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[UC]XDA_UC Autoconfiguration User2User Thread[23-06-2009]

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User To User Tips, Tricks ideas and issues thread.

XDA_UC is a silent User & Cook automation script.
It requires no user configuration (unless you count dripping stuff into a folder as configuring).

It differs opposed to the default Autorun & RunCC configuration that, as a user you do not need no make an SDConfig.txt file on your SD card.
And that you can start using your device immediately.
It will run in the background at the reboot the Cook has chosen to have it run.
But it adds a lot of extra tweaking functionality for hardcore Tweakers to.

What it basically does is install the beneath on the user side
  • My.tsk file from "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
    and if not present Cook.tsk from Windows Folder.
  • Copy Over User Files.
    Check for "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root" if present, Disable Manila from Homescreen then Copy files from "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root" to the root of the device, Then checking for existence of wallpaper_TF3D.png or wallpaper_TF3D.jpg in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root\Windows" and adding that to
    "HomeBackgroundPath"="\\Windows\\ g"
    Import registry files from "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root\Windows\manila.reg" If present
    Re-enable Manila on Homescreen and redraw it. Now also works for the Sense 2.1 and up versions.
  • .xdas files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • Silently run Legacy SDConfig.txt from Storage Card
    (If your using RunCC.exe or Autorun you do not need to point to or use SDAutorun.exe or SDConfig.txt) Thanks to RoryB
    Commands for SDConfig.txt can be found here....
  • .cab files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • .cab files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Storage", These cab files will be tempted to install to Storage Location.
  • .cab files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Manual",These cab files will start with Full User interaction capabilities to choose where to install to.
  • .reg files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • .xml files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • .mscr files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • .cer files in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC"
  • Create Shortcuts and more from Registry Keys
    More information here....
  • Copy over welcomehead.192.01.png & welcomehead.192.02.png present in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root\Windows" to the Windows folder.
  • Copy over welcomehead.96.01.png & welcomehead.96.02.png present in "\Storage Card\XDA_UC\Copy2Root\Windows" to the Windows folder.
    Actually everything is copied over from Copy2Root folder to root, but the above Splashcreens get their file atributes removed before this happens.
  • Add native support for .mscr, .mortrun, .xda, xdai, xdas & .xdaz files
This thread is meant for user to user help and advice and sharing of tricks and tweaks.

Cooks should go to for more information about the cooking side.

I have attached a Mort Script HTML Manual for those looking into learn about this type of scripting.

Before you consider buying me a beer. Please consider Donating to XDA to help out with the maintenance of the forum and get cool stars next to your Nickname showing your appreciation. Then there are always the people that without their apps this wouldn't have been possible at all that you can consider showing some love. Mort, DotFred & Sleuth255 All of whom made Apps Seemingly simple But oh so useful for the whole XDA and PocketPC community.
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12th April 2009, 01:32 PM |#2  
Noonski's Avatar
OP Moderator Emeritus / Recognized Developer
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Hopefully A List of Cooked Roms with XDA_UC Pretty Soon.
Give me holler,
Or my main Homie Moderator Ameet.

Or you can ask your Favourite Cook to look into this and incorporate it into his or her rom

A Lot of Energy Rom's


ETEN Glofiish M700
ahmedfikry wm6.5 23089 light rom


Noonski's Secret Nightly Rom, Simpel Pro Classic (deuh)

Rhodium / Touch Pro 2
Juicy R0 @ PPCGeeks
Bikeandestroy Rom
DavidMMorley's v1.5.3 @ PPCGeeks
Bhar'S 21891_V2/23540_V2
*7ppc* for TP2
Rhodium / Touch Pro 2 CDMA
xpressyourcell's XpressDusk @PPCGeeks
xpressyourcell's XYC GTX @PPCGeeks

Samsung Omnia
Rock and Republic WM6.5 ROM @ XDA
Rock and Republic WM6.5 ROM @ PPCGeeks
Storm's ROM [CF03] @ Modaco
MrCapcom's i910 6.5 Custom Rom CF03 Edition
TechMaster7545 WM 6.5 CF03 Rom Build 23009 For I910
FloTanium ROM

Sony Xperia X1
WM6.5 для X1 Rumanian

EPS Creme RC2 DE
RTT Topaz Peak, RTT Topaz Peak @ XDA,

Touch Dual
DJ Series

Touch Cruise 2 / Iolite
Serfer222's Iolite WM6.1 (build 21055)
Serfer222's Iolite, WM65, Russian, XDA_UC (Official Russian Mega ROM ported to Iolite)
Serfer222's Kitchen + Iolite WM6.1 (build 21055) WWE

HD / Blackstone
BiCh0n's ROM (french)

Touch HD2/Leo
Merlion NG Leo v1.30's Merlion NG Leo v1.30
RTT Shock Star RTM GER
BiCh0n's ROM (french)

nAr & Icke WM6.5[WWE][FRA][DEU]
NoseDive's n083 P3600+i
23rd June 2009, 10:05 PM |#3  
Noonski's Avatar
OP Moderator Emeritus / Recognized Developer
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SDConfig.txt Commands
Commands that will work in SDConfig.txt

Be aware that for commands with only three letters there needs to be a space between the : & \

XML: \Storage Card\Cabs\Personal.xml
XML: \Storage Card\Cabs\Personal.provxml
(To parse provisioning .xml or .provxml files Saved to ANSI)

REG: \Storage Card\Cabs\G-Alarm.reg
(To parse registry files in Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 format)

CPY1:\Storage Card\Cabs\pim.vol
(To copy over one file, and if pim.vol is found in Cabs folder, Cprog.exe will be shut down first)

MOV1:\Storage Card\Folder

(Aplied to latest Beta's, but this will copy over folders and it's subfolders overwriting any existing files)

SC1: \Storage Card\Program Files\GoogleMaps\GoogleMaps.exe
SC2: \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Google Maps.lnk
(Simple Shortcut creation)

WR1: \A File.txt
WR2: The Text That Goes Into the File
WR1: \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Tools\Another App.lnk
WR2: 99#"\Windows\SuperApplication.exe"?AnotherAppWithI cons.exe,-IDI_APPICON

Yes for the Advanced Users. It removes Files Attributes from possible target file then deletes it before writing a new one.
Note that there needs to be a space before the written text starts! (Special NoPrize for the one that knows which file was originally under "AnotherAppWithIcons.exe")

CER: \Storage Card\Cabs\Work.cer
(Install certificates)

CAB: \Storage Card\Cabs\098MSN.CAB
(Cabs that can be installed silently without user intervention)

SCAB:\Storage Card\Cabs\098MSN.CAB
(Cabs that you want installed to Storage Card)

MCAB:\Storage Card\Cabs\098MSN.CAB
(Cabs that you want installed with full user interaction)

EXEC:\Storage Card\Cabs\something.exe
EXEC:\Storage Card\Cabs\mortscript.mscr
EXEC:\Storage Card\Cabs\Or A Link.lnk
EXEC:\Storage Card\Cabs\Or A Even a document.doc
(consider this to be a regular Open or Run file as long as the file is known by system but that can be set be doing a .reg first with the file open registry settings)

(to close running open apps, be aware there is no Slash needed)

DEL: \My Documents\Picture\leaf.jpg
(Remove read write permissions then try to remove the file, will of course not work on ROM/Windows files)

TSK: \My Cool Theme.tsk
Apply Theme


Will set the Reset flag to force reset at the end of XDA_UC
23rd June 2009, 10:05 PM |#4  
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OP Moderator Emeritus / Recognized Developer
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Common Good Practices
  1. Do Not Reboot untill The XDA UC Message tells you it's finished.
  2. You do not need to make your .cab files read only. But out of safety of loosing them it is recommended.
  3. Save your .reg files as Unicode, always start your .reg file with
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    In the first line. And leave one blank empty line at the end of the .reg file.
  4. Test your tweaks and files instead of reflashing to many times. A self initiated script will be uploaded soon, so you can test on a device.
  5. Save your .xml files as Unicode and check if they are correctly formatted by opening them for instance in Internet Explorer.
    If it doesn't show you the content then it will tell you where to look for mistakes.
    More XML tips
  6. Commands for SDConfig.txt for Version 2.0
23rd June 2009, 10:05 PM |#5  
Noonski's Avatar
OP Moderator Emeritus / Recognized Developer
Flag Amsterdam
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AutoShortcut Registry Tricks
AutoShortcut Registry Tricks
HTC Autoshortcut replacment and enhancements through registry keys:

Directory Copy
Copy over files from one folder to another, overwriting the present files.
This will also copy over any subfolders inside the folder being copied over.
The entry on the left is the destination folder, the entry on the right is the source folder.
See the example code below:
"\\My Documents\\Test"="\\Storage Card\\My Documents\\Test"
You can also use this registry entry if you just want to make an empty folder.
See the example code below:
"\\My Documents\\Test"="MakeDir"
Copy just one file over from one folder to another.
The entry on the left is the destination File, the entry on the right is the source file.
See the example code below:
"\\My Documents\\MakeDir.reg"="\\Storage Card\\XDA_UC\\MakeDir.reg"
Delete a file. This will not delete Files in cooked in Rom/Windows folder.
But it will for instance delete Read Only Pictures in My Documents
See the example code below:
"\\Documents And Settings\\Somefile.xml"=""
Deleting of a whole directory has not been added as mistakes can be made to easily, resulting in a complete Device and SD card whipe.
If you understand the risks I reccomend to learn writing your own mortscripts to do this.

Write more explicit shortcuts or files
The left entry is the destination file, the right entry is the text you want written into the destination file.
See the example codes below:
"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Tools\\TF Detacher\\icon.lnk"="50#MPI_ProgramIcons.dll,-115"

"\\My Documents\\Somefile.txt"="Hello World"
Auto Shortcut Creation
To create shortcuts to files or applications.
The left entry is the target link name, the right entry is the source file the link should be pointing to.
See the example code below:
"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\SAP Settings.lnk"="\\Windows\\SAPSettings.exe"
If you want to be sure that the destination directory exists where you want the shortcut created you can add an extra Registry entry for Directory creation.
See the example code below:
"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Contacts"="MakeDir"
"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Contacts\\SAP Settings.lnk"="\\Windows\\SAPSettings.exe"
Run First Boot
Run a file or application at the first boot.
The left entry if for the file or application, the right entry is for paramaters you want passed to an application.
See the example code below:
29th June 2009, 06:07 PM |#6  
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Questions & Answers
Question:: I am a new user of Windows Mobile and I don't understand many of the terms here, can you tell me in a simple language what exactly XDA_UC is doing for me or for my device?
Answer: XDA_UC aplies and installs installation files and user tweak files in a simple and straight forward manner that does not lock up your screen as the regular Autorun method's would with out the need to know how to configure a pre setup SDConfig.txt file. It runs in the background and you can start using the device after flash (thought you will be a little slower at start uas stuff is happening in the background)
Or if above is still not easy to understand, let's say like this: After you flashed a new ROM, or did a hard reset (or you run 'Clear Storage' from system settings page, it's same as so-called 'hard reset' here), all your programs and your tweaks or adjustment to the Operation System is wiped out and you only have a clean OS from the firmware on your phone. At this time, XDA_UC will silently install all your programs and apply all your tweaks alltogether in a straight-forward way, and you don't need to install or apply them one by one. Provided onlyif you already placed the (cab installer & registry tweak) files in the designated folder.

Question::I noticed the advantage of XDA_UC. But as a newbie to this society, seems I can not take full advantage of it. Any simple guidelines about what shall I learn and where to start?
Answer: The best way is to start learning which Registry settings you want personally always to be aplied to any rom. Look for CeRegEditor 4.3 so you can study, dump and compare the regitry to find the specific Registry keys that you can then save as .reg files. Installing cabs is nice and takes away a lot of hassle put adding your own. It's also smart to just make a shortcut to a specific program you already have installed on your SD as most work fine onze they have been installed before. That should save time on installing some cabs.

Question:: I have some Greenware in my storage card, every time after flashing a new ROM or a hard-reset, I need to make shortcuts for them inside \Windows\Start Menu\, Can XDA-UC do that for me?
Answer: You can either add a registry String line to any .reg file you put into the XDA_UC Folder
"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Synchro Time.lnk"="\\Storage Card\\Program Files\\Synchro Time\\Synchro Time.exe"
And XDAUC will at the end of process convert all these registry settings to real shortcuts.
Or make a mortscript with the line:
CreateShortcut(SystemPath("ProgramsMenu") \ "Synchro Time.lnk","\Windows\Synchro Time.exe")

Question: What if I want to run XDA-UC by myself? Is it possible? Since what time to run (on first boot. second boot, or which boot after hard-reset) is decided by the cook of my ROM.
Answer: A Script will be provided soon for this, but it won't install if files that have already been installed at the XDA_UC run at the first boot.
Almost everything that get's installed by XDA_UC is written to the registry so if someone has the time to develop a managing tool can read this values.
1st July 2009, 07:25 AM |#7  
wg5566's Avatar
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Coming soon...
9th July 2009, 07:08 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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Is this something that can be installed/added to an existing rom that I can use stand alone, or does it have to be cooked into a rom? Thanks.
9th July 2009, 07:45 PM |#9  
Noonski's Avatar
OP Moderator Emeritus / Recognized Developer
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In principle this is supposed to be a cooked in thing, but Once i have tested the V 1.0.02 fully, and tweaked the timing a bit i might make a trimmed down "Run Whenever you like version or add to a SDAutorun Only Rom"

But it the adding to SDConfig.txt will need some testing, that if no one else is doing i will need to test first someday.
9th July 2009, 08:21 PM |#10  
Junior Member
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Originally Posted by Noonski

In principle this is supposed to be a cooked in thing, but Once i have tested the V 1.0.02 fully, and tweaked the timing a bit i might make a trimmed down "Run Whenever you like version or add to a SDAutorun Only Rom"

OK, thanks for the reply. I will keep monitoring this thread to see how you're doing. I'm thinking this is a good way to update after a flash, but I'm not sure if I want to change roms right now. Also, not too many roms have it cooked in just yet.
9th July 2009, 09:49 PM |#11  
jeepers007's Avatar
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Is this to install to main memory only?

If not, how do we differentiate which cabs we want in main memory and which in storage card?
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