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28th August 2012, 10:51 AM
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[GUIDE] How To Be A New Member, Not A NØØB
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Okay, so I know this has been done before, but I felt it helpful to plant the seed of knowledge and guidance for those new to xda who, rather than being subjected to flaming and accidental trolling here as result of their own inexperience, and more specifically, here within the ATRIX 2 forums could find an advantage by reading and understanding this guide. That said, the purpose of this and my intent (along with the Senior Members, Members, and others) is that this will be a 'must read' here in the General Section of our beloved ATRIX 2 community, and that the guidelines I am about to share will benefit those new to xda to learn how to be contributing, helpful, rule-abiding citizens who will one day -sooner, rather than later- become "New Members" (Junior Members) and who will evolve and grow to benefit the entire ATRIX 2 community.

Now, aside from a certain sliver of members here, we all started out as "n00bs", including myself. So, don't feel as though you are some kind of plague to the societal ecosystem that is xda, you are simply at your infant stage. However, this is not an excuse for not following the rules of xda, which I will reiterate again shortly, nor is it cause for you to come in here as if you own the place. This isn't my forum, or your forum, it is our forum, and many people such as myself have a certain affinity toward it, and regard it highly for both continuing education, fellowship with friends, and causative shared knowledge. You can learn a great deal here on xda about your phone, what possibilities you can reach in terms of customizations and so forth, and if interested, how you can do your own developmental work with Android. However, all of these have one very imperative precursory requirement: read, search, read, and search. Your best companion, besides the help you may receive in your journey here on xda, will be that of Google. Use it, use it some more, and when you think you've exhausted all of your own resources to find answers for any questions, concerns, or confusions, keep using it! You will only thank yourself (and have a certain sense of self accomplishment) when you can solve your own quandaries or quagmires. Trust me, you are not the first person to have the issue your may be faced with, or will face at some point down the line, so the probability that your problems have been addressed here or elsewhere within the nether-webs, is extremely high.
Before diving right in, let me overview the rules set by xda:

*Search Before Posting, Maintain Proper Member Conduct, Post Only Using A Clear Subject And Message, Use The English Language, Post A Message Only Once, Do Not Post Warez
(I'll explain what this means later), Do Not Spam (again, more explanation to come regarding this), No Requests For Donations Up Front, Do Not Use Copyrighted Materials Or Anything That Does NOT Belong To You, Be Helpful To Others When You Are Able, Do Not Post With Intent To Sell Something, Using The Work Of Others MUST Be Approved, Do Not Post For Your Own Monetary Gain, Do NOT Create More Than One User Account, Keep On Topic In Threads And With Your Posts, and Do Not Bump A Thread More Than Once In A 24 Hour Period.

For a full description of rules for xda forums, please refer to THIS THREAD.
*STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for any and all damage related to Hardware loss or Data or Software, which the user might cause while attempting any procedures or methods found on xda. Additionally, I am taking the liberty to assume that anyone who attempts these procedures understands the potential risks involved. This guide thread is intended for aiding new members so as to have a better user experience here, and no risks of any aforementioned damages will arise from following this guide, I am still exempting myself from any liability as result of anything anyone does to their device(s).
(You will see disclaimers such as these, which I myself employ, to indemnify one's own responsibilities for that which you or anyone else may do as result of following guides/ROM installations/theming/modding/rooting/etc.)
---Getting Started (With The Basics)---

So for the sake of everyone's time here, I have to assume that you (yeah, you!) have already registered and read the forum rules, as well as watched that lovely "You're A n00b On XDA" video, so I don't feel compelled to do the entire rundown of the full length version of rules. However, I will briefly recap them here. Please keep these in mind when within the forum, and exercise your own abilities before enlisting the help of others here. Granted, we are here to help you, but if it is apparent that you have not helped yourself, we will let you know in a way that *hopefully would eliminate the need to call you out on your lack of reading, searching, reading, and searching some more. Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin:
1) Reading Is Invaluable, Searching Is Imperative:

As I mentioned before, reading is your most powerful tool that will give you the advantage to avoid being called that "N" word and more of a "New Member". Along with this, is searching. I recommend you read ALL of the stickies in each of the sections of this forum. They have been 'stickied' by our forum moderators for reasons that prove advantageous to everyone, and those who wrote these 'stickied' threads put in their own time and efforts in compiling information to be used and/or observed by the entire community. Please refrain from posting new threads, unless undoubtedly necessary. Even if your questions or concerns are not exactly in line with what's being/been discussed within another thread, but is even remotely similar, start by posting in that exiting thread. This keeps our forum clean and free of clutter, as well as avoids wasting the time of others, along with your own. You should consider the question or concern you may have, and choose keywords when searching for answers. Try several times with different keywords if your answer(s) didn't magically appear from your first attempt with utilizing the search bar. If you are unclear as to what term or acronym you need assistance with, please refer to THIS THREAD by stempox for a better understanding of what it is you are looking for. Other useful threads for New Members are found here: New Member Guide-Get the most out of XDA!! and Search guide video.

2) Proper Posting Protocol:

Posting is something that you might find yourself doing a lot of, and is your privilege as New Member here on xda. However, you should avoid posting to drive your post count up, and refrain from re-posting what others have already posted by re-wording their statements. Excessive posting is annoying, especially when the above Rule #1 is neglected to be followed. You get no special treatment for the most posts in any forum, nor do you gain any respect if you prove yourself unable or unwilling to read, search, read and search some more on your own. The most important three aspects of your new user experience will be found by reading, and searching, and along with this is posting. These all go hand in hand, and if you think about it for a second or two, make absolute sense that these are all tied in with each other, relying on each other, and benefiting each other as well. Also, take your time when posting by giving every little strand of information you can possibly thing of. Example: your firmware, your current ROM, what procedures you used, what methods you've tried, what country you're in (sound silly, but sometimes extremely important), what you're trying to do, etc, etc, etc. The more information you give initially, the less time we have to take to fish for leads to track down your problem(s), and the less time you have to take responding to our requests for more info. Don't go into "panic mode", just read and post accordingly. Also, xda has some implementations for keeping our forums legitimate, and free of junk advertisement (SPAM), and in doing so you will find that for your first 7 posts will be accompanied by irritating CAPTCHA prompt entries. You will also see a 2 minute restriction from posting again or editing your existing posts. This all will end once you have reached 30 posts, making your evolution from Junior Member to Member. Remember, don't post rubbish just to quickly scoot through this process. We all see what you post, and we all pay attention to these things here. You don't want to make yourself look like a "Johnny Cutcorners" here, just do your part by abiding and respecting others, and for goodness sake, respect for yourself as well.

General Section: This section of the Atrix 2 forum should be used for all discussion regarding the Motorola Atrix 2 (general chat, tips & tricks, etc...)

Atrix 2 Q&A: This section should be used for all of your questions relating to the Motorola Atrix 2. Please refrain from posting questions in the General Section, as we now have the Q&A for this purpose.

3) The Question Posting Conundrum:

So, you've spent hours upon hours searching xda forums, Google'ing your fingers to the bones and typing all the different keywords you can possibly imagine in that handy little search bar at the top right found on each xda forum page you visit, and still come up empty handed. Now, where do you post your question or concern? If you've reached your 10 post minimum and feel your issue is of a 'development' nature, or more specifically regarding a certain ROM or mod or theme, post in that Rom or mod or theme's existing thread! Do yourself a favor and post in the appropriate sections for whatever your topic may be. If you still have doubts, post in the General Section, but only after what (?) :searching, reading, searching and reading some more! Also, give your new post some time to be read, thought over, and responded to. Don't be so impatient that you bump (Bring Up My Post) your own post for answers, and don't post frantically calling for -or expecting an immediate answer. There are thousands and thousands of members on xda who live all over the world, so exercise your placidity by affording your post to be read and addressed in a reasonable time. A good suggestion is to subscribe to your own threads that you may post, along with any that you feel you'd like to "keep up with" that you have posted to by clicking on the Thread Tools Button and receive email notifications once a member replies. This is your indication that you have someone who has responded, and hopefully helped you along your way (assuming you have given all the necessary information for them to be of help!)

4) Thanking Those That Talk You Through It:

You've seen each member's username and avatar, and below those are the member's "thanks meter". This was put in place as an easy to recognize indication of a member's useful posts here on xda. It is a way to see those who have contributed much of their own time and knowledge and/or talents or abilities with their own development with Android, or by simply being one who gives useful answers or tips to others. It is by no means a measure of superiority, but rather an identifiable way to distinguish those who are more apt to be someone to provide helpful insight. If you have been given such insight or helpful tips/solutions by anyone here, click that member's "thanks button". Please forgo the formalities of a written 'thank you', though is you feel you must, accompany it with a click of that mouse as well! It means more to us when you do, and as you see yourself becoming more fluent in your understanding of things, you will notice that it feels better when someone takes the time to click YOUR thanks button. This signifies that our work here is appreciated, and our answers or help is valued. After all, we do this on our own free time, and have no obligations to you. Again, the number of thanks a member has is no significant measure of their status or stature, and many of the more helpful ones here are those with fewer than expected thanks in their "thanks meter". You must have at least one post in order to give someone a "proper" thanking, and you can gain the first one in The Say "Hi" Thread. You are limited to only 8 thanks per day, but you can work around this if you have both the mobile app for xda developers and a PC.
Getting Thanks:
You will see that everyone here has a "Thanks Meter" above their avatar. Here are the thanks counts needed to get to the next bar:
1st bar - 26
2nd bar - 51
3rd bar - 101
4th bar - 201
5th bar - 501
(There's a a bug here, never gets to 5 bars)
6th bar - 1001
7th bar - 2001
8th bar - 5001
9th bar - 8001
Maxed! - 10000
5) Flaming Firestorms And Trolling Treacheries:

While many members here have quite the sense of humor, New Member, you need to take that into consideration. You may be referred to as that "N" word, but please don't take offense to it. Though you may find yourself posting something that has been discussed previously, you may also find your self seeing a barrage or comments that you may take personally. I advise you not to, as most -if not all- joking is done in a good nature. Let's face it, we're here because we like to play with our phones, right? If you can't have a sense of humor about things, maybe you need a different toy to play with. Sometimes, members will spout off something that can very easily be taken as an attack, in which case you need to understand that the reason for this is most likely due to the fact that the comments posted reflect something that has been posted a gazillion times before. If you sense frustration, it is wise not to engage in a childish battle of insults and name calling. This can get you reprimanded, up to, but not limited to a temporary ban of this site. Avoid confrontation with others, that may escalate to something which you may regret later. If you feel a member is unnecessarily flaming you or others, please do not hesitate to click that little triangle at the top right of that member's post and report this to the forum moderators. Albeit, this is a handy way to bring an end to conflict before it can really get full swing, this is by no means your personal badge to wear as a "pseudo forum cop".

6) Weeding Out The Warez:

If you understand what you've signed up for as a new user here on xda, you know that this site is primarily for the developers, their work, and their contributions. That being so, it is highly against xda forum rules to post anything that avoids the payment of a software. There will be zero tolerance for people trying to avoid paying for software by asking for or advertising cheats, cracks, serial codes, or other methods of skirting the purchase of software. This is a site made up of thousands upon thousands of developers from around the world, and when you try to cheat the system by not paying for something a developer has worked on and released for purchase, you end up cheating the entire xda community. Just don't do it!

7) Admission To The Development Section:

Noobs seem to have an uncanny inkling to want to jump right in and have access to posting in the development section right off the bat. Fact of the matter is this, you can't! This is not to try to ostracize or "haze" the new recruits for a while, this was put in place by xda if members who have joined xda on or after March 11, 2012. The real reason for this is that xda tries to keep from having the Development Sections of every forum from being flooded with inexperienced New Members, and allow the Development Section to be left for the 'real' work of our beloved devs (developers). For New Members who wish to say "thank you" for the awesome new ROM or mod or theme their using in its corresponding thread may make you feel like a nice guy, it does nothing but add necessary "junk posts" to the otherwise important threads, and adds no valuable conversation to them. Think about what you are wishing to express in the Development Sections, and if you feel it is important, think again. The devs here appreciate hearing bug reports about whatever they have released to the general community, but doing so by simply replying, "GPS don't work no more" or "Don't get no text notification on my fone" doesn't help. Unless you are able to provide useful information to go along with your post, such as a logcat output, kmsg, debug log, etc., don't bother. Remember what I said earlier about providing as much information as you possibly can? This holds true here in the Development Section as well. Here's a great thread regarding this, [GUIDE] How to give constructive feedback to developers. You can also show your appreciation by rating a dev's thread by clicking the dropdown at the top of each of these threads (same goes for any other section within these forums) or by making a donation to them. Still think we're being unfair? Here's a summarization by Fallen Spartan: "The 10 post rule was put in place to make new users think, and hopefully contribute and help others by making useful posts rather than the usual crap like "thanks", "kewl" etc or ask questions which have been asked countless times before. They still have access to dev forums, just cannot post in them. Its not a massive restriction and to provide 10 useful/helpful posts is not hard." Now, don't attempt to cheat the system here either by jumping your post count up with junk posts just to get to have the privilege of having the access to the Development Sections, because believe it or not, these sections are the most watched sections by the forum moderators, and if caught you could lose your post count. Just go out and participate in xda the "right" way, you and the forums will be better for it. Read this thread for more: 10 post count rule for Dev threads.

8) User Title Territory:

Ever wonder what it means when you see a member's "title" under their avatar? Well, I can explain this also -at least with the words of juzz86: "I'll sum it up for you (or try, anyway!) There are Junior Members, Members, Senior Members first. These make up the vast majority of XDAs userbase. Recognised Contributors are nominated by other users and/or Mods/Developers. They are recognised for their contributions which are not specifically Development, such as detailed guides, one-click utilities and other tools/mods. Recognised Themers are also nominated by users/Mods/Developers, for their work themeing custom ROMs and providing standalone themes for flashing. Recognised Developers are nominated and approved by the Developer Committee, for their work in Development whether it be ROMs, Root methods, bootloader unlocks etc. Elite Recognised Developers are again assessed by the Developer Committee, and are deemed to have gone above-and-beyond in providing knowledge/hacks/tools/apps/ROMs for the XDA community. Forum Moderators are appointed by the Moderator Committee, after submitting an application (see the 'sticky' at the top of this forum - currently applications are not open). They are the first-line of keeping the forums tidy, friendly and orderly. Senior Moderators are the next step up the ladder, providing site-wide support for Forum Mods and looking after the nitty-gritty issues, as well as areas of XDA not policed by FSMs, such as the Marketplace. Administrators are next. There are several Admins - each look after a specific part of XDA such as the Portal, the Members and the User Experience of XDA as a whole. At the top is Mike Channon, who is overall Forum Administrator. Other titles you may come across:

Moderator Committee - sits on the Mod Committee
Developer Committee - as above, but for Developer Committee
XDA News writer - publishes articles for the Portal (front page)
Retired xxxx - have since officially 'left' their XDA position

Hopefully that clears most of them up for you. Contrary to what a lot of people expect, the thanks-meter does not figure at all in determining a users tag."
0 to 29 posts - Junior Member
30 to 99 posts - Member
100 + posts - Senior Member
9) Sport A Spiffy Signature:

Having a nice signature helps identify you both in your geographic location (helpful, for many reasons), what type of device you are using, any modifications or current software versions you are running, which carrier you are with, and other important information that could alleviate the annoying need to ask you for further information. A signature should inform others about your phone when you post a question. A good signature will include information helpful to others beyond the direct target of the question/reply. A great signature will inform the community with important information and potentially answer questions which have not been asked yet, avoiding repetitive posts. Please click here to make a signature (5-8 posts minimum) It's cool and you will get more help and respect from us.

10) Other Helpful Links:

Chef Central
[Tutorial] How To Logcat
[INFO]FXZ what? An explanation
[GUIDE] How to give constructive feedback to developers
[INFO] What you need to know about ICS and your Atrix 2
Brief synopsis on basic rules and how to help the community
[HELP THREAD] Any Question Answered Here (NØØB Friendly)
The Beginners Guide !!! (NOOBS)[ALL IN 1 RESOURCE GUIDE]
---Welcome To The ATRIX 2 Community---

Now that we have that out of the way, it's time to start getting out there and showing the community that though you may be a "Junior Member" in rank, you are by no means nothing but a New User because you understand the rules, follow them, and help other New Members to do the same! So, enjoy all that you can gain from xda, and give all you can. It is a great place to be, to learn, and to grow in your Android experience. If you have any problems or questions or concerns, you can always PM (Personal Message) any member here on xda, and they will gladly give you their time in reply. This may bode well for those how still feel a bit uncomfortable with creating new thread posts, or simply would rather not clutter up our forum with useless or repetitive posts (I thank you, as well as any member whom you chose to PM for help!).

An while I'm mentioning other Members here, I feel that it would benefit you all to get to know some of the more predominant Members here in the Atrix 2 community. There are many great people here, but I will list some for you that have a strong presence here, and so that you might have a nice directory to refer to. I will start by listing our forum's Moderators (those who help keep the forum clean, organized, and in order), then Developers (those responsible for releasing all those great ROMs, themes, mods, scripts, and so on) and then some of the key Senior Members (those that have been contemporaneous and well versed in the Atrix 2's basics, and more complex issues). Please take some time to get to know these folks, they will be as helpful and as patient with you as long as you are conducting yourself in a "New Member" fashion.

And, just in case, here in the video of the rules of xda developers site. Doesn't hurt to watch it more than the obligatory first time for your registration process. Enjoy xda, and I welcome you to our community!

I hope this guide helps you make your experience on XDA a better one. While I appreciate you clicking the thanks button below, I appreciate it more if you take what I have written here and keep it in mind when visiting our forum, and pass it along whenever possible to help out others here who are New Members!

Thank you for reading, and happy forum'ing!
Credits: mf2112, juzz86, Fallen Spartan
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