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Ics evo 3d release

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By kn1ghtnsh1narmr, Junior Member on 21st April 2012, 05:52 PM
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21st April 2012, 07:16 PM |#11  
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HTC will release ICS when they are ready to release it. Starting a petition will only waste your time. HTC is aware that the minority of their customer base is very unhappy with the lack of a timely release. How many petitions were started when everyone was waiting for GB for the OG EVO? Did these petitions have any effect on HTC to make them release it any faster, not one bit.

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21st April 2012, 07:17 PM |#12  
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Originally Posted by iTzLOLtrain

Cool sorry bro...

.. ....
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21st April 2012, 07:20 PM |#13  
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Hey, op, next time, maybe you shouldn't get an android.

I know I probably won't.
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21st April 2012, 07:23 PM |#14  
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look at the **** we are getting for htc. about a million different sensations, and all this bullshit with evo shift evo design.

Also mean rom is great, don't get me wrong. but why do our people have to **** with gingerbread when we want to be messing around with ics.

as for getting a nexus, the nexus is great but sprint gets it 6 months later and i wasnt going to get a single core when dual cores are coming in. and i wont get the galaxy nexus when quad core are here.

htc said they are going to stop making so many different phones like a new sensation every week but why the **** are the putting in non-replaceable batteries and no sd cards. on top of that give us 16 gb of storage. the ****ing lowest level of the iphone.

I hate apple with a passion but steve jobs was the only person pushing this industry forward. My point is that we are the consumer and if we refuse to buy the crap the give us until they give us what we want we can make a change
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21st April 2012, 07:37 PM |#15  
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I agree

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21st April 2012, 08:08 PM |#16  
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What people fail to realize is companies like htc and samsung could care less about the small number of customers like us (rooters + XDA'ers). the majority of their customers could care less about things like locked bootloaders or ICS.
21st April 2012, 08:30 PM |#17  
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Cool story bro

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21st April 2012, 08:47 PM |#18  
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Originally Posted by shook187

What people fail to realize is companies like htc and samsung could care less about the small number of customers like us (rooters + XDA'ers). the majority of their customers could care less about things like locked bootloaders or ICS.

This ^

I have been with Android since the drop of the cdma Hero and I am still the only person I know in Roanoke VA. that even knows what a rooted phone is aside from the friends I've told... Nobody cares except the extreme minority... Which is us here.

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21st April 2012, 08:50 PM |#19  
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"I'm starting a new post to say we need to get pissed. From November I've been looking online every ****ing day to see if any new information will arrive. I don't give a dam if this is googles htc or sprints fault. This is completely bull**** and unacceptable."

Why is it unacceptable? ICS source was, I believe, released in November. That's about 6 months ago. HTC has a large portfolio of devices that they need to work on upgrading, bug testing, and so on. They're going to make sure they release a finished product. They had to prioritize something, so they focused on the Sensation line first. You didn't get picked first, deal with it. It's only been 6 months. It seems like a long time, but for a corporation that is designing new phones, working on upgrading older ones, and dealing with a lot of other things, that isn't that long at all. Also, it's not like other manufacturers have been releasing ICS on their phones left and right. Show me a Moto phone that has been upgraded. How about the Epic 4G Touch's update?

"Lets keep it real, google has released everything so the fact that we have complete working versions I keep the blame off them."

What are you trying to say? Are you saying that this isn't Google's fault because they've released the source code? That's true. This isn't their fault. But it's not like the source code that they release can just be put onto our phones; HTC actually needs to do work with that. The update between Gingerbread and ICS is a pretty significant one, so HTC probably has to put quite a bit of work into it.

"So lets get on HTC, the evo lte does not have a removable battery or sd card. We are the ones that buy these phones. They lock our boot loaders, this is just all bs."

What's wrong with the lack of a removable battery? It's a design choice. I bet you can't think of one reason not to have a removable battery other than to use a larger battery. Guess what? Too bad. HTC chose to integrate the battery so that they could give a better built phone. And the LTE DOES have a removable SD card. This shows that you barely even did research on the phone before deciding to complain about it.

We and thousands of others buy these phones. HTC locks the bootloader for safety reasons. I can't believe that people do not understand this. They don't want to have to deal with idiots messing up the phones. There are plenty of people here who know how to flash ROMs but other than that cannot hold their own at all. HTC has nothing to gain by unlocking the bootloaders on their phones, and a lot to lose. But they offer a way for us to unlock them officially, and in a safe way. Almost all of their recent devices are supported by this, and you don't have to worry about updates. It really is a good service but people overlook it because it voids their warranty. Which it should.

"I mean sick seeing posts about mean rom and people saying this will hold me over till ics. They the **** do we have to wait."

Mean ROM is a great ROM and it provides a stable experience for people that want a fully working phone. Our current ICS ROMs are buggy and not nearly stable enough. They also lack some basic functionality, such as camera and 4G. We have to wait because the update hasn't been released yet.

Bottom line: This phone hasn't been updated yet, but neither has the Rezound, the RAZR, the Epic 4G Touch, and so on.. the number of phones that have been updated is incredibly low. This is because they haven't finished them yet. These are companies that release expensive electronics to consumers, and need good reviews from their customers. This means that they have to work at nearly perfecting a release; they have to fix the bugs, make it stable, and make sure everyone will be able to use it without problems. If they release an update that hasn't been tested thoroughly enough, they could face major backlash from the market. Now instead of a few hundred people on development forums complaining that an update hasn't been released yet, they have thousands upon thousands of customers with phones that don't work right.

Making a few hundred people angry >>>>> making a few thousand people angry.

This applies to all of the OEMs, not just HTC. So stop your complaining, stop your whining. You aren't the only one in the world who hasn't gotten his precious ICS update yet. Many other people are waiting for it too, on different carriers, different phones, and so on. All around the world. I don't think you realize that it isn't as simple as copy and pasting to each phone and throwing it out there. It works here on XDA because the users can function as testers, but that's not how professional businesses work. Users are not supposed to be testers for their work; they have employees for that.
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21st April 2012, 09:16 PM |#20  
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My reply to this will be in another thread!

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21st April 2012, 09:25 PM |#21  
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Those specs will arrive on 2014 lol keep waiting

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