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  1. rfkd

    Thread Double folders after update to latest factory image

    Hello, since updating my rooted Pixel 5 to the November Image (via fastboot, flash-all.bat without -w switch) several folders in my internal storage are shown twice. The mentioned folders are in fact identical, if I create a file in one of them it also shows up in the other. After deleting a...
  2. rfkd

    Thread OTA failed on rooted device

    Hi, I just tried to install the September OTA update based on the Magisk OTA installation tips however the installation of the update fails during step 1. At least I am still rooted on the August patch level. How can I update my phone without losing data? I thought about reflashing system and...
  3. rfkd

    Thread Best way to do a full backup (and restore it)?

    Hi, on my previous phones I used TWRP to create full backups of my phone. My A2 lite is rooted with Magisk and I decided to keep the stock recovery to simplify OTA updates (also there is no official TWRP build available supporting encryption). The phone is already setup completely and I don't...
  4. rfkd

    Thread Automatic bluetooth connection with HFP

    Hello, I have some problems with the bluetooth connection to my Seat Leon (2016). Pairing worked fine but once I return to my car only the A2DP profile gets connected. In the car menu media control is working correctly but the phone part is shown as disconnected. The bluetooth connection state...
  5. rfkd

    Thread Blocking app updates in Android TV (Philips)

    Hello, my Philips 65PUS7601 Android TV has recently been updated from Marshmallow to Nougat. Unfortunately Philips broke the Amazon video app integration with this update - the current version (4.something) plays videos asynchronously, basically making the app useless. Going back to the previous...
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    Thread [Q] Files requested from 4.2.1

    Please remove.