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Good Lawrd: Motorola, back to Wildfire

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I have to say I am in shock and awe, considering Motorola's "sharing" nature in the past. But, then again, Google did just recently purchase the giant didn't they. Well, if you are wondering what I am reeling about, check out the latest update of the Android SDK... and take a gander at all the SDKs released for pretty much every current Motorola device. Well, this will mean those phone's will receive some fine-tuned development for applications. And although I haven't cared for the gentle giant much since the late 90's, I do have to say bravo... nice to see you turn over a new leaf. And, I'm going to go out on a limb here.... (given the aforementioned purchase) I kind of wonder what the Google Development devices of the future might look like... and who might manufacture them ::shrug:: I suppose it's the way the cookie crumbles.

I do not own a single Motorola device (though I pondered the Xoom for a bit)... Just thought I'd blog in the general section about a totally unrelated manufacturer.

Oh, since I am duty-bound to mention it, I only own HTC phones (I think six), but the evidence in front of my eyes... well, I might have to spread myself out next purchase.

Since I should keep this Wildfire-centric, I will conclude this lil blog with a general question you guys can all bat around...

What do you think of another Wildfire device (HTC Golf rumored to be HTC Wildfire C releasing with ics)?
Thoughts, opinions, etc all welcome... damn already a thread on that...

Uhhh well, I am looking forward to modpunk's ics.. everyone go hit his thanks button... and I'm pulling my Tmo wfs back out; so, I can take a gander... Looking forward to this... who would of thunk it four months ago? but Qualcomm updates their drivers and you got a dedicated dev working on it non-stop (this is why you should thank him).. Nice to see our lil 600 Mhz devices oc'd and running ics.. what a hoot.
26th April 2012, 11:26 AM |#2  
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This is my first HTC and android phone and it will be my last. It turned out not to be the disappointment that it could be but only thanks to modpunk's effort and the other devs.
I don't agree with HTC's policy that if you want an update buy an updated device. Just look at the google nexus s phone or any other google phone, it's constantly being updated and the support for the device is incredible.

My next device will be made by samsung or motorola and would definitely have at least 4.0 inch hdpi screen and some decent internal storage.
26th April 2012, 01:42 PM |#3  
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I haven't really made up my mind yet...
Although I love the Wildfire s for beeing such a compact device I guess I wouldn't be interested in staying in the same smartphone league forever. Therefore the HTC Golf in my eyes wouldn't really be a considerable step forward.
When I saw the recent release of the One X with the built-in quadcore processor and 32GB internal memory space at first that seemed to be the way to go for me but then when I saw the results of the benchmark test where the One S did even better whilst only using a dualcore processor I kind of started to doubt wether this is really gonna be the next device to replace my current Wildfire S... =/
I absolutely love the sense user interface, but probably waiting for the next Nexus Jellybean device could be a smart move even if the odds are that'll probably be a Motorola device then...
I guess the current android version is just not yet prepaired for an efficient use of quadcore processors. Hopefully the next one will fix this.
So even if HTC has plans to roll out a jellybean update for the One series in the future I still guess that going for a Nexus device might shorten the stock firmware updating time for quite a while...
Still there's so much about HTC and the One Series that makes me drool...
26th April 2012, 02:32 PM |#4  
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All you get from a nice custom rom is speed and battery drain, plus nice gui customization, nothing else. If I were to buy another smartphone I would choose the sensation not xl or xe cause all devs have it and there are hundreds of roms to choose from plus everyday it is always updated. Also it's thin and looks like a phone that doesnt get old on the looks of it. I wouldnt buy a thick phone thats to heavy in the pocket.
26th April 2012, 04:44 PM |#5  
Wildfire S, as is the entire Wildfire family, is an economy smartphone. Its been nice to see what can be eeked out of a (lower end) smartphone though.
Galaxy Nexus IS Google's current development device, of course it will get updates first.
Like the Sensation...
I also looked at the dual-touchscreen api (from the Kyocera Echo)... I have to imagine that would be A+ top notch for game emulators (like DS roms and such).
All kind of interesting development going on though (at all times). Anyone tried that Google Drive yet?

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26th April 2012, 05:22 PM |#6  
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My Wildfire S was just a constant annoyance until I found Simon's thread and upgraded to Sense 3.5. I can't imagine any company/vendor putting out an "economy" phone with so much crap on it. It was like being in a candy store but only being allowed to buy stuff with a dime.
28th April 2012, 03:58 PM |#7  
A note on pulling back out my tmo wfs...
I really am a tightwad. But Walmart in conjunction with tmo has a plan...
$30/mo; first 5 gig at 4g speed, unlimited data and msgs, but only 100 calling mins...
Considering I was on the cheapest I could find VM USA:
$35/mo; first 2.5 gig at their fastest 3g speed, unlimied data and msgs, and 300 calling mins.

Now, take calling mins out of the equation by getting some kinda SIP apk, setting up free Google Voice acct and Tele number (incoming calls), setting up a free (router and outgoing calls) and boom.. Tmo the cheapest kid by comparison (and you get all the mins your data will allow... 1500 mins+ easily).

Only found one other service cheaper.. Republic Wireless at $19/mo but you have to buy their modded Optimus S (don't know how I feel about having to have a not-so-well-known company's ROM that strips back functionality of device (by some accounts; ie audio, dsp, etc especially) but its a similar logic to SIPs... It in effect forces WiFi, whenever possible, then routes everything (calls, texts,etc) over IP. I do like their headquartered in Cary, NC which is somewhat close to me and their IP way of doing things... But I like to mod roms and I haven't seen a RUU for their build.
If I could buy a generic Optimus S (Sprint), they hand me the RUU, and whatever cdma workshop tweaks I might need to make, I'd give it a go... but otherwise, its a LG device, and I still only own HTC at present.


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