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4th January 2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by penzoiders

1. SWAP 128mb with swappiness 60
--- I had a 256 Mb swap partition but I haven't set any swappiness (where to set it BTW?)

2. KSM on
-- ok

3.Purging assets on
-- ok

4. Zram off (zram for some reason, lags and crashes my system)
-- ok

5. Limit backround processes to 4
-- left it default 'cause it's annoying to check every reboot

6. Force 2d rendering on
-- ok

7.Disable HW overlays on
-- left it off 'cause it's annoying to check every reboot

8. OC to 748 mhz with smartass 2
-- OC and UV just freeze my phone and forced reboots, so I left values to default.

9. surface improvement ONLY color banding (without blur effect)
-- ok

10. 16 bit transaprency
-- ok (default)

11. Entropy seeder
-- used this (new installation method) and this was a real treat: this is by far the best improvement in performance ever (OC is nothing compared to this)

12. A2SD with dalvik cache on sd
-- dc2sd is working ok

13. Sd cache --> 512 kbs
-- the app permitted a minimum of 1024 as 1st step so I went for it and set on boot: ok

thanks for suggestions razgoth... especially entropy seeder (great)
can you tell me just one thing more: where to set swappiness?

I'll upgrade to a class10 sd asap, but for the moment is more than ok (coming from 2.1 stock **** now seems flying)

You are welcome, there are 2 solutions to set swappiness:

1. posted by Heronger in MiniCM9 thread (need to do it after every reboot):

Type in Terminal Emulator:
echo X > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
(Replace the X with the Value)
or open in any root File Manger the file /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
and replace the value with one you prefer.

2. answered by laufersteppenwolf in next post in MiniCM9 thread (change it permanently):

are you sure that this method works after a reboot? as far as i remember, after the reboot the old value (30?) was restored the 'safer' way is to add the echo-line in the hw_config file, so it restores your desired value after every reboot for sure

This file is here: 'system/etc/'.

I think default value (60) is quite good.
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