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[DEV] ClockworkMod [UPDATED: Can't get to CWM? Here's the fix!]

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Howdy y'all!

I just compiled a proper version of ClockworkMod recovery off of the ICS branch of CyanogenMod.

It supports backing up boot images (I have heard that the image that is being flashed now doesn't support backing that up), and in the near future will support recovery chargemode.

This repository will hopefully contain in the near future a semi-working copy of CyanogenMod 9 also, but there's no guarantees on that one

So, without further ado:


What is this?
This is ClockworkMod Recovery and the files necessary to build it yourself.


How do I use it?
You must first be unlocked with (there is an excellent guide over there, just click on the Unlock Bootloader button and it'll walk you through)

Once you're unlocked, download the prebuilt image below, and do the following (in the same directory you used to unlock your phone):

fastboot flash recovery <path/to/prebuilt-image-you-downloaded.img>
You need to replace the stuff in brackets with the path to the img file you downloaded from here...

Alternate Installation Method (ph39img)
Much easier installation once unlocked with HTCDev...
Simply download the I have linked to in the downloads section, and put it on your external SD card.
Reboot your phone into HBOOT, and allow the update. Then you've got clockwork installed super easy, no computer needed!


How is this different from the ClockworkMod image that's floating around here?

Truth be told, I haven't tried the other version yet-- but I have been told that it doesn't back up boot.img, and has a few other bugs.

Also, this version has /sdcard mapped to the external SD card as opposed to the internal SD card. This is a safety feature to prevent losing backups in case your device becomes inaccessible. All backups should be to an external storage medium (even on your desktop, it's a good practice to not backup your hdd to the same device )

I'm sure mine has bugs too, but I'm posting the source so y'all can laugh at me


The Goods: Where do I get it? -- Downloads:


recovery-beta2.img -
Alternate installation method: :
New! for users with ICS OTA:


recovery-take1.img -
Alternate installation method: :

The GitHub source is here:
Please don't mirror the files (hotlinking is okay!), just incase I need to take them down or quickly update them. Thanks!


recovery-take1 : initial release

recovery-beta2 : now supporting charge mode in all forms just like stock recovery, and a few behind-the-scenes tweaks


Tips and Tricks (what works, and what doesn't)
Please read the following-- the HTCDev unlock comes with it's own disadvantages and risks...

  • The HTCDev unlock adds the word "**UNLOCKED**" to your HBOOT screen. Even if you put your phone to stock with a RUU and re-lock the phone, your phone will show "**RELOCKED**" when booted to the bootloader.
    At this time, I am unsure if AT&T will refuse warranty claims if they see that text. Just remember: if you unlock, there may not be any way back to complete stock any time soon.
  • Another disadvantage of the HTCDev unlock: ClockworkMod recovery CANNOT flash kernels. You must use JoeyKrim's kernel flasher ( )or fastboot to flash kernels. This includes Nandroid backups.
    If you back up your phone and apply a new ROM and kernel, you will have to fastboot flash the old boot.img back or use JoeyKrim's kernel flasher before switching ROMs.
  • If you flash a ROM, make sure to read the instructions with the ROM. Every ROM developer has a different method of flashing the kernel-- some come with a script to run, and others just give you the files to flash. Please read what they have to say before posting here with a complaint
  • Not seeing your rom .zips on your SD card, or having trouble restoring a backup?
    This version of ClockworkMod has the external SD card set as primary. This is to avoid the problem of "my phone died, and I can't access my backups".
    To solve this issue, simply put your ROMs or whatnot on your external SD card. In the future, I may look into how hard it is to add a internal/external SD switcher to clockwork, but for now the safest default is the external SD.
    Sorry about that!
  • Some's don't work...
    This may be because they're using an old version of the update-binary in their .zip file. Contact your ROM maintainer and ask for an updated version
    If you are a ROM developer, here's the updated "update-binary". Drop it in your META-INF/com/google/android directory in your ZIP and update your format() commands properly...

    update-binary.bin (rename to update-binary) -

    If you find yourself unable to get into CWM (i.e. the screen flashes some text, then reboots immediately), just boot to fastboot (hboot -> fastboot), then issue "fastboot erase cache" on your PC.
    Then you should be able to boot into ClockworkMod. After you're in there, make sure to format /cache to fix the problem.
    This issue will be fixed soon, I'll add some intelligence to the kernel to not bother rebooting to fsck a partition if it's marked 'dirty' or unmountable. Stock recovery is supposed to fsck the partitions if they're dirty/broken, but CWM doesn't bother, and the kernel gets easily confused.


How can I contact (chastise, praise, call names) you?

On IRC (Freenode) you'll find me hanging out in #htc-holiday when I'm available.
Just say my name "IOMonster" (or "IOMonster_desk") and if I'm around I'll answer.

I also will sometimes respond to PM's on XDA, but XDA's forum has a bad habbit of not emailing me when I get a new PM...


Standard "it might not work" clause

This software hasn't been thoroughly tested, and it might not work.
It might not backup things correctly, and it might not restore them right.
Please don't trust this software with anything sensitive or life-alteringly important.
I'd hate to say "I told you so!"

That's not to say this software doesn't work, it's just the standard disclaimer.


Donation Information
I love to develop. I don't do this for money, I do it just for the "thanks".

Please don't feel obligated to donate, but if you feel like it, you can click the button below to donate a small amount to me. Alternatively, consider donating to a charity of your choice-- there are so many good causes out there that could use your donation.

Thank you in advance!


Credits / Thank You's

  • IanWizard-cloud (testing, moral support )
  • Pirateghost (much needed debugging, testing, and flashing his phone no less than 20 times!)
  • joeykrim
  • toastcfh
  • fattire
  • BananaCakes (for getting clockwork built in the first place and enabling so many mods on day 1 of unlock!)
  • ..and lots of others!

Thanks for giving this looong post a read!
Good luck!
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2nd January 2012, 04:59 AM |#2  
travisxcore's Avatar
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Shoot I'll give it a shot. Flashing now. Will edit this post after its been tested.

Edit: Short glance review, I know a lot of this is already stated/known but just posting it anyways

So firstly, I'm still getting no confirmation when I flash images (whether it be recovery or kernal) but again, I think thats from me using a VM to do all the work.

Still boots into recovery when plugged in.

Maybe I'm just being an idoit, but I couldn't get out of the keytest, had to hold power button which booted the rom.

Of course the usb mount and such works.

Will try backup later when I'm not short on downtime.
2nd January 2012, 05:03 AM |#3  
Pirateghost's Avatar
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already flashed... beautiful. will run through some tests tonight. and dont think you are getting rid of me on IRC now
2nd January 2012, 05:06 AM |#4  
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Coming from the HTC EVO 3D land with the HTC unlock method for the last 6 months .. the following tips have been very helpful.

HTC Unlock method only allows kernel write access while in two modes, fastboot and standard android mode. HTC unlock method does NOT allow a kernel to be flashed from standard recovery mode. This includes a ROM .zip with a kernel inside. The ROM will load, but the kernel will not from standard recovery mode.

The ONLY way to flash a kernel whether by performing a full nandroid restore including the kernel or flashing a ROM with a kernel inside, is to use the following command to load the custom recovery:
fastboot boot <destination of recovery.img>
example on windows: fastboot boot c:\downloads\cwm-recovery.img

Everything else will work in the standard custom recovery mode EXCEPT the ability to flash a kernel. To flash a kernel through the custom recovery, fastboot mode must be used per HTC's unlock method.
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2nd January 2012, 06:48 AM |#5  
thecubed's Avatar
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Updated OP with simpler installation method (ph39img).
Much easier to use, and no mucking around in commandline!
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2nd January 2012, 10:50 AM |#6  
Flag Tenn
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well it most definetly worked. i jus downloaded the zip file and was able to back up my settings. Only problem i have is. ( which is a similiar problem i had before this. if i powered off the phone and plug it to charge it would automatically restart the phone.) When i power off now and plug it in to charge. It automatically goes to the clockworkmod set up. none the less my phone works and i have backed it up. But i still was wondering wat could cause these problems ?
2nd January 2012, 01:43 PM |#7  
carlosjcar's Avatar
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Same issue here can't charge while off,

I not sure boot backups are working,

Was stock did back up, flashed RR betas and then restore to saved image, got bootloop, had flash boot thru fastboot
Sent from my HTC PH39100 using xda premium
Wild Child
2nd January 2012, 03:58 PM |#8  
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Great start for this....from what i was told theres drivers needed in the recovery for it to charge while device is off and fastboot is unchecked...device charges while fastboot is checked and device is off....

2nd January 2012, 04:44 PM |#9  
kxhawkins's Avatar
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Recovery works great for me.

BTW, the offline charge issue is usually in the chargemon file.
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2nd January 2012, 10:40 PM |#10  
Pirateghost's Avatar
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for the new recovery, we will need to be using a new update-binary and when flashing a rom, your updater-script must contain 4 arguments in the format line, like this:

format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p29", "0");
inside the attached zip you will find the update-binary

if you dont know what update-binary and updater-script is, then this isnt for you and you needn't concern yourself with it.
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3rd January 2012, 12:46 AM |#11  
slapshot30's Avatar
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Just put your new recovery in the superguide and gave you credit. Keep up the good work!
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