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[THEME] CyanogenMod 7 Themes by UpwardSpiral

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By UpwardSpiral, Senior Member on 2nd March 2011, 12:52 AM
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These themes now use support the theme chooser wallpapers app (link below). All of the full themes (not basic series) come packaged with 9 color-matched wallpapers that you can use. To access them, install the theme chooser wallpapers app and the app will automatically show the apps matching your theme. This is based entirely on CyanogenMod's wallpaper selector and I take no credit for any of the code supplied the the wallpapers app. All credit goes to them for making all of this possible.

Attn: Theme developers. Anyone is more than welcome to use this app for their own themes. Just contact me and I would be more than happy to give any info necessary for using it and my xml codes that I use.[/SIZE]

These are my themes to use with the CyanogenMod 7 theme chooser.
To use, just install from the market (see links below) and select the theme from the theme chooser app.

Questions, comments, or recommendations? Let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do.
I'm always looking for ideas on how to make it better








Theme Chooser Wallpapers

Basic Series

These are just like the full series, but without any wallpapers, themed widgets, or themed third party icons. Direct download links below


More tweaks to my theme than you can shake a stick at. Dont Panic has created metamorphs for all the lockscreens, main volumes and many more tweaks. If you are looking for the xtreme dialer theme, this is the place

click HERE




Dont Panic for the lockscreen and main volume metamorphs
xtremekilla09 for the dialer design

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2nd March 2011, 12:53 AM |#2  
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Current direct download version is: 1.4.7


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download


_______Free Version_____________________Donate Version
____Android Market Link_________________________Android Market Link

_____Direct Download

Theme Chooser Wallpapers

_______Free Version

_____Android Market Link

_____Direct Download

Basic Series
current version: synced with 1.3.1 of the full themes

Basic Blue (Direct Download)

Basic Green (Direct Download)

Basic White (Direct Download)

Basic Orange (Direct Download)

Basic Pink (Direct Download)

Basic Purple (Direct Download)

Basic Red (Direct Download)

LauncherPro Plus Skins
current version: synced with 1.3.1 of the full themes

Blue Bionic LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Galaxy Green LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Minimal Magic LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Orange Octane LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Punk Pink LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Purple Punch LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Red Remix LauncherPro Plus Skin (Direct Download)

Version 1.3.0 with xtreme dialer theme

I will be making version 1.3.0 of my full themes available for download indefinitely. This is the version with the xtreme dialer included.

For downloads to all the theme versions, click here

Lockscreen / Main volume metamorphs

A big thanks to Dont Panic for making these. You can find the links to download these here.

Ultra Keyboard Themes

Thanks to flamepanther for making these. you can find them by clicking here.

Minimal Text Widget graphics

Lots of people have asked me about the widgets used in the Minimal Magic screenshots. The clock is SiMi clock and can be found on the android market. The "Camera" and "Mail" widgets are actually custom made by me. I use them with Desktop Visualizer (also on the android market) as 4 x 1 widgets.

If you would like the graphics I already made, you can download them here.


There are now two downloads available that each include every color of wallpaper. Not sure which one you need? If you screen resolution is 480x800, 480x853 or something in that ballpark, you need the HDPI version. If your resolution is 320x480 or something in that ballpark, you need the MDPI version.

Theme HDPI Wallpapers (Direct Download)

Theme MDPI Wallpapers (Direct Download)
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2nd March 2011, 12:54 AM |#3  
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FAQ / Troubleshooting

1) Why isn't the volume control/lockscreen/reboot menu themed?

Unfortunately, the theme chooser app cannot override these themes yet. You can now download metamorphs to theme these courtesy of Don't Panic. There is a link to the downloads in the post above.

2) My status bar icons are not theming, why?

For the full theme to apply, you may need to reboot your phone. To change the color of the notification power widgets indicators, go to settings->CyanogenMod settings->Interface->Indicator color

3) What color Should I use for CyanogenMod / LauncherPro to match the theme?

BLUE BIONIC:Use color # 0052f7
GALAXY GREEN:Use color # 15fe00
MINIMAL MAGIC:Use color #ffffff
ORANGE OCTANE:Use color # ff7b1d
PUNK PINK:Use color # fe00be
PURPLE PUNCH:Use color # cb30ff
RED REMIX:Use color # fc0000

4) My status bar doesn't look like the screenshots. What's wrong?

Status bars sometimes don't apply properly 100% of the time. If it does not apply like it should, reboot your phone and you should be in great shape.

5) I had a different theme flashed and after applying your theme, it looks REALLY weird. What's wrong

Flashed themes do not work well with theme chooser themes (like mine). For best results, use theme chooser themes with stock CyanogenMod. I'm not saying it absolutely won't work, I'm just saying it's really unlikely that it will work.

6) I'm having trouble installing an upgrade, can you help?

Try switching to a different theme, downloading from the market, then switching back. If that doesn't work, you can download directly from the xda-developers thread below.

7) The app seems to be stuck installing. Can you help?

First, make sure you followed step 6. The market has issues recognizing that it completed installing theme apps after they are installed. This is a problem with all of the theme apps on the market, not just mine. Not having the theme applied when updating helps this 90% of the time. If it is still stuck, force close the market and the problem should be fixed.

8) On minimal magic, some of my notifications still show up with black text. Why?

This is a known issue with this theme. Some apps have hard coded the black color instead of using best practices and referencing the android settings. Because of that, many of them cannot be themed.

9) Can you remove the verizon/att/tmobile/vodafone etc. etc. name from the pulldown on minimal magic?

This cannot yet be done, but may be possible in the near future.

Change Log


19 new icons have been themed or updated:

New Icons:
Visual Voicemail
ES File Explorer
Google Messenger
Google Reader
Google Translate
Google Sky Map
Movies (Flixter)
TV Listings

Updated Icons:
Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Mini
File Manager

Themed 4g/3g statusbar toggle switch for HTC thunderbolt users

Fixed error where APW links would not theme correctly with Chameleon


Wallpaper refresh! You need the updated version of theme chooser wallpapers to be able to access all of the new wallpapers. If I removed your favorite wallpaper, you can download all of the wallpapers from my xda-developers thread (linked below)

Added gingerbread style notifications for Handcent and Go SMS. You can find them in the options for each app.

Themed Go SMS icon.

Several other minor changes to the theme.


Themed the new android market
Themed the Spotify widget / icon
Themed the Whatsapp icon


Fixed bug with new progress bar on mdpi devices and improved the look of the glow effect for all resolutions
Added theming of Opera and Opera Mini icons.
Added theming of dolphin mini icon.
Added theming of dolphin HD icon through the chameleon theme (It could not be themed regularly for technical reasons).
Added theming of google+ icon and widget


Honeycomb inspired progress bar.
New "bar" at the top of popups and widgets.
Fixed bug with saturday events on showing up on LPP widget for chameleon users.
Fixed oversized phone icon for MDPI users using stock launcher.
Status bar events are slightly brighter / more visible.
Tons of other minor tweaks.


Themed Icons:
Amazon MP3
google books
google docs
google gesture search
Notification Restart (get this app!)
Multimount sd card

Themed Widgets:

In-app theming
Stock Deskclock (thanks Don't Panic)

This also adds support to theme my Chameleon app. These apps can't be themed by theme chooser alone, but will theme if you use the icon pack that's built into Chameleon:
Google Music beta
Titanium Backup
Weather Channel


Fixed bug in LauncherPro Plus widgets for mdpi devices.
Better android market filtering.
Other minor bug fixes.


Redid all statusbar icons to match themes exactly
Reformated the wallpapers to make the apps much smaller

1.4.1 (5/3/2011)

Theming for tablet navigation! you may still get errors, but everything should work great.
Google Talk widget theming
Updated app preview that displays correctly
Much more complete phone theming, including toggle buttons and notifications. Nothing crazy, just recoloring what is already there
Red Remix: Fixed coloring for battery on hdpi devices
Minimal Magic: Black text with white background for notifications!

1.4.0 (4/23/2011)

LauncherPro theming
Added Launcher Pro themes to android market
ScoreMobile widget updated
Additional LauncherPro theming elements that the LPP apps can't skin

1.3.3 (4/9/2011)

Adobe Reader icon
Amazon appstore icon
Quadrant Standard Icon
Androidify Icon
Tweetdeck icon (no widget yet, but I plan on it)
Astrid widget and icon
Handycalc icon

1.3.2 (4/5/2011)

Galaxy Green: tweak market header colors
Min_Magic: redo checkmarks and dropbox icon courtesy of Dont Panic
Winamp icon / widget
Subsonic icon / widget
ATK icon / widget
USB connected image
Unknown contact image widget
latitude icon / widget
google places icon
google navigation icon
more small tweaks for overall better look

1.3.1 (3/29/2011)

Reverted dialer theming. Because of the so-so reaction (some people loved it, some people didn't), it is now optional. To get the dialer themed again, use the metamorph made by Dont Panic (link above)
Some deeper handcent theming. Buttons now match the theme.

1.3.0 (3/26/2011)

Dialer theming (huge thanks to xtremekilla09 for the icon design)
XDA premium app
metamorph icon
root explorer icon
fixed bug with music widget cutting off lines

1.2.7 (3/20/2011)

Fixed bug with suggestions in google search
brightened market icons to show up better on header
vibrate icon is now themed on notification power widget

1.2.6 (3/16/2011)

xda app
audiogalaxy app/widget
superuser icon
rom manager icon icon (no widget yet, but hopefully coming)
barcode scanner icon

1.2.5 (3/7/2011)

Calendar Widget
Market header is themed - you will probably need to force stop the market for this to apply
Market Widget
sportstap widget -sorry, glow couldn’t be themed
google listen icon
bluetooth icons
google talk icon
skype icon
twitter icon
redone statusbar- darker with more transperancy - reboot to apply (BB/OO/RR)
darkened radio buttons (MM)

1.2.4 (3/4/2011)

Fixed tapatalk theming
Scoremobile icon/widget -this is the ugliest stock color scheme I’ve ever seen
Youtube icon/widget
Pandora icon/widget
removed battery glow on mdpi devices- this is what made the battery look fuzzy
google maps icon
dropbox icon

1.2.3 (3/2/2011)

Updated to support newest version of nightlies. Battery percentages are now in 5% increments.

1.2.2 (3/1/2011)

All application icons have been redone and are much higher quality
Added Engadget Icon and Widget
Added Handcent Icon
Added 4G Notification Icon
Added Facebook Icon
Added Tapatalk Icon
Added Gmail Icon
Added Google Voice Icon
Cleaned up circle buttons
Re-themed Power Control Widget

Requested Icons/Widgets not yet completed

feedr icon
plume widget
Everyday Quotes
Scrollable ContactWidget
IP Address Widget
Email Widget
Pure Gid Calendar
SwitchPro Widget
transdroid widget
BBC News by Jim Blackler
weather channel widget
dropcap 2
Terminal Emulator
News and Weather
T-Mobile My Account
Voodoo Control
BLN (Pro)
Better Cut (Pro)
Sound Recorder
springpad widget
fml widget
dolphin browser
facez widget
missed call status icon
player pro widget
gtasks widget
weather bug elite widget
better keyboard
pure calendar widget
Pulse news widget
smart keyboard
Foursquare widget
camera icon
sound hound widget
twitter widget
foursquare widget
kik messenger
noodles to do list
updated toast message
google voice contact popups
amazon mp3 widget
read it later icon
app power manager (free)
stumbleupon icon
es file explorer icon
MOG music
life contacts beta
Gtasks widget
Chrome to Phone
Dev Tools
Mr Number
Ringtone Maker
ROM Toolbox
Task Manager by Rhythm Software

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2nd March 2011, 01:00 AM |#4  
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Perfect I've been looking for a theme like this for a while when I get home I'll install it
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2nd March 2011, 01:16 AM |#5  
Junior Member
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Is there any chance that you can share the method of how you made these? I think it is only available in CM7, isn't it? It looks really nice, but I want to make my own colour and I'm on CM6.

2nd March 2011, 04:00 AM |#6  
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when will minimal magic be out?
2nd March 2011, 06:14 AM |#7  
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Much appreciated.....look very good
2nd March 2011, 07:23 AM |#8  
UpwardSpiral's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Seano.

when will minimal magic be out?

3..........2..........1........ Check the android market. I'm also uploading updates for all the other colors as we speak.
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2nd March 2011, 07:28 AM |#9  
Junior Member
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Thanks, it looks nice
2nd March 2011, 07:37 AM |#10  
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OMG.... Minimal magic is almost making my mouth water.... Downloading now!

Amazing work!
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2nd March 2011, 07:43 AM |#11  
Xephik's Avatar
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Alright, I feel like an ass for saying this but since it's going to happen anyways (We all know it): can you provide a zip for those wallpapers?
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