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17th December 2012, 02:22 AM
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Changelog : Will be updated on the next build.
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Old changelog. Ignore.

23rdJun 0.94b
  • SearchViews - No more annoying popup!
  • Intercepting web browser's URL -
  • Option to load full HD/HQ image while viewing image in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed some bugs

  • NSFW - Please report any errors!

5thMay 0.93b
Favorites's dialog box should dismiss when no item is clicked
Long press to delete Favorites's screen will restart that activity
Fixed errors for paging in Offline Mode

App is now allowed to be move to SDcard
Comments/Tutorial on Menu will ONLY show up if there is
Comments section should not have empty boxes anymore
Clicking "@name" in comment section should open up web browser
Fixed some FCs [Please report back as I've changed some things]
Remove ACRA
MostViewed and Popular section will now show a STAR if it's Screen'd of the Day
Clearing cache will also clear image MemoryCache
Empty Search input will make dialog box popup again.
Image with spaces in them can be loaded now
Image management improvement
Performance improvement/FPS increase when scrolling [Please report]
Reloading on MainActivity should not popup server message
Viewing screenshots in FullScreen mode should stop FC-ing [Please report]
Fixed sharing of screens
Downloading/Sharing of screens shows download progress WITH cancelling
Updated libraries
Preparing for Localization

Minor updates! Special thanks to housry23!
[15April] v1.76 :
  • FIXED : Popular/Most Viewed's data when loading page 2 onwards [Thanks housry23!]
  • Favoriting screens should now also cache "More Screens"
  • Image management should be better [Please report if any image is blurry!]
[14April]v1.75 :
  • NEW : Offline Mode [90% done. Please report!]
  • NEW : Sliding Menu [Please report!]
  • NEW : Category : Most Viewed and Popular
  • NEW : FLAT ICON ^^ [Should be HQ for all phones]
  • NEW : A STAR will appear if it's Screen'd of the Day. [Please report]
  • FIXED : Profile view UI
  • FIXED : Search Cancel button to exit and empty search to cancel.
  • Exit option removed. Let phone's system do its work.
  • Fullscreen mode removed. Startup should be a little faster.
  • Code optimization.
  • Widget removed [Will be a seperate app. Better design next time]
  • Libraries updates
As usual, new users can download from OP, existing users can update in-app.


================================================== ===========================
[4April]v1.71 :
  • FIXED : Users having graphics problem with background
  • Widget ScreenOfTheDay image in SD card should be deleted if a new screen is downloaded [Please report errors]
  • Widget/General code update
  • Libraries updates

[31Mar] v1.70 :
  • NEW : Search! [Beta|Please report errors] - Search for screens!
  • NEW : Tutorial of the app! *- Know how to use the app!
  • NEW : Profile shows additional data [Followers, Following & Total screens]
  • NEW : Reload button
  • NEW : Delete cache [in Preferences] - Delete cache from SD card.
  • NEW : "Screen of the Day" page with Date [first page only]
  • NEW : Image Quality [In Preferences] - If images are not loading well for you, changing the image quality may help.
  • NEW : FAVORITES! Add screen to Favorites for offline uses [50% done|Please report bugs] - This is not 100% implemented. It only saves the screen descriptions and apps used for the time being.
  • FIXED : Loading too many pages on first load
  • Widget now load image [Beta|Please report error]
  • No more "Option/Menu" button on ActionBar. Press your phone's "Option/Menu" button instead.
  • More simpler UI. Some UI fix too.
  • GB ActionBar should be fixed on first run.
  • ACRA [Application Crash Report for Android] implemented. Any FCs will be reported to me. You can opt out in Preference but not advisable.

Future planned updates!
  • Favoriting screens will also cache "More screens" [For offline usage]
  • Offline mode! [Cache pages for offline reading]
  • Sliding Menu

Some comments:
  • Widgets is poorly done. Please give me some time to improve it

Some Screenshots [only for current changelog]:


Profile [Followers, Following & Total screens]


Screen Of The Day

Searching for the word "Awesome"

Old Changelog

[3Mar] v1.63 :
  • FIXED : FCs for Auto Update.
  • FIXED : Changelog in Preference.
  • FIXED : Page error.
[24Feb] v1.62 :
  • 4.2.2 Activated! ^^ {Dashboard widget?]
  • DONE : Themes 100% LOCKED AND LOADED! Now background, text changes accordingly!
  • NEW : View Profile's screens! Click on the name when viewing individual screens!
  • NEW : Shows ScreenOfTheDay if applicable [only for Profiles] [50%]
  • NEW : Share, copy or go to Profile's website!
  • NEW : Changelog popup box implemented in Preference!
  • NEW : Tutorials added [Individual Screen's menu] Provided if screens have tutorials in them!
  • NEW : Widgets + Refresh button! 4x4 showing the latest Screen of The Day [50%].
  • Share or copy the Tutorial's steps for others!
  • FIXED : Most links are now clickable! Including Tutorial's!
  • EDIT : Server message is now a popup box.
  • Bug fixed : some header/text fixes!
  • Preparing for ViewPagerIndicator! [currently learning!]
  • Preparing for Play store release! [hopefully in March!]
[7Feb] v1.55 :
  • FIXED : Unable to open comment or more screen section even after loading. Sorry!

[6Feb] v1.54 :
  • Error Handling : Lesser FCs
  • NEW : Theme in Settings! - 50% done
  • UPDATED : Crouton Library
  • FIXED : Preference screen fullscreen/theme
[20Jan] v1.50 :
  • Server-side script edits
  • Code optimization - Removed unwanted codes
  • Smaller download and unpack size
  • NEW - ActionBar! HELL YEAH ~
  • NEW - Server Message - if I have to say something important..
  • NEW - Fullscreen image option
  • NEW - Save and share screens
  • FIXED - Crouton below ActionBar
  • FIXED - Layout of Individual Screens
  • FIXED - Icons on Apps List
  • FIXED - More screen option
  • UPDATED - Crouton library
  • UPDATED - LazyList library
  • UPDATED - Application List Moved!
  • EDIT - New Icon [Beta]

[28Dec] v1.35 :
  • Code optimization [removed unwanted codes]
  • NEW - Load Application used! - Brings you to the market when pressed. [this won't be permanent. ViewPager coming soon!]
  • NEW - Option to check for updates on startup
  • NEW - Fast scroll enabled!

[18Dec] v1.30:
  • Added "Share" screen option
  • For phones that are API 11 and above shall get Holo theme! [default] Older phones get Light theme!
  • Check for updates option
  • View changelog if updates are available
  • Download newer version in app itself. Then install automatically after downloading

Small, quick update after my vacation! Just touched down in mainland!

[17Dec] v1.25 - Initial release.



Existing users can just check for updates!
Problems :
Crouton not showing up below ActionBar. - FIXED
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