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23rd February 2014, 03:06 PM
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Omnirom 4.4.3 for LG P500
Latest end-user Omnirom 4.4.2 for the LG P500 can be found here:

I am starting this to stimulate interest in the Omnirom, get/give advice and help on how to get it working on our device. My hope is that one of the devs would take this over and move from a discussion to a dev thread if need be. I can really offer no help at this point as I have not yet gotten this installed and running.

Another reason to start this is to keep from less than courtiously cluttering other threads with this stuff.

Finally, cm-11 for our device is quite problematic so I seek another Kitkat chocolate treat


Omni has two big problems holding up a working install on our device:

1. Omni is not rooted by default. I tried flashing a, still had no root. I have copied a full cm-11 su (binary) to the zip, tried that but installation was aborted for other reasons so could not yet test this approach. Please, devs, give us normal root in this ROM. Not so useful without it.

2. No adb until boot completed and I approve it. Great idea for security, but this thing is still experimental. So I cannot ride herd on the installation as I am accustomed nor run a certain script that I need from later cm10.* and cm11. As it turns out, Omni will run the script, cm11 would not. However, once I have attempted an Omni boot, I cannot get adb back outside of that successful boot until I restore another ROM! Means no adb reboot, adb reboot recovery, nada. Makes things very very problematic.

Omni will run my /data/local/userinit.d/ scripts which recent cm10.* and cm11 refuse. I always ran ICS this way, and I could presumably get a complete startup sans boot this way. To try this next--caution: Kitkat Link2sd mount script is not identical to previous ones so this must be placed to try this. Using the older version (maybe newer one as well!), everything simply FCs out, get nowhere. Link2sd needs root the create the script normally, Xposed needs root to get going, and Titanium and other tools are more useful with root as well. Lack of root is the main problem right now. Please ...


The usual disclaimer: If you have rooted your device, the warantee is void. Of course, for this oldie but goodie, that is just a distant memory. However, these phones are still being sold so if you got a new one, be warned.

I can not be responsible for brickage and breakage. Especially without that always active adb umbillical, it is much easier to soft-brick the device and it can get hairy-scarey getting back to recovery. Again, be warned.

The recent JB and KitKat ROMs are too large for our devices and must be trimmed before installation. My philosophy is that anything not needed to get Android up and running does not belong on system. Practically, anything installable from Play or side-loadable as user apps should be removed from system/app. Examples are Calendar (install Play version), calculator, camera/gallery, browsers, emailers and such. There are superior choices on Play or side-load those included with the ROM. If using Google Search, also remove the quicksearchbox. system/usr/srec, system speech recognition config, can be pushed to sdext and symlinked from there, freeing a good few meg. You do not need a lot but do need a few meg free on system.

Link2sd or equivalant is needed to keep data space available. Things get flakey when data space gets too low. Gluttonous apps like the newer Swype and Tapatalk (just a few examples--great apps, do not get me wrong) will very quickly run you out of data space and gobble up too much RAM as well, slowing the works. Choose wisely
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