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[Last Update: Sep 20th 2008] Tweak collection for the HTC Touch Pro

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By Jorlin, Senior Member on 19th September 2008, 04:03 PM
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This Thread is basically based on a thread I posted on a German forum. Anyway, it is as useful in English as it is in German

1.) Edit TouchFlo3D application links
SSMaPa also works flawlessly with the Touch Pro – Right now, it does not allow to edit the additional links on TF3D-landscape (tasks, notes, favorites)

2.) TouchFlo3D / WM Tweaks

Due to the amount of tweaks, I will not list them separately. Instead I advise you to use the three applications below to edit and tweak TouchFlo3D and the WindowsMobile OS. Before using these tools, I highly recommend to do a backup of your system.
DiamondTweak 0.5 100% compatible with the TouchPro

TF3D Config A nice application to edit TF3D easily. It also provides some tweaks. I do not recommend this tool anymore since it does not offer anything in addition to DiamondTweaks 0.5 or Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2. Anyway, it allows to tweak some things a bit easier…

Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2 If you want it all, go for this application. I offeres a vast amount of tweaks not only regarding TF3D but the whole WM system. Due to the affinity of the developer to the Touch Diamond/Touch Pro, you will have a very complete tool at hand to tweak almost everything possible. Anyway, if you are not experienced with WM or if you have no clue what it means, do not touch it…
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 has to be installed in order to use Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2
Supplement: If you like you can „enhance” ACT 3.2 with this file (Original-Thread) in order to be able to tweak the SmartTouch-Wheel function and LED-notifications. Just install it on your device, it seamlessly integrated into ACT 3.2.

(All of these tools can be used on one device. However, in order to avoid interference, do a soft reset after using one tool to tweak registry entries.)

List of tweaks offered by these tools:

- Edit sensitivity of the touch display
For maximal sensitivity (lowest pressure):
Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2 --> HTC Touch Flo
Change "Pressure threshold" to 41 and "Finger Pressure" to 18.

- Performance-Tweaks, which enhance the overall and the TF3D performance
- Editing of LED-notification (duration and behavior)
- Tweaking of power management
- Connection settings for LAN, WLAN, BT, GSM/3G, internet and
- Telephone settings
- Email/SMS settings
e.g. threaded SMS can be turned of via ACT3.2: "Messaging-->Threaded SMS" enable or disable
- Calendar settings
- Stadard paths
- HTC-applications/Tools
- Editing of TF3D

ACT3.2 gives advices for some of the settings. If you have questions about the offered tweaks, do not hesitate and ask. Anyway, most of them are pretty much self-explanatory.

3.) Avoiding unwanted cancelation of background applications

In order to improve memory management, the Touch Pro – by default – tries to remain a certain amount of free memory. Once a certain “memory threshold” is reached, the task manager will start to cancel applications that are moved to the background. This might be desirable if you need a lot of free resources for applications that depend heavily on huge amounts of memory but it is a pain in the a… if you want to run a few applications simultaneously (e.g. Google Maps, to find your path, and Opera, to look up a location). So if you know how to use your PPC, you basically do not want this to happen. To avoid it, do the following:

Registry Path: HKCU\Software\HTC\Task Manager
Change “EnableAutoKill” to “0” and/or change the “memorythreshold” to 20MB (listed in bytes).
Be aware that changing these settings might cause the system to report “out of memory”-status more often. (I haven’t had that problem by now)
3.b) Performance Tweaks – Improved memory handling for background applications
Use Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2 and change:
a) Change File system cache to 8MB.
b) Change file system filter cache to 131072.
c) Change Glyph cache to 32KB.

4.) Battery icon with percentage / Improved Task bar icons

Original-Thread – I recommend the CAB-file form this thread

5.) Use SmartTouch Wheel for scrolling
Very good guide how to do it

6.) Add Call-history to TF3D
Use ACT3.2 to do it: Menu->More Settings->TouchFlo3D "CallHistory" auswählen
(do not use a cab file)

7.) Add custom city to the weather panel

8.) Klaxon – alarm clock with G-sensor support
Best alarm application for your Touch Pro available. Great “diamond” user interface, very good touch control (developer’s website)

9.) G-tool to you’re your Touch Pro
Due to the way it locks your pro (turning the device in your hand) I only partially support this application. The Touch Pro is bound to slip out of your hand at one point or another using this gesture.

10.) Edit your T9 library
Slide out the hardware keyboard and press Fn+Space. Choose "T9 My Words" .

11.) Nice Wallpaper Thread

12.) Use TF3D and "Today Screen" simultaneously with Second Today
This tool allows you to use TF3D and the Today Screen at the same time. I recommend editing the soft keys on your TF3D home panel when using this tweak: Edit Softkeys in TF3D (Manila)

13.) Nice “diamond” style calculator

14.) Vibration feedback while typing
This application is still under development. I have not tested it on my own. Anyway, there are some very positive reports out there…

15.) Installation of Backup Software
Your HTC Touch Pro comes with a full featured backup software called SpriteBackup. You can find it on the installation CD that comes with your PRO.

16.) disable ClearType
This slightly enhances performance:

17.) Automated selection of SIP depending on your stylus’ location
The thread is pretty much self-explanatory. This is a „must have“ for every PPC enthusiast. For some “old-school” applications and e-books/databases it is very much desirable to have the default WindowsCE keyboard as input method one you use the stylus. Honestly, I think the stylus simply works best with the Windows CE keyboard.

18.) Transparent Clock
Original Thread
This clock-mod displays the tiles of the clock as transparent and the numbers solid. Very nice
Simply download the CAB, install and perfom a soft-reset.

19.) Turn of Task Manager
Although I think the HTC Task Manager is doing a great job, some might prefer a third party tool. In order to trun of the Task Manager, do the following:
a) Start->Settings->System->Task-Manager
b) Click on the "Buttons"-tab and unselect everything.
c) Edit Registry-entry: HKCU->Software->HTC->TaskManager – set Value "Enable" to “0”
d) soft-reset

20.)Always start Audio-Booster after a soft-reset even without headset
This does not work 100% but is the closest as I can get it at the moment.
In order to make the attached script work, download the MortScript from here
Attached you will find two scripts within „“:
1.) AudioBooster_autoclose.mscr
This script changes the registry entry for headset to be attached and closes the Audio-Booster once it started (applies the settings which remain after closing the app).
2.) AudioBooster_remain.mscr
This file does not close the Audio-Booster but remains it open. I recommend to make Audio-Booster an exclusive application in order to avoid its appearance within the Task-Manager.
In order to make all this work, you need to move either script into the autostart-folder within the windows-folder on your PPC.
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19th September 2008, 04:03 PM |#2  
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21.) Samsung Omnia 3D video drivers - Performance Tweak!
Mixed reports about TF3D Performance and overall performance improvements using the drivers from this Original Thread. I have the impression everything runs a bit smoother with these drivers on my Touch Pro. Try at your own risk…

22.) Change Keyboard language
Here you will find a detail description how to change the whole input language on your Touch Pro including word completion.

23.) Update Google Maps
If you are using Google Maps constantly you might want to update to the latest version. It provides better favorite management, better VGA support (with a neat VGA icon) and more improvements. The next installment which will arrive soon on WM systems – hopefully – even adds StreetView and Walking-Mode.
The latest CAB-file can be found here (Quelle)

24.) GPS Tweaking
Original Thread

In order to improve GPS performance, do the following:
A. With Advanced config 3.2 :

1. disable A-GPS
2. disable GPS logging
3. logfile name must be empty
4. old logfile name must be empty
5. maximum size of logfile must be 0
6 delete the files : \windows\GPSLogFile.txt and \windows\GPSLogFileBack.txt

7. it seems that if TomTom is installed on a fast microSD decrease the lag(have to test to be sure)

With those changes car usage will be quite perfect

B. Then edit registry with TotalCommander

Under: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\

- Drivers\GpsOneDevice\PollInterval -> 100 (default is 1000)
- Drivers\InputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
- Drivers\OutputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
- Drivers\SleepOnNoData -> 100 (default is 1000)
- Multiplexer\MaxBufferSize -> 512 (by default not present, you have to create it)

These two major tweaks should enhance GPS lock - they do not have any influence on the GPS lag.

The best HTC Touch Diamond/Pro community can be found here:
HTC Touch Pro (Raphael) on XDA-Developers HTC Touch Diamond on XDA-Developers (recommended especially because of its applications, themes and support)

I hope you enjoy these tweaks since they vastly improve your HTC Touch Pro experience.

Always make a backup before changing vital system settings or installing unknown software.

I will include more tweaks as they become aware to me...

Make my sticky
19th September 2008, 04:04 PM |#3  
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- reserved -
19th September 2008, 04:37 PM |#4  
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Feel like adding these to the wiki??
19th September 2008, 05:29 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by mrvanx

Feel like adding these to the wiki??

If you do not mind if I almost only copy and pase?
19th September 2008, 09:17 PM |#6  
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diamond tweak is not 100% compatible. for example look to the browser string...
omnia pro drivers are already in the touch pro os. so no need for "tweaking" it with old/unstable drivers.

but anyway, thanks for this list.
19th September 2008, 11:20 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by ahorn

diamond tweak is not 100% compatible. for example look to the browser string...
omnia pro drivers are already in the touch pro os. so no need for "tweaking" it with old/unstable drivers.

but anyway, thanks for this list.

How can you prove that the driver is already in the touch pro? i noticed that the TFL3D is smoother now with the Omnia driver (the one mentioned above) installed
19th September 2008, 11:27 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by mataempat

How can you prove that the driver is already in the touch pro? i noticed that the TFL3D is smoother now with the Omnia driver (the one mentioned above) installed

The 3D may be smoother however you can get this effect by tweaking your cache settings...there is definatly a D3D driver already in the Raphael.
19th September 2008, 11:58 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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+1 for adding it to the wiki

But it might be nice to keep this thread rolling for updates and troubleshooting problems any people are having.

Edit: Can we also make a note for disabling ClearType in landscape? I saw no less than 3 separate threads today with users wondering where there text/menus went. It's not a "tweak" per-se, but the option is in there in AC3.2, so if people tweaking their Raphaels they should know that the option doesn't work as expected.
20th September 2008, 02:08 AM |#10  
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Thumbs up
maybe even make a sticky for this thread
20th September 2008, 04:51 AM |#11  
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Very nice thread indeed...

May I ask why the audiobooster part is not 100% as mentioned in the 1st post?
I didn't find any probs with it yet...

I just hate the headset volume during calls and the loudspeaker volume so does all of you.
Keep'em coming n thanks
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