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[ICS:CM9:HYBRD] PARANOIDANDROID [1.6a, True HybridMode, Size & UI on Per App Basis]

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By imilka, Retired Recognized Developer on 19th May 2012, 10:49 PM
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. .

This is an ongoing developer project to make way for a modification that will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the experience of your phone. I know you've seen tablet mode roms before, they change two lines in your build.prop file which you could easily edit yourself in seconds and maybe throw a keyboard in there to make it work better. It's a start, but this ain't enough. This thing has potential, but it is wasted the moment you try to stuff a full blown tablet into your poor phone. Yet we all know our high res phones can very well handle more than silly 1-column layouts. So the magic must be in between somewhere, a place that Google must have overlooked and left blank. Yes, this rom strives to drop your device into tablet mode, but it won't stop there, it will reshape and redefine ICS to make it all a usefull addition and not just a cute novelty. we're calling it: Hybrid Mode, best of both worlds.

Donations to CM , to molesarecoming, to D4rKn3sSyS

    Flash any stock GB rom with odin / or any GB kernel [instructions] root device [instructions] and reboot into recovery once again before flashing this
  • Install Rom:
  • Install HYBRID Gapps:
  • Wipe caches, factory reset is a must if you're coming from another rom than CM9
  • If your statusbar is gone after the first reboot: longpress Powerbutton > Toggle Statusbar
  • Reboot and edit your Apps Dpi under Settings/Paranoid Settings/P.A.D. Hold the powerbutton to see the new fullscreen-togglebutton

  • FAQ & HELP - Read before asking!
  • Go to Settings, System, Font size, set it to NORMAL
  • Check "Auto Hide" in Settings, System, Statusbar, to finally get Fullscreen (or Hold power button, and press "Toggle StatusBar")
  • Launcher Settings: margins: SMALL (If youre using Apex / Nova), show permanent searchbar: YES, resize all widgets: YES, Wallpaper scrolling: OFF

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19th May 2012, 10:50 PM |#2  
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Stable final ICS PA release.


Based on latest CM9 nightly
Improvements on frameworks, fixed for once and finally all DPI related crashes
SystemUI mode can be configured now
Cleanup and speedup of hybrid code via native libs (I'd say 25%)
A lot more of changes, you can check them here:

Gps fix, i hope it works fine (i just catched 14 sats)
Long-pressing menu button shows recent app lists as before
Some adjustments
Improvements on OTA app, scheduled checkups
Improvements on Backup app, now it automatically launches on startup after you install a newer (or older) version
Hybrid speedup, less lag, considerably faster list scrolling when pad/pal is in action
Keyboard scaling, an androids first
PAD/PAL bugfixes for apps that still crop images in lower dpis
Settings revamp, speed preferences to switch between modes without having to set up anything, less clutter
Trebuchet extras: 3x4 widgets, speed dial menu button, ... and some weird rocket button which im sure will be very useful to most of you
Pad.prop revamp, new preferences that should pretty much nail it. Im sorry but this trashes your old settings again, do not attempt to restore them unless you do it in a text editor


New Hybrid code, keyboard troubles should be gone, apps that crop images or display weird, that should be gone aswell
PAD/PAL work in phonemode 100%, no weird toggles and stuff like that. you get full tablet apps without caveats
Settings cleanup, most of the garbage dpi options are gone, should be more intuitive - i ask you to not bring your old pad.props though some things changed. if you know what you do take a look and edit by hand
Trashed our LatinIME repo - not needed anymore
Speed improvements, all launchers are buttersmooth now
Has all the latest CM9 additions
New PAD/PAL code allows system-scaling finally, that means you can scale the lockscreen, dialogs, toasts, etc.
Trebuchet comes with new menu options: 4x4 grid grid folders, options for backgrounds, tablet effects
New cool backup app for pad.prop, *maybe* even an OTA app, either 1.2 or 1.3
New panel options and descriptions
Hide status-bar clock doesnt hide HOLO clock in notification center
Number of notification icons definable in settings
Tons of fixes and improvements


1) Included latest changes and fixes from latest CM9 nightly.
2) New feature - Per App Layout, allows you to force each app to work in your desire mode with tablet or phone layout.
3) Improved settings panel
4) Fixed keyboard/camera/etc layout bugs, basically all layout bugs can be fixed using PAD/PAL settings.
5) Home button long-press now works in tablet mode

Included all settings/options from GS2 build like these:
1) Ability to easily switch between tablet/phone mode
2) Ability to enable/disable softkeys on both phone and tablet modes
3) Lockscreen wallpaper, and vibration setting
4) Statusbar Transparency
5) Recent apps options + Sense recent apps layout mode
6) Ability to disable physical keys
7) Sound management panel
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19th May 2012, 10:54 PM |#3  
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Tutorial User FAQ

Important Links & Information:

Project Homepage:
Known Issues:
Developer FAQ:

Disclaimer: This FAQ is a collection of Information provided by Users for Users. You should always verify any Answers contained herein before applying it to your situation. If a working solution was found for a recent problem we’d appreciate it if someone PM'ed us with a link to the post, in order to update it here.

FAQ Last Update: Juli 24th 2012 FAQ Editors & Contributors: Swiss420, Luke1404

Question & Answear:

Q: Can I flash PA 0.x from any other ROM?
A: Do not try to flash this ROM from any Samsung ICS ROM or ROMS Based on Samsungs Kernels like
my CM9, AOSP, etc. First flash any stock Gingerbread ROM with odin or any GB kernel [instructions]. Then root the device [instructions] and reboot into recovery once again before flashing the this ROM.

Q: Is it safe to flash another ROM from this one if you did not change kernels?
A: Sure, but why would you want to?

Q: Can I flash PA 0.5 directly in order to update from a previous Version?
A: Yes, flash the ROM, clear Dalvik and Cache and install GAPPS. No Factory Restore needed. Be careful when restoring backups. Most problems start after a restore. Keep that in mind.

Q: What Kernel is being used?
A: It usually runs the kernel from latest CM9 nightly.

PA 0.4 includes Linux Version 3.0.32-CM-g12ef675 (pinky-ghost@cyanogenmod) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jun 26 07:59:44 PDT 2012

PA 0.5 includes Linux Version 3.0.32-CM-g60af3e5 pinky-ghost@cyanogenmod #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jul 13 01:30:38 PDT 2012

Q: Can I change Kernels?
A: Yes but you will void this threads “Warranty” meaning you might experience unusual behavior’s that are outside of the scope of this thread. If you don’t know what you are doing we recommend you stay with the included Kernel.

Q: Where can I find PA v0.5 compatible Kernels?
A: Get the latest nightly Kernel from CM9 or you can find some CWM flashable Kernels in the following Posts. Do read the follow up posts to determine its behaviour with PA. If you are not sure what to do stick to the included one.

Check scourgeofgod's great summary for list of alternative Kernels for PA v0.5: Post Nr. 7112 (Please visit the respective Thread or Site if you have Questions. Do not post any Problems that are related to alternative Kernels in this Thread).

A few CM9 Nightly Kernels: (Check scourgeofgod's Post for more)

Kernel_CM9_20120707_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 6298
Kernel_CM9_20120708_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 6446
Kernel_CM9_20120709_CWM_Flashable: PA Info Thread Post Nr. 230
Kernel_CM9_20120710_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 6531
Kernel_CM9_20120712_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 6674
Kernel_CM9_20120715_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 4993
Kernel_CM9_20120717_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 7241 (incl. CWMR
Kernel_CM9_20120719_CWM_Flashable: Post Nr. 7282 (incl. CWMR Read additional Info before using this.

(Thanks for the Postings go to chasmodo and few others)

Q: Where Can I find more Themes for Paranoid Android?
A: You can find a large selection of CM9 Themes right here at XDA for Free: Check out Infinitum Black for example.

Q: Where Can I find SNote from the Samsung Stock ROM?
A: Nowhere since the TouchWiz Framework is needed in order for it to work. You will have to find an alternative like Papyrus Beta, Jotter, Memo, Quill, Freenote, etc. As a sidenote Apps like the modded Samsung Taskmanager do work.

Q: Where Can I find "Samsung Apps"
A: You can find more Information including a flashable ZIP here: Post Nr. 7278

Q: Where can I find the Stock Samsung Keyboard?
A: You will have to find an alternative. Luckily there are many. Swype, A.I.Type (top row with Numbers), HackerKeyboard, etc.

Q: How do I switch to Tablet UI?
A: Menu > System Settings > Paranoid Settings > Configuration > Tablet mode (Optimized)

Q: How do I switch to Phone UI?
A: Menu > System Settings > Paranoid Settings > Configuration > Phone mode (Optimized)

Q: How can I move the Notification Bar to the Top and still have a Tablet Layout?
A: Choose Phone Mode and set global dpi to 213. Post Nr. 5106

Q: How can I disable the Soft Buttons?
A: Capacitative buttons can be remapped or disabled in /system/usr/keylayout/sec_touchkey.kl Post Nr. 5075

Q: How can I disable the Hardware Buttons?
A: Hardware buttons can be remaped or disabled in /system/usr/keylayout/gpio-keys.kl Post Nr. 5075

Q: How can I disable / enable Softkeys (Onscreen buttons)
A: System Settings > System > Navigation bar > Softkeys

Q: I am experiencing very short battery life. What can I do?
A1: Shutdown the Phone take out the Battery wait a while put the battery back in and start it up. Use CPUSpy and BetterBatteryStats to further investigate what consumes the power.
A2: Disable Audio_Out1 in case you see the Audio consuming battery life.

Q: How to increase the number of toggles in the Notification drawer?
A: Open System Settings > System > Notification Drawer (a maximum of 6 can be selected)

Q: How to get a faster GPS Fix?
A: Edit /system/etc/ gps.conf and change the US Servers to a local Server. Post Nr. 5062

Q:How can I manualy initiate the restore from my Google Backup?
A:Restoring via Google Account after a factory reset must be done during initial setup. Apps cant be restored after that and will have to be manualy selected. It would require another Factory Restore and then do it during initial setup.

Q: How does the included ROM Manager work?
A: As of PA v0.4 the ROM Manager does not seem to work. Post Nr. 6442

Q: Does TV-Out / MHL Work?
A: Not yet. It is listed in the “known Problems”

Q: Apex Option to “Hide Statusbar” does not seem to work.
A: Hold the Power button until the menu appears and select “Expanded Desktop”

Q: What Launcher is being used?
A: Starting with v0.4 the CM9 Launcher “Trebuchet” is being used. v0.3 and before used the Apex Launcher. You can always find the Apex Launcher for free in the Google Play Store.

Q: Why is there no File Explorer included?
A: When it comes to File Explorers the selection is vast. Use Google Play Store to download your own choice. Here are a few to get you started: Post Nr. 5577

Q: How can I Backup my Data & Apps?
A: There are many ways to Rome. Titanium Backup (not included), Paranoid Android Backup (included), Google Backup (included with google account) etc. If you are switching from another ROM to PA it is recommended that you do not restore your Backup. Take your time for a clean setup and then make new Backups. Users restoring SMS with Titanium Backup have reported problems with the SMS Application. Remember things like that when searching for problems.

Q: How to enable Autorotation and or change lock screen orientation?
A: System Settings > Display > screen orientation > select desired settings

Q: How can I connect the Phone as a mass storage device?
A: System Settings > Storage > Overflow Button > USB Connection (PC) > mass storage

Q: How can I switch Internal SDCard with external SDCard?
A: System Settings > Storage > Overflow button > Storage configuration > Storage Layout

Q: Having issues with Gmail not notifying you of new messages?
A: System Settings > Accounts & Sync > toggle “Sync Enabled” Post Nr. 5868

Q: What is PA based on?
A: Paranoid Android is based on the CM9 Build with S2 Source Code.

Q: Can I use this imilkas Ported Paranoid Android ROM on my HTC Device?
A: No! And you seriously need to read a lot more.

Q: Why won’t my Facebook contact’s sync?
A: Since ICS the way in which the Facebook app integrates with the android OS, has changed. It is not a problem specific to Paranoid Android but to ICS.

Q: I installed PA and can’t find my SD card?
A: The mounting points have changed. They are now mnt/emmc and mnt/sd

Q. Can we overclock and undervolt with stock kernel?
A. There is no option to overclock but you can undervolt if you wish. Try a free app like voltage control for this. Beware that undervolting if you are not sure what you are doing may cause issues with your phone.

Q: What Jelly Bean Apps have been reported working?
A: None so far. Using them can lead to a very unstable OS. If you don’t know what you are doing we recommend you wait. When People report it working, give it some time. Chances are they have not noticed the Problems yet. We will add any apps here once they really have proven themselves to be stable.


PA – Paranoid Android
GB – Gingerbread
ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich
JB – Jelly Bean
eMMC – embedded Multimedia Card
Dalvik – Dalvik is the process virtual maschine (VM): It is the software that runs the apps on Android
GAPPS – Google Applications (use provided GAPPS from the thread)

What you should consider before posting in this Thread!

This thread is growing by the minute. Please read the above and use the Search to answer your Questions. There will always be new problems but chances are you are not the first user facing them. If you are absolutely sure the problem has not been discussed before feel encouraged to Post it so we can elevate it if necessary. Last but not least if you are using PA and value its feature please consider donating something to imilka for porting it to the Nexus Galaxy N7000 and to the Paranoid Android Team D4rKn3sSyS and molesarecoming for creating this hybrid Android string in the first place.

This FAQ has been made by Users for Users - Thanks to everyone who contributed so far and also to those who will contribute in the future.
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19th May 2012, 10:54 PM |#4  
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Thank you imilka! All your work is greatly appreciated!

EDIT - I was drooling over this ROM for GNex and now this!

EDIT - The app switcher on CM9/AOSP/AOKP looks skewed on Tablet Mode. I can't exactly tell by seeing in the picture but is it any better here? (NVM, I see that it's fixed! Yay!)
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19th May 2012, 11:04 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by iHoneyBadger

EDIT - The app switcher on CM9/AOSP/AOKP looks skewed on Tablet Mode. I can't exactly tell by seeing in the picture but is it any better here?

Here's a screenshot of it

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19th May 2012, 11:05 PM |#6  
moyajaya's Avatar
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Wooohooooo! Finallyyyy! Been waiting for this. So excited! Will try it and report back :)

Thank you so much for doing this Imilka!
19th May 2012, 11:06 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by iHoneyBadger

EDIT - The app switcher on CM9/AOSP/AOKP looks skewed on Tablet Mode. I can't exactly tell by seeing in the picture but is it any better here?

This is completly fixed, and sky clear on ParanoidAndroid.
Btw, I just added Gnote to official devices list

And here's official blog entry

D4 - ParanoidAndroid Team.
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19th May 2012, 11:06 PM |#8  
KaranKapoor's Avatar
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Wow! That looks pretty darn amazing! I'm on Apex Launcher and it looks really bad on Tablet Mode -- Nova looks fine though. This ROM is perfect. At least now I don't have to switch b/w the Phone and Tablet mode every couple of hours. :/
19th May 2012, 11:08 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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Did not expect to see this so soon. Will update with my experience once I see the download link.

Thanks for this wonderful ROM!

Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA
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19th May 2012, 11:10 PM |#10  
nihal1983's Avatar
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it would be nice if you could please add some install instructions. Hope that is not too much to ask . Thanks for the good work
19th May 2012, 11:11 PM |#11  
erichbitch's Avatar
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Lookin very very good !

Is a 5x5 or 6x6 Grid possible?

PS: Kernel link not working ("If you come from ICS, flash THIS kernel")
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