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[ROM-AOSP GRH78C] Oxygen v2.0-RC7 (Gingerbread, clean, fast and 100% open-sourced!!)

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By AdamG, Retired Recognized Developer on 5th November 2010, 12:58 PM
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5th January 2011, 10:42 AM |#12301  
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Originally Posted by [B

aussiesausage[/B];] thanks for that, atleast someone here is a man.

people that complain about people repeating stuff, need to get used to forums.

i dont have time to search for ****, i just ask, come back hours later and see if theres a reply, faster and easier

so stfu, stop acting like a little bitch because i said something someone else did

and grow a pair of balls

just sayin


Do you know the search button up here ? do you even think that hitting this button and typing "camera recording" will save YOU a lot of time?. Because there you will find the answer in 30 seconds; but you need 2 minutes to write your question. 4h to come back,read the 122 posts made during this time to find that your question has not been answered.

It will also made this thread a lot easier to find stuff for everyone if it is not all the time filled with the same dumb questions asked all day long ?

from my phone
5th January 2011, 10:42 AM |#12302  
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Originally Posted by RoWeKo

This thread is getting more and more terrible. Over 1200 pages to look through to find an answer on a question you found hundreds of pages ago...

That doesn't work for me.

Multiple posts coming up again and again. Sucks.

Answers cannot be found, everyone messes up with new things. You should think over the concept!

You are right. I have problem even reading the thread, let alone searching for answers. It's climbing too fast
5th January 2011, 10:49 AM |#12303  
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Originally Posted by emdzej

Just installed Launcher Pro to check - 3D drawer works smooth and fine on RC5 in my case :|

Can you tap on the last app in the drawer? That is the problem I have with the 3d thingy, it allways jumps up again if I try to tap on 'youtube' for example... But I think this is LPonGingerbread related...
5th January 2011, 10:52 AM |#12304  
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Originally Posted by wutang01

First of all, thanks guys for the replies!
Secondly, I think I found the download link?

there you go
5th January 2011, 10:53 AM |#12305  
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Originally Posted by Marreboy

Couldn't find the correct issue for the battery drain in the issue tracker so I post here instead.

After flashing RC 5 two days ago I had some battery drain. Seems like the phone never really slept. Power widget always showed between 10 and 200 mA of power being consumed even when phone was idle for a long time. Mostly in the high end of that. (3g on, Wifi off, GPS off, Bluetooth off) I could not find any app that was consuming the power. Android System was consuming most.

Flashed kernel recommended by _Thalamus in this post ( ) and now the phone sleeps allright. 3 to 5 mA when idle. 6% battery loss over 7 hours during the night with 3g on. Normal consumption according to me.

am I the only one having problems w this kernel?

massive battery drain, a few freezes.. got to take out my battery and reboot.

sending encrypted message from pluto
5th January 2011, 11:03 AM |#12306  
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Originally Posted by aussiesausage

do you not know what forums are? ( or for you dumb people, message boards )

you guys know excactly what i mean, and deep down you know its right, everyone repeats something every single second on some forums out there, gaurenteed.

you wont stop it

so shut up, stop whinning and move on with your life

its such a HUGE problem for you isn't it, someone repeating something on a forum

omg, call the military

1 post, O..............M..................G

EDIT: and know, im not searching for posts, i have said before that searching for threads, yes. but posts.... thats going WAY to overboard having to search for a post, might aswell just have 1 giant thread for everything if thats the case.

if you dont want to be tech support, or do anything for free. DONT USE FORUMS! or easier, just dont reply, simple isn't it?

if i had time to search for a post, i would. but read what i said before

Allow me to clarify some forum etiquette for you.


Use one of our search functions before posting, whether you have a question or something new to share, it's very likely someone already asked that question or shared that news.

This is for both threads and posts. I have no idea what you were asking in the first place, but use of the search feature tells me you were asking this

Searching this thread for "video" shows, which suggests it is a known issue.

I went to the first post and saw a bugtracker, which I clicked. Conducting a search on it ( reveals several bug reports on the matter of recording videos

I have done this in 3 minutes, which takes less time than it does to write a proper post giving the right information that a developer would need for it to be useful. Not even having this device, or having read the thread, I now know that video recording doesn't work.

XDA isn't the place to come to ask questions without reading. 1 post means more than 1 post's worth of reading should have been done.

If it's too hard to search for "video" using the "Search this thread button", then by all means continue. You're breaking the forum rules by posting this without searching, as is everyone else asking "OMG where is video?", and that can be dealt with if required.

Come on folks... it takes 1 second to find and click "search this thread", and a further 3 seconds to type in "video", followed by about 10 seconds to see that this is a known issue not needing re-posted. That was faster than posting.
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5th January 2011, 11:23 AM |#12307  
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Originally Posted by Franatic

to your question.. 3G consumes more energy..

As stated here, in my case I'm using about 7mA with wifi off and 74 with wifi on...

Anyone got an idea
5th January 2011, 11:27 AM |#12308  
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Red face
pulser_g2 loving the reply! You da man :)
5th January 2011, 11:31 AM |#12309  
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There should've been another thread in QA section of Desire for discussing common problems that people are having and leave this thread for the development of the rom.

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5th January 2011, 11:39 AM |#12310  
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I agree, but remember people get excited about there phones, and feel better asking in a thread where they know there are experts. Having said that it is still better to do some research before posting even if its just to be able to ask intelligent questions!!! Cheers to all who take the time and have the patience in answering the hundreds of questions! BB
Originally Posted by dream_th

There should've been another thread in QA section of Desire for discussing common problems that people are having and leave this thread for the development of the rom.

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
5th January 2011, 11:41 AM |#12311  
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New kernel with lower min_gain

I've been having problems with the minimum in-call volume beeing too loud so I've compiled a kernel with lower min_gain. Now it's possible to get the in-call volume low enough. The default rc5 kernel is
The zip attached here in case someone finds it useful.
Flash from recovery at your own risk as usual (:
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