Zeno Sloim USB Host Drivers 2012

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By Zeno2, Senior Member on 9th February 2009, 01:57 PM
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Zeno Sloim USB Host Drivers 2012

Date: 2012-05-12

This program is dedicated to the memory of my beloved parents Regina and Marcu Sloim.
Due to them and the no-cost (supported by state) system of university education in Romania of 1979-1984 I could become a computer engineer.
To all people who still believe that humanity is above money and profit and all people are equal.


1. Windows CE, WM2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5, WM6.5.3 PDA/Phone/Device with QVGA,VGA or WVGA screen.
2. Suitable USB cable for your device

Desired peripherals:

1. PTP digital camera.
2. OBD-II device based on ELM327
3. Any other serial or USB device: GPS unit, Pen-scanner, mouse, keyboard, external HDD, card-reader, etc


Made by Zeno Sloim.
Based on RATOC Systems and Future Technology Devices Intl. Ltd. drivers.

The program contains:

1. USB-based HDD unit, Memory Flash, USB-based card-reader MassStorage Driver
2. USB-based external CD-DVD unit
3. USB Mouse driver
4. USB Keyboard US-101 HID driver
5. USB-to-Serial Port driver
6. RS232 USB Serial Driver

7. PTPView for HOST & PTP Digital Cameras driver (non-USB Mass Storage such as Sony, Canon etc.).
- download photos and movies from PTP digital camera to your PDA/Phone/Device
- photo preview
- multiple files download
- delete files from digital camera

8. OBD-II device based on EM327 (serial port and direct USB communication) drivers
- use any OBD-II device based on ELM327 for your vehicle diagnosis directly

All features tested on Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 560N running WM6.1 with Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 6.
Used with OEM USB keyboard, OEM external HDD, Kingston 8 GB memory-flash, OEM card-reader and various SD, SDHC cards, Microsoft various USB Mouses, Jura F9 automatic-coffee-machine serial port controller, OEM serial GPS unit, Canon Powershot G3, Canon PowerShot S3 IS.

Download and run installer-pc.exe on your pc, installer-ppc.exe on your PDA/Phone, installer-sp.exe on your smartphone.


1. What you see on screen when you connect something?

For HDD, Memory Flash or CardReader, you can see in Explorer(Resco Explorer or WM Explorer) the new unit labeled as "Hard Disk".
For keyboard, you don't see , but in any program using the device own keyboard (Touch Screen or slide - HTC Touch Pro), you can just type on external USB keyboard.
For mouse you see a yellow-green mouse cursor on screen which follows the external mouse movements.
For DVD you see : "External Mass Storage"
For Serial port a little window prompts you to configure the serial port settings and communication protocol.
Or start "Zeno Terminal" in "Start-Programs-Zeno USB Host Drivers" for configuration, or start "Zeno 232 USB Serial" in "Start-Programs-Zeno USB Host Drivers", for configuration.
For digital camera start the program "Zeno PTP View".

2. Is program limited to only devices with USB-host?

Yes and no. It depends on the hardware construction, accesible USB connector, even older devices without usb-host can have usb-host functionality. Many models and manufacturers has hidden this feature which really exists in their devices. The only way to find is to test it and if not working, search if other users succeeded. Original Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 560N has included by default usb-host connector, with support for HDD-Memory Flash only.

3. Cables and power supply - which ones?

I always tested it with powersupply incoupled for my Loox, even if HDD or DVD-unit self was powered separated. More info on how to build an injected USB power supply here:
or here:
You can use the cables/accessories from an external powered usb 2.5" hdd unit and adapter mini-usb to usb (usb cables with 2 heads at one end for external power supply).

4. Does it work on my device?

There's nothing harmful, nothing malicious hidden in my program, so you can test it on your devices without risk for dataloss or other unpleasant effects.
The installation (CAB) is not locked to certain device, it is uninstallable, it is not compressed to avoid install problems on certain devices. On my FSC Loox 560N I could install/uninstall without problems. Test my program, if it works, I'll be glad I could help other users, without thinking of money or profit. If it does not work, I can not guarantee I can help you. Just try and see.

5. Can it read data from attached DVD-unit or NTFS partitions?

Yes. The DVD unit I used is an Acer USB-based CD&DVD-RW made 2004 for an Acer Tablet-PC.

6. Barcode readers?

A user commented that even an USB barcode reader worked ok.

7. Incompatibility problems with other programs?

I can only test on my FSC Loox 560N. You can try on other devices and report in this thread on your experiences.

8. Legal aspects. Is this program legal?

Yes. All informations and sources are based on free available information and sources. No licences or copyrights were infringed. All is legal to use.

9. How much does it cost?

This program made by me, Zeno Sloim, is completeley free to use and test. I do not demand any payment or any other material form of recompense.
My program is done as Freeware and may be used by anyone.
However it may be not used or included by any person or company in a shareware product or which demands paying.


- Version 1.0: 2009-02-06 (first version)

- Version 2.0: 2009-02-07 added USB Host Mouse support for generic USB mouse. Only left-click and right-click support included, scroll-mouses are reduced to simple left and right click mouses.)

- Version 3.0: USB-to-Serial Port support added. V3 includes all previous versions, no need for uninstall. V3 does automatically soft-reset, which was not the case for v1 or v2.

- Version 4.0: PTP digital camera support added. V4 includes all previous versions, no need for uninstall.

- Version 5.0: added compatibility with older devices WM2003, as well as for WM Smartphones.

- Version 6.0: improved USB-to-Serial Port driver and added a second RS232 USB Serial Driver more suited for serial GPS units.

- Version 6.0a: modified installer, no longer forced reboot after full install, due to conflict with TouchFlo, SBSH iLauncher which caused a repeated reboot. You should manually restart your device after complete install.

- Version 2011 build 1.0: upon many requests, added compatibility with WM6.5, WM6.5.3 and experimental for WM2003.

- Version 2012 build 2012-05-12 major upgrades:

1. added support for OBD-II devices based on ELM327 (serial port and direct USB communication) for vehicle diagnosis
2. repack and redesign of all modules, one cab only for all drivers.


With respect,

Zeno Sloim

I add also some personal comments on my Android testing.

Android - next step to "Globalization"

I tested Android Emulator and a lot of Android apps apps yesterday.
I'm a devoted fan of Windows Mobile 6.1 (6.5 is bloated and 7 worse).
I wanted to see quickly its capabilities, minuses, and so on.
My primary observations:

1. Very few programs, complicate to do elementary tasks like in Windows Mobile
2. A program new version can't be installed over older version - first uninstall old version, which means UPDATE does not exist in Android!
3. Very limited offer of serious and advanced software, compared to Windows Mobile. Plenty of small apps (and imho mostly cheap jippo and junk for masses in Apple style, where a normal advanced Windows Mobile app is chunked in pieces and reselled as 10 new products in fancy emballage for masses - I hate this greedy commercialism a la Apple, where THEY DECIDE OVER YOU AND WHAT YOU CAN DO.

4. Windows Mobile 6.1 has greatest number of serious advanced apps and will remain so for many years, cause with Windows Mobile 7 and new trend of AppStore-Market, Microsoft comes in the same shame league of Nokia, Apple and Android-Google - read TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOUR PROGRAMS, NEW WALLS TO PIRACY AND INCREASED CONTROL OF YOUR PRIVATE DATA!
A lot of medium scale developers or small companies will leave the market due to secret honerous and unjustified taxes to be eligible to a certain AppStore-Market, like Nokia did many years ago with Symbian.
See now, just count number of serious advanced apps for Nokia with those for Windows Mobile 5-6! Nokia is almost inexistent. Capabilities of Symbian software is very poor to what exist for Windows Mobile! Exactlier said, most simple apps and junk for masses, this is Symbian nowadays: forget CAD, Mathematics, Astronomy, advanced networking, ... and list is long...

Same for Android, mostly simple programs which are years behind what exists for Windows Mobile. In fact, an identical situation if you compare Linux market with Windows one. No person or company is interested in sacrifice work and money for 0. That is Linux, same will be for Android, but Android is even greedier and Google tendence for control and intrusion in private life makes Android even worse.
Just think that there are no firewalls or traffic sniffers/logger for Android. I doubt that Airscanner Mobile Firewall, ProtectStar Mobile Firewal, or any other company will develop something for Android.

Android, like Windows 7 or Nokia Symbian are no longer done for end-user (read people, masses), but for maximizing profit for companies, minimazing piracy even if this means total invasion of your private life and data and only one part (read Apple, or Nokia, or Google or Microsoft (with Windows Phone 7), to controll everything about you, what you download, what you use, what you listen, whom you talk.
Looks like the concept "globalization" is entering with full and ugly force in your private life, when what is still called democracy looks more and more with Nazi, CIA, NSA or Communist total surveillance, like Orwell wrote in its famous "1984".
That is what Google is doing today and Microsoft follows.

5. And now for the typical enthusiast tester of new apps - the standard figure from PPCWarez: antipiracy is stronger and stronger, control is worse and much harder to "make free" what you want: hardware device or software.

IMHO, the most advanced Windows Mobile device/phone has nothing less than latest Android phones when it comes to technical features.
I'll remain a devoted Windows Mobile, because I hate when OTHERS ARE INTRUDING MY PERSONAL DATA AND WANTS TO CONTROL ME, in Windows Mobile 6.1 it's me who controlls, neither Google, Apple, Nokia or Microsoft. I simply can not understand people who sacrifice their privacy and personal data only because they "believe" advertisements from Apple or Google.
I simply laugh when I see how many are praising Nexus One or HTC Desire, when these mobile simply sucks bad ass compared to what a HTC HD2 or Omnia II can do in Windows Mobile and how many apps are available WITHOUT CONTROL and AppStore-Market jippos.

IMHO, the whole concept of AppStore-Market is a real threat to what we call democracy, personal freedom and private data & life.
And that is the direct consequence of what is called today "Globalization" , better read "Corporations and Private Companies" want to rule over countries, governments, nations and people.
The whole technical revolution from western contries is completely inexistent in most countries of Central and South America, Africa, Asia.
Powerty and social inequities are becoming worse and worse, while Apple, Microsoft, Nokia become greadier and greadier, for naming only from Information Technology and Communication area.

With respect and regards,
Zeno Sloim

2010-09-09 Added list of reported supported devices.
List follows:

Supported devices (list taken from russian forum - not sure if it is 100% correct - please excuse me if your listed device does not work as it should):

Acer: Acer c500/c510, Acer c530/c531, Acer DX650, Acer DX900, Acer Ferrari Racing, Acer n300/n310/n311/n321, Acer Tempo F900, Acer Tempo M900, Acer Tempo X960, Acer X960
Airis: Airis T480 / T480E, Airis T482 (SIM N3), Airis T483 / T483L, Airis T610 / T620
Alcatel: Alcatel OT-S988W
Amoi: Amoi E850, Amoi E860, Amoi N8, Amoi N800, Amoi N810
AnexTEK: AnexTEK moboDA 3160, AnexTEK moboDA 3360, AnexTEK moboDA 3380
Asus: ASUS Glaxy7, Asus Lamborghini ZX1, Asus M536, Asus MyPal A626, Asus MyPal A632/A636, Asus MyPal A639, Asus MyPal A686, Asus MyPal A696, Asus P305, Asus P320 (Asus Galaxy Mini), Asus P525, Asus P526 (Pegasus), Asus P527, Asus P535, Asus P550, Asus P552w, Asus P560, Asus P565, Asus P735, Asus P750/P750i, Asus P835, Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20
AT&T: AT&T Fuze (HTC Raphael 101), AT&T Tilt 8900 (HTC Kaiser 110), AT&T Tilt 8925 (HTC Kaiser 160)
Athensi: Athesi M3 Sky
Audiovox: Audiovox PPC 6700, Audiovox XV6800
BenQ: BenQ P51
Bluebird: Bluebird Pidion BIP-1300 , Bluebird Pidion BIP-2000, Bluebird Pidion BIP-5000, Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000, Bluebird Pidion BM-150R GSM/CDMA, Bluebird Pidion BM-300, Bluebird Pidion BM-500
Cingular: Cingular 8125, Cingular 8525
CipherLab: CipherLab CPT-9500PPC
CyberBank: CyberBank POZ G300 (HTC Galaxy 100)
Daxian: Daxian C8100, Daxian C9000
Dell: Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X51v
Dopod: Dopod 838, Dopod 900, Dopod C800 / C858 (HTC Herald 100), Dopod CHT 9000 (HTC Hermes 200), Dopod CHT 9100, Dopod CHT 9110, Dopod D600 (Gene 100), Dopod D802 (HTC Love), Dopod D810, Dopod D818c (HTC Wave), Dopod E616 (HTC Panda), Dopod E806c (HTC Wave), Dopod M700, Dopod P100, Dopod P660, Dopod P800 (HTC Artemis 110), Dopod P860, Dopod S1, Dopod S500 (HTC Vogue 200), Dopod S505, Dopod S600, Dopod S610 (HTC Nike), Dopod S700 (HTC Fuwa), Dopod S900c (HTC Diamond 500), Dopod Touch Cruise T4288 (HTC Iolite), Dopod Touch Diamond S900 (HTC Diamond 100), Dopod Touch Diamond S910 (HTC Diamond), Dopod Touch HD (HTC Blackstone), Dopod Touch Pro (HTC Raphael), Dopod Touch T3238 (HTC Jade 100), Dopod U1000
Emobile: Emobile Emonster lite S12HT (HTC Nike), Emobile Emonster S11HT, Emobile Touch Diamond S21HT (HTC Diamond 210)
Everex: Everex Neon (Kinpo Neon)
Fly: Fly PC 100 (TechFaith PDA-L), Fly PC 200
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox C550, Loox N100/N110, Loox N500, Loox N520, Loox N560, Loox T810, Loox T830
General Mobile: General Mobile DSTW1 (TechFaith Cynthia 850)
Getac: Getac PS236, Getac PS236 WWAN, Getac PS535F
Gigabyte: Gigabyte g-Smart, Gigabyte GSmart i120, Gigabyte GSmart i128, Gigabyte GSmart i200, Gigabyte GSmart i300, Gigabyte GSmart i350, Gigabyte GSmart MS800, Gigabyte GSmart MS802, Gigabyte GSmart MS804, Gigabyte GSmart MS808, Gigabyte GSmart MS820, Gigabyte GSmart MW700, Gigabyte GSmart MW702, Gigabyte GSmart MW704, Gigabyte GSmart MW720, Gigabyte GSmart MW998, Gigabyte GSmart q60, Gigabyte Gsmart S1200, Gigabyte GSmart t600
Glofiish & E-Ten: E-Ten G500, E-TEN InfoTouch M550, E-Ten M600, Glofiish (E-Ten) M700, Glofiish (E-Ten) X500, Glofiish DX900 (E-Ten DX900), Glofiish M750, Glofiish M800 (E-Ten M800) , Glofiish M810, Glofiish V900 (E-Ten V900), Glofiish X500+ (E-Ten X500+) , Glofiish X600 (E-Ten X600) , Glofiish X610, Glofiish X650 (E-Ten X650) , Glofiish X800 (E-Ten X800), Glofiish X900 (E-Ten X900)
HKC: HKC C880 (TechFaith Moffett), HKC G1000 (TechFaith Cynthia 850), HKC G801 (TechFaith Lampson II), HKC G901 (TechFaith Bono), HKC G908 (SIM V1), HKC G920 (SIM Wacke), HKC Mopad 8/8E, HKC Pearl (TechFaith Lancer), HKC Prado, HKC W1000 (TechFaith Gallic)
HP: Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 100 / 110 / 111 / 112, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger, HP iPAQ 114 Classic Handheld, HP iPAQ 210/211/212/214 Enterprise Handheld, HP iPAQ 600/610/612/614/c Business Navigator, HP iPAQ 910/912/914/c Business Messenger, iPAQ hw6700 Series, iPAQ hw6910/hw6920/hw6940, iPAQ hw6915/hw6925 hw6945/hw6965, iPAQ hx2100 Series / hx2190 / hx2195, iPAQ hx2400/hx2490/hx2495, iPAQ hx2700 Series/hx2790/hx2795, iPAQ rw6828/rw6815/rw6818, iPAQ rx1950/rx1955, iPAQ rx4000/rx5000 rx4240/rx4540, iPAQ rx5730/rx5735, iPAQ rx5900/rx5915 rx5940/rx5935/rx5965
HTC: HTC 8125, HTC 8925 Tilt (HTC Kaiser 100), HTC Advantage X7500, HTC Advantage X7501 (HTC Athena), HTC Advantage X7510 (HTC Athena 400), HTC Atlas, HTC Gene 100, HTC MAX 4G T8290 (HTC Quartz), HTC Omni, HTC P3000 Wave, HTC P3300 (Artemis), HTC P3301 (HTC Artemis 200), HTC P3350 (Love), HTC P3400/P3401 (Gene), HTC P3400i, HTC P3452 Touch (HTC Elfin), HTC P3470 (HTC Pharos 100)(HTC PHAR100), HTC P3600 (Trinity), HTC P3600i, HTC P4000 (HTC Titan 100), HTC P4300 (HTC Wizard 110), HTC P4350 (Herald 100), HTC P4351 (HTC Herald), HTC P6000 Census, HTC P6300 (Panda), HTC P6500 (Sirius), HTC P6550 (HTC Sedna), HTC PM300, HTC PPC6800 (Mogul), HTC S740, HTC SPV M5000 (HTC Universal), HTC Ted Baker Needle (HTC Elf 200), HTC Touch 3G (T3232 Jade), HTC Touch Cruise II 2009 (HTC T4242) (HTC Iolite), HTC Touch Cruise P3650 (HTC Polaris), HTC Touch Diamond (HTC P3700/P3490/P3051), HTC Touch Diamond P3702 Victor (HTC Diamond 200), HTC Touch Diamond2 T5353 (HTC Topaz 100), HTC Touch Diamond2 T5388 (HTC Topaz), HTC Touch Dual 850 / P5310 (HTC Neon 400), HTC Touch Dual P5500 (Nike) NIKI100, HTC Touch Dual P5530, HTC Touch Find (HTC Polaris 200), HTC Touch HD T8282 (HTC Blackstone 100), HTC Touch HD T8285 (HTC Blackstone), HTC Touch P3050 (HTC Vogue 100), HTC Touch P3450 (Elf 100), HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 (HTC Rhodium 100), HTC Touch Pro T7272 (HTC Raphael 100), HTC Touch Viva T2222/T2223/T2233 (HTC Opal 100), HTC TyTN, HTC TyTN II P4550 (Kaiser), HTC Whitestone, HTC X9500 (Shift)
Huawei: Huawei C8000, Huawei C8100
i-mate: I-Mate 810-F (Hummer), i-Mate 8502 Ultimate, i-Mate 9502 Ultimate, i-mate JAMA, i-mate JAMA 101, i-mate JAMin, i-mate JAQ, i-Mate JAQ3, i-mate JAQ4, i-mate JasJam (HTC Hermes 100), i-mate Jasjar, i-mate K-JAM, i-mate K-JAR, i-mate PDA-N, i-Mate PDAL, i-mate PM300, i-mate Ultimate 5150, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mate Ultimate 7150, i-mate Ultimate 8150, i-mate Ultimate 9150
ICD: Velocity 103, Velocity 111
iDO: iDO P890 (Kinpo Saturn), iDO S630 (Kinpo Tin)
Intermec: Intermec CN3, Intermec CN30, Intermec CV30
Lenovo: Lenovo ET600, Lenovo ET660, Lenovo ET980
LG: LG GM730/GM730f, LG GT810H, LG Incite CT810, LG KC1, LG KS20, LG KT878, LG N1
Medion: Medion MDPNA 1500 (MD96700)
MiTAC: Mio A201, Mio A501, Mio A502 Digi-Walker, Mio A700/A701, Mio A702, Mio Explora K70, Mio Explora K75, Mio Leap G50 (Mio Lovebird), Mio P340 Digi-Walker, Mio P350, Mio P550 / P550m Digi-Walker, MiTAC Mio P360 DigiWalker, MiTAC Mio P560 DigiWalker, Pocket Navigator PN-3560
Mobile Compia: Mobile Compia M3 Plus MC-7700S/MC-7500S, Mobile Compia MM3
Mobinnova: Mobinnova Ice /Ice 5420
Motorola: Motorola FR6000, Motorola FR68, Motorola MC35, Motorola MC5574, Motorola MC5590, Motorola MC70 GSM/CDMA, Motorola MC75, Motorola MC9500-K CDMA/GSM, Motorola MOTOSURF A3100 (Motorola Attila), Motorola VC6096
MWg: MWg Atom Life, MWg Atom V, MWg UBiQUiO 503g, MWg Zinc II
NDrive: NDrive S300 (TechFaith Lampson), NDrive S400 (SIM U1)
NTT DoCoMo: NTT DoCoMo FOMA HT1100 (HTC Nike), NTT DoCoMo hTc Z (HTC Hermes 100), NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-01A (HTC Raphael 600), NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-02A (HTC Diamond), NTT DoCoMo PRO series T-01A (Toshiba Tsunagi)
O2: O2 xda Atom/Atom Life, O2 XDA Comet, O2 Xda Diamond / Xda Ignito (HTC Diamond 300) , O2 Xda Diamond 2 (HTC Topaz 100), O2 Xda Diamond Pro / Xda Serra (HTC Raphael 100), O2 xda Exec, O2 xda Flame, O2 XDA Flint (HTC Athena 400), O2 XDA Guide (HTC Iolite), O2 XDA Mantle (HTC Sedna 100), O2 xda Mini s (pm10a), O2 xda Neo, O2 XDA Nova (HTC Elf 200), O2 xda Orbit (ARTE200), O2 XDA Star (HTC Nike 100), O2 xda Stealth, O2 Xda Stellar, O2 XDA Terra (HTC Herald 100), O2 xda Trion, O2 XDA Zest (Asus Crystal), O2 XDA Zinc (Asus Mars II)
Okwap: Okwap K868, Okwap K868 Plus, Okwap K869, Okwap K871, Okwap S868
Opticon: Opticon H16 / H16B, Opticon H19
Orange: Orange M650 (HTC Artemis 100), Orange SPV M3000, Orange SPV M3100, Orange SPV M5000, Orange SPV M600, Orange SPV M700
ORSiO: ORSiO g735, ORSiO n725, ORSiO p745
Palm: Palm Treo 700w/700wx, Palm Treo 750/750v, Palm Treo 800w, Palm Treo Pro (Treo 850) (Palm Monk)
Pharos: Pharos Traveler 117, Pharos Traveler 127, Pharos Traveler 137 (Inventec Montblance 338), Pharos Traveler 535e / 535PB / 535+, Pharos Traveler 600 (GPS Phone 600), Pharos Traveler 619, Pharos Traveler GPS 525 (HTC Galaxy 100)
Psion Teklogix: Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505, Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505 WWAN / QWERTY
QiGi: QiGi AK007C, QiGi i5 / i5P (TechFaith Lampson II), QiGi i55 / i55P (TechFaith Cynthia 850), QiGi i55C (TechFaith Gallic), QiGi i6C / i6 Win / i6P Win (TechFaith Lancer), QiGi i7, QiGi i8 (TechFaith Pebble), QiGi i9 / i9P (TechFaith Bono), QiGi U6 / U6P, QiGi U8 / U8P, QiGi V808
Qtek: Qtek 9000, Qtek 9100 (HTC Wiza 200), Qtek 9600, Qtek G100, Qtek G200, Qtek pm10a, Qtek S200 (PM300)
RoverPC: RoverPC C6, RoverPC C7, RoverPC E5, RoverPC evo V7 (SIM V1), RoverPC evo X8, RoverPC G5, RoverPC G6, RoverPC N6, RoverPC N7, RoverPC new P7 (SIM N5), RoverPC P6, RoverPC pro G7 (SIM U1), RoverPC Q5 (Kinpo Saturn), RoverPC Q6, RoverPC Q7 (TechFaith Bono), RoverPC S5, RoverPC S6, RoverPC S7, RoverPC W5, RoverPC X7 (SIM Wacke)
Samsung: Samsung B7300 Omnia LITE, Samsung B7610 OmniaPro, Samsung GT-B7300C (Samsung Buckingham), Samsung GT-i8000T Omnia Icon M8 8GB, Samsung i710, Samsung i760, Samsung i780, Samsung i900 Omnia WiTu, Samsung Mondi, Samsung Saga i770 / i777, Samsung SCH-i329, Samsung SCH-i910 Omnia, Samsung SCH-M470, Samsung SCH-M480, Samsung SCH-M490, Samsung SCH-M495, Samsung SCH-M830, Samsung SGH-i718, Samsung SGH-i728, Samsung SGH-i740 / i740c, Samsung SGH-i788, Samsung SGH-i900L, Samsung SGH-i907 Epix, Samsung SGH-i908E, Samsung SPH-M4650 Multi-Touch, Samsung SPH-M4655 Multi-Touch II, Samsung SPH-M4800 Ultra Messaging II, Samsung SPH-M8100, Samsung SPH-M8200, Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi
Sharp: Sharp EM-ONE S01SH2, Sharp W-ZERO3 WS003SH, Sharp W-ZERO3 [es] WS007SH, Sharp WS004SH, Sharp WS011SH, Sharp WS020SH
Simvalley Mobile: Simvalley Mobile Smartphone XP-25, Simvalley Mobile Smartphone XP-45, Simvalley Mobile Smartphone XP-65
Socket Communications: Socket SoMo 650M/E/HS
SoftBank: SoftBank X01HT (HTC Hermes 200), Softbank X01T, Softbank X04HT Touch Diamond, SoftBank X05HT Touch Pro (HTC Raphael)
Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1/X1a/X1c/X1i (SE Venus)
Sprint: Sprint Mogul PPC-6800 (HTC Titan 100), Sprint Touch (HTC Vogue 100), Sprint Touch Diamond (HTC Diamond 500), Sprint Touch Pro (HTC Raphael 800), Sprint Touch Pro2 (HTC Rhodium W)
Swisscom: Swisscom XPA S200 (HTC Prophet), Swisscom XPA v1510 (HTC Trinity 100), Swisscom XPA v1605 (HTC Hermes 200)
Symbol: Symbol MC70
T-Mobile: T-Mobile Ameo 16GB (HTC Athena 400), T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 US / Wing II (HTC Rhodium 210), T-Mobile MDA Ameo (HTC Athena 100), T-Mobile MDA Basic (HTC Opal), T-Mobile MDA Compact II, T-Mobile MDA Compact III (HTC Artemis 110), T-Mobile MDA Compact IV (HTC Diamond 200), T-Mobile MDA Compact V (HTC Topaz), T-Mobile MDA Pro, T-Mobile MDA Touch 256 (HTC Elfin 300), T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus (HTC Nike 200), T-Mobile MDA Vario, T-Mobile MDA Vario II (HTC Hermes 300), T-Mobile MDA Vario III (HTC Kaiser 120), T-Mobile MDA Vario IV (HTC Raphael 300), T-Mobile MDA Vario V (HTC Rhodium), T-Mobile Wing
TechFaith: TechFaith G3000, TechFaith i5 (TechFaith Lampson II), TechFaith Moffett, TechFaith Pebble, TechFaith Perai H
TMN: TMN Bluebelt (ZTE Xiang)
TORQ: TORQ N100, TORQ P100w, TORQ P120, TORQ P175
Toshiba: Toshiba g900, Toshiba Portege g810 , Toshiba Portege g910, Toshiba TG01
Trimble: Trimble Juno SB / SC, Trimble Juno ST, Trimble Recon
Typhoon: Typhoon MyGuide 7500, Typhoon MyGuide 7500 XL
UBiQUiO: UBiQUiO 401, UBiQUiO 501, UBiQUiO 503G (TechFaith Perai H)
Verizon: Verizon Touch Diamond XV6950 (HTC Diamond 400), Verizon Touch Pro XV6850 (HTC Raphael 500), Verizon Touch Pro2 XV6875 (HTC Rhodium W), Verizon Touch XV6900 (HTC Vogue 200), Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache), Verizon XV6800 (HTC Titan 100)
Vodafone: Vodafone v1520 (Asus Solaris), Vodafone v1605, Vodafone v1615 (HTC Kaiser 120), Vodafone v1640 (HTC Universal), Vodafone VPA Compact GPS (HTC Trinity 100), Vodafone VPA Compact II, Vodafone VPA Compact IV, Vodafone VPA Compact V, Vodafone VPA Touch (HTC Elf 100)
Voxtel: Voxtel W420, Voxtel W520, Voxtel W740
Wanxin: Wanxin M1
WayteQ: WayteQ T880 (TechFaith Cynthia 850), WayteQ X-Phone (TechFaith Lancer), WayteQ X5 (TechFaith Lampson)
xDevice: xDevice X1
Yakumo: Yakumo PDA deltaX 5 BT
ZTE: ZTE e760, ZTE N61, ZTE Raise, ZTE Xiang
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9th February 2009, 02:26 PM |#2  
GriFolle's Avatar
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With theese drivers am I finally be able to use the USB-otg functions of my diamond?!
Could I really transfer files directly from a usb pen to my jewl?!
9th February 2009, 02:39 PM |#3  
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I used to have USB host on a Acer n30. i used it...twice. Once I copied sometging from my friend's USB disk and once I played Doom with keyboard on it :P
9th February 2009, 03:58 PM |#4  
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Absolutely AMAZING.
9th February 2009, 04:05 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by GriFolle


With theese drivers am I finally be able to use the USB-otg functions of my diamond?!
Could I really transfer files directly from a usb pen to my jewl?!

I was wondering as well. Could you share your experience if you decide to try it?
9th February 2009, 04:11 PM |#6  
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Dude, if this works this is one of the coolest things ever.

* runs to the shop to get the right cable *

Where'd you find the source for this stuff? Are those drivers you used to make this freely available?

* stamps Chainfire seal of approval *
9th February 2009, 04:22 PM |#7  
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I'm guessing these are additional drivers for devices that already support USB host (like the Pocket Loox 560N), correct?

I don't think this is intended to add USB host functionality to devices that don't already support it. Hope I'm wrong though.
9th February 2009, 04:32 PM |#8  
OMFG!!! That is unbelievable. Thanks for the great contribution!!!
9th February 2009, 04:48 PM |#9  
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Has somebody success to get access to a hdd from a Qualcomm Device? Or is it really for USB Host devices only?

There are too less information - he tried on a FuSi but took as example a Touch Pro?? What now
9th February 2009, 04:48 PM |#10  
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using a bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse will be very cool.. and of course, connecting usb keys is.. precious. will try it out after i get the cable.
9th February 2009, 04:54 PM |#11  
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Would be nice if that works for a HTC KAISER
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