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20th March 2016, 01:50 AM
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[KERNEL][E6653/E6633/E6683] Zach's Kernel Playground for Z5, WIP (work in progress)
Final notice: Since my Z5 died (it's broken into pieces, glass shattered) - development is effectively halted - NO more updates - sorry

This is a Stock (Sony) ROM Kernel and WILL NOT work on AOSP, CM, etc.

aka SunKernel for Z5 + Z5 Dual - Stock ROM (for now only stock)

Alright guys,

this is my intermediate result on working on the Kernel for the Z5 (e6653, sumire), which I'm currently using

There's now also a Kernel for the dsds (Dual Slot/Sim) Version (E6633/E6683), but I can't test if it works due to lack of that very device - Enjoy !

Keep in mind that building for the Z5 "Stock" ROMs and "Stock" Kernels, you're constantly facing the following tradeoff:
  • compatibility with pre-built "core" kernel modules (e.g. texfat [proprietary exfat microSD fs driver])
  • compatibility with pre-built "goodies" kernel modules (e.g. video and other acceleration, hwcodecs, ...)
  • losing features that can NOT be replaced by similar ones (e.g. ecryptfs, wlan, exfat, etc.)
  • when going too far the device doesn't boot or simply hangs on bootanimation

this resulted in a couple branches (at least several dozen) that are partially or totally broken


More info on the Latest Kernel can be usually found at:

AT the end of the thread

( I KNOW - I should have reserved a few posts for better overview )


[Download] How to get the current ("corona", 5.11) Kernel(s) - Step by Step:


Choose your device from one of the 4 folders

Z5 + Z5 Dual:

Z5 Compact:
Z5 Prem + Z5 Prem Dual:
Z4/Z3+ + Z4/Z3+ Dual:

At the upper right, click on "List View"

At the top of the table, there are 3 labels (name, owner, [last] modified, File size)

click on "Last modified", the newest Kernels should be shown either at the top, or at the bottom

Download the latest Kernel


Profit !

All other features, things should work - no guarantees

Before starting to test/use keep in mind that this is WIP (work in progress),

that means - NO guarantees,

backups before flashing are a MUST (especially your microSD card content !)

stability, speed, improved battery and satisfaction are a great side-effect to have.

You have been WARNED !

Enjoy !

Obligatory Source:
(according to the rules in single commits no giant blobs, authorship kept)


@AndroPlus thanks for your great kernel base and support for all of the Sony Xperia devices - you definitely are a Sensei in that area !
@Tommy-Geenexus another Sensei on the Xperia devices
@auras76 Thanks for your great ROM + Kernel !
@Adi Shakthi You are da man ! God's Kernel - there's truly no kernel like it ! @faux123 thanks for intelli_plug and Dynamic Fsync and all the other goodies - they are awesome ! @neobuddy89 Your kernels really inspire that there is more to be achieved @Cl3Kener @flar2 @DespairFactor @Imoseyon @showp1984 @myfluxi @savoca @franciscofranco @dorimanx @arter97 @ak @eng.stk You (and all other devs I might have forgotten) truly push progress forward !
Linus Torvalds - you started it all !
Richard Stallman - thanks for your "viral" license and GNU
Linux Kernel Devs , Linux Foundation
Google , Android @jerpelea @kholk The masters of the Sony Sauce @Grarak for Kernel Adiutor - for such a fine Kernel Command Center
@caspase for AppOpsXposed
@rovo89 for XPosed
@oasisfeng for Greenify
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