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IMEI-Check - A Wunch of Bankers

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By Olipro, Retired Recognized Developer on 10th October 2007, 12:34 AM
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this is downright libel... I can't actually believe this bollocks.

Firstly, the prick has misspelt my alias... so a great big 'Go get ****ed' for that one.

secondly, I'm well aware the unlock code CAN BE ANY NUMBER. you ****.

Secondly... yes, they're donations matey, as in, people can opt to give money or not, rather than being coerced into a purchase by you.

Finally... softSPL has **** ALL to do with you... oh look, load an SPL into its RAM address and patch the IPL, load and jump, gee, how bloody challenging... not to mention none of the code utilised is yours; it's either JumpSPL or (as it used to be, Haret)... how you can even call yourself the brainchild of this is beyond me, considering you share **** all with this community; and I don't see you releasing an SPL to repair bad blocks... but I'm sure your deluded brain can invent a scenario for that one too. not to mention your modification and theft of the Haret trick.

And please, don't try and claim copyright; you're reverse engineering proprietary HTC code, so you haven't got a pot to piss in on that one.

And, Mr. Foreign Mansass, since you're so ****ing broke, I've included your full company accounts for people to peruse and decide just how ****ing poor you are... and don't bother trying to get the info taken down; because it's all public record information, which as a company director, I'm sure you're well aware of.

Kind Regards, and a big fat 'up your arse'.

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10th October 2007, 12:53 AM |#2  
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You not got the Nov 2006 filings? I want to see how the company has 'grown'

He had to fire 2 people because of Pof you know!

10th October 2007, 01:50 AM |#3  
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Sorry to hear this guys, does anyone know if IMEI-Check actually did manage to unlock phones prior to the release of HardSPL or the simunlock available? cos if not then it seems like a bit of sour grapes to me, however no need to use slander without a means of PROVING it and backing it up.

10th October 2007, 02:06 AM |#4  
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Florin defrauds you!
In searching for of the decisions takes not only pof and olipro.
This community of the people - some can not publish on xda their own thoughts on the strength of some circumstance.
Patch radio !
We first have found the decision - have corrected radio for unlock Universal.
Has published the general decision buzz.
Florin offered then only send him device for unlock!
Florin you have stolen the decision!
Florin -you in the first decisions used haret -practically without change - but haret free decision!
You require the copyright. We never required from you not to use our studies.
We always could break your protection unlock and do available to free.
We deleted always crack decisions from xda.
We do not get the money. You never helped xda -only take the decisions and use.
You want only money and JumpSPL has killed you.
You lost greater money.
Also all decisions HardSPL USPL SoftSPL etc also general decision of the group of the people pof olipro itsme mamaich buzz arc fdp24 ect .
We did not require the money. Much many from us spent very greater money on studies and broke our device.
The Copyright? - you use MFG bootloaders and specific information from HTC - HTC never gives this liberally.

Sorry bad english .
10th October 2007, 02:14 AM |#5  
So, riddle me this... why can't they charge for their service? even if it is free around these parts, i'm sure some people rather leave all that to the "pros." Anxiously awaiting "PUFF" or "LOLIPRO" to post a "How to steal IMEI-CHECK Technology for FUN and Profit" thread.

i wonder how much money they lost vs. how much has been donated to pof, olipro, and the rest of the "gang."
10th October 2007, 04:56 AM |#6  
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So, I guess I have to say something here. Sorry for my late reply but I've been the last two days in travel with very limited internet connection (I couldn't even see the modaco thread on the subject).

As arc said before, the method used to patch a radio was first developed by mamaich and itsme, at the time imei-check only unlocked HTC universal by physically sending the device to them. After buzz_lightyear published the free HTC universal unlocker, imei-check probably copied this method and started selling the universal unlocker without needing to physically send them the device.

Hermes uses a radio chip very similar to universal, so imei-check applied this method to hermes radio too. The patch used in the free Hermes Unlocker I published was taken from imei-check unlocker and I have never hidden this fact, I studied the hermes imei-check unlocker and published my results in this forum, you can still read the "reverse engineering thread" here. The main difference between their unlocker and the free one I published is that they hot patch the radio and I flash an already patched radio.

Free Hermes unlocker v1 & v2 needed an SPL-1.04 in hermes, because it was possible to directly access the radio via 'rtask' command, this prevented users with SPL > 1.04 to unlock their devices using the free unlocker, but in the reversing thread I had published the files which allowed to downgrade the bootloader using the so called "SoftSPL or RAM bootloader" from imei-check unlocker, these files where removed about 32 hours after I published them because I received a PM from Florin Mandache claiming this was IMEI-check copyrights stuff. Some people had already downloaded this and there was people posting a file called "downgrade_SPL.rar" which contained this imei-check method to downgrade the SPL, I (and other moderators from XDA-Developers) removed all the attachments and links to this file people was posting while there was no alternative method to downgrade the bootloader. Then, Des came with SSPL, which allowed to load a patched bootloader in RAM and jump into it (the same way HaRET does with the Linux kernel since 2003, imei-check started in 2004) and I published Free Hermes Unlocker v3 which included Des SSPL to flash unsigned code and didn't need to downgrade the bootloader.

All the devices using the Qualcomm MSM6275 share the same radio code, so Hermes, Trinity, Breeze, Athena and Treo 750 unlockers are basically the same as Hermes unlocker. I published the Hermes & Trinity ones, because I have this devices, and SSPL was available to flash unsigned code on them. Olipro published the Athena unlocker which also uses the patched radio, but it does not need SSPL as the SPL is written to DOC (Disc-On-Chip) using itsme's pdocwrite, so it does not need "RAM bootloader". stepw and me also published an alternative method to RAM bootloader valid to Trinity devices, with source code available, which takes advantage of an stack overflow flaw present in Trinity's bootloader.

Then machinagod, esteve and me modified haret code, we placed the patched bootloader in ram using psetmem (from itsme, itsutils) and then jumped into its address using the modified HaRET. This modified HaRET version is used in CID unlockers from Artemis, Elf, Excalibur, Vox, Herald, Titan and Wizard G4.

Then esteve and me coded JumpSPL, which is basically a stripped-down version of HaRET that allows placing the SPL in RAM and jump into it, the source code is also available and has nothing from imei-check, besides if you want they where the first to implement this method, but even without looking at his unlocker anyone would think of this method --as HaRET author did in 2003-- to run custom code (or a patched SPL, it doesn't matter) on a WinCE device.

After the release of JumpSPL, we can load patched bootloaders on ANY device, so Olipro took JumpSPL and used it to flash the patched radio from hermes (with the imei-check patch) in Treo750 and published a free SIM unlocker for Treo.

Regarding donations, I have spent lot way more money in HTC devices than I have earned via donations. For the curious I've made approximately $1700 since I started using donation buttons, not all of the donations coming from the Hermes unlocker, I have also helped countless people to unbrick their devices, released free tools to flash HTC devices from Linux, create splash screens, CID unlock other devices, etc... none of those tools contain anything from imei-check. I do this as a hobby and my real life job has nothing to do with PDA phones or HTC devices.

Regarding the use of Florin's birthday in hermes unlocker, of course I know you can unlock using any code, see comment #18 in this thread, dated January 2007 where I say "allow to SIM unlock it using any MSL code". But I thought leaving his birthday there was cool

I don't know if imei-check has the solution to SIM unlock Kaiser or not, I have released a CID unlocker for the Kaiser, and I am researching on a method to SIM unlock it, not because I want to make money out of it, because I see it as a personal challenge and I am curious about how the Qualcomm 7200 works. I don't know if I will be able to provide a solution to unlock Kaiser or not, I am not saying that I am better than imei-check, I admire their work even I don't like their way of doing a business out of it.

The main difference between Florin Mandache from imei-check and me is that if we both invented a machine to produce bread by spontaneous generation, I will allow to clone the machine to end with the hunger in the third world, and he will just sell the bread.

Finally, these are the emails that Florin and me exchanged the last two days:

From: pof
To: unlocksupport at imei-check
Subject: kaiserunlock.php
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 21:40:14 +0200
Hello Florin,

I'm sad to see what you have put in here:

I think we've always been able to talk friendly as adults. I've always
removed your copyrighted material as soon as you've requested it and
replied to your requests fast.

This time is me kindly requesting you to remove the contents of this
page. I'm sorry for the troubles I might have caused you, it was not
my intention.

BTW, congratulations on the kaiser SIM unlock.

Best Regards,

Reply from imei-check:

From: unlocksupport at imei-check
To: pof
Subject: RE: kaiserunlock.php
Date: Mon,  8 Oct 2007 21:00:31 +0100 (BST)

If you want this removed please add the missing credits (imei-check for
invention of RAM-BOOT-LOADER) to all your posts and readme files and
also to say clear in ALL unlockers (also from your gang,ATHENA and P750)
that it is based on the stolen RADIO patch from IMEI-CHECK.CO.UK.
Also we can't understand how you can seen that page when the page is
not published yet (live on the main page).

BTW: Removing YOUR copyright violations is not a favour from you... It
was a favour from us not to take legal steps against you immediately.


Reply from me:

From: pof
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE:kaiserunlock.php
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 16:13:30 +0200
Hello Florin,

Sorry for the late reply, I'm on travel and don't have much time those days.

> Hello,
> If you want this removed please add the missing credits (imei-check for invention of
> RAM-BOOT-LOADER) to all your posts and readme files and also to say clear in ALL
> unlockers (also from your gang,ATHENA and P750) that it is based on the stolen RADIO
> patch from IMEI-CHECK.CO.UK.

I can modify my posts and readme files for the hermes & trinity
unlockers for the radio, but regarding the "ram bootloader", I don't
think that's your invention... my unlockers use Des SSPL and AFAIK
HaRET (which as you should know is basically the same idea, but using
a Linux kernel instead of a bootloader) exists since early 2003.

Regarding Olipro's posts & readme's, is up to him if he wants to edit
them or not, i can't do nothing about it.

> Also we can't understand how you can seen that page when the page is not published
> yet (live on the main page).

At the time I wrote you I received 2 PM from different persons, now
I've received 6 or 7, and some links to a "modaco" page which no
longer exists (I have no idea what was in there).

> BTW: Removing YOUR copyright violations is not a favour from you... It was a favour from
> us not to take legal steps against you immediately.

Thanks then, I really appreciate that.

PS: I can't understand why you have done this now in such a personal
attack to me, if you wanted credit in the hermes & trinity unlockers
you could just PM me and request it, you know from other times we've
exchanged PMs that I am a person open to dialogue.

Please remove all references directed to me in your webserver and I
will add the proper credit to imei-check radio patch in hermes &
trinity unlockers. And I hope we can end it here, without any more
waste of time for you and for me.

> Regards,

Best Regards,

Pau Oliva
That's my side of the story, now judge yourselves.
10th October 2007, 04:59 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by IMEI-Check

BTW: Removing YOUR copyright violations is not a favour from you... It
was a favour from us not to take legal steps against you immediately.



****ing morons. you can't claim copyright on what wasn't yours in the first ****ing place... that's like claiming copyright on a cracked Windows DLL that allows you to bypass activation... it's not your ****ing program code shitbrick, it's a derivative work resulting from a modification of one which you had no legal authorisation to modify, so it's not yours to copyright.

Again, Go **** yourself.
10th October 2007, 06:28 AM |#8  
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I replyed in the modaco thread but I post my response here also:

Damn this thing pisses me off! POF is a great guy, I know him for some time now. If one member of our beloved comunnity is willing to share his knowledge and NOT make any money out of it, it is POF! he is the one that helped most of us guys when we &^#@& up our phones, we could even come to his house if you happened to live in the neighborhood. has to be ashame of them selfs for making sooooo much money out of all of us! POF shares his knowledge for free, yes you can make a donation but nobody forces you!

'Zone-MR' was the one who created the free smartphone unlocker, that's the way how it should be! we all share our knowledge and when we find something we share it for free and not ask $30 to unlock you phone!

I think we should all stand behind POF he deserves that much!

But that's just my humble opinion..
10th October 2007, 06:56 AM |#9  
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Well... pof, I think you were eloquent, concise and made your case quite clear. Olipro, blunt and to the point, as always .

Oli, you're right about the limited "rights" Florin can claim on a process that, by it's nature, circumvents the "rights" that HTC and it's partners would likely claim as theirs (that's not even mentioning HaRET's original work that preceeded IMEI-Check).

And it is "sour grapes" on the part of IMEI-Check to blame their woes on pof. I really don't see a problem with pof (initially) taking a method they used that was built upon by a method, that they certainly didn't come up with, to offer a service that originally was and should be free.

Rather than the folks at IMEI-Check venting their frustrations in such an odd and immature way, I'd like to see some real proof that they are the ORIGINAL authors of this unlocking method. Where is their copyright?

Also, I think when one starts a company based on this type of work, you should be quite happy that you made any money. And when people realize that your work isn't what it should be, you should call it a day and hope that you've invested wisely.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no anarchist that thinks everyone is entitled to everything for free. I appreciate that everyone has to make money. And I respect that IMEI-Check was able to make a nice profit from their service. But that's what it is, a service. There are still a lot of people out there that will pay to have their phones unlocked rather than taking the plunge by themselves. So, IMEI-Check, service those people. But please don't be upset because a few folks here have educated the "masses" on how to do this by themselves.

TB - out.
10th October 2007, 09:00 AM |#10  
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Copyrights on a piece of software that crack a system owned by HTC??? What has HTC to say about it?

I mean... those guys what to copyright what looks to me at least "alegal"... so? Even in the case IMEI-Check are right (and don't looks like to me) what they want to do is a nonsense.

At least in Spain many times the diference between something being punishable with jail or not is if you get monetary profit with it. So... IMEI_Check is charging for cracking HTC systems and Olipro and pof are not... so the BAD guys are IMEI_Check. That simple.

That's my opinion.
10th October 2007, 09:53 AM |#11  
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It's really simple.

Some people want to give it away, some people want to charge for it.

If you can sell something that is available free of charge, then all credit to you.

If someone is intelligent enough to search for an unlock solution, and come here, work out how to do it, then all credit to them.

Stupidity taxes have been about for years on various products.

Pissy arguments aside, I think it comes down to someone getting irritated that someone else is making money for something they didn't think to sell.
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