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15th January 2014, 07:28 PM
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Phone [XPOSED] [4.4+] [Z3 Fully Compatible] Serajr Xperia™ Xposed (KK) v3.4.2 - 13/03/2015
I proudly present you my Xposed Framework module, it is titled: Xperia™ Xposed

Banner by @skad00sh (Thanks)

What exactly is it?
It was meant to run only over Xperia™ stock firmwares, so any attempt to run it over any other one will fail!
Its feature list and screenshots tell you better than me.


- Enable Customizations
- Super User Mode (can´t be disabled)
- Back (button/key) long press kills foreground app

System UI:
- Enable Customizations
- Fully configurable Status Bar gestures (leftmost | center | rightmost)
- Slider controls Status Bar expanded panel (brightness | media volume | ringer volume | alarm volume | in-call volume | bluetooth in-call volume | notifications volume)
- Expanded panel header clock and date actions to choose
- Gaussian Blur background effect at expanded status bar panel (portrait and landscape) - Install my other xposed module: Blurred System UI
- Gaussian Blur background effect at recent apps panel (portrait and landscape)
- Cross-fade Blur effect over original notifications background (or colored by module)
- Fully configurable Gaussian Blur settings (Bitmap scale | Blur Radius | Top Color Filter)

- Expanded Panel Color feature (no restart needed)
- Expanded contents (e.g. Quick Settings buttons) according to current theme accent color
- Choose Clear All Recents button preferred corner style (position on the screen)
- Clear All Recents corner button
- Center Clock (Status Bar)
- Change default themes soft keys according current theme color (if applicable)
- Choose Navigation Bar size (dedicated portrait and landscape orientations preferences)

System UI - Quick Settings:
- Full 31 Quick Settings buttons set
- New Camera button (Press it to start camera preview, press it again to take picture as much as you want. Long-press it to stop camera function)
- New Battery Info button
- New Flashlight button
- New Lockscreen button
- New Myself button (with high resolution cropped picture)
- New Network Mode button
- New Power Off button
- New Reboot button (4 way reboot)
- New Recents Apps button
- New Screen Timeout button
- New Power Off button
- New Stay Awake Plugged button
- New USB Connection Mode button
- New USB Debugging button
- New USB Tethering button
- ScrollView into expanded Quick Settings panel to allow vertical scroll (portrait and landscape orientations)
- "Long-press goes straight to its settings" (all buttons, without popup menu anymore)
- New icons set to xxhdpi, xhdpi and hdpi resolutions
- Quick Settings Brightness Slider dialog white themed
- Module will Check for missing permissions required by the new Quick Settings buttons

Power Menu:
- Enable Customizations
- Full Screen mode concept (auto-hide just which bar you want)
- 4 ways Full Screen mode action (Navigation Bar On/Off | Status Bar On/Off)
- Swipe Navigation Bar and/or Status Bar location edges to popup and use them (portrait and landscape mode)
- Long press Navigation Bar and/or Status Bar location edges to disable auto-hide behavior (their Full Screen mode)
- Gesture (swipe and long press) edge area visible for 3 seconds after hide its bar (portrait and landscape mode)
- Choose preferred reboots (classical or syde-by-syde)
- New way to Restart Home and UI (no need root anymore, apps will be killed within their own core)
- Choose screen theme (Device Default | Dark | Light)
- 4 ways reboot (Reboot | Soft Reboot | Reboot Recovery | Reboot Bootloader)
- Choose reboot screen style (Classic | Side by Side)
- Classic list style 4 way reboot
- Syde by Side (one row) style 4 way reboot
- Choose actions you want
- Power Off action (can´t be disabled)
- Selectable Reboot action
- Selectable Airplane Mode action
- Selectable Take Screenshot action
- Selectable Take screenshot and Record screen actions (double action)
- Selectable Restart Home action (useful for development)
- Selectable Restart SystemUI action (useful for development)
- Selectable Silence Mode tri-state action
- Completly new double-colored icons for all actions (according current theme accent color)
- Redesigned confirmation dialogs screens (with icons)
- Choose lock screen available actions
- Choose how switchable actions will work (Tap | Swipe | Both)
- Switchable Flashlight action (torch)
- 3 or 4 ways network mode actions (2G | 3G | 3G Preferred/2G | LTE Preferred/3G)
- Choose network mode screen style (Classic | Side by Side)
- Drag and drop actions to reorder them

Xperia™ Home:
- Enable Customizations
- Exclusive Hide Apps drawer to easily select and hide unwanted apps (in a single place)
- Exclusive Icon Packs support (Create your own icon packs or install from most known 3rd party launchers)
- Hidden Widgets (selected widgets will be hidden permanently everywhere)
- Hide Dock
- Floating App Drawer Button (show/hide it)
- Floating App Drawer Button Location (choose preferred place in 6 availables)
- 3rd Party Notification Badges
- Oversize Desktop Rows
- Gesture Blocking Widgets (excluded widgets from desktop gesture recognition)
- Desktop Lock Contents (prevent add new content and remove or move existent ones)
- Desktop Swipe Up Gesture (choose preferred action do be performed in 6 availables)
- Desktop Swipe Down Gesture (choose preferred action do be performed in 6 availables)
- Desktop Double Tap Gesture (choose preferred action do be performed in 5 availables)
- App Drawer Swipe Up Gesture (choose preferred action do be performed in 6 availables)
- App Drawer Swipe Down Gesture (choose preferred action do be performed in 6 availables)
- Custom Apps icon and label sizes
- Gaussian Blur background effect at Home App Drawer (portrait and landscape)
- Blurred Desktop contents only if live wallpaper running
- Fully configurable Gaussian Blur settings (Bitmap scale | Blur Radius)

- Desktop Scroll Animation preference (default and +8)
- App Drawer Scroll Animation preference (default and +8)
- Change screen orientation by device sensors
- Pagination markers style (Home Default and 3 more)
- Select to hide unwanted applications
- Resize all widgets
- Main launcher button style (Home Default and 4 more)
- Desktop panes with infinite scrooling
- Create unlimited desktop panes
- Static desktop wallpaper
- Multiline desktop icons labels
- Auto hide desktop pagination markers
- App Drawer panes with infinite scrooling
- Hide App Drawer background plate
- Auto close App Drawer after start application
- Choose Dock shortcuts number (4 | 6 | 8)
- Hide Dock shortcuts background plate
- Choose Folders style (Home Default and 11 more)
- Auto close Folder after start application

- Unlink Ringer/Notifications Volumes (linked on android ICS+)
- Skip track by long pressing volume buttons (while screen off)
- Play/Pause music by pressing camera button (while screen off)

- Disable Xperia™ Lockscreen (automatically enable stock one)

Xperia™ Xposed:
- Fullscreen Immersive look and feel
- Skinable module resources by Xperia™ themes
- No need to reboot to apply changes anymore (but marked ones with a red corner icon)
- Xperia™ inspired themed icons
- Dedicated preference screens
- Backup preferences
- Restore preferences
- Redesigned UI
- Restart Home from menu app
- Restart SystemUI from menu app
- Translated to several languages, see Changelog (thanks buddies)

... and much more will come up yet!!!






- v3.4.2 (4.4+): Xposed Module Repository


Due new quick settings buttons added by module, your 4.4.2 SystemUI.apk will need to have three new permissions to work properly. If you prefer not to do it, module will check for missing permissions and also will hide some buttons from Quick Settings selection screen!!

So follow instruction below to add them:

1. Decompile your 4.4.2 SystemUI.apk

2. Edit (with Notepad++) its AndroidManifest.xml

3. By putting red lines you will get something like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest android:sharedUserId="android.uid.systemui" android:versionCode="19" android:versionName="4.4.2-66" package="" coreApp="true"
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="18" android:targetSdkVersion="19" />
    <uses-permission android:name="" />

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.REBOOT" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />

    <permission android:name="com.sonymobile.permission.TASK_SWITCHER_PLUGIN_VIEW" android:protectionLevel="signatureOrSystem" />
4. Compile and replace it!!


- v2 (4.2.2+): Xposed Module Repository
- v2 (4.1.2): This post

Due changes made on the core of the app, it is highly recommended to clear its data after update the app. You will need to set all your preferences again!!!



- Xperia™ stock KK 4.4.2 firmware (JB 4.3 still supported)
- Xperia™ Z3 Compact Home stock launcher installed (YOU CAN GET PROPER PORTED APK HERE)
- Working Root
- Xposed Framework by @rovo89 installed and working

1. Download and install Xperia™ Z3 Compact Home stock launcher from link above, and reboot! (YOU WERE WARNED !!)

2. Download and install Xperia™ Xposed (KK) module from Download section

3. Download and install my other xposed module: Blurred System UI

4. Open Xposed Installer and activate "Xperia™ Xposed" and "Blurred System UI" under Modules

5. Reboot your device (VERY IMPORTANT)

6. Done!

Compatibility List: (please, keep me up to date!)
- Any Xperia™ device running Sony stock 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 firmware
- CM 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 with ported Xperia™ framework (Xperia™ Z3 Home.apk and 4.4.2+ SystemUI.apk)

Known issues:
- None

To do:
You tell me!!

Special thanks: (if I forgot someone, please remember me!!)
- Sony
- @rovo89 for his masterpiece titled Xposed Framework and code snippets
- @Tungstwenty for code snippets
- @ra3al for knowledge exchange
- @niaboc79 for "brainstorming" with me about everything you see here, testings and for all beautiful Power Menu icons
- @Why So Serious? for awesome Sony style icons photoshop template

If you like it, press thanks... Simple so!!
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