HomeScreen++ Theme: Floyd v2.5 (21.07.2010)

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By Raulka, Senior Member on 4th August 2008, 02:47 PM
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Here is my HomeScreen PlusPlus theme! (VGA/WVGA/QVGA/WQVGA/Portrait/Landscape versions too!)

Screenshots from Floyd v2.4-VGA-Full-Portrait version:

Screenshots from Floyd v2.4-VGA-Landscape versions:

Screenshots from Floyd v2.5-HD2 version:

Special thanks to: Ikarus, Atze001, BennTech, vijay555, cofffee, daryelv and [email protected]! (


- VGA sized beautiful graphics
- 7 types of clocks (change with Floyd's toggle button)
- 4 types of icons (change with Floyd's toggle button)
- 4 types of buttons (change with Floyd's toggle button)
- Almost every icons/labels have ontap and/or onhold function
- Working with my favorite programs:
Inesoft Phone 4 (theme toggles pairing with Inesoft's call history and speed-dialer programs. I think these are the best )
MVBklight (with this you can configure the theme's backlight setting toggle button very easy)
Exmsoft Pocket Alarm v2.1 (I like this alarm prog, with 5 setting time, all days of week etc..)
- Need to be installed: Mortscript


For good working theme install the apps below to Device!!!
1. Install latest HomeScreen PlusPlus UI v1.06
2. Install MortScript
3. Install HomeScreen PlusPlus Theme: Floyd
4. Setup HomeScreen PlusPlus UI to Theme
5. If your Windows Mobile not contain Windows Live Messenger, than you need to install it for working WLM button.
6. Install TodayAgenda
7. Install MVBklight (not need to HD2 release)
8. Install Exmsoft Pocket Alarm v2.1 (not need to HD2 release)
9. Install Inesoft Phone 4 or 5

After that you installed everything succesfully, than goto Homescreen++ options menu (Floyd Theme / Battery Button / Options) and click on everything what you want to use: CPUSpeed, Show Mobile Operator, Show more indicators, Powerdrain, Temperature, Enable taskmanager, Count Call Times, Count SMS, Count Data traffic, Traylaunch etc.
After you installed v2.4 you got Full-Portrait version as default, just choose your favorite version. After that you can switch on/off the desired rows in Floyd theme (Battery button / Show Rows)


- Before you use backlight toggle button (maybe only on Eten devices), first you need to run MVBklcfg only one, and after that will working theme's button.
- If you have a working installed MVBklight, but Floyd's backlight setting toggle not working (Eten's devices working with "BacklightLevel" "0-255", but e.g. HTC devices working with "Backlight" "0-10"), you can do two things:
1: In \Program Files\HomeScreen PlusPlus\Floyd.xml you need to rename the "HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight\BacklightLevel" entry to "HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight\Backlight" or "HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight\Brightness" with a text editor and save.
2: In \Program Files\HomeScreen PlusPlus\Floyd\Smarttools\ try to rename Bklight_cycle*.mscr to Bklight_cycle.mscr
(Or you can configure the Bklight_cycle.mscr on your own wish with 0-10 or 0-255 scales.)
After these changes, Reload Theme and try again.
- If you tap button, clock or icon change button, you need to wait the end of the process (theme reloaded, CPU uses falled down), Its about 7-8 sec. on my device.
- Background Themes (tsk) or wallpapers are not included in Floyd, because my intention was the best variable HS++ theme. You can use your favorite tsks to the different clocks, just onhold on CPU usage toggle button and change your tsk.
- Toggle buttons paired with Inesoft Phone 4, If you use older v3 version, than you need to edit \Program Files\HomeScreen PlusPlus\Floyd\Smarttools\Inesoft Favorite.mscr and Inesoft History.mscr to correct exe way. It's very easy I think.


v1.0 - first release
v1.1 - text color fix (in v1.0 the text color was always white, but e.g. at white background tsk it was not good. In v1.1 the text color = background theme's text color)
v1.2 - graphical corrections and appeared the Base version
v1.3 - compatible version with new BS: Homescreen PlusPlus UI v1.06
v1.4 - (Use with HS++ Build 0332-0333) ontap/onhold background fixed, fontweight bug fixed, use HS++ new animations 30 (Clock) and 31 (Notification and TodayAgenda rows)
v1.5 - (Use with HS++ Build 0334 or above) Animations: Cube to Clock and Plage Flip to the other rows. The two Notification rows are similar with 3 page. So no need to use two Notification rows for all functions (e.g.: if you want more free today screen). + Little bugfix
v1.6 - In notification pages change the font type, fix the counter position and counter text color always white, swap email button for favorites (or contact in Base version), + some button mods, add hide top and/or bottom bar (softkey bar) option (click on GSM signal button). Switchable Clock background to white clock types at white background themes (with icon style button).
v1.7 - Working GSM signal strength indicators and battery level icons.
v1.8 - bugfixed battery level icons under 30%, big update: 4 notification rows, 4 beautiful button types, 2 beautiful lamp icon types (in full versions), addin more arrow icons, PSShutXP with 4 skins, ShantzTodayChanger integration (cycle change the tsks from "My Documents" folder (change speed: 2 tsk / 1 minute, but you can configure the speed easy)). With Button, Icon and Clock changer buttons you can set 4x4x5 = 80! different variations in one theme!
v1.9 - First compatible version with localized Windows (not only english)! + Improved install method. +Missed Call button correction in Base versions.
v2.0 - Corrected Impact font install on localized Windows, Full versions compatibility with new name of Inseoft Address Book (Inesoft Phone from Beta6), if you signed in to MSN server you see it on the MSN notification button, Invisible feature: improved (more fingerfriendly) notification row leafing (left-right arrows), corrected appeared memory window (click 3rd button in first row)
v2.1 - Working PowerDrain,CPUSpeed,Temperature indicators and Incoming/Outgoing Calltimes/SMS and GPRS Data transfer counters. For fully variability, you can able to choose the new function rows in separate rows and/or under the Mobile Operator/Clock rows. Eten release contain the working calltimes/GPRS counters only.
v2.2 - Unit of PowerDrain, Temperature and CPUSpeed are switchable with a click and hold on these buttons. Two new clock types. Fingerfriendly bottom menu (just in "Full" versions) with 5 page: TodayAgenda - Alarm,Memory,Backlight - 28 (4x7) .png launcher icons (VGA: 96x96 pixels, QVGA: 48x48) with .lnk links - Quick handwrite notes - BSWeather with two City.
v2.3 - Changed "Full" versions only: beautiful leafable today calendar plugin integrated with month view, reduced Pocket Alarm field and Backlight icon went to launcher icons tab.
v2.4 - Only two Cab released: QVGA and VGA which are contains all of previous versions in portrait and landscape too! Small graphics changes in portrait versions too. Important! After you changed the screen orientation from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait, first of all just click on CPU usage (%) button and wait 7-8 secs. This will set the correct xml and notestoday + todaycalendar settings to the new orientation!
v2.5 - Made for WVGA devices. Tested only on HTC HD2. Not use Pocket Alarm, because builtin alarm of WM6.5.5 absolutely fingerfriendly. Not use SantzTodayChanger, but use WaPaC. Not Use MVBklight because HD2 set the backlight automatically. And fix the 30 days August bug in builtin TodayCalendar plugin. Furthermore redesigned of TodayAgenda, TodayCalendar, Icons (28 to 44 icons!), NotesToday and Weather tabs to 216 pixels height to 316 pixels for WVGA.


HS++ Theme Floyd v2.4 -
HS++ Theme Floyd v2.4 -
HS++ Theme Floyd v2.5 -

My Floyd v2.5 icons and complete Quickicons dir with links

Launcher Icons (VGA and QVGA).zip
Weather Icons (VGA and QVGA).zip
Wallpapers (VGA).zip
Wallpapers (WVGA).zip

For more info see post: #3!
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4th August 2008, 06:34 PM |#2  
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Sorry to ask but where to get the file MortScript to install?
4th August 2008, 07:01 PM |#3  
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continue of first post:

QVGA named versions works properly on all 240 pixels wide screens (QVGA, WQVGA) in portrait and landscape mode.
Contain 5 themes: Base-Portrait, Base-Landscape, Full-Portrait, Full-Landscape, Full-Landscape-WQVGA, Full-Eten-Portrait, Full-Eten-Landscape

VGA named versions works properly on all 480 pixels wide screens (VGA, WVGA) in portrait and landscape mode.
Contain 9 themes: Base-Portrait, Base-Landscape, Full-Portrait, Full-Landscape, Full-Landscape-WVGA, Full-Eten-Portrait, Full-Eten-Landscape, Full-DualSIM-Portrait, Full-DualSIM-Landscape

Full versions working with HS++ UI, Mortscript, TodayAgenda, Inesoft Phone, Exmsoft Pocket Alarm, MalVal MVBKlight,
Base versions need only HomeScreen PlusPlus UI and Mortscript.
Tsk Themes: Athena Project 3, Carbon, Diamond, Expea2, Prot'n, Silverado, Violet Beam
Just unzip tsks into your PDA's My Documents folder and after that onhold on CPU usage toggle button in Floyd and change your background theme.


Known issues:
1. Unfortunately the top/bottom bar hide application not works properly with all of the WM6.1 ROMs. The problem is the \Windows\Shell32.exe file. I read a forum (#79) where many users changed the shell32.exe to the right version and after that hide bars worked good, but I tried too and the result was a hardreset...
VJToggleTodayIIAlpha is integrated in Floyd, but not works with all of the ROM's. So if it isn't work, try nuenobar too! nueNoBar v1.3 works with older and nuoNoBar v2.0 works with newer WM6.1 ROMs usually!

2. BSWeather sometimes not works, but there is a solution: just copy mikehappy's BSWeather.mscr and unpack and overwrite to Homescreen PlusPlus\Floyd folder with same name and enjoy weather tab again!

Tips and Tricks:
1. If you have an other working email account, not activesync outlook and you like to see it immediately when tap on email button:
You need to edit the \Program Files\HomeScreen PlusPlus\Floyd.xml file with a texteditor:

find and overwrite
text to:
ontap="StartApp" path="\Windows\tmail.exe ::-service "Your Email Account Name" -open"inbox"">
Copy and Paste this row and type your email account name case sensitively! Make this change on all of two ontap="InboxMail"> texts. After these changes save the xml file, reload Floyd theme and Voila :)

2. If you use full version, than in TodayAgenda settings have to set the plugin height to 216 (in case of VGA device) or 108 (QVGA).
After set the height, softreset your PDA and the vertical scrollbar on the right side missed :)

3. To setup BSWeather Cities after install, you need to edit Floyd\BSWeather.xml and set your favorite city with Name, Code and Units (english/metric). Search your City code in I.e. code of Budapest: HUXX0002.
To update weather data: Click on big picture in center or click on "Last Update:" row.
To change between two city: click on City Name, or more fingerfriendly solution: if you are on City (1/2) click on little weather icons to City (2/2) and click on weather icon in bottom menu bar to City (1/2) again.

4. I uploaded 5 types of my favorites weather icon set. I resized them to Floyd theme VGA and QVGA too, only need overwrite the contain of Program Files\Homescreen PlusPlus\Floyd\Weather dir and reload theme.

5. For quick settings of the launcher .png icons and .lnk links, you can changes icon1-icon28.png and icon1-icon28.lnk in Floyd\Quickicons directory. Not need to use the slow solution with menu.

6. If you wrote in notestoday, save your notes before you go an other tab, anyway this will be automatically deleted if autosave (optional setting) is not worked yet.

7. If you changed the screen orientation from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait, first of all just click on CPU usage (%) button and wait 7-8 secs. This will set the correct xml and notestoday + todaycalendar settings!

4th August 2008, 07:49 PM |#4  
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Very nice work, the blue theme is awesome!
5th August 2008, 06:28 AM |#5  
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Awesome theme...wish it were for QVGA though
5th August 2008, 08:49 AM |#6  
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looks great. I wish there was QVGA as well. Well done
5th August 2008, 10:32 AM |#7  
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Is it possible to do up a QVGA version as well? Many Thanks.
5th August 2008, 05:32 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by cybertech

Is it possible to do up a QVGA version as well? Many Thanks.

Well, I will do it in QVGA version too. 2 days about!
5th August 2008, 05:57 PM |#9  
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Will wait for the release. Thks.
5th August 2008, 09:20 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Raulka

Well, I will do it in QVGA version too. 2 days about!

cant wait this looks fantasic
5th August 2008, 10:16 PM |#11  
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Thumbs up
Never mind.i posted in the wrong section. Great theme nonetheless.
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