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GUIDES [WM]: How to Increase Battery Charge Life (On Android - Pre"Android Guides")

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By nir36, Retired Moderator on 15th January 2009, 09:45 PM
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6th March 2009, 12:10 AM |#21  
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"How do I 'safely' uninstall applications?" or "Remove Programs"
This has been asked more than once..

"How do I 'safely' uninstall applications?" or "Remove Programs"

There are 3 ways to remove programs.

1. Deleteing manually

You can delete files and registry values manually if you know where everything sits. If you do.. you don't need this guide so this actually is meant to tell you that if you don't know how to manually delete programs, don't even try and go to either par 2 or 3.

2. Settings menu Remove Programs

There is a built in Remove Programs app in windows mobile. you can use it to uninstall programs, tho it usually leave a few files/registry values hanging around. it's good for fast removal if you know that you're removing a light program with only a few files which doesn't leave a hard trace on your system.. like iContact skins... for example.

just go to start/settings/system/Remove Programs..

3. SKTools
Official Website -

SKTools has MANY options other than just program removal.. but i won't specify any of them since it isn't the right place to do that.
SKTools lets you use one of 2 uninstall options - Standard Uninstall and Uninstall.
The Standard Uninstall is exactly what I mentioned in par 2.
The Uninstall option, is actually the SKTools uninstall, which deletes a good amount of registry values related to the installation and deletes all files related (of course, there are sometimes glitches.. but it does the job well usually).
I won't DEFINATELY suggest using it and it also has the Clean option which you can use after installing/uninstalling lots of apps.
6th March 2009, 12:27 AM |#22  
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"How do I remove unwanted SIP's (Input Methods/Virtual Keyboards)?"
How do I remove unwanted SIP's (Input Methods/Virtual Keyboards)?"

Some (like me) might not want to view all sips available on their system in the SIP's menu. to remove some of the SIPs you will have to edit the registry (you can use DotFred's TaskManager to do that).

SKTools can be used to remove SIPs... so if you purchased SKTools, you might as well use it.
Incase you didn't..

this was written by mtn_lion (thank you).

This procedure worked for me:

0. First, set the default input method to something other than HTC Keyboard or HTC Keypad (search these forums for reg hack or "defaultIM.exe");

1. Search the device's registry for "issip" (short for "issipinputmethod");

2. At each found "1", go up to the parent key and identify the input method;

3. When you find each of "HTC Keyboard" and "HTC Keypad" input method, go up to its parent key (the long numeric string) and *delete that whole key* (for safety, export it first so you'll have a backup);

4. Now go into HKLM\Software and *delete*the whole "Tegis" key.

5. Soft reset.

Notes: (a) Merely setting "issipinputmethod" to "0" for the unwanted items was not effective. (b) Since those unwanted input methods are part of ROM, there's nothing in "Remove Programs" to uninstall. I did try explicitly installing them (you can find the .cab in these forums), then uninstalling, but that was useless.

P.S. If you'll export the reg keys from steps 3 and 4 and upload or PM them to me, I'll turn them into a "remover" to make this easier for others in future.

Here's a list of SIP's for your to work with...: (courtesy of RelixXII)


@="Full QWERTY"


@="Compact QWERTY"

HTC Phone Keypad:

@="Phone Keypad"


Block Recognizer:

"Desc"="With Block Recognizer you can enter characters using single strokes, a technique you may be familiar with."
@="Block Recognizer"

Letter Recognizer:

"Desc"="With Letter Recognizer you can enter characters using natural character strokes and gestures you may be familiar with."
@="Letter Recognizer"


"Desc"="With Transcriber you can write in cursive, print or mixed handwriting on the screen and your ink is instantly recognized."
7th March 2009, 10:01 PM |#23  
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"How to retrieve CAB Files from PC Installation Files" or "Retrieve CABs"
a good idea by anagarika to write a guide about this issue.
it is indeed very useful to have all your cabs ready for installation after a new ROM is flashed or after a hard-reset was performed.
Well, most apps come as cabs... but a lot also come as PC Installation files. some extractable, some are not. so...

"How to retrieve CAB Files from PC Installation Files" or "Retrieve CABs"

1. Download the desired EXE installation file.
2. connect your device to your PC using activesync
3. run the installer file and wait for instructions
4. At some point, a message will appear: "Please check your mobile device to see if additional steps are necessary to complete the installation"
5. At this point, you will see the installation screen on your device asking you where to install the app. DO NOT choose.
6. Instead, run your fav file explorer and conduct a search for the cab file (if you know its name) or look for it on your device in /windows/AppMgr or in /Application Data/Volatile. you can also look it up on your PC in /windows/Windows Mobile, /Porgram files/Microsoft Activesync or any other folder which was created by the installation.
7. now you can complete the installation or cancel it.

Remember, every app puts the cab in a different location. this is app dependant.. so you might have to look in all folders mentioned above till you find the cab. fortunately, this is required only once

13th March 2009, 01:19 AM |#24  
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Next guide soon
6th May 2009, 02:35 AM |#25  
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[GUIDE]Registry Tweaks for Volume
Sorry if this has already been posted but there are a couple of things that are worth outlining to most users.. for example there are registry entries that allow you to change the volume and increase it significantly beyond windows actually supports and there are various other edits.. but one edit i really would like is to disable the Incoming Call Bubble..(haven't found a solution for it yet) but i thought i'd just provide everyone else with what i've found so far. (I take no credit for these registry edits)

Volume Edits


DWORD - Ringer
(HEX)Increase it to 0x#<change it to 5 or higher> to increase it to its maximum volume. - Only tested on the Atom Life
(DEC)Increase it to over 5 to increase the volume

DWORD - Volume
Same as Ringer DWORD

In Call Edits


STRING - Script

Remove the 'p' in the script strings to remove the noises while in a call. This makes the volume increase smoother and removes the annoying noises.


HKCU\Control Panel\SoundCategories\InCall

DWORD - InitVol

Defaults to around 2 - 5, Increase this to 5 or Higher

Ringtone Edits


STRING - Script
Originally Posted by htcwiki

cN = set volume to N in percentage max volume
fN = flash notification LED for N seconds
p = play ringtone. Note that this will play the ringtone all the way through before continuing with the next code.
r = repeat. Note that this should be the last code in your Script string, if used at all. The repeat will be from the most recent a. So: v3apr will vibrate once then repeat the ring signal.
vN = vibrate for N seconds
wN = wait for N seconds. Note that the device will wait this long before continuing with the next code.

HKCU\Control Panel\SoundCategories\Ring

DWORD - InitVol

Defaults to around 2 - 5, Increase this to 5 or Higher

Notifications Edits

This works for any Options DWORDs in most if not all of those strings.
NOTE: DOESN'T WORK WITH the PHONE STRING (ring notification)

Originally Posted by

  • 0 - Show icon
  • 1 - Show icon and play notification sound
  • 2 - Show icon and vibration
  • 3 - Show icon and vibration and play notification sound
  • 4 - Same as 0
  • 5 - Same as 1
  • 6 - Same as 3
  • 7 - Same as 3
  • 8 - Show icon and notification bubble
  • 9 - Show icon and play notification sound and show notification bubble
  • 10 - Show icon and notification bubble and vibration
  • 11 - Show icon and play notification sound and show notification bubble and vibration
  • 13 - Same as 1

13th May 2009, 09:21 PM |#26  
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Flashing ROMS from SD card/Internal Storage/Bootloader
A lot of people are asking about flashing from cards/internal storage as this can solve a lot of problems.

Flashing ROMS from SD card/Internal Storage

For instance, if you flashed a wrong ROM on your Polaris, and it wouldn't load, you can flash the new ROM image without loading using the CustomRUU on your PC, which also doesn't require you to have those mentioned 50% of battery power (tho it's recommended to have a decent amount so you don't misflash).

use the following steps to flash a new ROM from your SD Card:

1. Copy the ROM's nbh file to the root dir of your card.
2. Rename the nbh file to ****img.nbh - **** being 4 letters which differ from device to device (for instance, Diamond is diamimg.nbh, Blackstone is blacimg.nbh, Polaris is polaimg.nbh, Kaiser is kaisimg.nbh... and so and so. You can find those 4 letters for each device that supports SD ROM Flashing in this forum. Just conduct a search or go to the specified section for your device in the XDA-Wiki).
3. Find the combination of hardware keys needed to be pressed to go to the flashing screen (you can find the combination in the forum/xda-wiki as well.. for each device).
4. Follow the instructions on the screen
5. When the device is done flashing and you get a confirmation, reset your device.

In the case of Internal Storage, if you can't load WM, you can't move a new ROM Image File to your device, thus you won't be able to flash one, unless you use the bootloader screen to flash, which doesn't require loading the OS.
You can use the bootloader method on devices with SD Cards as well..

use the following steps to flash a new ROM from your Internal Storage-Bootloader:

1. find the combination of hardware keys refering your device to the bootloader menu (a stripe-colored screen)
2. Connect your device to the PC and wait for the device to be recognized and driver to be installed.
3. You will then be able to load the regular RUU ROM loader and follow the regular instructions fitting your device and flash the ROM.

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12th July 2009, 04:14 PM |#27  
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Originally Posted by nir36

Setting URL associations

This issue doesn't contain much info.
Every browser (at least to my knowledge), contains the option to choose it as the device's default browser.
when chosen, every URL ran will be loaded using that browser.

for instance, if you are using UltimateLaunch and you set an icon to run, it wil be loaded using the default browser.

If you found this guide useful please Donate.. (all donations go to TZABACH Wounded Animal Service)

url associations are located under HKCR\'protocol'
e.g. if the address begins with http then the association for it is under HKCR\http
ditto for ftp, mms, etc.

so, to change the association for http, open your favorite registry editor, navigate to HKCR\http\shell\open\command and change it (default is iexplore %1)
note: typically you would want to edit https to match http
13th July 2009, 04:20 PM |#28  
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"How to retrieve CAB Files from PC Installation Files" or "Retrieve CABs"

I've found recently that some desktop installers can be opened up with 7-zip (these were sk software installers from handango). You can get the cab that way as well.

Another way to do it is with Sk Tools (you need one of the two latest versions). Install the software through your pc, then go to the 'Installed Programs' tool. Highlight the program, and select 'make cab.' Done! Now, if you want to get tricky, you can register the program (if it's paid for) and tweak the settings. Do a deep scan to see if any additional reg keys have been created. If so, after selecting 'make cab,' go to the Action menu and select 'Add registry value.' Add all of the new values to the cab. You can also add files that may have appeared (such as setup databases-or a start menu shortcut, if you moved the shortcut). Now, when you create the cab, it will have all your settings cooked in. Be sure to name it properly, so you don't do something dumb like post it on the web with your registration info in it. This has worked pretty well for me, although I've had problems re-packing opera mini 4.2.
14th July 2009, 07:02 PM |#29  
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How to add your City to both manila 2d and 3d.
Now this is my first attempt at a Guide, if you have any comments please PM me and i will edit as necessary

If you are trying to add your custom city to either manila 2.1 or 2.5, then try this application first, if you do it properly you should not need to do it manually as my directions below, thanks to JVH3 :

I have seen many posts from people asking how to assign their own city for weather, in both touchflo 2d and 3d.

Whilst there are many posts out there that adequately show this, experience and having read many posts, it would seem some people are have difficulty, so i thought i would try and write the definitive guide

For Touchflo 3d - This method has been tested on Stock Roms & Cooked roms with manila versions 1-2.5. Many thanks to all those who created the necessary apps so we can achieve our goal (such as andreas.falke)

You will need to download a few apps and programmes first, this is what you need.
1. Download and install sql lite from below (included in zip is the manila file 2330fc3c_manila you will need to alter). Unzip the file to where you want.
2. Download weather data base editor cab from below and install to main memory on your PPC
3. Download touch commander cab and install it to main memory on your PPC (not sdcard).

Ok, you've downloaded everything you need, shall we make a start?

1. On you PC, right click the included manila file included in the sql file and goto properties, remove read only or archive attributes.
2. Visit and search for your city. Once you have found your city, you will see in the address bar at the top of your browser screen something like :|JE|JE---|JERSEY|&u=1. We are interested in the locCode, so for this example we will use mine which is EUR|JE|JE---|JERSEY
3. Run SQL lite, click "open an existing Data base" and choose the 2330fc3c_manila file in the sql lite folder.
4. Click the Browse Data tab. Now i would recommend for ease of use changing an existing city you wont use that matches the first letter of your own city. For this example you will see that i have altered Jersey, US for my needs. (you can scroll to the next page by clicking the arrow buttons to the
bottom left)

5. Double click the CityName you will be changing, Add the city, here it is Jersey. When done click apply changes.
6. Add the region and state if required. You will know if you need to do this by viewing another city in the same country, for UK we don't need to do this,
but US you do.
7. Double Click Country and alter as per item 5.
8. Don't bother altering longitude and latitude, they are all mostly set at zero.
9. Change the accuweather code you have found as per example, always applying changes afterwards.
10. IMPORTANT - Change the timezone to the correct minutes as per a similar city in your country, mine is 0 for GMT, Spain is -60, Turkey is -120 and so on.
11. Finally change the msid code to one relevant to your country (this will ensure your city is easily found in its proper country and not anywhere else) so the UK is 85, Spain is 105, China is 210 and so on.
12. When you have finished all alterations click on the save data base at the top (next to the open button) and close sql lite programme.
13. Ok all alterations needed have been made to the manila file. You now need to right click the manila file you have just altered and re-apply the read
only attributes from properties.
14. Transfer the manila file to ur sd card or any other location (apart from windows folder) by what ever means, active sync, bluetooth etc.
15. Open Total Commander on your PPC. Navigate to the manila file you have just transfered.
16. Click copy/move and copy it to the windows folder.
17. Ensure the copy was successfully by navigating to the windows folder and checking the date on it, it should read todays date if it was successful.
18. Now at this point, i would soft reset the device to apply the changes to the manila file (i find this is the most reliable way, some people depending on
version don't have to do this)
19. Once rebooted, run the weatherdata base editor. Check you city is on there in the relevant country, you should find it easily, then close the programme.
20. On your home screen, click the clock, add your city and highlight it so it is set as local.
21. On your weather tab, find your city and update the weather.

If you have followed the guide, you will now be able to see your weather in the tab and the calender tab (depending on manila version)...... CONGRATS!


For Touchflo 2d - Scotchua has already done a very good guide here so please give him your thanks

One thing that wasn't noted in his guide was to ensure to remove the read only properties from the xml file, then re-apply them after saving your changes. Then just copy the file using total commander as the guide states
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.50 MB, 708 views)
File Type: cab - [Click for QR Code] (486.3 KB, 433 views)
File Type: cab WeatherDatabaseEditor 1.2.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (569.5 KB, 526 views)
3rd August 2009, 03:46 PM |#30  
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This article is writen by HobbesIsReal and originally posted on .

Just add a short comment on registry editing tools:

The best WM regieditor running on desktop is CeRegEditor, it includes many useful functions such as registry comparision etc.
The combination of DotFred's TaskMgr.exe + Total Commander make us never need a stand-alone registry editing tool on device.
Plus for a real tweak addict better purchase the SKTracker, another 'tweaker's dream'.

Original Article:
How To: Edit the Registry
Posted on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008 by HobbesIsReal

Registry Edits (or as some call them hacks or tweaks) are often times one of the great mysteries of the WM world that can either totally baffle or flat out scare the bejeezus out of first time WM phone owners, or even sometimes veteran users for that matter. But with a little direction and a few proactive and preventive steps, these fears are more often than not largely exaggerated. Registry edits are cool, useful, helpful, can fine tune / optimize / personalize your phone, or sometimes might simply be important to know how to do in order to fix your phone. Editing the Registry is easy, can be safe, and fun to explore and that is what this article is geared to do.

A lot of registry editing tutorials are really short, expecting the reader to have some experience or knowledge with it already, and assume you already know basically what they are talking about. This article is assuming you have never heard of the registry, let alone what you can do with it. I will show you how to safely backup, explore, and edit your phone's registry. The goal here is to clear up all the urban legends about physically and literally blowing up your phone in a ball of flame, resulting in burning down your house and loosing all of your worldly possessions just by tweaking the wrong thing in your WM phone's Registry... and then to open up a whole new world for you with your WM phone.

First thing's first: What the Heck is the Registry??

First of all, please note that due to how complex the registry is under the hood, that I have taken some liberties in simplifying some of the terms and definitions. In other words, from a programmer's point of view, I am not going to be completely accurate or comprehensive. But from a user's point of view who simply wants to edit their WM phone's registry to stop their Bluetooth LED light from blinking and annoying the heck out of them, it is perfectly accurate info.

WikiPedia has a pretty good definition of what the Registry is:
The Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft ....Windows Mobile. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the (Mobile Phone), etc. Whenever a user makes changes to Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or most installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry.
For a real geeky detail explanation of what the registry is go here:
Now that you still don't have a clue what the registry is, let me try to explain it. Think of the registry as a single file that holds nearly every possible setting for your phone, the WM OS, any software or game installed on the phone, etc. Think of it as a single file that basically tells the phone who it is, what it has on it, and how to do everything you want it to do. Think of it as just one big file with all the settings for your phone (the hardware), the Operating System, and the software installed. So for example, if you wanted to keep the keyboard backlight to stay lit for 60 seconds instead of only the highest option available of 30 seconds in the settings, you can go into the registry and change it to 60 seconds yourself.

So no matter what you call it, registry edit, tweak, or a hack, you are simply just changing a setting on your phone. That's it. Nothing more.

Editing the registry is officially and traditionally considered a task saved for power users only. But with the instructions and tools in this article this wonderful tool can be opened up to anyone with a WM device.

Safely editing your registry

Not to scare you off from having fun with the cool suggestions in this article, but now before we get started is the perfect time to address the fears of blowing up your phone with editing your registry... look at the reality of any possible risks, and how to restore your phone to its previous state no matter what you do. The two main fears that new users have when starting to look into the registry is:
1) Fatally killing your phone forever
2) Losing all of your personal information without ever being able to get it all back
Both of these are valid... but only to a point. As you will see below, you can stop your phone from working by editing the registry, but this can usually and easily be fixed by a doing a hard reset. The second is not a major concern either, as long as you have a current backup, which is easy to do.

The Reality of your possible risks

It is important to know that if you are editing the registry and it is done carelessly or without a few simple precautions, you can easily stop your phone from working and lose all of your personal data. In a case like this, you have more than likely not "bricked" your phone, but have caused an error where it cannot run "as is" with the changes you made, but it will run again as soon as you do a hard reset. A hard reset changes it back to as if it just left the factory. In other words, the phone will work just fine again, but none of your personal information or software you installed will be on the phone any longer.

The bottom line is that when playing with the registry, you should always be able to hard reset the phone to wipe out any bad errors you may have caused, but in the process wipe out your personal information as well. So in reality, for the most part, the only thing at risk is your personal information, settings you have changed, and software you personally installed, which is really easy to backup and restore so you can have it all back again.

I guess for liability sake, I have to say to "proceed at your own risk" as Murphy's Law often times proves, anything can happen no matter if it is likely or not. Beyond urban legend reports of someone posting that they heard from their best friend's wife's manicurist's dog walker's cousin's mom, who is a totally reliable source that works at a Sprint's independently owned mall outlet in Backwater, WY that they saw a phone another Sprint rep was working on that was totally bricked because the customer edited the wrong key in the registry... I have personally not seen a situation where a hard reset cannot fix a registry edit (and I know someone somewhere is going to point out where and why I am wrong about this).

Basically put, you should be able to recover from nearly any published and verified registry edit with no real worries beyond having to do a hard reset and restore you latest backup.

So again, if you do make a change in the registry that stops your phone from working, then there are two simple steps to get it working again:
  1. Do a hard rest on your phone (see the manual for your phone to see which buttons you need to push while you use the stylus to hit the reset button)
  2. Restore your latest backup with all of your personal information and settings
That's it. These two steps are the worst that you should face. No balls of flames... no eternal paperweights.

to be continued
3rd August 2009, 03:50 PM |#31  
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Safe steps to take when editing the Registry

There are two points of advice I will always give to anyone when tweaking their registry.

The first is to not just go around in the registry and start changing settings willynilly just to see what happens, as you will get unexpected and sometimes fatal results, but instead to stick only with published tweaks that have been posted in articles, proven to work in forums, or found in books. There is always a percentage that will stand out as exceptions, but with most of these published and verified tweaks, even if you accidentally enter in the wrong setting, you can still just go back in and correct it. No harm, no foul.

My second point of advice is a strong one... no one, no matter how experienced, should ever touch their registry without doing this step first! That is to do a complete backup each time before you edit your registry to make sure that all of your latest settings and personal info are saved and ready to restore at anytime for any reason. Sprite Backup or SPB Backup are the two backup programs I personally recommend.

This is absolutely the single, hands down, MUST HAVE software! There is nothing more frustrating (or heartbreaking) than when you just got your phone all set up just like you want it, and you have all your contacts entered, all your games installed, all the registry tweaks are just the way you want them... and then... tragedy strikes and for whatever reason, you are forced to do a hard reset on your phone wiping out all your changes and bringing the phone back to the same state as if you just opened the box for the first time. Either backup program will work fine. It is often times more of a personal preference vs features. I personally use Sprite Backup.

Registry Editors

Generally speaking, whenever you open up a window that has any options to adjust any settings, this is simply a visual and simple interface to making a registry edit (think of it as a mini registry editor). So for example, let's say that you wanted to change your phone number in the Owner Information for your phone. You could open up a registry editor, navigate to the correct spot where the owner information is stored in the registry, open up the correct Key, change it to your new phone number, and save it (you will be able to do this BTW by the end of this article). Or from the Today Page on your phone you could simply click on Menu / Settings / Personal / Owner Information. Then when the window pops up with all of your contact information, you change the phone number and click save.

Either way, you did the same thing... you changed a setting in the registry. So, little did you know that you have been doing Registry Edits all along on your phone, but never even realized it!

But to give you a real opportunity to browse all the settings in the Registry, then you will need a Registry Editor. There are loads of them available ranging from free to around $30. As with anything, some are better than others. Below are is probably the popular free and pay for registry editors.

My personal favorite and the one I have used for the last several years is the Resco registry editor included in Resco Explorer 2007. The cool thing about Resco Explorer 2007 is that is also includes THE best file manager for WM, built in picture viewer, encryption to protect your personal information, networking browsing, supports ZIP compression, and has an FTP explorer. It also gives you the advantage of drag and drop options along with multiple selection. This is a MUST HAVE software application for any WM phone, IMHO. In fact, look for my in depth review of this product in the very near future at When giving step by directions I will be using Resco Registry Editor.

The best Free Registry Editor is PHM Registry Editor:

Registry Tweak Programs that do it all for your

There are also programs that when you open them up, they look just like settings in WM. It puts a safety net in between the user and the registry. You change anything you want and it will edit the registry in the right spot for you. This is by far the safest (and fastest) way to do the most common and the most popular registry edits without even getting your hands dirty. If you are really intimidated (or too lazy to do it yourself) then this is a great solution. If this is the way you want to go, you don't even need to read any further as the rest of the article shows you how to do what these programs do all by yourself. The downside to these options is that you are limited to only the registry edits that they offer. Tweaks2K2 is a good (and very popular) example of this.

.......PSSSTTTT.....even if you are using a program like Tweaks2k2, please always do a full backup before using it!

to be continued
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