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Read Before Asking Please

FAQ for MiniCM10, and nAa kernel
reading may answer to lots of your questions !
for X10mini, X8 & x10miniPRO

  • i decided to create a new thread dedicated to Q&A about miniCM10
  • this thread is the place of your questions, answers, tips about miniCM10 and nAa ics kernel
  • so please, as usual, read FAQ, use search option or anything else before asking commonly answered questions
  • the FAQ will be incremented when needed
  • the Q&A is written as Q are asked

  1. paste miniCM10-4.X.X on the root of your SDcard
  2. backup
  3. flash JB kernel
  4. get in recevery and format /system ; /data ; /cache
  5. flash rom
  6. flash gapps
  7. wait for the very long first boot
  8. enjoy
Please make sure you followed the above steps before reporting any issues, especially 'wipe data/factory reset'

something else that is useful to read before asking :

Here we (nearly all? XDA members, regardless of being devs or only users [like me], me at least ) don't care about your good/bad English the important is trying to be understood and to understand the content of the threads

only ask things you can't find, or you don't understand, please if you don't understand something in any process tell us exactly where is your problem : it will optimize the answer

sometime rephrasing things can make you understand better, feel free to help us for making the most understandable sentence for anybody

i'm always trying to use a proper English (not so easy for a non native English ^^)
but if there's something misunderstood because of my English your are welcome to correct me

BUT if you don't make the effort to read, I won't make the effort to answer (ok, you can't read everything... but read the minimum )

that's it

miniCM website is now available ( for chatroom)
clic on the red text above
register, and then enjoy

bug tracking template :
Originally Posted by twins.7

#BUG Report

Reboot - Recovery

the screen stuck in rebooting dialog. It should just rebooting

press home key (or any key maybe) to make it reboot


we seek for you, TESTERS, go there for helping : [DEV] miniCM10 debug only thread (shakira, robyn and mimmi)
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16th August 2012, 11:48 AM |#2  
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Question 2nd part of FAQ

for miniCM7 refer to THIS THREAD PLEASE
for miniCM9 refer to THIS THREAD PLEASE

for quick search, use ctrl+f and enter keyword, you should find an answer to your question

ok, let's start with some fun :
how to understand FAQ :

0/ question(which build(s) is(are) concerned with q/
answer to the question
old, wrong or obsolete answer
additionnal comments if needed


Originally Posted by nobodyAtall

about nAa JB kernel :

  • Read through [that] post. Don't rush into flashing. Be sure you understand the process before you start
  • This is a custom kernel developed for Android Jellybean
  • Do NOT try this kernel on other Android versions - you are totally unsupported
  • This kernel introduces custom mtd partitioning with larger /system partition to hold the extra JB calories. If you are moving from another custom kernel to this one, you MUST first format /system /data and /cache via the embedded CWM recovery

1/ any problem with display overridding?( ? ; ? )
in settings > development settings :


2/ wanna go back to a non jelly bean based rom?( all builds ; all devices )
go to CWM > mount&storage and format :
  • /system
  • /data
  • /cache
then flash the kernel you want, (press flash on flashtool, plug the phone to pc, force reboot by pressing home+power, press and hold back button)
==> you can now restore a backup of the old rom you were previously using or install another non JB based rom


3/ hard/software keyboard isn't working properly??( ? ; mimmi )

Originally Posted by x10man

Quick fix for the soft keyboard:

On the select input method screen turn the hardware keyboard to off like so:

The software keyboard will now appear but the hardware keyboard still works.

Basically this needs to auto-switch when the hw keyboard opens and closes.


Sent from my U20i using xda premium

Originally Posted by DanielFran

Power off, then remove sim card. Reboot and select language, change keyboard layout in advanced definitions (mimmiparts). Then put again sim.

Sent from my U20i using Tapatalk 2

4/ why my wifi can't load? ( all builds ; all devices )

you may have that kind of logcat:
D/WifiService( 1694): setWifiEnabled: true pid=2095, uid=1000

E/WifiStateMachine( 1694): Failed to load driver!

E/WifiStateMachine( 1694): DriverFailedState
open terminal emulator :
if it doesn't answer anything, maybe /system is out of space and kernel fails to copy wifi modules at boot (note that undervolt module wont work either)

try the following :
  1. open any file explorer that is root capable,
  2. go to /system/media/audio/ringtones
  3. delete some ringtones (at least to recover about 3 or 4 MB free, the more is safer) [1.5 MB seems to be enough though ]
  4. reboot
  5. try lsmod and see, if the kernel succeeded to copy modules at boot it's ok and and lsmod outputs what you are waiting for, if not reflash kernel and/or try to install a reduced miniCM10 zip (by deleting ringtones as for the previous way, but in a zip editor)

hoping it will solve your problem

5/ you have various problems with wifi ? ( all builds ; all devices )
refer to miniCM7 and miniCM9 miniFAQs !!!

6/ what are I/O schedulers ? ( all builds ; all devices )
a kind of answer here

7/ i updated from miniCM10-4.0.0 to 4.0.1 and after updating the gapps to 20120923 i've lost the camera ? (miniCM10-4.0.1 ; all devices)
  • go to mount&storage
  • format /system (NO data lost )
  • install miniCM4.0.1 again
  • install gapps 20120923
  • reboot&wait
all should be back to normal : fast and feature full

8/ how can i set keyboard shortcuts on my hardware keyboard? (all builds ; mimmi)
just edit azerty.xml or qwerty.xml in system\usr\keyboard-config\layouts

9/ how can i fix my azerty/qwerty/qwertz... HardWare keyboard? (miniCM10-4.0.2+ ; mimmi)
first flash this : from here
and then the zip corresponding to your specific language : look here

/!\ choose "default input method" so that the KB works correctly, if you don't it will behaves strangely
/!\ do not modify keyboard_layouts and keyprints in any way if you want the above to work, edit: seems you can edit the xml finally
/!\ do not modify advanced>mimmiperts, make sure you have not touched it before processing the installs. it is recommended to start from a "fresh build" i.e. to wipe all user data, and so on.
defauld input and sym button should be back

/!\here is another way to fix it : follow allesand's instructions

10/ i wanna use a2sd, what is it and how to make it work? (all builds ; all devices)
refer to that short tuto & infos here by drfr

11/ my LED is not blinking properly is there any way to change that? (all builds ; all devices)
You must delete /system/lib/hw/ with rootexplorer or any other file manager that allows you to explore and modify root files
handcent led settings does not work properly with
of course, you need to reboot your phone after that.


12/ why flastool doesn't flash the kernel i choose? (any version)
  1. when there are lots of kernel builds in flashtool firmware folder, flashed kernel might not be the right one,
  2. to void this, create a folder in it, cut/paste all your previous kernel there
  3. and only keep the one you want to flash in the firmware folder
  4. then, start flastool and process flashing operations

13/ i'have some problem for sending mms (all builds until miniCM10-4.0.2+ ; all devices)
--> with CM7/9/10 you just CANT send mms without data enabled
if you can't even with data enabled:
Originally Posted by DaRk_dOg

I think that this is a common issue with CM7 and not just MiniCM7 (I experienced it on my DHD too).
Here is a small workaround for now:
Before sending the mms, disable data traffic, then enable it again and then send your mms.
You have to do it every time, before an mms but it is working for me.

Regards, D_d

--> seems now, mms can be sent without enabling data or anything, just need to have correct APN set up

14/ CM file manager doesn't work well for no (not at all in fact) (all builds? ; all devices?)
see details here.

15/concerning brightness on MiniCM10-4.0.2 nightly 20130119 and higher, (MiniCM10-4.0.2-nightlies ; shakira, robyn, mimmi?
to get compatibility with .32 kernel, nAa needed to change some things related to brightness monitoring
and that's why some issues appeared with .29 kernel, and then were fixed, but with the drawback of light being at max for a short time before dimming when turning the screen on.

using .32 kernel solves this issue
with old .29 kernel, use MiniCM10-4.0.2-stable or nightlies until 20130114
for newer nightlies (especially 20130207+) prefer .32 kernel

16/ concerning Undervolting and newer .32 kernels : (MiniCM10-4.0.2+ and nAa .32-03+ ; all devices)
Originally Posted by NobodyAtall

VDD levels

From 03 onwards, I've ported the vddlevels functionality from msm7x30
so that we can variably change the voltage level of the frequency we
want without the need for external modules.
The current voltage information is available at:

E.g. the defaults after flashing the kernel should be:
 [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
   122880:        3
   245760:        4
   320000:        5
   480000:        6
   604800:        7
   614400:        7
   633600:        7
   652800:        7
   672000:        7
   691200:        7
   710400:        7
   729600:        7
   748800:        7
   768000:        7
   787200:        7
   806400:        7
   825600:        7
   844800:        7
   864000:        7
To change for example the voltage level of the 122880 frequency, you could do:

 echo '122880 0' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
If you cat this file again, you should see that the voltage level is
picked up. The new voltage level is picked up when the CPU will scale
to the particular frequency level.

The undervolting tickbox in the 'Performance Settings' of the latest
MiniCM10 nightlies already uses the new interface. The values that are
set there are the same ones as those passed by the old undervolting

[email protected]:/ # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
   122880:        0
   245760:        2
   320000:        3
   480000:        5
   604800:        6
   614400:        7
   633600:        7
   652800:        7
   672000:        7
   691200:        7
   710400:        7
   729600:        7
   748800:        7
   768000:        7
   787200:        7
   806400:        7
   825600:        7
   844800:        7
   864000:        7
Do I need undervolting?
You dont NEED undervolting. It can save though hours of some battery
life during the day.

Even though the interface allows you to overvolt, I don't suggest
doing so. It will result to instabilities or crashes and is totally

Undervolting decreases the performance results - this is to be expected.

17/ why can't i connect my device to USB on PC ? (MiniCM10-4.1.0+ & nAa05+ ; all devices)
Originally Posted by SmG67

That's because MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is default now, so it gets connected as a media device. If you want Mass Storage, go into Settings-Storage on your ROM and press the menu-button, you can select USB-storage from there.

18/ where is my dualtouch?? (MiniCM10-4.1.0+ &nAa05+ ; all devices)
this is a copy of kernel OP, that you should have read before
Originally Posted by nobodyAtall

Dualtouch (for synaptics):
By default dual touch is disabled for improved touch accuracy and avoidance of the 'ghost touch' side-effect.

  • If you want to enable the fake DT by andrej456, you have to insert the following line in the /system/etc/ file:
    echo "1" > /sys/module/synaptics_i2c_rmi4/parameters/cfg_dt
  • If you want to enable the fake DT by dx, you have to insert the following line in the /system/etc/ file:
    insmod /system/lib/modules/synaptics_i2c_rmi4_dt.ko
Dualtouch (for cypress):
Cypress supports dualtouch, so this is enabled by default

19/ why do i get a kernel version error (installation abort, status 7) while installing MiniCM10? (MiniCM10-4.1.0 up to 20130518-NIGHTLY &nAa06 ; all devices)
Originally Posted by matmutant

change in rom zip to *.61 for kernel version if you want the installation to complete (in META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script)

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16th August 2012, 11:49 AM |#4  
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usefull links and performance tricks
useful links :

[DEV] miniCM10 debug only thread (shakira, robyn and mimmi)
what CPU governors, and how do they work?

$find other useful link in miniCM7/9 miniFAQs $

Perfomance :

recomended settings :
perf related :
  • CPU: keep default, but enable UnderVolting (and set on boot if you don't OverClock) (settings>performance>CPU)
  • RAM : to optimize RAM usage, use KSM, zram (18%, default) and allow purging of assets (settings>performance>memory managment)
  • I/O : keep NOOP, this is the default and the best for flash memory
other :
in settings>developer options
  • enable USB debugging,
  • debug notification,
  • set all animations to 0.5 (electron beam CRT animation will happen no more)
  • enable "kill with back button"

for whose who feel the system slow and laggy, just try the SWAP (SDcard class6+ recommended)
SWAP, there is two "kind" of swap : using a partition on the SDcard, or using a swap file
both are good, but some SDcard/phones react better with the one or the other
let us start with the partition way : it is more complicated than the file method, but as some advantages

pros: once it is set up, no need to care about it anymore, the SDcard can be mounted to PC easily without latency
cons: a little complicated to set up, and once it's done, it is as complicated to revert as to set up; to change swap size, you need to repeat the process (formating and partitioning SDcard)
needs a clean install of miniCM10:
  • flash JB kernel
  • in CWM, go to mount&storage :
  • then, format /system, /data and /cache (so that kernel can use the new partitions size) any data on phone memory will be lost
  • set up your swap:
  • ==> go to /advanced/Partition SD Card
  • if you don't want to use a2sd, then choose the minimal size for ext, and the size you want for SWAP
    it will FORMAT your SDcard ! any data on SDcard will be LOST
  • and install the rom

swap partition should work
what doesn't work is the swap info menu

to revert : format SDcard in phone settings : it will FORMAT your SDcard ! any data on SDcard will be LOST

now, the swap file way : it is really simpler than the swap partition, works great but has some drawbacks

pros: easy to set up, easy to revert, and the size can be choosen at wish at anytime (in settings>performance>memory>Swap settings)
cons: high latency when mounting SDcard to pc, it can take forever (really quicker to use CWM mount and storage capability to use the SD on the PC, than using android way)
you must perform a clean install of miniCM10 (by formating /system, /data and /cache) any data on phone memory will be lost
install the rom zip, the gapps, and boot up your phone
set it up
once your rom is ready to use,
  • go to settings>performance>memory>Swap settings
  • choose "enabled"
  • choose the size
  • allow system to get SU permissions
  • wait for the pop up "swap enabled"
enjoy, it is simple and can be disabled on wish

for both :
to see if your swap works, open terminal, and type the following :
to see the swapiness :
Originally Posted by drfr

To check in terminal:

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
Default value is 30 if you have zram and swap enabled, or 60 if only swap without zram.

To change it TILL NEXT REBOOT:
echo X > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
where X is your desired value

To change it PERMANENTLY:
add the above line to the end of your (you can find it in /sýstem/etc)

Note: it is always way easier to type those things on PC keyboard, so you´d better do it in adb shell.


some usefull lines of commands for any user wanting to know what's going on :
  • in terminal, just type the lines,
  • in ADB, add "adb" before the commands
  • if you want not to siplay the output in terminal, specify the path :
    command > /where_you_want_your_output_to_be_stored/name_you_want_for_the_log

to know how much swap there is (total and free are what you want to know), use the following command since the way using menu is broken :
to know if KSM is really turned on :
cat /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/run
to know what modules are running :
install an app from terminal :
pm install /sdcard/app1.apk
from adb :
adb pm install /home/user/app1.apk
your kernel crashed?
cat /proc/last_kmsg
ex : from adb, and stored in /home/user/last_kmsg1
adb cat /proc/last_kmsg > /home/user/last_kmsg1
an app crashed, you want to know why?
ex : from adb and stored in /home/user/myfirstlogever
adb logcat > /home/user/myfirstlogever
don't have an USB cable ?or adb "other the air" :
connect to your home wifi network (both device and pc)
in settings/dev options/ enable adb on TCP/IP
adb connect
(the IP is the one displayed in the option you choose previously
and then, since it is connected, catch the log :
adb logcat > /home/user/myfirstlogever
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16th August 2012, 11:50 AM |#5  
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Benchmarks, screenshots and thklist
to start with, some screenshots
MiniCM10 theme:

MiniCM10 Crystal2:

benchmarks :

MiniCM10-4.0.2-nightly, using .32 kernel :
all has been done at 729MHz, on robyn

on .32-02:
antutu :

I/O performance on miniCM10-4.0.2-20130120/nAaJB03 ( :

conclude what you want
NOOP:- The NOOP scheduler inserts all incoming I/O requests into a simple, unordered FIFO queue and implements request merging.

The scheduler assumes I/O performance optimization will be handled at some other layer of the I/O hierarchy; e.g., at the block device; by an intelligent HBA such as a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller or by an externally attached controller such as a storage subsystem accessed through a switched Storage Area Network.
ANTICIPATORY:- Anticipatory scheduling is an algorithm for scheduling hard disk input/output.
It seeks to increase the efficiency of disk utilization by "anticipating" synchronous read operations.
CFQ:-CFQ, also known as "Completely Fair Queuing", is an I/O scheduler for the
Linux kernel which was written in 2003 by Jens Axboe.

CFQ works by placing synchronous requests submitted by processes into a number of per-process queues and then allocating timeslices for each of the queues to access the disk. The length of the time slice and the number of requests a queue is allowed to submit depends on the IO priority of the given process. Asynchronous requests for all processes are batched together in fewer queues, one per priority.
BFQ:- BFQ is a proportional share disk scheduling algorithm based on the slice-by-slice service scheme of CFQ. But BFQ assigns budgets, measured in number of sectors, to tasks instead of time slices. The disk is not granted to the active task for a given time slice, but until it has exahusted its assigned budget. This change from the time to the service domain allows BFQ to distribute the disk bandwidth among tasks as desired, without any distortion due to ZBR, workload fluctuations or other factors. BFQ uses an ad hoc internal scheduler, called B-WF2Q , to schedule tasks according to their budgets. Thanks to this accurate scheduler, BFQ can afford to assign high budgets to disk-bound non-seeky tasks (to boost the throughput), and yet guarantee low latencies to interactive and soft real-time applications.
I/O performances on MiniCM10-4.1.0 /w nAa-JB-05 :
here is a chart showing scheduler specific results,
the benchmarks were based on Antutu, regarding IO and SDcard R/W
my settings are :
zram 18%
swap file 128MB
all i can say for now, is that SIO is the more balanced scheduler, and CFQ/VR are the worst

here are the results

what does the chart shows us?

SIO is the more balanced scheduler, it has a good IO, and a good read/write
Anticipatory has the best IO, but a bad SDwrite
Deadline has the best SDwrite, but is quite average for IO and SDread
NOOP, CFQ and VR are a bit behind

for people using swap, i would say that they should use SIO or deadline, for others, Anticipatory or BFQ might be better

i ran the benchmark 4 times for each scheduler.

Benchmarks history since stock rom here

thanks to Heronger and some others helping to build this FAQ
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16th August 2012, 03:18 PM |#6  
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are the reserved threads in x8 development for JB?
16th August 2012, 03:20 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by hetunandu

are the reserved threads in x8 development for JB?

where are the reserved threads you are talking about?
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16th August 2012, 03:32 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by matmutant

where are the reserved threads you are talking about?

in x8 android development section
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16th August 2012, 03:34 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by hetunandu

in x8 android development section

16th August 2012, 03:45 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by matmutant


arghhhh!! cant wait!!

BTW do u need testers? im in. I have an X8. PM me
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16th August 2012, 06:55 PM |#11  
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Great job matmutant!
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