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The Samsung Secret - Why U.S. Galaxy S Phones run Android 2.1 Still

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By The.Samsung.Secret, Junior Member on 14th January 2011, 11:42 AM
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18th January 2011, 09:35 PM |#151  
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Originally Posted by DanGeorges

My understanding is that the carriers (like at&t) have their own vanity apps installed in ROM. If Samsung wanted to push an update to the Captivate on at&t, both Samsung AND at&t need to validate the update.

If the Captivate was simply an unlocked GSM device without crapware baked into it, then my gut feeling is that an update becomes much more simple - since the Captivate is essentially a branded Galaxay-s phone. Otherwise it just takes longer (more time) for testing on both ends, with little motivation ($$$) on either company's behalf.

I'm not an expert, but this is just my guess as to what's going on.


Yeah, the networks (carriers) pre-install their own crap as part of the updates and that does slow them down but it's the same elsewhere in the world and plenty of other networks have provided 2.2 updates for their locked Galaxy S handsets.
What happens is that instead of Google releasing the code, the manufacturer customising it for their handsets and pushing it out, after the manufacturer is finished with it they pass it on to the network who also fiddle with it then pass it back to be checked for bugs and then released.

In the UK, the update was provided by most networks within a couple of weeks of Samsung making it available, with T-Mobile being slightly behind and, I believe, Orange still to update their handsets.
But the majority were update pretty quickly after the update became available for unlocked handsets.

So whilst what you say is true, that network-branding/locking adds an extra step to matters, it's still not an adequate reason for a handset not to receive updates.

And getting back to the original topic, again I offer up the UK as evidence that would seem to contradict the claims of the OP.
There's no proof to back up what has been said and if it were true, I for one would've expected this to have come to light much sooner and from a much more reliable source.
18th January 2011, 09:40 PM |#152  
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Originally Posted by Step666

That's mis-selling and not the fault of either Samsung or the network.

Any grievances you have should be directed towards the person who sold you phone(s).

I disagree. This was information Samsung provided to AT&T. These promises were posted all over the web, told by many different AT&T reps, and even posted on the web from Samsung.

How can I blame my local sales rep? He is only passing along the BS that Samsung is pushing down the pipe.
18th January 2011, 09:48 PM |#153  
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Wow. This article was eye opening. I like my phone, but I sure do feel like an idiot for abandoning HTC.

My next phone (which I will buy in a few months) will be an HTC or a motorola
18th January 2011, 09:51 PM |#154  
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Originally Posted by Rodney.Wimberly

I disagree. This was information Samsung provided to AT&T. These promises were posted all over the web, told by many different AT&T reps, and even posted on the web from Samsung.

How can I blame my local sales rep? He is only passing along the BS that Samsung is pushing down the pipe.

Delaying the software update is a poor move on Samsung's part, yes.
But a product should not be sold on the basis of something that hasn't happened yet and they should never say something will definitely happen unless it's within their powers to make it happen.

Well, in the UK anyway, maybe the US is different but it shouldn't be IMO.
18th January 2011, 09:59 PM |#155  
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Originally Posted by _TB_TB_

Guess you've never been to Poland. You have NO IDEA about how high cell phone costs can be.

You're right, but everything is expensive in poland, especially the nice things.
18th January 2011, 10:05 PM |#156  
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I got official froyo super easy...sold my vibrant and bought a htc mytouch 4g

MT4G + CM7
18th January 2011, 10:08 PM |#157  
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The way Samsung operates.
I have recently written this comment on Ars Technica article on Android update percentage for manufacturers and it seems like more people will be able to read what I have to say here.

Haven't proofread it at all but I hope I can get the message across the people here.

It's quite long but I'd appreciate it if you read it all. You can contact me @dong1225 or mail me


Please try not to buy Samsung products.

To be more specific, any product that requires product update and proper software support.

They are one of the most evil tech companies I have seen although it can be argued otherwise that there are rarely non-evil companies in today's capitalism society.

First of all, many of the price reduction for their production comes from the exploitation they impose on their home country, Korea. Samsung charges about 3 times the price they do for the handsets they sell in US ($100 for subsidized Galaxy S = $400 subsidized in Korea. $450 and $1200 accordingly unsubsidized) and claims it is due to "localized hardware features" like DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) which in fact costs $20 in parts to add and takes out many features and locks them down to carrier provided over charged functions. Then they go on to portray themselves in advertisement as the "National" defense against waves of foreign smartphones invading and claims to "defeat" iPhone and other foreign smartphones whether HTC or Motorola or Blackberry. In Korea, we have a strange sense of nationality in that we were invaded by both China and Japan in the past and was colonized, and also ended up a warground for Communism and Capitalism during the Korea War.

It proved quiet effective and this has led to Korea being only countries with Android taking up more than half of the smartphone market share with 91% of the phones being Samsung made. For the same reason before, Blackberries, which unarguably, still takes up a huge chunk of smartphone market in many countries, failed miserably even before the Android or iPhone handset appeared before. (Samsung was still making craptastic WinMo phones and was also advertising them as "iPhone Killer" with product cycle of essentially 4 months and each product being dropped support with many getting NO UPDATE AT ALL AFTER INITIAL RELEASE)

Secondly, they have been exploiting the venture start-ups and parts manufacturer to monstrous degrees resembling the business tactics of Commodore back in the 70s.
To simply describe in a memetic way.

Step 1. Strike a deal with manufacturer/License a technology from start-up.
Step 2. Make products using those tech and advertise as their own.
Step 3. Don't pay up and keep delaying them or pay in small amounts.
Step 4. When they complain, threaten them that you will no longer take orders from them. (You have the biggest buying power in Korea after all and they NEED money to work for other company now)
Step 5. When deemed worthy (usually a start-up with ingenious tech) purchase them for dirt cheap price (they're on the brink of bankruptcy from you not paying up)
Step 6. Advertise the product as the innovative pinnacle of Samsung itself!
Step 7. ?????
Step 8. MASSIVE Profit

Sure this probably isn't only happening in Korea but they are effectively abusing their sheer size as No.1 Electronics manufacturer and force companies into submission unlike "comparatively" desirable eco-system of the Sillicon Valley, where start-ups can find proper funding and get purchased if they desire for fair price with proper competition and market laws applied.

Lastly, extending upon abusing their financial power, they control the country's press and politicians.
Sure, you may say, that happens all the time!
People accuse press of being bought out for their "opinion" all the time. It is not simple as that.
They practically blackmail major newspaper publications (no need for that for major broadcasting stations as they already have ties with people in the industry) into writing favorable stories on the company and their products in terms of ads.
That's right, they don't do ads for papers that badmouth them and the sad reality is that their ubiquitous full page ads apparently take up around 50% of most of the newspapers' ad income. Thus their marketing of Samsung phones as "Pro-Korea" products and justification of charging 3 times the price for national customers, and just how much superior in their products are in comparison to the foreign ones whether they be Blackberry, iPhone or the same Android, HTC and Motorola, is in its literal sense, branded and brainwashed into the public's mind in every direction possible.

This is not something I am just making up as conspiracy nor am I affiliated with any of their competition.
I am just letting the people of the Western world see how Samsung treats their home country and what their business mind is.

I can confidently assert that rumor of Samsung holding back updates is not merely a rumor. It is a business move for them, a way to maximize their profit in any way they can.

Thanks for reading my rant/story, pardon any gramatical errors I may have made as I didn't proof read this and I hope you consider this information when you make a future purchase, even in the smallest degree.

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18th January 2011, 10:08 PM |#158  
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HTC and Moto might not be angels in keeping up with their customers, but this is brutal; I have no plans on buying Samsung anytime in the near future.
18th January 2011, 10:20 PM |#159  
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So very sad...

The saddest part is that most of this will never change anything. I've read tons of articles on the huge sales of the Galaxy S line. They've made their money. I'm guess the vast majority of buyers are quite happy with their purchase. I mean, MobiTV, Layer, and Avatar [apps], who wouldn't be happy?

It's the techies who are pissed. And because they make up the small majority, Samsung will keep doing what Samsung does.

Long live XDA
18th January 2011, 10:21 PM |#160  
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So if what OP is saying is true, then the Galaxy S Froyo update hasn't even reached any of the carriers yet for them to add their modifications. Add 2 months minimum to the release time for that. If anyone who isn't rooted needs a reason to root here it is. Warranty is generally regarded as hardware issues, a broken camera or screen etc, and the repair centers are assembly line at best. Plus it is all one-click-rooting these days, which means you can unroot before you have to send it in if you do need to use your warranty, and it's EASY. There are guides all over the internet with how to do it. Waiting for OTA updates is silly and pointless.
18th January 2011, 10:24 PM |#161  
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My first post here so hi!

Out of all the rumors this one makes the most sense so far. It's hard to not give these rumors any credit because Samsung is doing very little to disarm them. There's either no response or cookie cutter response from them.

I bought the captivate because it's on paper a great phone. Even in practice it's a great phone MINUS the GPS malarkey. I have learned my lesson about getting a phone based off of what it might be able to do one day instead of what it does. I also didn't do my research to see samsung's updating history. I had the eternity which was expected to have an update(that it didn't get) but I didn't really care too much because I really liked it and had no problems. It was only later that I found out how dismal samsung's updating was. It wasn't like some of these phone users wanted the updates for luxury. There were some phones that went un-updated when they really NEEDED an update. I can count 6 phones that didn't get promised or needed updates and that's not including the galaxy s series.

Le sigh. I think i'm so irritated because two of my top three reasons for getting this phone was to not have to get a standalone gps system and the flash ability.

Well I am an XDA member now and I'll just mosey on to the custom ROM section.
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