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Don't Start A New Thread - Raphael Questions & Answers Here!

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By scotchua, Retired Senior Moderator on 16th October 2008, 06:05 AM
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For those who haven't bothered to read the READ THIS BEFORE POSTING announcement by Mrvanx, I brought it to you:

A few things you should keep in mind before posting to XDA-Developers forums:

Check if your question has been asked before
Some questions just keep popping up over and over. Please use the 'search function' in the menu above each and every page in the forum. Try entering a few keywords to see if your question has been asked before. If it has, please read the topics and see if you can figure it our from there. You can also search inside a topic if it has too many comments by using the search function (CTRL+F) in your browser. If you don't find the answer, please post a comment to the relevant thread instead of starting a new one.
Use the Raphael Wiki Thread
The Raphael Wiki Thread will point you to some of the more common pages in the wiki site, ALWAYS take a look there before posting anything since ALL members are encouraged to use and update the wiki as necessary. The information SHOULD be up to date.If information you think is important is not in the wiki, add it
1) Don't Start A New Thread - Raphael Questions & Answers Here!

RTFW, or Read the Wiki
Chances are your question is already answered on the wiki: Make sure you browse through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) before you start a new topic. If it's an obvious or common question, chances are someone has already put the answer there.
ETFW, or Edit the Wiki
Information stored in the wiki is dynamic: The wiki makes it easy for anyone to contribute or edit pages, and link them together, it is the best way to keep all information current and accurate. If you ask something in the forum which you didn't find on the wiki previously, please take 5 minutes of your time to EDIT the wiki and add the information there when you get an answer. This is the only way to avoid tons of new threads asking the very same questions over and over and over again.
RTFW and ETFW Links Updated by win32ace

Don't be afraid of editing the wiki if you don't understand the wiki syntax: Formating may seem a bit complicated at the beginning, but you don't have to care too much if you just want to add content, add it as if you were writing a text document and sure someone more experienced with wiki syntax will edit it after and correct the bad formating mistakes.[/INDENT]First time here?
If it's your first time here, we encourage you to read general XDA-Developers guidelines too, which is an extended version of what has already been said here.

[Addition by Noonski]
Let's try to post our ROMs and threads the following way to make the forum quicker and easier to acces:
[ROM][LANGUAGE][DATE]rom name and version (Build)[STATUS]
[KITCHEN][WWE][08.08.08]KOKOTAS ELF(in) Hybrid Kitchen (version 1.3)[ONLINE]
[PRJ][WWE][BETA]BRAM / NOONSKI Touch Surface 6.1 Public Beta Release Candidate Unskinned[ONLINE]
[ROM][WWE][22.08.08]HTCTOUCHP NEW BUILD!! Touch ESSentiaL v1.8 (WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.20296)[ONLINE]
[ROM][WWE][23.08.08]ABABREKAR UC2.0 + Mortscript capable new Ultra Clean Edition concept[OFFLINE]
[REF]NOONSKI Cooking Class Class of 2008/09[ONLINE]
* If name is too long for Thread title, leave out the [STATUS] ([ONLINE], [OFFLINE])
For upgrade tools (HSPL, SSPL, CID, SIM, etc.), use:
For complete kitchens, use:
[KITCHEN][Language]name and version (Build)
For projects, use:
For utilities, use:
[UTIL]name and version
For requests, use:
For questions, use:
For themes, use:
For reference threads (tutorials, guides, etc.), use:
For Rollup threads (thread indexes, etc.), use:
For Poll information threads, use:
Items from moderators that need special attention will use:

16th October 2008, 06:05 AM |#2  
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Don't Start A New Thread - Raphael Questions & Answers Here!

16th October 2008, 06:05 AM |#3  
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OP Retired Senior Moderator
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Don't Start A New Thread - Raphael Questions & Answers Here!

Welcome everyone who has a question, but just can't seem to find an answer. My hope is that this thread will reduced the extremely large number of new threads being created for every little issue each user is having. The rules are very simple. Please follow them, as it's just not that hard.

1) Absolutely NO FLAMING. I am completely inflexible on this rule. If i catch you do it, you will get an xda vacation (will be banned, in case you don't get it). Also, just to be clear, "use the search function" is not an acceptable answer in this thread.

2) Before you post you MUST read THIS. Trust me, I will know if you didn't.

3) Anyone can post any issue they're having with their Raphael in this thread, but you MUST include a detailed description of your issue. If after a couple days your issue has not been addressed, please feel free to bump it.

4) Remember you are asking for help, and the as the saying goes "it's easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. So be nice to those who are helping you.

5) Please quote the person you are replying to, it will make it MUCH easier for people to sort through the many messages that will end up in here.

This is an experiment based on a suggestion by another users, so we will see how it goes. If all goes well then i hope that this thread will be a great help to many new members. If not then we will make adjustments. I want to thank all those who will be contributing to this forum for their time in advance, as i certainly know i won't be answering these questions all by myself.

Note: If you feel your thread has been moved here in error, please PM me politely and ask me to move the related posts back into their own thread. Sometimes the wrong threads get moved here by accident. Please also provide a clear explanation of why you think this topic deserves it's own thread. Angry tirades and rants will be of no use, and will more likely than not simply get you a warning or a ban.
21st October 2008, 04:34 AM |#4  
Junior Member
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bad blocks on TOUCH PRO
hi all. My touch pro crashed several times today after I changed another ROM. I think that would be the problem of the ROM, so I changed it back to the original ROM, but it didn't help cause it still get crash. So I tried MTTY with "info 8" command and I got a unfortunately result, there are 13 bad blocks on my device. I also tried to fix it with "task 2a" command but nothing happened. Does anyone have any ideas about this case? May be my touch pro is the first one which has bad blocks...pls help! THANKS!
21st October 2008, 07:03 AM |#5  
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According to the author of this topic, his TP has 8 bad blocks and according to cmonex her's also has 8 bad blocks and you are lucky you didn't kill you SPL with task 2a as it is intended for the Hermes.

Maybe the crashes are due to applications you have installed or a bad flash. Try running a rom without extra apps for a few days and see how it goes.

Edit: Out of curiosity I have also checked mine and I also have 8 bad blocks

BLOCK 486 (0x1E6) is bad block
BLOCK 821 (0x335) is bad block
BLOCK 1233 (0x4D1) is bad block
BLOCK 1989 (0x7C5) is bad block
BLOCK 2352 (0x930) is bad block
BLOCK 2854 (0xB26) is bad block
BLOCK 3095 (0xC17) is bad block
BLOCK 3170 (0xC62) is bad block
21st October 2008, 01:00 PM |#6  
Junior Member
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thanks for your reply man, but I wanna tell you that I've already tried out the original official rom without any other extra apps, but it still crash a lot.
I have thirteen bad blocks BTW, not eight.
1st November 2008, 04:35 AM |#7  
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On Screen Keyboard Problem
Ok, here's another one I can't figure out. For some reason, the large on screen keyboard will only allow the input of numbers and symbols. Pressing the "ABC" key on the side does nothing. It used to work and now it doesn't. Any ideas of what is wrong? The compact QWERTY on screen keyboard works fine....... I have, of course, already tried all of the settings under "keyboard" in the settings menu.
1st November 2008, 03:37 PM |#8  
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weather update via activesync

Is it possible to update the weather automatically when synchronising via activesync?
I know that you can do it manually but sometimes I forget to update and I know that you can update the weather automatically but then it updates also via Edge.


4th November 2008, 02:26 PM |#9  
Junior Member
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Sending a text message with the enter key
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there was anyway to send a text message without touching the screen to press the send button. I would like to be able to press "Enter" and have it send the message. I do not need it to be a carriage return in this case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
8th November 2008, 11:32 AM |#10  
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Manilla Editor
Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to the forums, but have really gotten into flashing and editing everything about my raphael

One issue I have been having is editing the graphics on the device. I have read alot about manilla editor, and so downloaded it, but the only one I could find was for the Diamond ... I tried installing it, but it failed. Does anyone know where the TP version is?

oh n in advance...Sorry if this is a noob question.
11th November 2008, 07:47 AM |#11  
Flag Kirkland, WA
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Skype out of Front Speaker instead of Rear Speaker?
Guess this gets asked a million times, but is there anyway to get the sound out of the front speaker instead of the rear speaker from Skype?

I know about using headphones/ bluetooth, but without either of them?
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