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A701-FRE- by ansar

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By, Retired Recognized Developer on 9th June 2009, 01:10 AM
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Dear forum members,

Update for Speaker On fix during a call we can do this:

From Start\Task Manager\regedit we go to: HKLM\Drivers\Speaker

and we change the name value from SPK1: to WAV1:

I will also prepare and upload a small cab to do this registry update.

This is new Rom for Mio A701: FRE-WM6.1-CE-OS-5.2.21109-Build-21109.1.6.0, Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon, M2D, D3D, YouTube.

It is another world first in French Language, an M2D, D3D, YouTube.

With this rom Mio A701 is now capable among many new features to play YouTube videos.

The CE image is based on the Official WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.21109 ( Build 21109.1.6.0 ).

It is equivalent to the wwe version, but with more enhancements and it seems faster than that.

This SeaDragon 4.00 Version is completely different than previous rom builds, so let see the details:

1. Memory Management.

.. New memory and storage memory modules have been introduced that speed up all relevant operations and

.... increase the overall device performance.

.. These modules are to support both xip and sys parts of the rom and relevant registry settings are improved.

.. The registry parts i.e. default and user, are completely redesigned and expanded.

.. I believe that this rom is close to 95 percent of the rom of the htc tytn ii device.

2. Power Management.

.. New Power management service has been implemented

.. Backlight.cpl and Power.cpl modules are not redirected to the relevant *.exe in order for new languages to be displayed natively.

.. The backlight.cpl accepts 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2min, 3min, 4min and 5 min on battery power.

.. All icons of AllInOne are working and one more are included in the icon tray.

.. The so long inactive green battery icon is now working and displays the backlight.cpl module.

... After flashing, as bellow is described, i tested for mane power off and resets and for some days up to now, and is working fine.

... From that icon we change screen's brightness immediately but do not change the backlight timeout.

.. The icon battery in the Task Bar top right is directed to the power.exe module.

... From this module the backlight timeout can be changed and take place immediately at 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min and 5min.

... Do not change the screen's brightness from this module cause this is vise versa in horizontal direction and a reset is needed for settings to be applied.

3. The Phone

.. Phone is fixed with the implementation of callserv.dll, tkitloader.dll 's and a small in code fix but lot of time to create it.

.. Now in Start\Programs you will see your providers menu lnk, for instance Vodafone Menu (*.lnk)

.. During first rom release it is reported that the fix works in all countries around the world.

.. In phone settings we see many new tabs at the bottom of the screen that allows many new functions.

.. In the last tab you can set automatic call receiving i.e. after 1, 2 or .. rings that is good when driving and bluetooth is enabled.

.. It seems that the radio rom download is possible so we may start cooking the radio rom too.

4. Calls Over Bluetooth.

.. When receiving a call we can activate the phone and voice with one (1) click on the bluetooth device multi task button.

.. After finishing our conversation, we can deactivate the phone again with one (1) click on multi task button.

.. This is valid with the first call only during a bluetooth session.

.. In the second and next calls it is a little tricky and undocumented. Please think of your safety first when driving a car.

.. With one click first we activate the phone receiving and next with a double (quick) click on multi task button we activate voice receiving.

.. Remember that after finishing our conversation, we apply a double click to deactivate voice and then a single click to deactivate the phone.

.. As previously said is safer when driving to enable automatic phone activation after desired number or rings and use a single clicks.

5. Audio Management.

.. All audio functions have been reworked and now you can play:

.. .aac, .3gp, .3g2, .3gpp, .m4a, .m4v, .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .amr, .rmi, .rv, .ra .rm and .rma audio and video in windows media player.

.. Files with .rm , .rma, .rv and .ra requires to be installed.

.. I am working for further development in order to include .avi and some more codecs.

.. If a .3gp file is not working in video or audio, you can rename it to .3gpp and test it.

.. The provided Audio Manager includes an audio booster and is required for A2DP stereo listening.

6. Blue Tooth wireless stereo.

.. Wireless Stereo has been reworked and the provided a2dp is almost lag/skip free.

.. It is required to cradle the device in mains power and set it from e-Utility to Super Performance or for no lag/skip with XCPUScalar to 624 MHZ.

.. It was tested with BB-02 wireless stereo head phone with very good results.

.. A2DP Toggle -1.1 of Teksoftco is provided in a cab with very good performance.

.. When driving please follow the rules and stop at the emergency lane when making or receiving a call.

7. Obex over Blue Tooth.

.. Obex File Transport is supported and you can send/receive files with btcrawler, total commander and fexplorer easily.

8. Blue Tooth over Activesync.

.. You can connect your device wireless and have control of all your windows and SD card files.

.. In order to connect we must enable advanced network functionality from Start\Settings\Connections\USB to PC.

.. There is a small procedure in Hacking and Development of how to, if you face a problem.

.. In short we first activesync our device with a USB cable connection and then over bluetooth.

9. WiFi/Wlan Management.

.. New functions and drivers are provided in order to speed up your file transfer operations.

.. I did not test them myself due to a new card delivery delays.

a. D3D drivers.

.. D3D drivers are tested and working as you can test it from Start\Programs\Apps with D3Ddemo, Lights3D and Text3D.

b. User Interfaces.

.. You can have the simple windows mobile, Htc Home, Htc Home Diamond and Manila 2D Sea Dragon interfaces.

.. In the provided VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 library all cabs can be installed manually as desired.

.. A special manual procedure is described bellow in order to have YouTube with the minimum cabs and maximum remaining program and storage space.

.. An SDConfig.txt file is provided with the a simple reset function or we can flash without the SD card in the slot.

c. Applications.

The applications included inside the rom and in the VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 library are as follows:

--- M2D SeaDragon

--- M2D Enhancements

--- Audio Manager

--- A2DP Settings

--- A2DP Toggle

--- Backup (Data)

--- Backup (PIM)

--- BtCrawler

--- Cell Broad Cast

--- Clear Temp

--- Clear Storage

--- CSD Line Type

--- Device Info

--- External GPS

--- Flash Player

--- Flight Mode

--- Google Maps

--- GPRS Configuration

--- GPRS Setting

--- HTC Album

--- HTC CommManager

--- HTC Opera

--- HTC YouTube

--- Inrenet Explorer

--- Java

--- Keyboard Skins

--- Location Call

--- Microphone AGC

--- Mio Calculator

--- MJ Configuration

--- Note Pad

--- Office Mobile

--- S2U2

--- Screen Capture

--- Soft Key


--- Streaming Player

--- Task manager

--- TouchFlo

--- Total Commander

--- Traffic Message

--- VisualGPSce

--- Voice Speed Dial

--- WiFi Scanner

--- Windows Live

--- Windows Media Player

--- WkTask

--- Wlan Manager

--- XCPUScalar

--- Finally many new services have been implemented from tytn ii successfully.

A. Screens of the New Mobile Vista SeaDragon 4.00

More images later.

B. Download Links


For the flashing instructions see next post

Till next version enjoy!!!

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 D3D M2D Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
9th June 2009, 01:11 AM |#2's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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C. Instructions to successfully flash the rom CE image

Here bellows are the instructions to successfully flash it:

Unzip the downloaded file: Mio_A701_FRE_WM6.1.21109.MobileVista4.00SeaDragon_

and in the created directory you will have the following:

1. This readme.txt file.

2. The VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 directory with the subdirectories:

3. The control text file SDConfig.txt of a single rest instruction.

4. The rom binary image Mio_A701_FRE_WM6.1.21109.MobileVista4.00SeaDragon_ by_ansar.bin

Before flashing we make a backup of our files in Storage Card using the Data Backup Program or PIM Backup from my previous roms or your favorite backup.

In case you do not have a backup application install the (is PIMBackup) found in the VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 directory.

Use the same backup application you used to save your data in order to recover them after flashing.

Place the VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 dir and the SDConfig.txt file in the Storage Card and

flash the Mio_A701_FRE_WM6.1.21109.MobileVista4.00SeaDragon_ by_ansar.bin image file as follows:

a. Enter Mio A701 in boot loader menu by pressing and holding Volume UP and then also pressing and holding the Power On button.

.... When led power on, release both buttons and press the navi down key in order to enter to boot loader.

.... Press Navi Down to go to FlashROM Upgrade by USB and press the central Navi key to select this sub menu.

.... Then press Navi Down to go to CE img By USB and press the central Navi key to select this option.

.... Wait to see the message Waiting for image...

b. Check that in a PC/Laptop have unchecked the Allow USB connections option before connecting.

.... Connect Mio A701 to a PC/Laptop with a usb cable.

.... In Windows Vista we must have the latest version of Windows Mobile Device Center, the Mio A701 Drivers and ScoterRomUpdate-R01.exe installed.

c. Place the Mio_A701_FRE_WM6.1.21109.MobileVista4.00SeaDragon_ by_ansar.bin, run ScoterRomUpdate-R01.exe and follow the instructions.

d. After the successful flashing of the rom, in your device select exit, and then:

..... 1. if Uboot 48 is installed in the device, select the Enter Deepsleep option and then perform a Hard Reset.

....... Hard Reset is enabled by pressing and holding Volume Down key and then pressing the power button.

....... When a vibration is activated, release both keys.

..... 2. if not Uboot 48, select WatchDog reset.

e. Remember to tick again the Allow USB connections option in your PC in order to activesync by USB cable connection later on.

The Rom flashing process will perform as follows:

a. Loads all splash screens, performs the welcome screen and displays the initial Today screen.

b. Then loads Mobile_Vista theme and installs the cabs that reside in the rom.

c. Executes the reset instruction of SDConfig.txt and

d. Will finish after machine's final Reset and final boot.

e. The device displays the phone security pin entry procedure and after that enters in Mobile Windows today screen.

f. Now we start the manual cab installation exactly as follows:

... If not already, insert your Storage Card in the side slot and cradle your device to mains power due to the 10sec timeout and to preserve battery.

... With total commander we go to the Storage Card\VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 directory and select CabsToWindows directory.

... We find and double click on and perform installation in Windows. We reset device by side reset hole using stylus.

... We find and double click on and again perform installation in Windows. We reset device by click on OK.

... We find and double click on and do as in previous line.

... We find and double click on and again perform installation in Windows.

... We Power off the device and then power on again, or make a soft reset.

... Now everything will be working as designed.

... In order for the YouTube to connect and display we need:

... 1. The phone to be connected to our mobile operator

... 2. A fast ADSL line for internet connection and

... 3. To actvesync our device over bluetooth or wi-fi with a PC/Laptop.

... Welcome to the YouTube era with your device first among few devices, and not only.

... Other cabs from Storage Card\VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 directory are optional.

... YouTube need 10MB free in order to run, so do not over cab your device.

... A good option is to install and for best Audio and extreme A2DP no skip functionality.

Note 1: The new keyboard layout has options for small and big letters

and it is predefined to initial setup of small letters.

Note 2: The key of Windows Player is assigned to Start Menu activation and

Note 3: The key of navigation is assigned to <OK/close> for better performance.

Note 4: Regedit (the one part of task manager) and Total Commander are assigned in the known inside touch keys.

Note 5: As you already noticed all screens (initial splash, windows welcome and AutoRun) are redesigned as well as

the Mobile_Vista.tsk theme, the Comm Manager, the Phone, the Audio Manager and the Streaming Media player.

Note 6: Internet explorer has two new home screens.

The first has help, IE Home, HTC Home and Xda Developers.

If you tap on IE Home the well known iexplorer home screen is seen.

When you tap on menu>tools>options you can set the current, IE home as home page.

You can always go back to the first page from menu>tools>options and setting use default.

Note 7: The well known SRS WOW HD driver is in the rom as package for enhanced HD sound.

Note 8: The bottom screen plug-in has eight small buttons where from left to right you can have:

- The hdspa (prestidge) icon

- The green for on off the phone

- The Gps ephemeris activation

- The memory

- The bluetooth

- The battery icon for the power.cpl

- The screen rotation button.

More icons can be seen as:

- If XCPUSCALAR is activated three icons are installed, for reset, suspend and xcpuscalar.

- If Task Manager is activated and minimized, a small icon of TM is also installed.

- When buetooth is activated an extra flashing bt icon is installed.

- When activesync over bluetooth is activated another icon is revealed.

Note 9: If Visual GPSce application is installed for Sirf or NMEA protocol then you can have

plenty of screens for almost any gps info. The bottom right flashing icon is green when fix is made

and can be blue when differential gps signal is received, depending on differential satellites found.

Note a: The S2U2 is redesigned and starts automatically when SDConfig.txt option is selected.

From Start>Programs>Apps>S2u2 Settings you can set up S2U2 when the cab is installed manually.

Note b: From Start>Programs>Apps you can test D3D drivers that can achieve more than 50 fps.

There are three apps as D3DMdemo, Lights3D and Text3D.

Note c: All cab files included in VistaLibFRE21109MVSD4_00 dir can be installed also manually.

Note d: For M2D functions we must proceede as follows:

1. For people and programs (2nd and last tab) install, a link is also created in Start Menu and MultiMedia.

2. For Comm Manager install, a link is also created in Start Menu and MultiMedia.

3. For Album install, a link is also created in MultiMedia.

4. For Opera Browser install, a link is also created in MultiMedia.

5. For MMS instal

6. For Outlook Enhancements install

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 D3D M2D Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
9th June 2009, 01:12 AM |#3's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Rom Structure

Mio_A701_FRE_WM6.1_CEOS_5.2.21109_Build_21109.1.6. 0_Mobile_Vista_4.00_SeaDragon_YouTube:








->Ansar Tweaks
->MoDaCo NoData
->NetCF (3.5)
->Pocket Screen Capture
->Srs Wow HD
->Vista Driven
->Vista Themes

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 D3D M2D Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
9th June 2009, 01:13 AM |#4's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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This is the printscreen of PKTOOLS:

[Core OS]
Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs

NET: 3.5.21109.5000
SYS: 5.2.21109.5000

040C - French (France)


CN=OEM Sign 2005
O=MiTAC Root Certificate Authority
O=MiTAC Root Certificate Authority
CN=Microsoft Corporation CE Image Update Test - Root
CN=Microsoft MDD Dogfood CA - MS Root
CN=Microsoft Windows Mobile PCA, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

[Missing Manifests]

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 D3D M2D Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
9th June 2009, 01:27 AM |#5  
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Je viens de publier ta ROM sur mon Blog ou


I just publied your ROM on my blog
9th June 2009, 06:04 AM |#6's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 1,851

Merci beaucoup pour le support.

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 M2D Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
2nd July 2009, 11:53 AM |#7's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 1,851

The post is been updated with the Speaker On fix.

Regards, ansar

Mio A701
UBoot R48
CE image CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 Mobile Vista 4.0 SeaDragon
GSW 3.2.2_3.1.00.12 - SDK.003P1.01a
2nd July 2009, 06:01 PM |#8  
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