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By dsmitty166, Senior Member on 30th November 2011, 02:04 PM
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25th February 2012, 04:44 AM |#921  
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Ah. So this is in lords Rom? I thought this was a q&a for all ics Rom. My bad.

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26th February 2012, 08:47 PM |#922  
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Hi! have insatlled ICS, camera don`t show anything, sometimes doesn`t turn on at all!
29th February 2012, 04:22 PM |#923  
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Loving the ROM built by lord and its support by so many. Well done all involved for the hard work!

I would like to ask if anyone else has any problems with WI-FI sleep? My device doesn't seem to sleep on version 4.0.0 this probably explains the average battery life I have. I haven't seen anyone else mention or report this so hopefully its just me. I'm sure that I had no problems on most v3.x.x versions including the test versions. I recently fully wiped and still have the same issue. If its on the bug list I do apologise.


Now for my tip...
I have seen a couple of posts of users having trouble with Copilot live, I noticed some have been having difficulties getting past the splash screen when starting the app on ICS. I too had this problem so I investigated this and a workaround I have found is to drop the taskbar (topbar) and select the notification for GPS, don't change anything just backout and copilot should be available
Hope this helps someone.
1st March 2012, 11:02 PM |#924  
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Will we see the "Connect to PC" apk (attached) in there? Or Internet Pass-through? Haven't seen it in any ICS rom so far.

Another thing I haven't managed (despite other users experiences) is wireless connectivity. Downloading the IceColdSandwich 29-02-2012 - High Definition Edition now to take a gander and see if I get lucky
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2nd March 2012, 10:15 AM |#925  
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[Q]: ICS for desire hd, camera work yet?
5th March 2012, 02:33 AM |#926  
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YMMV is the quick answer. The latest I installed works so far with stills. Video not at all... Check the FAQ for the Ice Cold Sandwich ROM for some discussion.
5th March 2012, 10:24 PM |#927  
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(Q) Does anyone having problem with oversized lock screen in IceColdSandwich-4.2? The stock lockscreen is working perfectly but the quad one is much too large.
7th March 2012, 12:43 AM |#928  
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Wifi fixed with ICS Sense 3.6
it seems someone already fixed the wifi issue with ICS running sense 3.6
9th March 2012, 02:09 PM |#929  
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Lightbulb Tips for IceColdSandwich DHD/Inspire - LorD ClockaN
If you have any questions, if you need some help or support, please ask in this thread and not in the [ROM]-thread (only for developers or real bugs reports with logcat). Let us know if you've flashed the rom after a full wipe or not, which build version, DPI Density you use, what you've already done to fix the issue. Thank you

Here is a list of the most common reported issues and solutions given by users on the threads (thank you to _Man0waR_ to have rewrited the text in better english) - This list will be updated time to time.

1. MMS not working if Wi-Fi disabled?
With Android 4, Data network must be enable to receive/send MMS. For some users, Wi-fi must be activate too.

Receiving/Sending MMS without Wi-Fi depends on APN settings and of carriers
- Verify that settings are the newest, according to your carrier's information
- Try to create only one APN with all settings for Internet AND MMS -
- Test with default,supl,mms or default,supl or default in APN-Type

A solution given by ALIEN in dev's thread:
1. Remove the default MMS APN even though it had the correct details in it for the MMS to work.
2. Create a new MMS APN with the same settings as before
3. Make sure this APN is selected and reboot phone.

Verify SMSC in Informations of the phone
1. In call dialer, type *#*#4636#*#* (or *#*#info#*#*)
2. In Informations about Phone, look at the number in SMSC - if the field is empty, use refresh to see the number
3. Compare with the one of your carrier (typing SMSC - name of your carrier - country will help to find it)
4. If the number is wrong, clear the field and type the right number (don't forget to write the current number somewhere if the new one doesn't work!!!)
5. Press Update
Try sending/receiving MMS
If it doesn't solve the problem, try to convert the SMSC number: look at this tread

2. Troubles to buy applications or other issues with Google Play Store
- First of all, stop Play Store application - clear Data - Reboot - Test.

"An error occured. Please try again" (Thank to Twistedumbrella)
In a root explorer
- Open /data/system/ (R/W permissions needed)
- Delete the files accounts.db and accounts.db-journal
- Reboot - Open Play store and register with your account
With adb,
- rm /data/system/accounts.db
- rm /data/system/accounts.db-journal
- Reboot - Open Play Store and log in

Compatibility issues with low DPI
The rom has a modded Market/Playstore to allow downloading/updating applications in all DPI. But, to buy applications, set DPI to 240.
- Follow all the steps in Settings / RomControl / GeneralUI - LCD Density
- Try with this MOD Play Store

If the issue is not solved, test following solutions:
- Flash Gapps ICS (available with GooManager application installed in the rom). Scroll the list to find newest Gapps for ICS.
- Install another PlayStore:
- Install old Market by following the step in this message.
A user report that flashing the newest Gapps ICS after installation of old Market let him use Play Store without any problem (buying apps too).

If previous steps don't help, try following solution with Market Unlocker (thanks to semdoc)
To work with Android Market 3.x and Google Play Store,
1. Turn on flight mode
2. Enable Market Unlocker and auto unlock (by default Verizon is configured)
3. Got to system Setting => Applications => Manage applications => All => Market, and click "Clear data"
4. Reboot phone
5. Turn on Wifi/3G
6. Wait google service sync-up completed or refresh in Gmail.
7. Open Android Market or Google Play Store. Paid apps are there.
Turn off flight mode now.

Amazon Appstore does not allow users to buy paid apps from outside USA, even if users have been registered use US credit card and billing address. Market Unlocker will set USA proxy to help you buy daily free apps as well as paid apps.

To work with Amazon Appstore outside USA,
First install Appstore app, otherwise the function will not be visible.
1. Go to Proxy tab
2. Click edit icon beside "Proxy For Applications", select "Amazon Appstore" in list, and click OK button.
3. Configure Proxy Type, Proxy Host, Proxy Port. Please make sure you're using an effect USA proxy server first.
4. Switch "Enable Proxy" to "ON"
5. Open Amazon Appstore and enjoy

3. Problems with applications after flashing the rom
- Clear the cache of the application
- Try to fix the permissions
- Uninstall the application, delete the folder of the application if one exists on the SDCard then reinstall and test the application again.

Error "Insufficient Storage memory available" while update or installation
- Run Root Explorer or a file manager with root option
- In /data/app, search a file _name_of_app.odex and, if exists, delete it
- Try update or installation of the application
If the issue is still there,
- if not done: uninstall the application first
- In your file manager, do a new search on thename_of_your_app and delete all files ignored by the uninstall process.
- Try the installation

4. Text unreadable or scrambled
This issue happens sometimes after flashing a rom and does not come again after a while
- Use Long press on Back button to kill the application (to enable in Settings/RomControl/GeneralUI - option Hold Back to Kill)

5. Camera
Native camera works in portrait mode. Landscape mode works too but have no settings.
Native Camcorder works at 480p
If you get force close on first use, go to Manage Applications and clean Data/Cache of camera.

6. Widget Weather
Weather centered and information not squished together in the drop down menu:
Solution given by semdoc:
- Open ROM Control -> Weather -> Statusbar Weather Style.
- Tick on "Disabled". Then activate the Weather Panel again.
- Tick on "Get Weather".
- Now it should be fine.

Force Close of SystemUI or even reboot when Weather Widget is enabled.
- Verify your custom location settings (look at the samples given in the options). Behaviours like Force Close or even random reboots can occur if an invalid setting is set in custom location.
- Try out without custom location - Enable services in Settings - Location services.

7. Random reboots and new SIM card detected
- Verify custom location in Weather
- Delete LOST.DIR and .android_secure on the SdCard and reboot

8. Phone.apk Force Close when calling
- To fix that issue, set the LCD screen Density to 190 dpi or higher. Some users report that in DPI182 it works fine too.
- Try with another phone.apk:

9. I Don't like the Nova Launcher - I prefer Apex....
Since version 5.1 of the rom, 2 Launchers are provided: Trebuchet and Nova (most of users answering the poll asked for Nova Launcher).
If you don't like it:
Before flashing: open the zip of the rom and delete novalauncher.apk in system - app.
After flashing:
- Download and install your preferred launcher
- Deactivate Nova
- Mount system in an file manager
- Delete novalauncher.apk in system/app
Apex Launcher preferred? Here is the link: (Apex Launcher can also be downloaded from the market now)

10. No GPS?
- In Settings - Localisation services - Sources GPS : activate Use internal GPS
- Try this fix (thanks RED_)
- Try this patch: (thanks mbudden)
- Solution given by Monster598:
I had issues as well. I used the agps script..with no luck. this is all with google nav. i tried a 3rd party nav and it worked great. so the problem was with google navigation.
I clean up the data and even uninstalled the updates with no luck. what fixed it was a getting a lock in google nav, then turning gps off then back on again. after this no gps locking issues. Please note this is with the agps script still installed so it may have helped.

11. Issues with Email or Exchange
Email or GMail or Exchange force close
Try to clear data and cache of the application, reboot and test.
If the issue is the same, use GooManager (in applications list) to download the Gapps ICS (scroll to find the newest) and reinstall.

Exchange: Problem to send emails
Email and Exchange ICS inverted work for some users. Source and download link:

Issues with Email.apk
Errors like FolderSync failed: 142 (NotProvisioned) - V/EAS P****r( 3088): Policy not supported: 936 or 938: Apply this fix - and it will works. awesome (thank to burnout11)

12. White-only pages with native browser and some other issues
Disable the option "Enable OpenGL Rendering" in Settings - Debug of the browser. Enable this only on webistes that need it.

13. FM Radio
Yes! FM Radio works - Use Spirit FM Free from the Market/Play Store. In Settings - Regional band: choose your country - Audio / Method: try qdsp5v2 or qdsp5v2+ - FM radio can works with speaker as Output device, but not always. Best is using headset.

14. Locking screen (sleep) issues
Before using an lock screen application or widget, be sure it is fully compatible with ICS. Lock Screen Widget was last updated in september 2010! Lock Screen App does not work with Android 4.0.4. (info on Play store).

Here is the workaround to get the screen turned off properly (thank to Reasonable_Man)
Go to "Setting > Security > Screen lock" and choose "None".
This will disable the system lock screen and the screen will be turned off properly. If you still need your screen lock, you have to install other 3rd party screen lock apps such as WidgetLocker or Milocker etc.

15. Light on sensitive buttons
Go to Settings - Display: Depends of your settings, turn auto brightness on then off or off then on.

16. Enabling "Tablet mode":
In Settings - Display: Enable DualPane + set Text size into Huge
In RomControl - General UI / LCD Density - 5. Change Density to... - use option "custom" to set DPI to a value >120 and <128
Some options for the navigation bar are available in Settings - RomControl (some options don't work)
Notice: if you have problems with Play Store, look at point 2 in this message.

17. Youtube and Gapps issues
Last updates of Youtube or some Gapps don't work on ICS custom roms (FC or even reboots).
- Use Menu - Manage Applications
- Open Youtube or the faulty Gapps
- Choose Uninstall updates
To test: "modded" update of Youtube (attachment in message)]

Full wipe or not?
- Full wipe is highly recommended when flashing a new release. For test versions, it depends on the issues or problems you had in the previous version. If you want to report bugs, a full wipe is requested.

Very good tips to help aleviate some issues - given by cstayton
1. always wipe dalvik/cache and boot when doing a full wipe.
2. after flashing let your device set untouched for 5 or 10 minutes
(even though it is setting at the setup screen there is likely still many active
tasks happening in the background)
3. once you have gone through the setup wizard reboot your device before installing any applications or changing settings.
4. leave all performance settings and dpi settings for last this can help aleviate alot of wierd glitches..

- Deleting LOST.DIR and .android_secure on SDCard could prevent issues with pin code requests, etc.

Miscellaneous Tools
Proximity Calibrator: (from leppie)
Kernel UV package: (from flappjaxxx and Alienmind)
V6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox:
* original thread
* a very good tutorial:

Tips and Tricks - Goodies
for Saving Battery:
All mods for IceColdSandwich - in Message 2 of devs thread
Keyboard: HTC IME fixed for ICS roms,
Universal HiRes Lockscreen Icons
: Should work for any version of LC's IceColdSandwich and any AOKP roms. Flash it. If it breaks then reboot into recovery and flash the autogenerated backup file.
Carrier Logo for your StatusBar! (thank to The Unknown Noob)
4EXT Recovery themes: by pondikos or by johnblundon
Mod "Search button as Recent Apps" | the source (in IceColdSandwich thread)

Hope these infos can help

IMPORTANT - If you don't see all new features that is because of missing translation for them and arrays for your language. The only work around is to set the ROM to English.
Want the new features in your language? You can contact pnoire by PM so she can explain how to get involved into translating
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9th March 2012, 03:10 PM |#930  
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To have own apks automatically installed after IceCold by LordclockaN rom flash

IceOverlay by alienmind
IceColdSandwich Roms support overlay script during flash
put all your apps, scripts, etc what you want to install during rom flash in: sdcard/overlay/xxx
xxx is for:
data/app for own applications
system/app for system applications
system/etc/init.d for scripts
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9th March 2012, 03:54 PM |#931  
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Behaver in thread IceCold v. 5.0 - Women's Ed
Hi All,

I need inform all htc owners again. Please keep this thread clean!
Don't need write will download or flash a new ROM. It will be much appreciated if you read a couple of pages before you post your complain/suggestion or information.
Very important to read the first page and check FQ before you post your quires.
Most of issues are known and already discussed here. Please use the searching bar in thread for your questions.
Please don't need again write/ask about default camera issues. All know about this and developer working on it. If you have really good suggestion look if this is already discussed here.
As Lord already informed in post before he know issue with live wallpaper. This will be improved today with the new build.
Regarding Nova launcher: we all have quoted for this and Lord added this to this beautiful ROM. If you want change this you can do this within two or three steps. Don’t need write you will prefer another launcher. Surely we have all not similar gustatory and everyone want have an other things on device as somebody want. If you want thanks somebody don’t need write this in post. Just hit thank button for your community buddy.
If all follow the rules of thread I guess we will easily find all in thread and don't need slide more than 1000 pages. If you post your quires and don’t have information about your device and last build in signature please add this to your request. This could help all to assist you with your issue and save unnecessary posts upon.
Think social before you post here and present a kindly appearance.
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