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26th October 2011, 09:19 PM
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[Reference] Interactive Phone Modification [GUIDE]
Have you ever looked at your phone and thought: "God, Sense looks like anus", or "I don't want my phone to look like everyone else's".

Have you ever thought to yourself: "I bet that I can do more to make my phone look KICK BUTT". But you had no idea where to start, or what to do, and are afraid to ask someone for fear of looking like an inconsiderate n00b.

Well, this is the place for you!

What we have done here is, create an environment to which both n00b and experienced "KICK BUTT" modifiers can coexist and help each other. You will find in this "guide" (whatever you want to call it) numerous tutorials, tips, tricks, and bleeding edge ideas for you to make your android phone the coolest on the block.

We literally have gathered some of the greatest minds in android modification, and locked them in cages with nothing more than a phone and a laptop. We have a guard that stands at each cage and pokes them with one of those electronic cow prods to make sure they stay attentive.

Ok. Not really. What we do have though, literally is some of the greatest minds in android modification and development. They frequent this thread for the camaraderie, the respect, the ideas, and to help each other become better at their trade. This thread has spawned some great mods for android, and it will continue to do so.

There really is only one rule, don't be a demanding little DOUCHE. You can ask for help, even ask if someone has already done and might be willing to share, but the first time you come in here with a sense of entitlement we will make your life a living hell and you will receive no help. Everyone in here is helpful, and generally fun to be around. So come in and hang out for a bit, you might just learn something.


I may be the OP of this thread, but i know probably the least, I would like to take second and thank some of the people who make this thread what it is today.

- team d3rp: il Duce, ranger61878, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, dkdude36, jdeloach, SteelH, fdb8231, Ajthescot, and me: I am fortunate enough to have some of the coolest people on this little team that I am a part of and I am truly thankful for their friendship.

- team Bad Seed: fernando sor, jeffsanace, and silverxbv2: there are a lot more of them, but those are the regulars that frequent this thread. They have one of the most KICK BUTT teams out there, and the input they provide is legendary.

- tommytomatoe: this is the guy who will literally make you crap your pants when he shows up, he is that good.

- Vinchenzop: a guy who is on the same level as ole' tommy up there, he will blow your mind.

- steal25: this guy is crazy good, always helping people, and his wealth of knowledge is insane.

- mayfield103: a themer's themer, you won't hear from him for a couple days and then he shows up with something makes your head spin.

- thesparky007: another guy who makes some great stuff, and contributes like crazy in this thread.

- dased14: this guy has done some super cool stuff, you should see his boot animations.

- knightwolf123: this guy literally has a thread with 17 skins in it, that includes a guide to make skins. Tell me that's not over the top awesome.

- hockeyfamily737: unofficial d3rp, specializes in MIUI, dude does some good crap.

- dropzeroc: one of the newest people to this thread, and already he is bringing the heat.

- reaper24: another newcomer, who is already sharing what he has and producing some great stuff.

- Max_Pain, Papa Smurf151, gomorrah, triscuit1983, -shift-: these are some of the other guys that come in here from time to time, each one of them epic in their own right.

If there is anyone I forgot, I apologize, I will get you in. I blacked out a little bit, I didn't realize how many people are actually involved here, this is amazing. Thank you all for your contributions, it means a ton to me and to this community.


You will find in post 2 some of the linked posts to guides, tutorials and walk throughs, almost all written by the people in this thread. I can not explain enough the amount of knowledge in this thread. And again, We are here to help, not to do it for you, but to help you learn to be awesome.
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