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[APP][Android 2.2+][6/6/2013] Falcon Pro for Twitter - v2.0

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By Joenrv, Senior Member on 19th November 2012, 05:59 PM
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Hello XDA !

Have ou heard of Falcon for Twitter, a powerful full featured Twitter widget? Play Store Link

I've been asked to make an app out of it a lot (this is Minimal Reader Pro all over again lol) so I did it, and while doing it, I actually realised this app could be one of the best Twitter app on Android.

Say hello to Falcon Pro (BETA) for Twitter :

After 2 weeks of intense BETA, thanks to all your feedback, I'm proud to announce Falcon Pro v1.0 on the Google Play Store !

It's compatible for Phones and Tablets running Froyo (2.2) to JellyBean (4.2),

I'm very excited to share this with you, I want to step up the Android Twitter app game and I need your feedback.

Post your thoughts on this thread or on twitter @falcon_android

You know what to do Enjoy !
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19th November 2012, 06:01 PM |#2  
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::::::::::::::::::::: CREDITS::::::::::::::::::::

* Development & Design : Joaquim Vergès - @joenrv
* Icon design : Rémi Engel

:::::::::::: LIBRARIES USED :::::::::::::

* ActionBar Sherlock
* SlidingMenu
* Crouton
* PullToRefresh
* Twitter4j

:::::::::::::::: TO-DO LIST ::::::::::::::


Vote for the upcoming features !

:::::::::::::::: CHANGELOG ::::::::::::::

#v2.0 - 06/06/2013

- NEW : Multi Account Support
- NEW : Flat design UI
- NEW : Black Theme
- NEW : Option to Swipe between columns (Android 3+)
- NEW : Transition animations (Android 3+)
+ Bugfixes

#v1.9 - 09/05/2013

- New : sexy font (still Roboto based)
- New : position holding in Lists
- New : load up to 1000 tweets / refresh
- New : option to set the action bar on the bottom. Good for large screens.
- New : load older tweets
- New : inline Droplr previews
- New : option to set a different refresh rate for mentions/interactions
- New : options to control cache
- Fixed : back stack behaviours
- Fixed : Dashclock extension not refreshing
- Fixed : position shifting bug
+ other fixes

v1.8.2 - 23/04/2013

- New : Full Offline mode ! - Option to predownload images for offline access (pics, video thumbnails and article images) + Automatic cache cleaning system.

- New : open Play Store links from internal browser to google play app.
- New : translations (Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian)
- Improved : internal browser navigation
- Fixed : images mix up
- Fixed : live streaming not staying on top
- Fixed : downloaded images format
- Other fixes

v1.8 - 16/04/2013

- New : *Starred Users* Inline Articles preview with offline access (enabled for all Starred Users that you follow)
- New : *Starred Users* Individual notifications (disabled by default)
- New : *Starred Users* Offline access
- New : translations (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish & Norwegian. More to come)
- New : open twitter status links in Falcon
- New : back button now usable in internal browser to navigate
- New : Feedback and bug report form in the app settings
- Improved : Image loading speeds, now with progress bar
- Fix : user autocompletion
- Fix : htc keyboard auto correct
+ Bugfixes

v1.7.2 - 22/03/2013

- Fixed instagram previews
- Fixed typos
- Fixed # and @ highlight bug
- Fixed capital letter on new tweet
- Fixed tapping on an interaction icon

v1.7.1 - 21/03/2013

- New : option to sync all interactions (disabled by default)
- Improved : rereshing on Interactions tab now only refreshes interactions (faster)
- Improved : back stack behaviour
- Improved : Image upload
- Fixed link marker not removed on translate
- Fixed jump to top after refresh on mentions
- Fixed random reset of Quick Actions widget
- Fixed clear img cache not clearing RAM cache

v1.7 - 11/03/2013

- New : Customizable Scrollable widget [Android 3+]
- New : Quick Action widget
- New : Translate Tweet
- New : 3 widgets background styles, customizable text and link colors
- New : Customizable link colors for app
- New : Edit profile picture & Bio
- Improved sharing, now accepts text with image
- Fixed unread count ignoring mutes

*v1.6.6 - 22/02/2013

- New : Dashclock extension settings
- New : supports line breaks
- New : Faster fade transitions
- Improved position holding
- Improved TweetMarker
- Fixed : list flickering on live streaming
- Fixed : favorite notification not showing sometimes
- Fixed : some special characters not appearing
+ Minor fixes

*v1.6.4 - 13/02/2013

- New : Threaded DMs
- Improved separated live streaming and real time notifs
- Improved position holding
- Improved TweetMarker integration
- Improved immediate favoriting on good connections
- Fixed crash on closing PicViewer
- Fixed img saved in jpeg instead of jpg
- Fixed loading pages on tablets
- Fixed sharing empty title
- Fixed character count with links+img
+ Minor fixes

*v1.6.3 - 07/02/2013

- New option to get inline previews on 2G/EDGE
- New live streaming stays on top of the TL
- New screen transition animations
- New error dropdown when API limit reached
- Improved position holding
- Fixed rotated pics on Samsung/Sony devices
- Fixed auto refresh stopped on reboot
- Fixed tweetmarker
- Fixed in & out sharing
- Fixed resized image quality on pic viewer
- Fixed posting large images
- Fixed restore pic in drafts
- Fixed links with hashtags in it
- Fixed open keyboard when prompting user input
- Fixed double tap on profile views
- Fixed size of the tweet detail on LDPI devices
- Fixed DM button on profiles you don't follow
- Fixed resuming app after orientation change
+ Minor fixes

*v1.6.2 - 26/01/2013

- New refresh on startup option
- New live streaming option (Timeline + Notifs in real time)
- Better position holding (not just last unread)
- Higher resolution image preview from
- Better Quick Pic viewer, smart resizing, tap anywhere to close
- Expanded URLs in profile description
- Automatic cache clearing system
- Full clear cache button from the settings
- options to enable/disable Sound, vibrate and LED for notifications
- Delete lists by long pressing them, with dialog confirmation
- Fixed rotation issues
- Fix draft restoring on tweet failed


- New Quick Pic Viewer from the timeline
- New option to set the device's default Font
- Fixed lag when opening starred users
- Fixed crash when sharing pics from other apps
- Fixed crash when not logged in
- Updated PullToRefresh library

*v1.6 - 16/01/2013

- New User Profile screen Design with following and followers
- New Starred Users section on the right sliding menu
- New in-app Profile picture viewer
- New search for users
- New recent followers counter
- New compose DM button with user picker
- New mute by keyword option
- Much Better autocomplete with real name search
- Better sharing from other apps
- Added create List button
- Added image preview before uploading
- Added TwitPic, YFrog and Mobypicture image upload services
- Added (small) Flickr thumbnail preview
- Added new transitions on tab change
- Fixed followers/ing order
- Fixed retweet having one extra character
- Fixed position jump on auto refresh while activity is on background
- Fixed tweeting on landscape
- Updated to the latest PullToRefreshLib
- "retweeted by" is now clickable
- other little UI changes

*v1.5 - 6/01/2013

- * Brand New Sexy White Theme *
- Multi Window support for Galaxy devices
- Better Retweet system, with 3 RT options
- Better image upload, faster and more stable
- Better double tap
- Fixed Followers/ing lists order
- Fixed character count with urls
- Fixed new tweet button not appearing on search
- Fixed the fc on new tweet while on followers list
- Fixed rotation issue on new DM
- LIttle UI changes
+ Fixes

* v1.4 - 31/12/2012, last of 2012 !

- Added YouTube api integration
- Added option to Enable double tap on tweets
- Added logout button
- Added hide keyboard on RT
- Added report for SPAM
- Added mute mangement from settings
- Added hashtag auto fill when searching for tweets
- Added slider for refresh rates
- New "More Actions" dialog design
- Removed retweets from search results
- Set back mentions of followers in timeline
- Enhanced conversation view with private accounts
- Changed reply icon in profile view
- Faster user profile loading
- Fixed the rotation problem on tweet writer with pics
- Fixed orientation change on main view
+ other fixes

* v1.3.1

- Changed default scale of Zoomable pictures
- Fixed Tweet Marker
- Fixed action bar stays hidden on tablets
- Fixed mute RT of muted users too
- Fixed resused bitmaps for youtube and avis
- Fixed ellipsize links in some lists
- Removed mentions from timeline view to solve some position holding issues
- Removed LED notifications except for mentions and DMs
+ other fixes

* v1.3

- NEW Pic Viewer with zoom + full screen mode :

_ Tap to go full screen
_ Long press to show options (save to SD, open in browser)
_ Pinch to zoom (or double tap)
_ Drag to move around

- changed the default picture upload service to
- added quick tutorials for pic viewer and RT
- added option to refresh after tweet (disabled by default)
- added browser "Speed Boost" option, disable to prevent the browser from crashing on 4.1 tablets
- fixed inline preview on 4g and Bluetooth DUN (need confirmation that it works)
- fixed links and text size on retweet screen
- fixed color blind issue on character counter
- fixed notification sound on own tweets
- fixed fc on add user to list
- fixed TweetMarker jump after tweet
- fixed light notifications (blue for mentions, red for dms, white for the rest)
- Many other fixes and improvements


- Added Retweets - See your most popular tweets, tap on a tweet to expand it and show who retweeted you
- Added block user
- Added own DMs in DM list
- Added delete own tweets
- Added mute users/hashtags
- Added user to list
- Cleaner dates
- Changed default profile pic
- More padding to the notification icon
- Better TweetMarker integration (for Timeline)
- Fix notification sound
- Fix wrong avatars
+ other fixes


- Add saved searches - You can now save any search you make, displayed on the right sliding menu, long press to delete
- Added delete tweet option in the Tweet details
- Added new date format options
- Fix go to follower then timeline
- Fix timeline jumps with big font sizes
- updated to latest slidingmenu lib
- Fix crash on orientation change 2.2
+ other fixes


- Stabilized webview on 4.1 following new optimizations
- Faster screen transitions on menu selected
- Added "clear text" button on Tweet composer
- Disallowed multi pic upload (for now)
- Disallowed long press on DMs to avoid confusion
- Fix instagram FC on click photo
- Other bugfixes

*v1.0.2 - Butter Edition

- Thanks to @RomainGuy excellent article on optimization taking Falcon Pro as a case study, I was able to step up the smoothness and performances higher than ever before.

Here's the blog post :

*v1.0 - Out of BETA ! (30/11/2012)

- Tweetmarker integration - Sends the marker when the app goes on Pause (screen off, back or home button), gets the marker on refreshing
- Timeline Notifications
- Quick start dialog
- Jump to top on lists by tapping the title
- Other fixes and improvements

*v0.9 (29/11/2012)

- Fixed Lists issue
- Fixed jump to top after scrolling down + tweet/retweet/reply
- Fixed FC on followers/following lists
- Fixed not being able to manual refresh on 3G when 'WiFi only' option is selected
- Removed "Sending Tweet" notification
- Updated to latest Twitter4J 3.0.2 snapshot
- Added right SlidingMenu shadow
- Other bugfixes

*v0.8 (29/11/2012)

- Implemented Lists (refresh to update the right sliding menu)
- Implemented Global and local Trends (refresh to update the right sliding menu)
- Updated to the latest SlidingMenu lib (specially crafted for Falcon, courtesy of jfeinstein10) - Fixes the Galaxy Nexus smoothness issues
- Fixed many little bugs

*v0.7 (28/11/2012)

- NEW UI EXPERIMENT - Double SlidingMenu (Left&Right) - Any section of the app, and I mean any, is accessible in two gestures : swipe&tap. I love it. Tell me if it runs smooth for you.
- Added Follower/Following count on Left Menu, tapping on it brings the full list of profiles
- Smoother lists
- fixed not being able to refresh on 4G
- check on resume if cursor is null
- no more jump to last unread on new tweet
- Removed 200 tweet per refresh limit
- fix typo in direct messages
- many other fixes

*v0.6 (24/11/2012)

- Auto Draft Saving System - Whenever you're going to tweet something, and get a phone call, or press back to check on something, the app now automatically saves that tweet as a draft, so that next time you press new Tweet (or the Quick Tweet Notif) it brings back that draft.
- Added an Error notification when a Tweet couldn't be sent, with tap to retry
- Added new search result count notification on refreshing search
- Fix position holding when auto refreshing in background when app is paused
- Fix getting some auto favorite/DM/follow notifications
- Fix list reloading on resuming app after a while
- Other fixes

*v0.5 (23/11/2012)

- Implemented Search View - Remembers every search, and autocompletes you next time you type them. Also loads the last search by default.
- Implemented Hashtag links
- Enhanced smoothness of slidingmenu transition
- Enhanced last position holding
- Enhanced profile picture download
- option to enable/disable internal browser
- fixed on long press, swipe to close, then long press the same, quick actions dont open
- fixed RT date issue
- change date format and position in tweet detail view
- change date of retweets to actual retweet date
- other bugfixes

*v0.4 (22/11/2012)

- Implemented Favorites view
- Implemented offline Favorite system, you can favorite even offline, will be marked as favorite when you get back online (on refresh or access favorites)
- Added quick actions on long press everywhere (profile, tweet detail)
- better way to show native retweet, quote and reply on the Tweet composer
- prevent jump to top after tweet
- made image placeholder in list fixed height to avoid unwanted jumps
- more discrete logo on loading pages
- Updated SlidingMenu lib to latest version
- few other minor fixes

*v0.3 (21/11/2012)

- Added EXTRA Real Time NOTIFICATIONS option for Favorites, Follows and ReTweets [Still wifi only, this is not push yet]
- option to disable inline preview imgs/videos
- Added 2 min auto refresh rate
- better profile system (tablet/phone)
- shows link of user and if that user follows you on user profile
- click on profile pic on profile to open the original image
- fixed clickable items in profile view tweets
- new notification icons
- on own profile, you can't follow yourself anymore
- force pp refresh when opening user profile
- better pp download for lists
- Fixed option to not load tweet content when not on wifi
- Disabled clickable hashtags for the moment
- Fix orientation changes on N7
- Fix tweet writer box on landscape hiding buttons
- Fix ldpi icon
- hide quick actions on second long press
- added the version number and the link to the XDA thread in the settings
- others that I didn't write down

*v0.2 (20/11/2012)

- Fixed critical bug on Gingerbread, you should be able to tweet now.
- Auto dismisses the tweet successful notification
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19th November 2012, 06:01 PM |#3  
KennyLegend's Avatar
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Very cool... Trying it out now..

This is really a fantastic app. When all the functionalities of the widget are added in it'll be even better.

Maybe have a pre-loading option for thumbnail pics?

I'm not a fan of clearing the notification icon after each tweet I send so I would get rid of the reply notification icon in the status bar.

Sent from my I9300XXDLJ5
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19th November 2012, 06:05 PM |#4  
jumbobombo's Avatar
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will try
19th November 2012, 06:05 PM |#5  
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HOLY ****! That icon is AWESOME!
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19th November 2012, 06:06 PM |#6  
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Thanks! Downloaded and installed!
19th November 2012, 06:06 PM |#7  
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Finally! Thanks and will report

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
19th November 2012, 06:07 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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Trying it out, will report back.
19th November 2012, 06:09 PM |#9  
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Thumbs up Thanks
Thanks and will report!!!
19th November 2012, 06:09 PM |#10  
Junior Member
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Trying it right now!
19th November 2012, 06:11 PM |#11  
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Keep up the great work :beer:

Sent from my toroplus using xda premium
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