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27th April 2011, 06:01 PM
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1st backup post (kernels)


kernels are listed in descending order

older -> newer (newest at the bottom - for now)

NEO 09


NEO 10


BFS kernel

(semi-broken: superuser issues, some stability issues, etc.)

NEO 10 diagnostic kernel (logcat + printk)

NEO 11

NEO 09-redux_V5
[Gingerbread bootloader support + access to external (micro)SD - no hourly battery drain anymore !]
(changelog now available - 10.08.2011)

NEO 16 codename: Beast

NEO 17 -r12 codename: Butterfly

NEO 17 -r13 codename: Butterfly

NEO 17 -r14 codename: Butterfly

for those searching kernels:

here are the posts of the 2 latest kernels:

* [2.6.37 kernel-base, Neo XX]

* [Neo 17 r17 + BLN (voodoo color)]


* [Neo 17 r18 [still tagged 16] + voodoo color + BLN]


even newer:

NEO 17 -r18 codename: Butterfly

NEO 18-update1 codename: funky fish

NEO XX.1-update1 codename: mighty rhino

ALL USERS MUST UPDATE (this fixes yet another potential data loss trigger)

CM9/ICS (Android 4.0.x) preview - NEO 3.0.8 alpha3/4

CM9/ICS (Android 4.0.x) preview - NEO 3.0.8 alpha5

(deep idle v2 enabled by default, upstream GPIO fixes) --> probably deep idle v2 not properly working when enabled that way

CM9/ICS (Android 4.0.x) preview - NEO 3.0.8 alpha6

(deep idle v2 disabled by default, some additional RAM testing [not user & system visible - additional stuff once no regressions] --> deep idle2 can be enabled via nstools)
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