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[ROM] Official CM7 Inc Nightlies

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By Pons, Senior Member on 17th January 2011, 03:53 AM
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CM7.1 Nightlies

A friendly reminder from slayher:
"Everyone needs to remember that the CM team has made no releases yet. It's labeled RC0, and new code is going in everyday. Sometimes things are going to break, sometimes features are going to be removed, then added, then removed, then added back. Sometimes regular apps may just not work (adfree) because this a new version of android using new and updated API's. Keep that in mind. To the CM team, you are flashing ALPHA software. Not beta, not a Release Candidate.

Just to restate some stuff to the people who didn't read the entire Crackflashers' Thread.

This kernel has been patched with a backport of the .35 kernel in order for USB tethering and mounting to work. Flash a different kernel, and those features break. Period.

Second, the kernel that is provided is what we have found to be the most capable, but most stable kernel for the most people. We are not using highly customized kernels with every acronym you can think of because we are going for maximum compatibility.

Third, make sure you have updated HBOOT (.92), radio images (2.15 series). The newer seem to be working much better.

Fourth, if you hate this and think it's slow, great, don't use it. If you love it, and think it's the best thing to happen to your phone, great, use it. The point here is choice, run what ROM has the features and speed you want. If you want these features, but something isn't working for you, ask for help from others running the ROM. And don't forget it's still ALPHA."

(It's currently hiding)



A refresher from slayher:
"This (included/stock) kernel has been patched with a backport of the .35 kernel in order for USB tethering and mounting to work. Flash a different kernel, and those features break. Period.
Second, the kernel that is provided is what we have found to be the most capable, but most stable kernel for the most people. We are not using highly customized kernels with every acronym you can think of because we are going for maximum compatibility."

Currently, there are a few alternatives that don't break things.

Incredible list of 2.6.37.xx kernels by galaara98
Universal kernel mirror by galaara98

[KERNEL] Incredikernel by chad0989

[KERNEL] Tiamat by Cayniarb

[KERNEL] Invisiblek's

[MOD]viperMOD for AOSP Kernels by -viperboy-


Careful with these. They may work with one version, but not the next. As always, nandroid first.

[THEME]DARKGINGER "formally DarkFroyo" by djdarkknight96

[THEME]GB: The way it should have been | [MODs] Battery mods by AdhvanIt
Beautiful Icon Theme by Adhvanit

[THEME]Minimalist by david1171

[THEME]Honeycomb by haxzamatic

[THEME]Rover's Mix by rover.prince

[THEME]RedBread by slayher (whoever that guy is) is available on the Market for free, and a donate version. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

[SPLASH]CM7 Splash Screen by lioryte

[MOD]CM7 Lockscreen Rings by synisterwolf and IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo

[MOD]Battery mods by mattyg151

[MOD] Mattyg, UserJF, Battery Mods, AudioBoost, Camera Shutters, Data Throttle, More! by userjf

This one will force close your Mobile Network Settings:
[MOD]Data Throttle Remover by driphter
More info at: [MOD] Uncapped Data For Your ROMS (Skyraider, Virtuous, OMGB, ETC)

[THREAD] T-Mobile Theme Chooser For CM7 / Percentage icons by aalopez10

Known Issues/Bugs

Per slayher: "Sometimes things are going to break, sometimes features are going to be removed, then added, then removed, then added back."
Just because it works in one build, doesn't mean it's going to work in the next.
TV-Out doesn't work on CM7 or any AOSP ROM
720P video recording
Blue tooth acting wonky (there's a fix listed below in the FAQ)
Sometimes downloads appear unsuccessful
Theme Chooser causing WL widgets to disappear

Q: What's the ETA on....about how long till...when can I expect....?
A: The only rule of CyanogenMod: You don't ask for ETAs.

Q: Now that the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK has dropped, we're getting a port, right?!
A: Take a look at this PSA by Keyan Mobil

Q: What's this CM7.1, Android 2.3.7 business?
A: The nightlies are built on CM7.1, which is Android 2.3.7, while the RC's (so far) are built on Android 2.3.3. Do NOT downgrade without a full wipe.

Q: How do I install CM7, coming from non-CM7?
A: From ciwrl, Head Moderator at "As we start the RC phase of CM7, many of you are now taking the leap from CM6 stable to the new RC's. Some of you may be able to get away with doing this without a wipe; however, most of you will not be that lucky. Differences in the rom, files system, and even Google Addons will likely throw most of you into boot loops. Therefore, here is my recommended upgrade path:
1) Nandroid backup your current rom
2) Update your recovery to the latest available (CWR is my choice)
3) Format system via recovery
4) Wipe/Factory reset
5) Flash CM7 then Google addon

If any of you have data that you must absolutely save, then and only then should you use Titanium backup (or other backup apps) to restore your data. Please be sure not to restore any data to /system using these apps, as this will mostly likely corrupt your ROM and/or Market."

Granted the above method says from CM6 to CM7, but it pretty much applies to any non-CM7 to CM7.

Q: How do I update from RC to nightly, stable to nightly, nightly to nightly, (basically, forwards) etc?
A: The safest (definitely not the only, but my preferred) way is
Download ROM with Rom Manager Premium.
Do not install with Rom Manager
Reboot into recovery.
Make a backup/nandroid (to be safe)
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik
Install Zip from SDCard
Nightly at /sdcard/clockworkmod/download/
/Gapps at sdcard/clockworkmod/download/

Q: How about that 720P? I hear it's handy.
A: Per slayher, "720P recording will not be coming to CM7 at this time. We *MAY* see it later if we get an HTC GB leak, using an MSM device (aka not omap). But for now, if you HAVE to have 720P recording, stick with CM6. The issue is that GB uses stagefright, and the hack it took to get 720p in CM6 wont work with stagefright. (it was done in opencore.) This is why we cant get it. The current driver implementation we have to work with is just not capable. So there you go, you can stop wondering/asking/hoping."

Q: How about CWM3/5? I'm having a problem where....
A: Try deleting the current recovery first.

Q: How do I fix the space error that pops up when I try to install some apps?
A: Per slayher, "If you get a Space error trying to install apps, just try installing again. I have encountered this error also and it is not related to actual free space, (unless you have a cubic crap ton (crapton * crapton * crapton) of apps installed)."

Q: How do I disable the shutter sound?
A: Per mattyg151, "I used root explorer to rename /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg to camera_click!.ogg ... no more camera shutter sound."
There is also an option at Menu > Settings > CyanogenMod setting > Sound > Mute camera shutter

Q: How do I increase the WiFi scan time to save battery life?
A: Per karnovaran, "One way to reduce battery drain is to increase the WiFi scan interval. It's set to 45 seconds, meaning it will scan every 45 seconds. If you change it to something like 90, obviously it will scan less often and use less battery. To do this, you have to edit the build.prop file in /system. The easiest way is with Root Explorer. Go to /system, mount r/w, open the build.prop in text editor and locate "wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=45" Change that value to 90 or whatever you want. Save the file, mount back to r/o, and reboot."

Q: Those automatic brightness settings are confusing. Anyone know of a good setting/rough guide?
A: This thread looks useful. So does this post

Q: How does that brightness slider thingey-majib work?
A: Per byrong "For those of you trying to figure out the new brightness-adjust-via-statusbar feature, do the following:
1. Settings > CM Settings > Interface > Status Bar Tweaks > StatusBar brightness (I'm guessing you guys already figured this part out)
2. Here's the trick: place your finger on the status bar, but don't drag it down. It will still 'peek' out some, but now you'll want to slowly drag your finger to the left or right while keeping it on the status bar itself. If you drag left, the screen will get darker; right for bright."

Q: I can't send no fancy mms picture messages!
A: Change you APN settings manually, (a popular way is to use GoSMS). MMSC: MMS proxy: leave empty MMS port: 80 Any more I should add? Let me know.

Q: My bluetooth isn't working right.
And what does Mr. CUViper have to say about it?
For a fix, CUViper made a patch, and I added it to the stock cm kernel, and here's the 10/08 incredikernel:
If you need it on a different kernel, let me know.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


All credit goes to the CM team, and especially our DInc maintainers, as listed by the CyanogenMod site: jistone (aka CUViper), slayher, and of course, Koush.
Also, a huge thanks goes to sykopompos (formerly gridlock32404) for hosting the unofficial nightly/hourly "Crackflasher Builds" and keeping the crackflashers happy with 4+ builds a day. Good times, good times.

Anyone I miss?
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17th January 2011, 03:59 AM |#2  
solarpolitiks's Avatar
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Sheesh these are slow downloads :P
I assume they are getting hit pretty hard. Anyways, hooray! Can't wait to use these CM7 has been one of the greatest ROMs for me so far
17th January 2011, 04:14 AM |#3  
godsmacked4653's Avatar
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Isn't the only major issue the 720p on the camcorder and the lack of hardware acceleration?
I haven't been using the earlier builds, but I'm downloading the nightly right now.
17th January 2011, 04:14 AM |#4  
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Thanks for getting the discussion started, PonsAsinorem. I think this thread sounds like a good idea, especially if you'll be dedicated to update information (ROM status, fixes, scripts, known issues, etc). Based on your involvement in the crackflasher thread, I'd bet you'll do a good job ;)

My vote is to keep this thread going

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17th January 2011, 04:30 AM |#5  
lafester's Avatar
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camcorder appears to be broken again.
i believe slayher said hardware acceleration works fine.
some 3d games and apps are simply not compatible with gingerbread.

--edit-- well you can see we have some conflicting information.

Originally Posted by slayher

Its an issue with Quadrant.

If you dont feel you have hardware acceleration, try downloading neocore, and nena mark from the market, I think you will change your mind.
I am not sure where the idea that we have no HW 3d came from, but we have it.
You can also try Speed Forge 3d demo too.

Originally Posted by gridlock32404

As far as I know of there is no hardware acceleration on any gingerbread phone except nexus s

sent from my cm7src icey beast

17th January 2011, 04:33 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by lafester

i believe slayher said hardware acceleration works fine.

I remember seeing that we wouldn't have stable hardware acceleration until the official Gingerbread update for the Nexus One comes out, so that we have the correct drivers. I could have missed something, though.
17th January 2011, 04:34 AM |#7  
Junior Member
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Anybody else getting "Status 7" when attempting to flash CM7??


Update HBoot from .79 to .92

(For the love of God make sure your formated to FAT32)
17th January 2011, 04:37 AM |#8  
jbdan's Avatar
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Thx so much for starting the thread my vote is to surely keep it going.

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17th January 2011, 04:39 AM |#9  
mattyg151's Avatar
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Donate to Me
Originally Posted by PonsAsinorem

Now that the official build bot is up, and gridlock said he would quit building, I figured I'd start a new thread based on the "new" nightlies. In the OP, I will attempt to keep track of mods, themes, kernels and bugs for CM7.

For now, here is where the builds are found (and in ROM Manager Premium)

And the overall progress of the build bot

Now I'm off to flash the newest nightly (yes, I'm using my phone's 3G), after which I will clean up this post, based on if I get favorable remarks. Or we could continue to use the original crackflasher thread. Up to ya'll.

you can put my mod link in the OP, I'll keep working on them
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17th January 2011, 04:43 AM |#10  
lafester's Avatar
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thanks mattyg
17th January 2011, 04:48 AM |#11  
donnyp1's Avatar
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Downloaded fast, using phone, flashed with rom manager. Havent tried camcorder yet, but no issues so far.

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