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[ROM] [24JUL] [AOKP] IceColdJelly422 - 3.8 - JellyBean 4.2.2_r1.2

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In the beginning I would like to thank:
  • AOKP team
  • pabx for echo fix and other fixes
  • rogro82 - for fixes
  • TripNraVeR
  • CM team
  • richardtrip for audio fix
  • maxwen
  • Tbalden and his CM team
  • SlimBean rom team
  • ParanoidAndroid team
  • CarbonRom team
  • LiquidSmooth rom team
  • RootBox rom team
  • Community

OneX IceCold Team:
  • LorD ClockaN - don't ask
  • TUN_SD - themer - pretty as his themes/mods
  • n3ocort3x - kernel boy - clumsy as his kernels
  • semdoc - tester - thorough as his line of work (ask him what's his job!!)
  • icke - main thread helper and tester

Now we can move on...


I'm not writing this because of lack of donations, but to get the priorities straight..
AOKP team deserves it more then IceColdTeam, so go to ROMControl/about and open your wallet
If you would like to make a donation for this ROM, don't do it only for me!!!
Consider whole IceCold Team, not only the individual.

Latest Stable Release
ONLY FOR ONE X INTERNATIONAL, TEGRA 3 VERSION - I don't want any more bricked devices!!

F.A.Q. has been moved to 5th post and frequently updated, so before posting, please read if your issue has a soultion!

Download folder (zips and always fresh changelog):
MIRROR from RomHut!

Actual version: IceColdJelly422 V3.8 - 24-07-2013

What's New
  • A LOT of HALO updates - PA
  • RC: Add notifcation row backround transparency - SlimBean
  • RC: Statusbar date - maxwen
  • Revert "ROMControl: Allow Custom Icon Tinting Option – AOKP
  • Settings: HALO Size – PA
  • Updates to CMFileManager, Apollo, DSPManager – CM
  • Camera: Add red-eye flash mode – CM
  • A LOT of updates and fixes trough out the rom, don't let this small changelog fool you!
  • This will probably be the last 4.2.2 version of the rom, I hope I'll manage to get 4.3 working, but it will be pretty hard without the device in my hand!
  • Full wipe is needed ONLY if you experience unusual FCs

HBOOT update tutorial by jkulr
IceColdJelly IRC channel
ICJ.helpful.stuff: this link for help+tools
- bymattoffshore

You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!

What's Broken:
  • In call volume adjustment works, but not fully well in Speaker mode
  • MHL output is rotated incorrectly to portrait in horizontal mode (but workaround added since alpha 8 for hw decoded videos/youtube. Use bsplayer from playstore, almost all videos play with it in correct rotation in hwoverlay)
  • No FM radio app in ROM. But Spirit FM works (free version) - will be fixed in V2.2

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy JB. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

Boot.img repacker by xcesco89

How to flash:

Either follow this BEST flashing tutorial especially made for ICJ by JKURL or follow these short steps:
  • turn OFF your phone
  • BACKUP your data using recovery (and SD on first flash just in case)
  • boot in bootloader
  • select fastboot mod
  • flash boot.img via fastboot that is located in the fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • run this command now: fastboot erase cache
  • go back to hboot screen
  • select recovery
  • full wipe is needed IF you aren't coming from other AOSP 4.2 rom and the best is to use this script!!
  • flash the rom
  • flash newest gapps (Google applications) from here -they NEED to be flashed after every ROM flash
  • boot

If you have any other question and want more INFO look into F.A.Q. in 3rd post!!!

kernel git
rom git
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17th December 2012, 08:53 PM |#2  
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Changelog for older versions:

IceColdJelly422 V3.7 - 10-07-2013
  • Flash boot.img
  • Kernel updated to NCX 3.18FW V44
  • Mms: Allow contact via SMS on number longpress in conversation - AOKP
  • Mms: Make conversation area theamable
  • Don't recycle messages by default ( - picked from Root-Box
  • Add gesture based lockscreen security - ChameleonOS
  • Settings: External GPS Support - CM
  • RC: Network speed indicator - picked from ReVolt
  • Add SMS Middleware layer - CM
  • Updated Roboto font from 4.3 base and used Light version as default instead of Regular - sexy as hell!!
  • HALO: halo can save last position now
  • Big update to Apollo - CM
  • Browser: Fixed delete function for bookmark folder - AOSP
  • Settings: Introduce Privacy Guard Manager - CM
  • PIE and HALO fixes - PA
  • Updates to Calculator and CMFileManager from CM
  • Added back Settings: MediaScanner behavior on boot - CM
  • Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan - CM
  • Make contacts app aware of phone blacklist setting - CM
  • Store phone blacklist in content provider - CM
  • Settings: AutoSmsReply while in QuietHours - AOKP
  • Phone: Also show contact name in blacklist - CM
  • More patches here and there around the source
IceColdJelly422 V3.6 - 28-06-2013
  • Phone: Fixed option for setting device phone number - CM
  • Removed Volume options from AOKP, used Sound Panel from CM
  • HALO styles
  • Settings: Add bluetooth triggers to profiles - CM
  • Settings: Privacy Guard support - CM
  • DeskClock: User-defined world cities - We already had this, but merged updated patch from CM
  • DeskClock: Add an option to switch profile
  • RC: Give user the option to use new Recents or Stock - ported from RootBox
  • HALO: Speech bubble color and text color
  • Phone: Enable the blacklist by default - CM
  • Camera: HDR video support - Not for OneX, but for One - CM
  • Profiles: Add 2G/3G option to profile connections - CM
  • RC: Port TeamBAKED's tile color supports - RootBox
  • Added HALO Toggle - BIG thanks to ROOTBOX!!!!
  • more patches in the source...
IceColdJelly422 V3.5 - 20-06-2013
  • Settings: HALO: Option to pause the underlying app - PA
  • FW: Statusbar Brightness Slider Correction - CM
  • Phone: Disable accelerometer sensor while in-call and screen UI is off
  • Phone: Add option for setting device phone number - ported 3 years old CM patch :D
  • Settings: Add triggers to change profile based on Wifi AP - CM
  • ROMControl: GlowPad Torch (NavRing) - AOKP
  • ROMControl: Collapse Shade TogglePref - AOKP
  • Halo: Add master switch to disable Halo - Picked from Re-Volt
  • Mms: Delay unicode stripping from a message - SlimBean
  • Halo: Add master switch to disable Halo - PA
  • Fix mobile data button in power widget - CM
  • Fixes/updates to Profiles - CM/maxwen
  • Updates to HALO - PA
  • Freshened up battery and statusbar icons - RootBox (Don't know if all are working, but who cares :P )
  • Improved Recents - RootBox
  • RC: Removed Kill All button, added different menu for choosing a button from RootBox
  • Close notification panel when swiping away the last clearable - CM
  • Updates to dalvik and all around as always
  • Settings: Toggle to disable fullscreen keyboard - CarbonRom
  • Fixed default keyboard FC - stupid NPE ;)
  • Mms: Allow different messages for NumberPickerDialog - maxwen
  • Fixed games FC
  • Probably forgot some stuff ....
IceColdJelly422 V3.4 - 12-06-2013
  • Flash boot.img
  • Kernel updated to NCX 3.18FW V42
  • Settings: Allow changing auto-brightness responsivity - maxwen ported from CM for our roms
  • Revert: Font size in statusbar
  • Revert: Glow Torch until AOKP makes FINAL patch of it
  • Merged some other patches/optimizations from AOKP
  • Went back to CM's Skia and Bionic
  • Speeded up Phone InCall screen timeouts
  • RC: Add switch to hide signal and wifi bars - maxwen
  • Small PIE updates - PA
  • Mms: Add support for sending out MMS via BT MAP - CM
  • Fixed XDA app FC - thanks to maxwen for finding the culprit
  • Added BAMF theme engine - AOKP (Clear Themes Provider data)
  • Mms: Separate Multi-part SMS setting from size - SlimBean
  • RC: AutoHide for SystemBar - AOKP
  • Add GoogleAnalytics2 support - AOKP
  • Added Halo (Settings/Display) - BIG thanks to ParanoidAndroid team (Still in BETA phase)
  • Patches through out the source as always...
  • Camera: Add a GPS indicator - CM
IceColdJelly422 V3.3.3 - 30-05-2013
  • Phone: transparent in call widget (optional) - SlimBean
  • Mms: Add Multi-Part and Split SMS Configs - picked from SlimBean
  • Reverted Skia and Bionic patches from CM to test camera and other app compatibility
  • RC : Allow user selectable StatusBar FontSize - AOKP
IceColdJelly422 V3.3.1 - 29-05-2013
  • Reverted Settings and RC behaviour to stock
  • Big updates to skia and bionic from CM
  • Fixes from maxwen regarding statusbar
  • RC: Add option to change pie's angle from the attach - PA
IceColdJelly422 V3.3 - 28-05-2013
  • Camera, Phone, Mms, Contacts... bugfixes
  • Revert "MediaScanner behavior on boot
  • DPI changer put back to Settings/Display
  • Revert "Frameworks: Toggle to disable fullscreen keyboard" - It should fix IME chooser FC
  • SystemUI: show date on 2 lines in status bar - CM
  • RC: Add transparency settings for lockscreen - AOKP
  • Ribbon v1.0 overhaul - AOKP
  • Settings: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime - ported from CM
  • Updated Xposed apks
  • Mms: Enhance the Easy Selector - Picked from SlimBean
  • Email: Add action buttons to new email notifications - picked from CarbonRom
  • Brought back MusicFX and enabled Music Effects menu - for sound mod addons compatibility
  • Contacts: Add Custom Notification per contact option (ONLY for SMS) - author: 0xD34D, fixed for OneX/+: maxwen
  • Dark switch updated to 2.0 - SlimBean (Slim's gapps will be updated in a couple of days)
  • Settings: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime - CM
  • Settings: Wi-Fi: Manage Wi-Fi AP priorities - CM
  • Performance updates to Dalvik
  • Merged Swipe to enter Menu in Settins and ROMControl - ChameleonOS (FEEDBACK NEEDED on keeping this for 3.4)
  • RC: GlowPad Torch (Lockscreen) - AOKP
  • Rom renamed to icecold
IceColdJelly422 V3.2 - 19-05-2013
  • Flash boot.img
  • Kernel updated to NCX 3.18FW V39
  • Settings: Dark AOKP switch (WIP) - AOKP picked from SlimBean
  • RC: Option to toggle dimming of the notification shade - picked from Xylon rom
  • Fixed PIN/Pattern lc touch misscalibration - maxwen
  • Fixed bugs with dt2w and s2w (new kernel v39) - maxewn and n3o
  • Fixed miss aligned touch in secure lockscreen - maxwen
  • Fixed upper screen unresponsivnes when Swipe statusbar down is enabled - maxwen
  • Reworked statusbar hiding - maxwen
  • RC: Ribbon - Toggles - AOKP
  • Mms: Custom user-agent option - CM
  • Set Calibration Control to OFF by default in ramdisk and removed it as an option, so reflash boot.img
  • Mms: Fixed Unicode stripping - Slim
  • RC: About: Dynamic Changelog for ICJ - AOKP
  • Density Changer moved from Settings to RC/UI, needs testing IF modded market is needed - AOKP
  • Finally made CM backup script to work, so no more flashing gapps after dirty rom flashing ;)
  • Patched source here and there...
  • Speeded up statusbar animations a little
  • Webkit and Browser: Added WebAudio support - AOKP merged WebKit tip
IceColdJelly422 V3.1 - 05-05-2013
  • Flash boot.img
  • Kernel updated to NCX 3.18FW V38
  • RC: AOKP Ribbon - AOKP
  • Settings: Dev: MediaScanner behavior on boot - SlimBean
  • Settings: Add Permissions Management to AOKP - AOKP
  • AutoHide Statusbar now works better
  • Camera: added config to customize manual zoom steps - maxwen
  • Mms: Add Text Area Size preference - SlimBean
  • RC: StayAwake toggle - AOKP
  • RC: Ribbons Padding, Click options, autohide updates - AOKP
  • Updates to dalvik and frameworks_av
  • Updates to Mms, Browser, Gallery, Settings - AOSP master branch
  • RC: Ribbons Colorize Action Icons - AOKP
  • Allow notification expansion if multiple calls were missed or blacklisted - CM
  • Updated Apollo and CMFilemanager from CM
  • Contacts: Allow blacklisting numbers from the call stats details menu - CM
  • Camera: Added Voice shutter and merged it with Timer mode function - ported from CM
  • Modular Executes backup and restore methods defined in arbitrary /system/addon.d/*.sh scripts - CM (INFO:
  • Updated RIL and radio - Baseband: 5.1204.162A.29
  • Reverted back to stock libjpeg repo
  • RC: Statusbar hide toggle - AOKP
  • Completely reworked statusbar hide and auto hide - maxwen
  • RC: Ribbon seperate the swipe ribbons - AOKP
  • Phone: Add blacklist unknown numbers functionality - CM
  • Bind VolUp+VolDown to toggle the ringer - CM
  • Fix for auto-close 3-dot menu if Menu action binded to Longpress Menu key - maxwen
  • Add turn off action to WiFi Tether notification - AOKP
  • RC: Hidden Statusbar Pulldown Timeout - Ported from SlimBean
  • CustomToggle Improvements (!Advanced) - AOKP
  • SystemUI: More memory leak fixes - AOKP
  • EndeavoruParts: added double tap to wake - maxwen
  • Browser patched with some new features/fixes
  • RC: WirelessADB Toggle - AOKP
  • RC: Ribbons - Long swipe App window - AOKP
IceColdJelly422 V3.0 - 21-04-2013
  • Flash boot.img
  • Kernel updated to NCX 3.18FW V35
  • Phone: Blacklist option - CM
  • Torch now stays ON after screen OFF
  • Camera: Added true preview feature - maxwen
  • Set default longpress time from 500 -> 375ms
  • Make Recents drawer use HW acceleration
  • Update jpolly and pollyd from maxwen
  • Camera: Add storage selection - CM
  • Gallery: Smart Control - Adds the ability to Play/Pause video by waving above the
  • screen using the proximity sensor - picked from LiquidSmooth source
  • RC: Make pie being dependent on expanded desktop optional - SlimBean
  • Phone blacklist: block private numbers functionality - CM
  • Settings: Sound: Power connect/disconnect notification support - CM
  • Settings: Display: Added Power Widget from CM
  • RC: Make pie being dependent on expanded desktop optional - picked from SlimBean
  • RC: Status bar Auto-Hide - works ONLY when Expanded desktop option is enabled (not actual Expanded desktop) - picked from SlimBean
  • Quick Settings: Swipe to switch (blue bar in the bottom of notification pull down) - CM
  • Camera: FC and Back button fixes - CM
  • RC: Install persistence support - AOKP
  • RC: Classic Recents - picked from SlimBean
  • Camera: Fast zooming with Pinch-To-Zoom - CM and maxwen
  • Mms: Add blacklist functionality - CM
  • Mms: Continue to transact pending Mms once after boot completed
  • Swiping on the top of full screen apps shows status bar for 5 seconds
  • Built with new optimization toolchain flags
  • Policy: Lockscreen Targets Unlock speed update - AOKP
  • Camera: Settings rework and new added - maxwen
  • Mms: Add quick emoji button next to text input - CM
  • Bluetooth losing HF connection to car-kit after 5 seconds - From somewhere
  • Patches throughout the source..
  • Let's see what we broke this time...
Old versions changelog

Video review by Flow-Wolf:

Video review by Flow-Wolf:

Video review by Zedomax:

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Tutorial by n3ocort3x with my blessing! - updated 26.01.2013

That's all folks!!
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if you have to flash a kernel, or you want to repack a kernel and flash the repacked kernel, I highly recommend
One X One Click v2.1
absolutely noob proof and stable. I use it since months and it never fails.

if you want to upgrade your rom+gapps[+modules+soundmods] use the tool
Auto Flasher ROM flash utility

if you want to flash your stuff by hand, take a look here: ADB

New Themed gapps for JB 4.2.2
(based on gapps-jb-20130301)PLEASE DON`T MIRROR !!

Official website
created by JDApps

Download my stuff

a banner if you want.

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17th December 2012, 08:56 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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5.1204.167.31 v2 Radio added

Last updated: 21/10/2013 13:51 (GMT/UTC)
I can't give any support on the apps/mods that are provided. Read the FAQ to be sure if you are safe to flash/apply!!!

General Questions:

How to flash:
* Turn OFF your phone
* Boot in bootloader
* Select "fastboot"
* Flash boot.img via fastboot that is located in the "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
* Run this command now: "fastboot erase cache"
* Go back to hboot screen
* Select "recovery"
* Full wipe is needed IF you aren't coming from other AOSP 4.2 rom and the best is to use this script!!
* Flash the rom
* Flash these gapps (Google applications - 20130301) -they NEED to be flashed after every ROM flash

What is the newest stable version?
IceCold OneX 3.8 + md5checksum

What is the newest public beta?
AICP 19-10-2013 - Not tested by me, don't know if it works at all!

Where is the latest beta changelog?
You can find it here. This also includes changes from not released versions!!!!!

What kernel does this ROM use?
The stock kernel in ICJ is from the great work of neo. This is a 3.1 kernel which needs atleast hboot 1.31. This ROM is protected for those who are on a lower hboot, it simply won't flash. More info and how-to use are here and here.

Which launcher(s) are included in ICJ?

Which musicplayer(s) are included in ICJ?
Stock music from AOSP and Apollo from CM.

Which equalizer(s) is included in ICJ?
DSP Manager.

Does this ROM has FM support?
No, not native. But there is a app called Spirit FM on XDA that should work.

Does this ROM with stock kernel has S2W? (Swipe2Wake)
Yes it has. You can enable it at Android Settings under Device Options.

Does this ROM with stock kernel supports fast charge?
Yes, more info like what and how to use are under section "usage" of FAQ.

Does this ROM with stock kernel supports UMS? (USB Mass Storage)
Yes (Since version ICJ42 2.5), but before you use it you need to turn of usb debugging under developer options. This also means you no longer have the /0/ folder on the sd-card.

Does Photosphere work on this ROM?
No, but there is a modded camera going around which can. You can find it here (credits: mattoffshore). Just flash it trough recovery. This will NOT overwrite the default camera from ICJ.

Are there even more mods included?
Yes, you also have a CRT-OFF animation when screen goes off. The settings for this are at ROM Control under the section General UI.

No way, are there even more mods included?
Oh yes, to be honest I lost track what is included and what not (good sign btw). PIE Controls is included since version 2.7(the link shows what PIE Controls is for).

Is this ROM Linaro compiled?
No, not anymore. It seems Linaro was giving trouble with atleast auto-rotation (and perhaps even reboots). ICJ version 2.5 is completly clean from Linaro.

Inverted Gapps:
The inverted Gapps by TUN_SD can be find here. Keep in mind this gets more regular updated then the original Gapps. It is reported on older versions some apps like dialer etc. won't show in the app drawer. If you encounter this issue it is wise to download a newer one. The upload date should be in the the title of the file.

More goodies:
Mattoffshore has made a nice collection of tools and ICJ goodies. You can find it all here. He also post nightly builds sometime in the this thread!

ICJ Wallpaper thread:
This is a thread by Goku80. It contains alot of wallpapers, where you also can submit yours! Take a look it's worth it!

Version specific issues & fixes:

ICJ 3.3.4 (unofficial)
* Battery icon alignment is fixed

ICJ 3.3.3
* If process.acore stops, do the following steps: Settings -> Apps -> All -> Contacts Storage -> Clear data & cache-> Reboot -> Resync with your Google account.
* Battery icon is wrong aligned
* Settings issues (IceCold OneX 3.3?) fixed

ICJ 3.2
* Pin lockscreen fixed
* Multitouch issues fixed (fix is on by default)

ICJ 3.0.14 - 3.1
* ?Random reboots should be fixed? Only applies to test versions.
* Grey wallpaper/pictures fixed.
* PIN screen could be misaligned. Disable statusbar to fix this.

ICJ 2.9.5
* Bugfix release, highly recommend to upgrade!
* If you use camcorder without making actual record, the min freq (CPU) will stick at max freq. Make a record to fix this.

ICJ 2.9
* IME selector FC fixed
* Videocam streched fixed in 1080p
* If you use camcorder without making actual record, the min freq (CPU) will stick at max freq. Make a record to fix this.

ICJ 2.8.6
* IME selector FC
* Videocam preview in potrait mode could be streched. The actual recording seems to be good.
* ?Statusbar pulldown lag fixed?

ICJ 2.8.1
* Videocam preview in potrait mode could be streched. The actual recording seems to be good.
* Some users reported a lag in the statusbar pulldown.
* cLock can't update weather status/location


Baseband issues for Vodafone branded phones/Middle East:
Finally someone managed to get his hands on the complete Vodafone branded radio. As I thought this fixes issues for people who have bad GSM/3G/HSDPA on Vodafone branded devices, and in some cases for HOX's in the Middle East. You can grab the download at the buttom. Thanks to codexc for sharing the files!

Also the baseband from the 3.20.401.1 (5.1204.162A.29) update is included now in ICJ (version 3.1).

GPU Rendering "issue":
By default forced gpu rendering is off. This could lead to some graphical issues and sometime slower framerates (with gaming). To turn it on go to: "Settings" -> "Developer Options" -> "Force GPU Rendering". Turning this on could lead to the fact some pictures uploaded here on XDA are not actually shown when using the official XDA app. Disable this once again and to fix this.

Theme issues:
Some people are having issues while changing their theme. A known solution is switch back to system theme (and set back original DPI if you have DPI issues), do a reboot and then try to apply the theme you want again (and if you have DPI issue you can now change it back).

Toggles issues:
If they don't work at all, simply flash newest GAPPS (also mentioned at top of FAQ). Try again and now they should work!

Music lag (while screen off) issues:
Turn "Increase Audio Min freq" to on. It's located in IceCold Custom Settings.

GPS issues:
First see if the GPS icon appears in the notification bar. If it doesn't, there is a great chance that you flashed a custom kernel and didn't flashed the right modules (or a kernel with a broken GPS) or that it could be a hardware failure. If you do have the icon appearing in the notification bar and still have issues try this:

* Download app called GPS status from market (Note: I removed GPSfix due the new airpush ads.)
* Go to a place were you normally wouldn't have any problems with fixing location
* Start the app
* If your GPS isn't broke you should get connection to multiple satellites.
* Let it run and see if it gets a fix now
* it will also show the error value which indicates the correction of the measurement
* Now try again with any other app, it should be working now

ADB issues:
Sometimes for no reason ADB stops to work. This could have many reasons. First of all check if it is enabled at dev options. If it doesn't work after that it's mostly the shortest way to uninstall and reinstall the Android SDK. In some cases downgrades (older SDK) could work to.

WiFi issues compared to Sense:
Alot of users are reporting that they have less signal with WiFi on AOSP based roms. This is not true, I even tested it myself. It is true that AOSP displays less bars then on Sense, but the signal strength is still the same. If you really have WiFi issues perhaps check if you have one of the faulty batches which has bad wiring at the right upper corner of your phone (more on xda about this, not gonna explain whole thing again). Otherwise, set you battery icon to text only. You should see better values now.

Ringtone/Sound issues:
You missed a call because you didn't hear your ringtone? Or you did you put on a song in a noise free room and still don't hear it? This (AwesomeBEATS) and this (Acid Mod) could be your solution. How to install and how to use are in the linked threads.

Battery issues:
If you are experiencing battery drains you could use Wake lock detector to what apps are causing this. At start of the app you will see the stats at once.

* Disable locations services
* Turn off/delete Google Now
* Longer/higher auto-sync values
* Watch out for 3rd party apps/widgets draining
* Keep in mind this isn't Sense!!


ADB and UMS at the same time
Follow the instructions given in the PDF. Thanks Eyosen for sharing!

Multi touch and gaming
This is fixed in ICJ 3.2, by default! Due to touch calibration some games that require multi touch won't work well. There is a simple way to disable touch calibration with a single command line for the terminal. Just execute the code below. To set it on again just echo a 1. Or if you are on a newer version of the ROM you can also disable it at "Settings -> Device options -> Calibration Control".

echo 0 > /sys/android_touch/calibration_control

Disable Caller ID:
The setting for Caller ID is located here "Phone App --> Menu --> Settings --> Additional Settings --> Caller ID"

Changing kernel and modules:
For some reason you might want to switch the kernel. First of all, DON'T FORGET THE MODULES AND REPACK! You can use the online kernel repacker, but there is also a option to do it yourself. With this guide you should be able to do that. What they don't mention is that when you install Cygwin you need to install the perl libaries to get this script to work. You only need the working ramdisk of ICJ and the kernel without ramdisk to get this work. If you split the boot.img the ramdisk is located in the out folder, generated on excute of the extractboot command. Copy this content to the kernel you want to use, so you replace the content in the out folder (you need to extractboot the other kernel to). After this run the packboot command and your new kernel will be named boot_new.img.

Changing governor and cpufreq:
For tweaking cpufreq's and voltage I recommend to use Trickster Mod. Also Performance Control is removed again from version (2.5.1/2.6) as it turns out to be a battery drainer again.

3-dot button:
"Settings" -> "Rom Control" -> "General UI" -> "Show menu UI overflow".

Fast charge:
Fast charge is a charging method for USB which makes charging faster by highing up the voltages levels, it now is compared to AC speed of charging. To use it is quite simple, as fast charge is activated by a statusbar toggle. Just enable the toggle (Settings -> Rom Conrol -> Enabled Toggles -> Fast Charge). If your phone is now connected with a USB it will "fast charge".

Change bootanimation if option in Rom Control doesn't work:
The bootanimation of this rom is located at system/media/ You can simply change it by overwrite the before you flash the rom. Altough do make sure you have a bootanimation with the right resolution. If you want a nice black and white AOKP bootanimation from djcsurf click here. Here is the original bootscreen of AOKP located (from old ICJ builds). Just flash in recovery!

Changing DPI - Play Store Issues (Multi DPI Play Store):
If you change the DPI of your phone some apps won't show up in Play Store. For this issue there is a multi DPI Play Store. You can find it here. In case you want to know what a "Inverted Play Store" is, this is a Play Store with the opposites colors (white = black, black = white). Also keep in mind that Google can autoupdate your Play Store, then you need to reflash a NEWER version of the multi DPI mod. Also make sure you flash multi DPI Play Store after you flashed GAPPS.

Disclaimer & Thanks-list:

Feel free to rip, kang, steal or do whatever with the FAQ. No need to ask, altough a little credit will be nice!
I can't give any support on the apps/mods that are provided. Read the FAQ to be sure if you are safe to flash/apply!!!

* LorD ClockaN - providing ROM and let me do the FAQ
* n3ocort3x - kernel work and support at kernel side
* TUN_SD - Themes and general support
* semdoc - General support, testing, nice guy!
* mattoffshore - General support, providing mods
* Eyosen - General support
* djcsurf - General support, providing mods
* Goku80 - Wallpaper thread, general support
* maxwen - For all the efforts he put in this ROM/kernel

If I forgot anyone, let me know.
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17th December 2012, 08:57 PM |#6  
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awesome! lets try it! full wipe is needed right?
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17th December 2012, 08:57 PM |#7  
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Ok.. Let the Fun Begin
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17th December 2012, 09:04 PM |#8  
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Gonna flash this later (tethered right now lol) but can't use as a daily driver without BT (Sony Smartwatch and car headunit) necessities for me. If there is anything I can do to help with those let me know and I'm more than happy to put some dedicated time aside to help for BT. (Not bitching by any means not flashed something in so long even flashing this on and off my One X will be fun no matter how many times )
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17th December 2012, 09:08 PM |#9  
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Wait, I don't get this. Is this a new thread? :/

Nice work Lord and others, downloading now
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17th December 2012, 09:09 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by SB13X

Gonna flash this later (tethered right now lol) but can't use as a daily driver without BT (Sony Smartwatch and car headunit) necessities for me. If there is anything I can do to help with those let me know and I'm more than happy to put some dedicated time aside to help for BT. (Not bitching by any means not flashed something in so long even flashing this on and off my One X will be fun no matter how many times )

I have a feeling that you'll be waiting for BT... sorry

can't believe it that I publish rom and AOKP than merges my commit about National data roaming.. LOL
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17th December 2012, 09:10 PM |#11  
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I will be on this like a rash after my holiday
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