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12th October 2018, 02:41 PM
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New support infrastructure for Descendant project plus some personal considerations
Before I give out some updates on Descendant status, I'd push my personal opinion on what happened lately over XDA, under the HIDE tags.
So if you're not interested, just skip the spoiler, relevant infos about the development status will follow after that.

So, we're at it again.
First of all, this PERSONAL considerations don't want to be something markable as flame or "attacks" of any kind.
That's just my personal opinion on what I constantly see happening around XDA forums.
I may not be one of the "zen-est" person around the world, but I guess that each and everyone of us deserves a bit of comprehension.
Especially when it comes to XDA.
Some of us will agree with me that, lately, the XDA forum has been fulfilled by rule-breakers all around.
Analyzing this situation on the "economical" side they're forum users that generate revenue for this website (as long as they're not on AdBlock or similar) and I totally get the point of "more audience = potentially more revenues to keep the full-time developers/servers running".
What I honestly don't get, it's why there's a "low enforcing policy" on people that actually don't:
  1. Report useful feedbacks
  2. Respect developers work
  3. Follow the first XDA rule: search before posting.

In my life I've always tried to not be a crybabe.
So when I see people that don't comply with rules or that just show off a "non-ethical" forum attitude, I tend to ignore them, till my breaking point.
I've always encouraged useful bug reports, teaching people how to do it in specific cases.
But when you see that all you get is "hey this doesn't work blablalbla, you work bad sur kthxbye" (sometimes being even more harsh than that), I guess that a bit of anger towards this kind of things would appear even in a Shaolin Monk.
Am I trying to justify myself ?
But since the mods are so good at berserking me on my outbursts (and I really mean it in a good way), I wonder why a lot of OP starters have still to deal with those kind of people.
I agree that there will always be people that just won't read, but here the ratio is outta range.
And please, do not come up with the "rules apply to everyone", because that's an outrageous lie.
I'm not meaning that it's a lie on purpose, but, maybe this has gone too far to apply the user-technique "ignore/forget and move on" (especially if there are forum rules that should deny this bad behaviours)?

This, in my honest opinion, is one of the main reasons why day-by-day many developers declines whatever kind of answer over XDA threads moving the support to other communications channels.
And this to me, it's a threat to XDA.
We could easily avoid this migration in my opinion, but as long as something won't be done about it, I guess that's how it will keep going.

tl;dr help us to make XDA a better place.

Peace out.

So, in the last days I've work kinda hard to put up a new "infrastructure" for Descendant.
This includes:
  • Descendant Github Page
    Where you will find the most updated contents and useful tips and also:
    • a Blog
    • a photo gallery
    • download links
    • Descendant infos
    • bug report infos
    • donation links
  • Descendant Project Page
    Where you will be able to see Descendant's progress over reported bugfixes.
  • Descendant Bug Tracker Repo
    A self-explanatory bug tracker that will guide you thru correct bug reporting with a template
  • Descendant Telegram Group
    A nice Telegram group where you will find (almost) real-time support, nice people and some exclusive news/screenshots about the upcoming release.

That said, stay tuned a lot of stuff is about to happen.
Peace and zen to everyone.
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