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30th October 2013, 12:06 PM
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[Kernel][AOSP][2.02 | November 2nd] Plasma kernel

I. Thanks!
Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage that might occur to your device. You proceed strictly at your own risk. This is a work in progress.
Thank you for your interest in Plasma kernel, I hope you enjoy it. I've poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work into putting together a kernel that best showcases our hardware. Plasma kernel would not be possible without super-smart people like AndreiLux, DerTeufel, temasek, googyanas, faux123, and the regular contributors to the official cm kernel repositories. Please donate to them to support their hard work!

II. Features
  • CPU frequency range: 100MHz to 2.16GHz
  • ZZMoove, PegasusQ, performance (with support for multiple cores), and LulzactiveQ CPU governors
  • Zen, noop, deadline, row, cfq, sio, vr schedulers
  • Experimental Wolfson AND Voodoo Sound support (choose one or the other on the Audio tab of STweaks, then REBOOT!)
  • CPU voltage control
  • Linux 3.0.101
  • AndreiLux: Screen color calibration with mdnie-control
  • GPU over/underclock and over/undervolt
  • Control the frequency and voltage of all 5 GPU steps
  • Support for GPU clocks from 54MHz to beyond 800MHz
  • Control GPU governor sampling rate
  • Built with 4.8 toolchain
  • Built with -O3 and other optimizations
  • Extra panel brightness (<299)
  • Faux123: Dynamic fsync control (v1.2)
  • AndreiLux: Charging control
  • Support for STweaks
  • Control screen refresh rate (can be reduced to save battery)
  • AndreiLux: Memory/internal voltage control interface
  • AndreiLux: Adaptive Body Bias (ABB) control
  • AndreiLux: Digital brightness control/reduction (better than ScreenFilter)
  • LED control (with some color mixing adjustments by me)
  • Touchwake support, including touchkeys (enable in Screen tab of STweaks)
  • Multi-touch kernel-based gesture engine
  • Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP
  • Joe's RCU
  • Temasek: Frandom module (enable on the Memory/Internal tab of STweaks and REBOOT!)
  • S-Pen settings on the S-PEN tab of STweaks
  • zCache
  • Support for 4x parallel "Turbo ZRAM" (settings are on the "I/O / RAM" tab of STweaks)
  • UKSM
  • Enhanced Touchwake/Slide2Wake functionality
  • Arc-swipes to turn your phone on with one hand (Screen tab of STweaks)
  • Long-tap-off to turn your device off with one hand (Screen tab of STweaks)
  • Power off gesture: tap the top of the screen and a touchkey at the same time to trigger suspend
  • Change your power manager (PM) CPU lock frequency
  • Press the home button 4 times to toggle the screen negative
  • Press the home buttom 3 times as fast as you can to toggle the screen into nightmode (red)
  • exFAT support
  • For more, take a look at the commits

III. What's New
Don't forget to check out what was new in 2.0b7 and 2.0b12!
  • [ZRAM Total Disk Size]: By default ZRAM is setup as four (4x) swaps operating in parallel at equal priorities. Set this to the TOTAL amount of RAM you wish to dedicate to ZRAM, and STweaks will automatically divide it evenly by four.
  • [UKSM Enable]: Enable the UKSM daemon that will continuously scan memory for duplicate data.
  • [UKSM Daemon Sampling Rate]: How often the daemon checks for duplicate data.
  • [UKSM CPU Usage Limit]: How much system load (CPU usage) the daemon will use.
  • [Long-tap-off Always On]: Found in its own section under the Touchwake section. When enabled Longtapoff will always work, regardless of how you woke your device. Takes effect immediately.
  • [Many ZZMoove settings]: Many ZZMoove settings on the newly created "ZZMoove Scaling" and "ZZMoove Hotplug" tabs. Descriptions coming soon.

IV. Download / Donate

:) Support the development of Plasma kernel by DONATING if you find it useful! :)

AOSP 4.3.x only!

Plasma kernel v2.02 for the international Note 2 (n7100)

Plasma kernel v2.02 for the international Note 2 4G/LTE (n7105)

Plasma Gesture Pack

:) Support the development of Plasma kernel by DONATING if you find it useful! :)


V. Changelog

v2.02 (November 2nd, 2013)
  • Tracked audio/media skipping bug to disabled loggers (thanks pappschlumpf!) By default logging is now enabled. While you can still disable it, it will always be reset upon reboot.
  • Changes to write-back caching (thanks temasek)
  • Support for switching touchkey backlight driver from ROM/kernel (bottom of Screen tab in STweaks) (thanks Yank555-lu)
  • Some bug fixes for Slide2Wake


VI. Archived Changelogs

2013-10-29 | v2.00 7100 / n7105 LTE
  • Linux 3.0.101 (thanks temasek)
  • Hopeful bugfixes for untouchable screen, and taps on top triggering suspend
  • Should you encounter a problem like that, cycling on and off (power button) should now reset any state variables
  • Fix FC issues. Works with more ROMs, including the latest AOSP nightlies
  • Allow pm_idx_freq to be set as high as 1600 MHz, theoretically could slightly speed up waking from deep sleep. Set on "Plasma Tuneables" tab of STweaks
  • Added several new tuneable ideas to zzmoove
  • Added "ZZMoove Scaling" and "ZZMoove Hotplug" tabs to STweaks. The descriptions are still a work in progress
  • Moved mDNIe controls to their own "Color" tab
  • Greatly enhanced the longpressoff feature's reliability and ease of use (by upgrading to scheduled_work)
  • Slide2Wake and arc swipes now trigger CPU and memory frequency locks to speed up waking
  • Slide2Wake and arc swipes no longer accidentally send input in the milliseconds after the screen comes on, but before you finished your gesture
  • Added option to Screen tab of STweaks to enable Longtapoff always, regardless of how the device woken
  • Expanded the trigger areas for slide2wake and arc swipes
  • ZRAM/swap is working and compatible with "Turbo ZRAM" (4x parallel ZRAM swaps for quad core devices) (thanks googyanas)
  • ZRAM settings in STweaks now allows you to set one total size of RAM that will be divided into 4x ZRAM swaps. Setting to 0 disables all swaps. Changes are applied instantly. No need for any other ZRAM/swap apps or init.d scripts.
  • UKSM (Ultra KSM (Kernel Samepage Merging)) enabled, with settings on the "I/O / RAM" tab of STweaks. Mostly just a novelty, but what it does is continuously checks RAM for duplicate pages to save space
  • zCache enabled and always running
  • Cleancache enabled
  • Frontswap enabled
  • Enabled LOWMEM_CHECK (thanks googyanas)
  • Enabled SPEEDUP_KEYRESUME as discussed in temasek's thread (Placebo effect? Maybe. Better ask Brian Molko. A cookie for you if you understand that reference) (thanks googyanas)
  • Added my own wake-speed ideas (2-second max-CPU-speed lock, and 2-second max-bus/RAM-speed lock on KEY_POWER press)
  • Permanently fixed (hopefully) the laggy, skippy, media bug
  • Toggle negative screen mode by taping the home button 4 times quickly (but NOT as fast as you can) (based on a commit by gokhanmoral)
  • Toggle nightmode (red) screen mode by pressing the home button 3 times VERY quickly (pretty much as fast as you can) This is purposely designed to be a dim red, as searing bright 255 red isn't particularly easy on your eyes in the dark. Fun fact: this (and the negative one described above) are functional even during boot...triple tap to see your bootscreen turn red :P
  • CPUFreq bug fixes/commits (thanks DerTeufel)
  • Permanent TRIM (thanks googyanas)
  • Added shell scripts to quickly and easily see statistics with as little typing as possible. Open a command prompt on your device, type "su" and press enter to ascend to root. Now you can type "szc" and press enter to see zCache statistics (szc = show zcache). Or type "ssw" to see swapfile/zRAM statistics (ssw = show swap). Note: Some statistics don't fully populate until a few minutes after boot
  • Experimental: Set ZZMoove governor for battery savings by obtaining a root shell as described above, then typing "zzb" and pressing enter (zzb = zzmove battery). Does not reapply after reboot.
  • Compiler optimizations


VII. Source
Source for Plasma kernel can be found on my github.
XDA:DevDB Information
Plasma kernel, a Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.02
Stable Release Date: 2013-11-02

Created 2013-10-30
Last Updated 2013-11-02
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