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  1. nazif mehmed

    Thread Problem with microphone!

    Hi, I have a new phone, but when I talk, sometimes, person at other end can't hear me. Please help me with a solution to this problem!
  2. nazif mehmed

    Thread MD5sums-1.2 generator

    For all who want to set MD5sums, it's application. This is a win32 console application. There is no GUI, but you can use Explorer to drag files over md5sums.exe to obtain their md5 hashes. This is linc for original thread:
  3. nazif mehmed

    Thread Miui Music Player-MIUI_XJ_1.3.11

    Hello all. I found a great player and I would like to share it with you all. Great work with Android 2.3 CM7 Only the options of the standard miui player is missing equalizer. Method of installation: -copy the file to root directory of SD card -Boot into recovery -Choose Install zip file from...