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TouchOSC for Android 3.1 XOOM??

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By intensus, Senior Member on 11th July 2011, 03:30 AM
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26th April 2012, 07:11 AM |#101  
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Figured it out
all you need to know is here:

almost working


*Learned to apktool decode, edit layouts.smali, build, sign, zip align

*Replaced all layouts with the decoded LiveControl.touchosc layout. Forgot which one i used on my roommates computer!

*All layouts are blank

*Will try again tomorrow
27th April 2012, 07:08 AM |#102  
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Originally Posted by Cremisi

Yes definitely, on my Nexus S and Asus Transformer.
Are u copying the _complete_ generated base64 text in place of the predefined layout? Most importantly, are u picking the right layout to replace? It must match the id you selected in my applet: if u choose 0 you have to replace the layout at pos 0 ("Simple", the one preceded by "const/4 v1, 0x0 .line 16" in Layout.smali) or it WON'T WORK. The same applies to layouts in positions 1-4.[COLOR="Silver"]

Hey Cremisi,

So I'm spending WAYYY to much time on this lol. But i got to get it to work! I want LiveControl for Ableton working so bad!

Anyways when I load up my rebuild apk all the unedited layouts work fine, thus I assume I rebuilt the apk correctly.

However, even though i correctly encoded the LiveControl.touchosc to Base64 with your encoder (set to "0") and replaced the data between the "quotation marks" after const/4 v1, 0x0 .line 16, the first template "Simple" is all grey and empty. If i click any of the tabs it locks up and crashes.

I encoded the .touchosc to base64 on windows 7. Then on my osx (10.7.3) I used apktool to "decode", changed "smali/net/hexler/touchosc/Layout.smali", apktool to "build" apk, jarsinger to "sign", then "zipaligned" the apk with success.

Has this process, or the windows equivalent, worked for you? perhaps the live control.touchosc is too complex?
27th April 2012, 02:27 PM |#103  
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Question My efforts results
I tried encoding LiveControl.touchosc using Cremisi's Layout encoder five times.. One for each Layout (i was 'index' sensitive) and replacing each Original Layout in the 'layout.smali' file, making sure to add the " at the end. I then saved, re-built and signed the apk. The results were all the same for each, empty horizontal layout with three 'pages' and always fc after any interaction with the touch screen..

I am in no way anything more than a noob but as many others i share an enthusiasm to see this app reach some sort of a resolution regarding any current layout import "work-around" until Hexler releases an update with such features..

Any ideas on things i may have missed or anything that might help would be appreciated
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28th April 2012, 01:51 AM |#104  
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Hi guys, keep in mind the encoder serves no other purpose than managing the "encoding" in order to bring back the trick used in 1.2 to run custom layouts. Any compatibility issues between 3rd party layouts and touchosc android that would arise 1.2 will most definitely happen in 1.3 too.
I had a try myself with the layout you mentioned (LiveControl.touchosc both iphone and ipad). Didn't work at first, then to fix it with the least effort I deleted every label definition in the xml: if you've been following the thread you know labels aren't implemented yet (sadly), so removing them has no visible effect. Immediately got it running on my transformer, but i seem to get perceptible performance issues in some widgets (stuttering not present with builtin _much simpler_ layouts): it would be interesting to hear the experience in this respect by someone who also used LiveControl for ios.
I'm sorry for not bringing 100% positive news, I do hope these issues are mine only.
If anyone wants to have a try with the stripped layout I used, let me know in pm.
28th April 2012, 07:27 AM |#105  
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Lightbulb Ten Studio
Could this help in anyway? I'm still yet to download and try it out, but here's the link:

Perhaps it might prove useful..
28th April 2012, 08:45 AM |#106  
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Thumbs up TouchOSC_LiveControl_No_Lables_Signed
I have managed to import LiveControl.touch to TouchOSC replacing Mix16. All controls seem to work fine but am yet to try with AbletonLive. Anyways here it is

PS. I would like to thank all those who provided the knowledge for me to do this


Okay so I've gone and tried the LiveControl.touch layout i imported to TouchOSC with AbletonLive 8 and have good results to share
My 7 steps to getting LiveControl Layout working with ableton as long as you already have the LiveControl imported TouchOSC Layout installed on your android device and MIDI Yoke installed on your PC

As long as:
1. You can tether your Android Phone and connect your PC to your android network or connect both PC and Android Device to a wireless network
2. You download and run TouchOSC Bridge
3. Enter your IPv4 adress into both the MIDI Bridge and OSC connections settings pages on TouchOSC
4. You download, install, and run LiveControl, Select MIDI Yoke as the MIDI Port then Open Max Window under Window Menu and take note of the Port Number
5. In OSC connections settings page type in the port number shown in Max Window
6. Select LiveControl_TO as your control source in ableton, leave both input and output control as none. And MIDI Yoke as your input. Turn "Track" on
7. Have FUN!!

P.S. I have been trying to get feedback response showing on the Android Device but so far haven't been able to get any results, if anybody could help with this that would be appriciated. Cheers

(P.S(P.S)) I did have links for the various programs mentioned but am unable to post them, sorry. You should be able to find them using Google.

Attached Files
File Type: rar TouchOSC_LiveControl_No_Lables_Signed.rar - [Click for QR Code] (198.1 KB, 617 views)
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28th April 2012, 06:17 PM |#107  
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What changed?
Wait so why did it all of a sudden work?

What changed?

Was it the VTS you linked to earlier or just that only Mix 16 can be changed with that encoder?

Thanks so much for this... I was losing it...


Its not even that hard to set up! On OSX at least.

1. Install LiveControl
1b. Start Live Control
2. Install Sol's APK
3. Choose Mixer 16 in Touch OSC
4. Choose OSC Set-up in Touch OSC
4b. Configure Ports (5000/5001)
4c. Choose Live Control from available Hosts
5. Start Ableton
5b. Party!

---------- Post added at 12:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 PM ----------

Damn... it keeps crashing TouchOSC
28th April 2012, 07:34 PM |#108  
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Smile Reason
Well to answer your question the reason I believed it works is because the labels in the .touchosc were a major bug for the android version seeing as there is no implementation for that feature yet. So what I had done was deleted any and every line that had the word layout in the .XML file then after that I encoded the .touchosc file to index 2 and replaced the appropriate layout code. And then saved, build, and signed.

Yes it does seem to be allot easier with OSX but then again the original TouchOSC app is written for apple software so its understandable that it would prove a challenge to get working on android with windows.


29th April 2012, 07:09 AM |#109  
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Oh damn. If its missing the <labels> then it might be impossible to get this 100% working eh?

Is yours crashing too?

Can you see your clip names?

My friend is selling an iPod touch for $70 and I'm thinking about buying it for touch osc and Beatmaker 2 (for mpc on the train lol)

Mods: can we move this to a general development forum so it can get more attention since its not a XOOM specific app. I actually don't even know what XOOM is lol (Im on Galaxy Ace, Custom Rom)
29th April 2012, 10:59 AM |#110  
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Talking I doubt it
Until Hexler release a more functional version of ToucOSC for Android i doubt you or i or anyone for that matter will be able to get any further than as is, but even so i'm happy to wait as long as i have my trusty LiveControl
Labels would be a nice feature but seeing as the original didn't have them i don't feel like i'm really missing out on much, plus the more i use it the more natural it becomes to navigate the layouts and such.

Haha i'm on the same page as you, i have no idea what XOOM is either, i guess its another android device the person who started this thread most likely owns..

I own a Galaxy S i9000 its served me well, i change Custom ROM as time goes by so i can't say, infact i've just changed from Tiramisu to SlimISC today


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22nd May 2012, 05:12 PM |#111  
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I'm putting up this guide just to help the community until we have a more feature rich version of touchOSC for our android devices.

I'll gladly pay the $5/$6 hexler charged for the iOS version of this app once the android version is there. this app far outshines anything even remotely similar.
and it looks pretty

a combination of the following worked wonders for me.
  • Cremisis Layout encoder
  • Notepad++ (for windows. I'm sure there's equivalents for all OS types)
  • Virtuos Ten Studio (you'll have to use whatever equivalent you have on your system for building/signing apks.)
  • 7-zip

and a few Regular Expressions i wrote to help edit the generated index.html

here's a small tutorial. it's primarily for windows but easily adapted to other OS's :
  • create your touchOSC layout using the touchOSC editor.
  • save your template in any location.
  • Use 7-zip and select Open Archive to open your touchOSC layout.
  • Drag and drop the INDEX.XML file somewhere.
  • Open the INDEX.XML file in Notepad++ (or whatever editor you use that support Regular Expressions)
  • Search for NAME tags and delete using this Regular Expression.


Be aware that there is a SPACE after that second quote. that is to ensure that everything gets pulled back into place.
  • Save your INDEX.XML .
  • Your 7-zip should still be open. DELETE the INDEX.XML file inside the layout archive.
  • Drag and drop your new INDEX.XML into the archive and hit yes to all the prompts.
  • Close 7-zip.
  • Open Layout Encoder.
  • Load your touchOSC layout file into Layout Encoder, select the index number you wish to replace and press encode.

Since the steps to replace the layout within Layout.smali have already been covered by intensus, i won't be going over that here.

After everything is complete - build, sign and install your APK. on windows i suggest Virtuos Ten Studio. i've been using it for a couple of weeks and absolutely love it. it does have it bugs though and does get frustrating at times.

i think there's another issue (i won't say bug since we're pretty much hacking around this program). aside from the NAME and LABEL. it seems that MULTI elements cause the force closes aswell, even with the offending tags removed.
i setup a 56 push button grid last night one by one with no issues using the steps outlined above. today i tried the exact same thing using a multipush element. all i get using the multipush is a blank screen and force closes. shame too - it took me 2 hrs to assign individual notes to each of those buttons on my 56 grid. i thought i could make it easier with a multi element
this also occurs when trying to use the iPad size layout.

intensus - for figuring out and posting his videos on the initial custom layout injection.
Cremisi - for his layout encoder.
SolFire777 - for figuring out what inside the XML file was causing the force closing.
and everyone else involved with the tools used for this tutorial. if i forgot to mention or overlooked anyone i apologize.
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