet is working fine but when I boot up the playstore app it doesn't work for some reason. I double checked by going between 5.1 and 5.2 and the issue is still there. Don't know what's going on the Internet works fine in Chrome and everything else but I get a retry button on...
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Have never had any problems with this kernel and reboots but the past couple kernel versions have been giving me reboots, no new apps or settings on my part. Log attached. <edit> Also have memory cleaning set to aggressive as per Dori's suggestion in the thread.
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    Post [Q&A/T] CloudyG2 3.3 -=- [All Variants]

    Could someone upload apk versions of the Voice recorder and Call/Dialer app from this rom?
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    Post [APP][Xposed][1.6.5]Snapprefs - The ultimate Snapchat-utility [] [JB-M]

    Same for me. I first ran into the issue after updating snapchat by accident. Uninstalled it and installed 9.11 and no functionality working. Restored a copy of the data, disabled and enabled the module in xposed and nothing works. Snapcolors is working for me though(and may have caused it in the...
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop Voice recorder apk

    Anyone (especially with D802) can compile and put this in an apk for me? For some reason on D800 ATT model it's hidden from the user app tray and I'm unable to record calls with call recording enabled.
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    Post [XPOSED](1.5.1B1/2.2)G3 TweaksBox(THEME,Call Rec,Lockscreen,Notifications,LED,MORE)

    Does anyone have issues on stock lollipop Lg G2 D800 with call recording? I can successfully enable the button but when I actually going to recording calls it creates a 0 kb file that can't be played.
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    Thread Call recording D800

    Ever since updating to lollipop on the stock AT&T rom I'm unable to record calls. I've rooted and installed xposed + g3 tweaks box and enabled call recording. However when I press the button during the call it doesn't record anything and creates a 0kb file that has no info. Anyone know how to...
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    Post [D800] [STOCK LP] Serenity ROM v3

    Any chance you can post what bloat you removed? Curious before I switch over and what exactly did you remove to disable carrier IQ?
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    Post [LP 5.0.2 Kernel 3.4.113][08 JAN] Dorimanx 12.0 LG G2 D800/1/2/5 LS/VS980

    Got two random reboots using D800 darkness gov and Alucard hotplug
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    Post [Guide] How to Make Viper4Android work on Lollipop

    I had someone trouble getting convolvers to work as well. Converting viper to a user app with titanium uninstalling the driver then reconverting it to a system app worked for me.
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    Post [MODEM][d800] KK Modem Patched with 10D Radio (SMS Send Bug Fix)

    Anyone have a link to the zip of the unmodded kit kat modem? Want to try something and see if I even needed the mod version or not.
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    Post Corrupted internal storage?

    Any way to fix it? I do think it's effecting certain apps that try to access the storage.
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    Thread Corrupted internal storage?

    Noticed this recently, my phone is working fine otherwise but I think the storage is corrupted. Also getting an error when flashing kernels. Running cloudy g3 rom and dorimanx kernel. Can I fix this without losing all my information?
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    Post LgG2 Still Rocks!

    Still rocking my g2 but a lot of your post is just patently false from using my gf's Note 4. The res is distinguishable, text looks a lot crisper on the note and that's something I noticed from first glance. Same for performance, I'm satisfied with my G2's performance but the G3 and Note 4 are...
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    Thread Screen won't let me scroll sometimes?

    I noticed in certain apps, Evolvesms, Chromebeta, Tapatalk, Reddit Sync I have issues where I can clink anything on the screen but I can't scroll up or down. In order for me to be able to scroll I have to exit to home and then relaunch the application. I'm on Cloudy G3 2.0 and Dorimanx Kernel...
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    Post [APP][4.0+] EvolveSMS

    Is there a way to choose what part of a picture will be taken for the conversation header pic? It was perfect before but with the new material design update the pictures are too low.
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    Post [KK 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.108][16 AUG] Dorimanx 10.9 LG G2 D80*ALL! F320 LS/VS980 L01F

    Just came back to Dori after a while on stock kernel and I'm getting crazy heat on the d800 while playing games. To the point where my fingers were uncomfortable touching the screen. Dual intelligent temp control was on and it's never been hot like this for Dori's past kernels. Was the...
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    Post [ROM][KK][Jan 18] -=- CloudyG2 2.2 -=- [All Variants]

    Looks like Cloudy has a G3 now, wonder if this will result in easier development for us.
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    Post XCam LG v6.2.4 [G2]

    My back camera is phenomenal but on my front camera video and pics have a blue hue to it. I have darker skin and in certain apps like snapchat pics/video come out less than stellar, anything I can do about this?