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2nd July 2013, 08:19 PM
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-(Q) Do I need to be S-Off to flash? (A) Yes you do for the moment and I reccomend supercid also

-(Q) How do I theme using HKThemeManager? (A) 1st of all it's an xposed module...follow instructions here as you can softbrick your phone ....So do not complain to me if you didn't follow directions

-(Q) Can I use ART Runtime? (A) Yes you can in the ART version of the ROM but remember if you have xposed setup it will not let you go into ART Runtime

-****In the No ART Version do not try to enable will be stuck at the bootanimation****


8.3.0 August 7th 2014

**All ROM Versions**

-Added Torch and Screenrecord to APM
-Screenrecord is full 1080p res
-Many files files edited
-Android L Animations added
-Added WhiteUI Theme (Left Dialer Stock, didn't want people to get upset lol..I have a theme copy if you want it)
-Data and System Tweaks
-Updated busybox
-Updated bin files
-Performance Tweaked

**TN Version**

-Added 5 new battery options to settings
-Added Misc. Options to TN Settings with a couple of options
-Linked Volume Control Panel (Collapsible)
-Added a toast notification when you delete screenshots from notification slide down
-more I can't remember (I'll add later)

8.2.0 July 3rd 2014

**ART Version No Changes**

-Added new Version of ROM called TN Version with TN Settings (DO NOT USE ART ON THIS VERSION)
-Added TN Settings
-Added battery options on the fly in TN Settings
-Added Heads Up Notifications in TN Settings
-Moved App Ops to TN Settings
-Added Clock and Date Options to TN Settings
-maybe more I'm forgetting...enjoy...

8.1.0 July 2nd 2014

-Enabled battery % in stock icon
-Changed font of the battery % and made bold
-Added Clear All Recents
-When apps call the nav bar it'll be android L navbar soft keys
-Updated quite of few google lib files
-Updated Google Search
-Updated Google Play Services
-Cleaned up lib files from the updated google apps

8.0.1 July 1st 2014

-Updated to new Android 4.4.4 Base
-ART Runtime Works
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Insecure Kernel with init.d
-Added SinLessMODs init.d script
-Zipalign data and system apps on 1st boot then ran once a week
-Sqlite3 tweaks
-Debloated ROM
-Added native APM (Advance Power Menu)
-Added Screenshot in power menu
-Enabled App Ops (In security settings)
-Added closed
-Added adobe flash (works with dolphin browser)
-Added Viper4Android
-Added GravityBox
-Added esfile explorer
-Added lmt launcher (PIE Controls)
-Added AOSP Browser
-Added Android L fonts
-Added Android L Keyboard
-Zero Compression on all APKs in system and data
-Performance tweaks
-Better RAM optimization tweaks
-Added SiLessROM Bottanimation
-Removed Security Verification
-and more...

7.1.1 June 20th 2014

-Redid all the mods
-Fixed issues due to using m8 files
-framework-res.apk edits
-services.jar edits
-settings.apk edits
-SystemUI edits
-android.policy.jar edits
-Updated EsFileExplorer
-Updated EmailGoogle
-Updated Play Store
-Updated GravityBox
-Updated SuperSU

7.1.0 June 17th 2014

-framework-res.apk edits
-services.jar edits
-settings.apk edits
-android.policy.jar edits
-APN stuff
-Added APM (Reboot Options)
-Added Screenshot to Power Menu
-Enabled/Added App Ops (In Security Settings
-Added Clear All Recents tab
-Added apns.conf with many APNs
-Disabled Signature Verification
-Updated lib files (Google Stuff)
-Updated Gravity Box
-Updated EsFileExplorer
-Updated AOSP Browser
-Added ChromeBookMark Sync for AOSP Browser
-Updated Mms.apk with many added options

7.0.0 June 5th 2014

-New KTU84L Base
-Android 4.4.3
-Rooted with SuperSU
-Latest Busybox
-Highly DeBloated
-Insecure boot.img
-init.d support added
-Added my init.d script for zipalign system and data APKs
-Sqlite3 Tweaks
-Updated Google Search
-Updated Gmail
-Added EsfileExplorer
-Updated Cloud Print
-Updated Google Camera
-Updated Google Calendar
-Added Gravity Box
-Added Xposed
-Added Apollo Player
-Added Viper4Android
-Added Flash Player (Only works with Dolphin Browser)
-Added LMT Launcher (PIE)
-Updated 15+ lib file
-Removed a bunch of unneeded lib files
-Zero Compression on all APKs ...system and data
-Performance tweaks
-System Tweaked
-Better RAM Optimization tweaks
-Build.prop tweaks
-and more...

6.6.0 (Both ROM Versions) April 1st 2014

-ROMs are now DeOdex (ART still works in the ART Version)
-Reverted to Stock Kernel (Insecure w/init.d;Link will be available for nin's kernel)
-Updated a bunch of lib files for Google Apps
-Reverted system/module files for kernel
-3 Dot Menu back
-Updated Google Search
-Updated Google Play Services
-Updated Google Play Store
-Updated Google Keyboard
-Updated XBlastTools
-Updated Mms
-Updated SuperSU
-Updated CloudPrint
-Updated Google TTS
-Updated Apollo Player
-Updated LMT Launcher (PIE)
-Updated EsFile Explorer
-Updated xposed installer
-Updated Gravity Box
-Deleted Trebuchet Launcher
-Updated Google Home and moved to system (Default Launcher)
-Updated ViPER4Android and moved to priv-app (Seems to work better)
-Deleted an unneeded init.d script
-Deleted and cleaned up unneeded system files
-Zero Compression on all updated APKs including data APKs
-Changes to the build.prop
-Changes to the updater.script
-Other minor changes and fixes
-more I can't remember lol

6.5.0 (Both ROM Versions) March 1st 2014

-Added GEL Settings to data (Customization for Google Launcher)
-Added HKThemeManager (Apply any CM11 Themes)
-Fixed Camera Stutter I think(That people were saying)
-Updated GravityBox (For ART Version)
-Updated EsFile Explorer
-Updated X-Blast Tools (For ART Version)
-Updated Google Play Services
-Updated Google Home Launcher and moved to data
-Added Trebuchet to system
-Updated LMT Launcher (PIE Controls)
-Updated Mms
-Updated Inverted Mms in post 3
-Removed tools folder (Not needed)
-Updated SuperSU
-Cleaned up system from no longer needed files
-other small minor fixes

Deleted old changelogs to clean up

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