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[ROM][KERNEL][4.3] INFAMOUS S3™ | Version 6.0 | Dec 8, 2013

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Welcome to Infamous S3

Before you start using this rom here are some things you need to know:

1. I am NOT updating every day (I work 6 days a week and have a 21 month old and a wife)...

2. Don't ask for ETA, this is rude and offensive. When it is done it is done.

3. Custom Roms come without warranty. They are tested before release but something always can go bad. So if you broke your phone or you got fired because the alarm didn't go off - I am not responsible.

4. Support is limited. Sometimes I can answer your questions sometimes I don't have the time. There will be times I don't have an answer so please do no repeat your question or get offended because I haven't answered you.

5. Don't compare ROMs. It is rude and offensive for developers. If the other rom has what you need, use that ROM.

6. Don't Kang my work. You may fool everyone else but I will know! If you want to use something just ask!

7. If you like my work, a five star thread rating and hitting the thanks button motivates me.

8. No flaming! We have all been a NoOb before. We are here to help each other.

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

By using the rom you agree with the above terms!


  • Official T999UVUEMJC Firmware
  • "Clean" themes
  • Busybox
  • Rooted
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Zipalign on boot script
  • Debloated
  • Init.d support
  • Wifi Calling enabled
  • Sysro/sysrw
  • Carrier IQ Free
  • App/data Support
  • Debloated
  • Init.d Scripts
  • Faster SD Card read/write
  • Nova 2.0
  • Removed Ads
  • Updated SU binary
  • SuperSU
  • Unrestricted Native Tethering
  • enabled call button in list in the contact app for ease of access
  • Infamous bookmarks - ROM, Forum, Servers for quick download access
  • Infamous Tools apk
  • Call/text blocker in settings
  • Check change log for more!

Setup info:

Setup info:
* Flash the ROM zip
* Reboot
* Skip wizard setup
* Once done reboot
* Setup as normal
* Enjoy!

Known issues:

- none !

Found a bug?
Pull a log to help me help you


Quick how to install Xposed and Gravity Box.

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][KERNEL][4.3] INFAMOUS S3™ | Version 6.0 | Dec 8, 2013, a ROM for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III

Jamison904, Midnight_Rider, djmatt604

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 6.0
Stable Release Date: 2013-12-08

Created 2013-11-26
Last Updated 2013-12-14
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24th October 2012, 01:15 AM |#2  
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Jacksonville, Florida
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Infamous S3 - Android File Host

Also this is a DevDB project, downloads are also uploaded here on XDA and support torrents. Please seed if you can!! Click on the download tab at the top of the screen (desktop mode)

Version 6.0 - Dec 8, 2013

- New Official T999UVUEMJC Firmware
- Added Aroma
- Tweaked Frameworks, Settings, and systemUI
- Removed framework arrays that lock in tethering provision 
- Removed tethering provision
- Added short cuts for torch and page buddy under display
- Added Infamous Tools
- removed Knox
- Removed Carrier IQ
- Added a "bloatware" section in aroma for you who love your T-mobile bloat...
- Updated ad blocking hosts
- Added Google keyboard as an option
- Added Google camera with Photosphere
- Added Call/ text blocker in settings
- A lot more, Ill add to this later. Enjoy and we're back!

Version 5.2SE June 15, 2013

- ROM Control!
  * Transparency mod
  * Change battery image on the fly
  * Clock mod
  * Color adjust on the fly coming soon!

- NO WIFI CALLING Seems to actually be working...
    To turn WIFI calling on or off in 5.2SE you will go to phone.apk and hit menu then settings.
- HardCore Tethering returns!
- Major framework overhaul
- Added 4G icons in replace of 3G and H (This is SE people!)
- Ported over 23 toggles to SE
- Cleaned up a bunch
- Went with Blue for toggles and brightness slider for cleaner look! (stock green and orange combo is hard on the eyes)
- Largest Ad blocker to day... period!  
- Added LMT Launcher in data/app 
- Added Floating Notifications. Stand alone Halo like apk just better!
- All the goodies from v5.1
- Added back Red Team Infamous Bootanimation
- Up dated AOSP theme for 5.2SE - Download link

Version 5.1 June 1, 2013

- Not compatible with 5.0SE, wipe is a must!
- added Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Vietnamese support (needs to be confirmed)
- included full tethering hack (already had a zip for this)
- included Menu kill (already had a zip for this)
- added trickster mod for Kernel tweaking
- Updated SU binary
- added Koush's open source super user
- added back the Infamous ringtone
- New Team Infamous boot animation 
- New init.d scripts!
  * Infamous CPU script - sets min/max and defaults Ondemand at boot. (CPU Stability!)
  * Infamous apk booster!
  * Upped SD card speed
- Ported over the 23 toggles mod to the new 4.1.2 firmware. 
  Infamous is first to bring this to you!!
- added AdvancedS V2! If you are still using version one you 
  will want to read this!! Stealing you're info!!!

v5.0SE May 14, 2013

- ROM Control!
  * Transparency works
  * Battery mods works
  * Clock mods works
  * Others are incomplete and won't work
- Since the SystemUI.apk and SecSettings.apk are Verizon based you will have 3G and H instead of 4G
- Backup Assistant Plus will FC (we don't have it and I am not adding it)
- Ad blocker 
- Tethering works amazingly with patch in download section! Even Chrome on SE!!
- Menu to kill is an attachment in the download section as well!

v5.0 May 14, 2013

- 4.1.2 T999UVDMD5
- Rooted
- Deodexed
- Busybox
- 100% battery mod
- APM by  itsmikeramsay - Thanks bro!
(Sorry being Lazy... wasted two weeks of work for an update that isn't going to be release... damn it. I hate you T-mobile)
- Tethering patch is in the download section
- Menu to kill is an attachment in the download section
-  Other normal stuff and more to come...

v4.8.2 April 19, 2013

- removed Infamous-res.apk
- added lidroid-res.API
- now should be 100 % compatible with other 3rd party themes
- added back torch (forgot it somehow while starting from scratch )
- a lot of framework cleaning as well as smali cleaning
- brought back ALL csc tweaks from before messing them up testing
- debloated even more
- removed swype again 
- added a few more tweaks in the frameworks but not activating until 5.0
- updated hosts for ad blocking

v4.8.1 April 15, 2013

- reverted the CSC to add back a lot of my tweaks as it didn't help the kies issue anyways.
- reverted back to Infamous "stockish" Kernel by default
- all the other goodies from 4.8 :cool:

WIPE is a must coming from 4.8 but not needed if coming from 4.7.9.

- when redoing everything from scratch I forgot to put the torch apk in the ROM
  that the code calls up to make it work. Just have to move it to system/app reboot
  and unceck it and check it. Apk in download section below.

v4.8 April 14, 2013

- Clean up a lot of the frameworks and smali's
- Started over from scratch (stock firmware)
- Fixed Samsung keyboard swype 
- Fixed Android 4.2 keyboard swype
- A bunch of CSC edits (you'll notice them)
- Kies support should be functional again
- Removed startup and shutdown sounds (getting ready for 5.0)
- New Team Infamous boot (less flashy)
- reverted all UI and Notifcations (getting ready for 5.0) (left default ringtone because I hate T-mobile's...)
- Added in Darkside Apprentice Kernel v0.4 by default. (5.0 will give you the option to pick) 
  * Updated modules, ie, wifi, bluetooth...
  * (Use stock kernel zip in download section to remove if you wish)
- Left Swype in this time (hate it and normally delete it first thing...) Its under the data/app for easy removal 
- Updated ad blocking hosts
- Added Blesstheattack's AOSP themed Phone and contacts apps
- AOSP theme for 4.7.9 is compatible, other themes will be updated soon (maybe tomorrow... or I guess today since it is 2am)

EDIT: Darkside_apprentice v0.4 has bad battery consumption. Please flash v0.3 or stock from downloads.

v4.7.9 April 7, 2013

- JUST A PATCH! Not the full ROM. Install over v4.7.8
- Added Transparent Status bar toggle to ROM Control
- Removed broken lock screens till fixed
- Something else but I forget. I'll edit when I remember  

V4.7.8 March 31, 2013

 Setup info:
  * After flashing first thing you need to do is go to settings/lock screen and TURN OFF RIPPLE EFFECT!
  * Next you need to setup the battery image you want to use under ROM Control
  * Setup the clock the way you want it as well.
  * If you want to keep the brightness slider in the notification pull down you must turn it on under settings/display
  * Added in the new lockscreens, but two are not finished. Please do not use the Blackberry lock screen or the HTC lock screen.

- Added some new features that were meant for 5.0, so more of a preview.
- Added Browser edge zoom toggle to the main stream ROM (was out in 4.7.6 but beta) - Thanks loserskater!
- Added the brightness bar toggle - Thanks loserskater! 
- Added in the new lockscreens, please see info above on them.
- Reverted back to older Titanium backup that works
- Fatten the ROM back up. Only things missing now are the T-mobile bloatware
- Huge amount or framework tweaks, also a lot more tweaks and mods in there... just not activated yet :cool:
- You can take the Infamous-res.apk from your favorite theme and move it to system/framework to get the toggles back.
- Samsung keyboard swype still doesn't work, looking into it.
- Added back AOSP 4.2 keyboard
- More I am sure, if I think of them I will add them. 
- Oh and unlocked the bookmarks... 

Happy Easter!


V4.7.5 March 22, 2013

- added my own ROM Control. Custom smali not some hacked apk
  * Removed lock screen function. Until 5.0, this is just a preview.  AOSP lock screen still works.
  * IME and Volume are disabled as well.
  * left toggles open in other settings until I add more to the ROM Control 
  * many more coming... muhahahaha.
- added back clockpagae.apk (sorry about that.)
- cleaned up a lot from 4.5-4.7
- New boot animation thanks again to the boot animation king! Thanks - JaeKar99
- added AOKP battery to battery selection under Android.
- removed a few apps.from data/app
- Infamous Easter egg. Idea from Jovy. 
- more... will add later.

v4.7 March 19,2013

- Finished Clock 2.0 mod
- Completes battery changer on the fly mod. (My battery images are coming soon!)
- Started from scratch and redid all the smali tweaks for most apk's.
- cleaned up a few things from 4.6
- Stable once again!

- Unfortunately themes are not compatible... dang it. There goes more sleep for us. lol

v4.6 March 17, 2013

- updated SuperSU
- updated ad hosts
- true display tweak! great battery at lower levels but Super bright at full and more clear in the sunlight!!
- Added back Samsung keyboard by popular demand!
- Added back both AOSP Keyboards, sorry had to remove themed AOSP keyboard. (It hates me...)
- Added change battery on the fly! Will add my personal battery images by 5.0 :cool: stock with ones from mod for now
- Was working on Clock 2.0 mod... didn't finish and is half done.
- Added back some Samsung apps by popular demand
- A butt-ton of framework updates and libs from my 4.2 AOKP build for better GPS, Wifi, and battery... 
- Lots more half done but have to stop for now.

- Broke Hide clock and hide am/pm... will be fixed

~ Huge shout out to Didact74  for all his awesome mods! He is a developers' developer!!! Thanks my friend!

v4.5 Feb 23, 2013

- Added the ability to take pictures while on the phone (TW Camera) mod by our own blesstheattack !! Thanks bro!
- Added the camera from my AOKP MR1 4.2.2 ROM. too many awesome features to list. Check it out
- Updated the 4.2 AOSP keyboard (broke sype, will fix) and themed to mach ROM
- Updated wallpapers app to included all the wallpapers ever used in any Infamous ROM
- Per a request from my wife, added the 4.2 emoji keyboard. (have to switch back and forth but supported through out the ROM) hint 
  on the AOSP keyboard after enabling the emoji keyboard you press and hold space-bar to pull up the selector 
- removed AOSP keyboard from 4.1 as it was taking up space
- updated ad blocking host 
- a bunch of framework tweaks getting ready for part 2 of the update. :cool:
- thinking I forgot something.... we will see

v4.4 Feb 9, 2013

- Darkened settings, phone, contacts, and a few others. Didn't adjust stock theme at the same time.
- Rewrote Infamous Wallpaper app to work and include most default Infamous wallpapers
- removed charge sound when pluggin into AC adapter
- Added new "Team Infamous Boot animation" 
- Update ad blocking host sites
- minor framework tweaks
- Trying out some new battery tweaks, let me know!!
- Reverted to blacked out Apollo, No FC's!!

v4.3 Feb 2, 2013

- Lots of framework tweaks
- Add phone and sms to the AOSP lock screen (working on a way to change them)
- Fixed charging battery images for stock
- Updated ad blocking servers 
- Upgraded Apollo
- Added the Android news/weather app from my AOKP ROM
- Added video editor 
- System tweaks
- Updated all themes... all of them... Use 3.0 themes

v4.2 Jan 29, 2013

- By popular demand Stock look is the new default
- Themes are compatible
- Fixed recent apps by home long press
- Added back Menu to kill (left out by accident)
- Tweaked long press volume to skip track time out (smooth and consistent)
- Cleaned up even more frameworks / smali
- added back clock gears boot by popular demand
- etc...

v4.1 Jan 27, 2013

- Now you see the ROM with a date when downloading. This will fix Goo
  Manager to notify with the correct ROM update.
- Patched Menu to kill back in after killing it... my bad
- Change bootanimation, got tired of the other
- Cleaned up a few things in the smali 's
- Recent apps by home button is broke. Download the patch in download section

~ Added Thanks section to the OP. :cool:


- Huge framework tweaks
- added Nova 2.0
- removed a few add on apps
- added inverted apollo (plays nice with AOSP lock screen and DSP Manager.)
- updated Ad blocker sites
- Volume skip from lock screen ~ Thanks mikeyinid and/or loserskater
- Torch from either lock screens!! Also toggle on and off in lock screen settings 
  Once activated in lock screen setting double tap home hard button to turn it on. 
  Unlock the screen to turn it off! Also takes about 30 sec after a reboot to work, then
  you are good to go. 
- Think I fixed Goo updater from going crazy... let me know. 

~ Jan 21, 2013 
- Themes are compatible again

V3.9.2 Jan 4, 2013

- Updated SU binary
- added SuperSU and removed old superuser
- rewrote a lot of the installer script 
- some more framework tweaks / should fix random hang ups when
   using AOSP lockscreen
- new default wallpaper
- updated V6 Supercharger and included scripts
- AOSP lockscreen now has working weather if toggled on.

v3.9.1 Dec 28, 2012

- fixed busybox yet again. . . 
- Reverted Sms to MMS for "long" texts.
- added Infamous download servers to browser for easy access 
- more I am forgetting at 3 am and have to be at work at 5 am...

v3.9 Dec 27, 2012

- rebuilt frameworks for tether MOD
- removed auto rotation MOD from frameworks
- toggle AOSP Lockscreen from settings/lock screen/lock screen options/Enable AOSP lockscreen
- Was updating Busybox and broke it yet again. . .will fix asap
- Reupdated ad servers
- Have a few more tweaks coming that will raise the bar yet again :cool:


Dec 25, 2012 Christmas edition!
- Unrestricted Native Tethering - Thanks jovy23 for the hard work finding this and a guide how to. You rock bro!
- Smaller AM/PM stock
- toggle hide AM/PM in settings under date/time
- toggle hide clock in settings under date/time
- lock screen auto rotate 
- updated ad blocking servers
- Re-zipaligned and tweaked for speed
- few more internal battery saving tweaks
- THEMES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. Have to update them soon...

v3.7 aka Stable

 Dec 19-20... (forgot to update OP.)

- fixed the nasty notification bug.
- updated ad block hosts
- more internal tweaks
- removed 3G/4G tweak

v3.6 Dec 14, 012


- restarted the whole ROM from scratch from Sammie's .tar to clean stuff up and speed!
- added 23 custom toggles (Thanks Wanam!)
- tons of internal tweaks
- added exit in browser menu
- added new page and add new bookmark from browser menu for ease 
- added share from browser menu
- added shortcuts from browser menu
- tweaked a lot of defaults
- added the new advance quick settings app
- removed 4.2 AOSP camera 
- tweaked contacts to allow up to 1000 contacts (like you know that many people...)
- enabled call button in list in the contact app for ease of access
- disable sms to mms conversion
- tweaked message app recipient limit to 1000
- tweaked message app max slide count to 1000
- Camera shutter sound will not pause music now
- a lot more that I cannot remember at this time. 

v3.5.2 Dec 9, 2012

- Infamous Mod Camera - take pictures with the volume rocker

v3.5.1 Dec 9, 2012

- fixed black screen at boot
- Change default home to Google in the browser
- fixed #28 battery image (was super small)
- all from v3.5

v3.5 Dec 8, 2012

- restarted from Sammie's .Tar to clean up stuff
- added Menu to kill current application - Thanks Cristiano Matos!
- added Headphone Shortcuts for SGS3 MOD/Apk - Thanks rickythefox!
- updated/fix Busybox
- added back 4.2 camera and keyboard
- added infamous bookmark :cool:
- updated speed tweaks
- updated ad blocker hosts
- more to come. . . 

v3.4 Nov 22, 2012

- added back 100% battery mod
- added my custom Bootanimation hack
- Cleaned up the blue theme
- deleted Samsung keyboard (hate that thing)
- added fulling working DSP Manager (more compatible and less junk)
- has both 4.2 and 4.1.1 AOSP Keyboard (4.2 has swipe build in)

v3.2 Nov 17, 2012

- Added Advanced Power Menu :cool:
- More to come this weekend

v3.1 Nov 16, 2012

- small visual patch. Make sure you have battery percentage turned on under 
system/display as I removed the battery image

v3.0 Nov 14, 2012

- beta testing. . . ask for link

v2.2 Nov 10, 2012 ( Semper fidelis! Marine Corps Birthday )

- removed some of the blue from the status bar
- Updated the APN's for tethering, you still need to make the 2nd APN - Thanks Shnn2011 (From Team Infamous) finding the workaround, WarlockW for his write up, and djintrigue808 for showing me where I was going wrong. Thanks buddy!
- SD card speed teak
- 4.2 Camera and keyboard added on top of Sammie's
- others I forgot. . . 

v2.1 - Oct. 23

- same as 2.0 just with the battery image patch built in

v2.0 - Oct. 23, 2012

- Public release

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24th October 2012, 01:16 AM |#3  
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Infamous Darkside Kernel
Download Folder

How to install:
  • Flash the kernel
  • Clear cache and dalvik cache.
  • Reboot

More info on Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers and CPU Tweaks Check out this thread

Also My Kernel is compatible with all TW ROM's in this section. Now you can even get it with the stock kernel splash screen.

Great widget to control fast charge Fast charge widget ply store link

Also added the performance control app from my AOKP ROM. Combines SetCPU and CPUspy as well as a fast charge controller. attachment below.

My Github / source - Link

v1.1 - 1.2  - May 12, 2013

- msm: Adreno 2xx GPU overclocking to 480 MHz
- acpuclock: enable 194mhz
- User Votlage Control: Add initial User Voltage control capability
- overclocking: CPU overclocking up to 1.836 GHz [Not Active at this time]


- added SmartassH3
- Trinity Color
- Add UKSM 0.1.2 (here comes the BOOM!)
- UKSM: Upgrade to
- mm: optimize Kernel Samepage Merging(KSM)
- Faux sound update: Sound Control: Added headphone poweramp controls
- cpufreq: Make sure user_policy min/max get written
- cpufreq: make sure 1512 is limit on boot
- cpufreq: Make sure max is NOT set while booting

Happy Mother's day!

v0.6 - April 17, 2013

- added brazilianwax
- added interactivex
- added lazy
- added lulzactive
- added minmax
- added ondemandx
- added savagedzen
- added scary
- added smartass
- added lionheart
- added wheatley

as well as redid a few of the other's. Thanks to Eugene373 for some of the new governors!!!  

v0.5 - April 15, 2013

- fixed fast charge code
- fixed battery drain issue
- Faux sound controller support PlayStore link

v0.4 - April 13, 2013

- added fast charge support (need an app to turn it on)
- added Faux sound controller support PlayStore link

Edit: v0.4 has bad battery consumption. Please use v0.3. Will fix and upload new version soon.

v0.3 - April 6, 2013

- added add ROW, BFQ, SIO, and Zen schedulers.
- Trying something new... v0.3.S <- stock kernel splash screen. v0.3 <- Even more Infamous... muhahahaa! 

v0.2 - April 1, 2013

- removed Smoothass until fixed freeze issue.

v0.1 - April 1, 2013

- initial release
- added governors SmartassV2, Smoothass, Intellidemand, Lagfree, and pegasusq
- Stock clocking and voltage 
- init.d support
- unsecure 
- My bootanimation mod to add custom bootanimation support
- Much more to come

Attached Files
File Type: apk PerformanceControl.apk - [Click for QR Code] (315.0 KB, 965 views)
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24th October 2012, 01:16 AM |#4  
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New stuff:

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24th October 2012, 01:17 AM |#5  
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Storage Team infamous
Moved ROM Index to Official Team Infamous thread
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24th October 2012, 01:17 AM |#6  
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Mine! Thanks Jamison! I liked infamous on my s2.
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24th October 2012, 01:19 AM |#7  
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Mine! I'm really excited for this Leggoooo!!
24th October 2012, 01:31 AM |#8  
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Oh SNAP! He said it was coming!

Quick question bro...Just curious....Why LI6 as a base? What made you choose it?
24th October 2012, 01:36 AM |#9  
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Just edited the OP. The reason I went with it is because from my experience it is fast and stable. Also it is compatible with ktoonsez's Jelly bean kernels.

Also this ROM is wife safe!!!
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24th October 2012, 01:39 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by itsmikeramsay

Oh SNAP! He said it was coming!

Quick question bro...Just curious....Why LI6 as a base? What made you choose it?

In the op under details...

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
24th October 2012, 01:42 AM |#11  
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Glad to see you here jamison loved your work on the s2

-(hit thanks if I helped :])-
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fast, infamous s3, stable, wife friendly
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