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By liorry, Senior Member on 31st March 2013, 08:27 PM
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Main free application (in-app purchases)

Float widgets and custom apps on top of other applications to increase your productivity and enjoy true multitasking!

* Float widgets and custom apps only when a specific app is running
* Watch YouTube while using other apps
* Count things when playing a game
* Turn any website to a floating app
* Create floating apps of your own
* Show your music widget when you plug your headset
* The options are endless!

Overlays is highly customizable, explore it well!

Included custom floating apps
- Floating Widgets
- Floating Shortcuts
- Floating YouTube
- Floating Browser
- Floating Clipboard (Pro)
- Floating Things Counter (Pro)
- Floating Google Maps (Route preview only)
- Floating Google Translate
- Floating Camera
- Floating Calculator
- Floating Dialer & Contacts
- Floating Flashlight
- Floating WiFi & Bluetooth toggle
- Floating Battery
- Floating Weather
- Floating Clock

Automatic and manual triggers:
- Running Application
- Events
- Tasker integration (Pro) for endless flexibility and automation
- Floating Sidebar - swipe your screen edge to reveal the sidebar
- Home button long press
- Launcher Shortcuts
- Always On - overlays will keep floating, everywhere
- Lock screen only (Android 7.1 and below)
- Quick Setting Tile (Android 7.0+)

Supported Events
Headset plugged, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, WiFi by SSID (Pro), Bluetooth by device (Pro), Battery level (Pro), Incoming call, Outgoing call, Phone docked, USB connected, AC plugged, Airplane mode

* New custom app: Screen Filter
* Changed: Apps tab row item functions as toggle. Click to show the app and click again to hide it.
* Fixed: Hide custom apps and profiles on delete
* Fixed: Multiple counter and clipboard weird glitches
* Fixed: Browser tab showing wrong address

* Fixed: Single counter freeze
* Fixed: Duplicate items on Apps tab after upgrade
* Fixed: Global Minimizer icon size
* Fixed: Android 4.4 and below crash when trying to create web app
* Fixed: Missing minimize & close controls when moving custom app
* Changed: Updated what's new changelog

* Dark theme is now available for free!
* Weekly event trigger is also available for free (experimental feature)
* New (Apps tab): Add your own widgets as apps
* New (Apps tab): Add any website URL as a floating app
* New (Apps tab): Long press and drag to reorder apps
* Fixed: Sidebar settings not updated if already running

* Introducing the new Apps tab!
You can now quickly launch all overlays without creating profiles.
Choose between Triggers and Apps as default tab through Settings -> Look & Feel -> Default tab.
* Now Free! Maps, Browser tabs & location are now included for free
* Immersive mode support - you can now position your overlays at the navigation bar area
* Fixed: Sidebar item reorder
* Changed: Clipboard overlay data is now persistent between sessions
======== FULL CHANGELOG IN APP =======
* Android Pie (9.0) support
* New in Pro: Dummy stroke and round corners
* New in Pro: Dark theme
* New in Pro: Keep default overlay position (see in overlay settings)
* New: Toggle overlay for WiFi and Bluetooth
* Now free: Icon pack support, tile trigger and more
* Added menu in drag area for Browser,YouTube
* You can now set a background color (incl. transparent) for Browser overlay
* Application shortcut now bring apps to front instead of reopen
* Some UI tweaks
* Lots of bugs fixes and new ones created (please report)

* New! Overlays Pro – Sidebar now supports direct application and system shortcuts
* Added launcher shortcut to toggle Sidebar
* Fixed missing close and minimize profile controls on landscape orientation
* Lots of other bugs fixed, hopefully without creating new ones.

* Added Indonesian language. Settings -> Look & Feel -> Language
* Bug fixes

* You can now filter attached globals from list and sort your profiles
* [Pro] – new! More animations. Set a different animation per overlay.
* Bug fixes

* [Pro] – new! Device unlock event
* [Pro] – new! More animations. Set a different animation per overlay.
* Bug fixes

* Application profiles/blacklist now using AccessibilityService again. Please make sure it’s enabled.
* [Pro:New] – Schedule weekly event (in beta, please report issues)
* [Pro:New] – Events: WiFi by SSD and Bluetooth by specific device
* Android Oreo notification fixes
* Browser overlay now supports cookies (should work with Telegram)
* Close all toggle on Sidebar
* Bug fixes and optimizations

* Adaptive icons for Android Oreo
* Bug fixes and optimizations

* Due to Google’s new restrictions, Accessibility Service which was used for Application profiles and Blacklist is now removed and replaced with UsageStats API, meaning you’ll need to enable Usage access permission for Overlays.
* Android Nougat app shortcuts
* New Color picker with #HEX support and color presets
* Sidebar tap instead of swipe
* Sidebar lock will now also hide + button
* Removed “Keep aspect ratio” setting
* Bug fixes for Lockscreen only profiles

* [Pro] – Blacklist renewed. Now functions as both Blacklist and Whitelist.
* [Android 8] – Fixed crash when service is not set as foreground (Settings -> General)
* Crash fixes and optimizations

* Bug fixes for “Allow move” policy.
* Crash fixes and optimizations.

* [New] Drag area settings in Settings -> Look & Feel. Set position, color, size and transparency.
* [Changed] Drag area is off by default for new scrollable overlays, unless you set through General settings -> Allow move policy
* [Fixed] Close profile on first overlay tap issue
* Other bug fixes and optimizations

* [New] Allow move policy for all overlays (see Settings -> General -> Allow move policy)
* [Fixed] – Lockscreen only profiles will show only on lockscreen. Even if directly enabled.
* [Fixed] Android 8.0+ Oreo crash fixes using Tasker

* Allow move (per overlay) – no more long press to move and resize outside the app. All non-scrollable overlays are draggable and scrollable overlays (like widgets, browser, etc) now has a drag area.
Your current overlays setup shouldn’t be affected (remains long press) so you’ll need to manually set “Allow move” per overlay. All newly created overlays will set “Allow move” by default.

* Profile controls – you can now close or minimize a profile by dragging one of its overlays to the profile controls area. No need to create a profile minimizer. Overlays will automatically create a runtime minimizer (won’t appear in profile) or use the current minimizer. This can be turned off through Settings > General -> Show profile controls.

* No more “save” button to exit edit mode or hide resize button – just touch outside and all overlays will exit edit mode.

* Fast YouTube profile creation – Share a YouTube video to overlays to keep watching it outside the YouTube app.

* Android O support -fixed showing overlays, fixed shortcut trigger.
* [Pro:New] – Android 7.0+ Quick Settings Tile
* [Pro:New] – Change icon for Shortcuts overlays
* [Pro:New] – Add background image for Dummy overlay
* [Fixed] – re-added Battery overlay.
* [Fixed] – Incoming call event on Android 6.0+
* Bug fixes and optimizations

* Some Overlays Pro features are now free!
All pro overlays: Browser, Youtube, Dialer, Camera, Flashlight and Overlays Minimizer are now included in the free version.
More free features: Align overlays in grid, notification indicator for app shortcut overlay and global minimizer. Enjoy!
* Bug fixes, optimizations and some help tooltips.

* [Pro:Fixed] – Camera overlay

* Sidebar – new option: hide all other overlays on profile show.
* [Pro:New] – hide all other overlays on profile show.
* Bug fixes and optimizations

* Overlays in edit screen now always in edit mode. No more long press to move around and enter settings.
Single tap the minimizer to enter its settings.
Long press to enter edit mode outside app is still long press.

* [Pro] YouTube overlay – minimizer your YouTube music without stopping playback.
* [Pro] com.applay.overlay.profile.MINIMIZE & com.applay.overlay.profile.EXPAND broadcasts support.
* [Pro] Auto refresh browser website every X seconds

* You can now edit a profile’s trigger via profile settings dialog.
* Android O support – mostly means no more lock screen trigger 
* Android Marshmallow runtime permissions support
* Bug fixes and optimizations

3.0 - 3.0.2
* Overlays, simplified. The whole profile creation process is changed to make Overlays simple to use. Please share any feedback!
- [Overlays Pro] Added Icon pack support
- [Overlays Pro] Minimizer is now under Pro Overlays list
- Bug fixes and optimizations

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Control Overlays using Android Broadcasts. click to see how.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Hide Browser address area.
* [Changed] – Upped max icon size.

* [Added] – Sidebar option: Show/hide sidebar on touch outside.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Global Minimizer. You can now minimize all active profiles with one click. Double click to close Overlays.
* [Overlays Pro:Removed] – Hide & minimize profile on touch outside removed. Sorry, Currently not possible.

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Minimize profile on touch outside.
* Crash fixes. Thank you for your reports!

* Android N support.
* New UI and colors.
* First time tutorial and tips.
* [Added] – Option to remove shadow around some Pro overlays (to allow full screen).
* [Added] – Long press Home button to toggle profile (see Overlays settings -> General).
* [Fixed] – issue when creating Event profiles.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Browser start URL.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Pro overlays settings.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Touch outside to close profile.

* [Fixed] – Browser overlay delete will stop music, if playing.
* [Fixed] – Create App/Event profile issue.
* [Added] – Browser overlay desktop mode (user agent).

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Z Order: sort your overlays in layers.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Floating Browser, new in-house overlay!
* [Added] – True Widget re-size support. Google Music different layouts will now show by widget size.
* [Added] – New Event: AC Charging.
* [Changed] – Click anywhere to toggle top action bar in overlays edit screen.

* [New] – Home tab. Shows all your profiles and allow quick edit access, even for Application/Event profiles with multiple Attached Globals. Auto created Attached Globals will not show here but you can view them on Globals tab.
* [Added] – Support for Android M(arshmallow).
* [Fixed] – App detection on Android 5.1 and above.
* [Fixed] – Sidebar will now allow you to select auto created Attached Globals.

* [Added] – Material Design touches.
* [Added] – New profile creation wizard. You can still attach Globals to Application/Events profiles through edit screen.
* [Added] – Overlays entrance/exit animations. Change animation through Settings -> Look & Feel -> Select Animation.
* [Added] – Global settings – Show profile ONLY on (stock) lock screen. Other lock screen apps are staying the same, just create an Application profile for them.
* [Added] – Experimental! Share/Import single profiles. You can use that to help others or share ideas.
* [Added] – You can now use Overlays as a background service, without a notification. Notice it may be less reliable. Settings -> General -> Use Foreground Service (uncheck it).
* [Added] – Version update check. Disable it through Settings -> Application -> Check For Updates.
* [Added] – Stop vibrate feedback on overlay edit mode through Settings -> Look & Feel -> Vibrate Feedback.

* [Fixed] – Some widget stop updating after Overlays update. You can also force widgets’ refresh through Settings -> Export -> Refresh Widgets.
* [Fixed] – Camera and Flash Pro overlays.
* [Fixed] – Profile minimizer overlay should now stay put on click.
* [Fixed] – Lollipop permission for detecting current running application removed.

* [Fixed] Sidebar right position.
* [Fixed] long press sensitivity issue.
* [Fixed] LG G2/G3 widget selection fix.
* [Added] Japanese translation.
* [Added] Dummy view overlay (for screen filter uses, avoid clicking areas of the screen, etc).
* [Pro] grid will now have more squares, by screen size and resolution.
* [Pro] show profile on lock screen (per Global).
* [New] Attached global in Application/Event – you can now choose if you want to perform exit action (3 dots menu per attached global).
* [New] Examples tab added – initial. If all goes well, Android 4.1 users could soon start sharing profiles, even with widgets.
* [Android 4.1+]: Import backup will now re-create widgets for you or allow you to “press to re-create” in case the widget has a configuration screen.

* Crash fix for some users.

* [Fixed] - Application profiles issue.
* [Added] - Disable press profile row to toggle state settings.
* Bug fixes per your reports. Thanks!

Overlays reborn.

Both versions:
* [Pro->Free] Applications and Events profiles are now free and unlimited.
* [Pro->Free] Widget-Shortcut overlay is now free for use.
* New UI and navigation.
* Battery and memory consumption drastically reduced.
* Overlays will auto start after future Play store update.
* Application list will now show only launch-able apps.
* In-app tutorial cards.
* KitKat fixes - Overlays can now be positioned everywhere, even in immersive mode.
* Lots of bug fixes!

Overlays Pro:
* Global profiles settings - Minimizer (single tap to minimize, double tap to close), hide profile on first overlay tap, close profile on first overlay tap, start profile minimized.
* New in-house Overlays - Calculator, Camera, Dialer/Contacts and Flashlight.
* Notification indicator for application shortcut overlay (Android 4.3+).
* Snap to grid - align overlays.
* [Fixed] - Blacklist issues.

End of AppGratis promotion – Thanks a lot for all your great feedback!

* Added French translation.
* Fixed selecting gallery image as profile icon bug.
* If Home button is enabled as start service – it will also function from main app settings screen.
* Crashes and bug fixes.

* [Overlays Pro] NEW! Let Overlays to respond to Events. Float overlays on an Incoming call, headset plugged in, Bluetooth is on and on many more events.
* Settings – control how to start Overlays service (Home, Back, Both, None).
* Settings – disable long press to enter edit mode.
* Translations and bugs fixes.
* Major bug fix - orientation crash should be fixed now. Had to remove glow effect from Sidebar profiles.
* Other bug fixes.
* Added Italian translation.

* Fixed 2 crashes reported by you. Thanks!
* [NEW]  Application profile interval to general settings.
* [NEW] Border size option to Widget overlays settings.
* [NEW] Full height option to Widget overlays settings (Experimental).

* [FIXED] Sidebar right side extra space..
* [FIXED] Profile local media icon not showing on launcher shortcut.
* [FIXED] Blacklist switching between blocked apps.
* [FIXED] Removed 1px empty space between overlay to edge of screen.
* [FIXED] Weather overlay update issues.
* [FIXED] Sidebar icon blink on click (glow effect).
* [FIXED] Direct dial shortcut.

* [FIXED] - Sidebar is on top of everything.
* [FIXED] - Sidebar width is now set by the icon size option.
* [FIXED] - Weather overlay is now working again. You can also hide its symbol.
* [NEW] - Sidebar - show and color the swipe area.
* [NEW] - Sidebar - running profile glow radius.
* Other bug fixes and optimizations.

* Android 4.3 (notification)
* [NEW] - Sidebar - control your profiles everywhere. Tutorial and options in Overlay's settings.
* [NEW] - Overlay Orientation - show overlays only in portrait/landscape orientation (settings per overlay).
* [NEW] - set global profile icon.
* [FIXED] - Blacklist (Pro only) - you can now block the same app in different profiles.
* Lots of bug fixes and optimizations.
* Removed language select due to lack of translations updates - contact us if you wish to help!

Critical bug fixes and optimizations - blacklist issues, profile naming bug, crashes.
Thanks to your reports, we fixed a very critical bug some of you experienced when trying to create or show a Widget-Shortcut Overlay.
* Bug fixes and optimizations.
* [NEW] - Export/Import option in settings (Experimental).
We're sorry for the frequent update!
2 Critical bug fixes (run on boot and widget shortcut crash).

* New languages – German and Hebrew. Contact us if you’re willing to translate to more languages.
* [Fixed] – Overlays weren't keeping their position on landscape oriented devices.

Overlays Pro:
* [NEW] – General profiles Blacklist – You can now block specific apps from floating a profile.
* [NEW] – Widget Shortcut overlay – Create shortcuts that opens widgets!
* Tutorials for both new features at
Critical bug fixes and optimizations.

Next version will include new Overlays and we promise they are going to be very cools ones!
* New! Application shortcut overlay.
* Settings got a new look and some new options:
1. Choose the overlay re-size, delete, settings & save buttons size.
2. Keep aspect ratio while re-sizing widgets!
3. Define long click duration to enter overlay edit mode.

* Removed the launcher profile that showed as default, you can now create 1 application profile. Delete the existing if you want to replace it.
* Bug fixes with some widgets like Pandora.

* New! Create Overlays profiles shortcuts on your homescreen or even inside another profile (through shortcuts).
* Fixed click on overlays - you can now select what application to open on short click.
* Cleared system applications list from un-launchable apps.

Overlays Pro:
* New! Tasker integration now allows 3 actions: On, Off, Toggle.
* Fixed GUI bug - no applications icons.
* Fixed crash on app start (out of memory - devices with many applications).
* Fixed crash on weather update.

version 1.0.5:
* Fixed the crash when adding/editing profiles (had to add permission, read in permission section in description).
* Changed Profiles tab to allow multiple profiles at the same time!
* Rotation is now allowed in every screen.
* Several bug fixes and optimizations!

version 1.0.3:
* New! system shortcuts overlay!
* You can now control when to start the service and show notifications (Always, Never, When profile visible).
* Tasker integration fixes. (Pro version)
* Fixed weather location.
* Fixed bugs related to overlay drag & resize.
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Re: [APP][4.0+] Overlays v1.0.1- float your widgets ANYWHERE!
Thumb up :thumbup::beer:

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1st April 2013, 05:35 AM |#3  
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Re: [APP][4.0+] Overlays v1.0.1- float your widgets ANYWHERE!
Amazing app, kudos to the dev!:thumbup:
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1st April 2013, 06:15 AM |#4  
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Re: [APP][4.0+] Overlays v1.0.1- float your widgets ANYWHERE!
Originally Posted by xpresotw

Thumb up :thumbup::beer:

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Originally Posted by SPBoss

Amazing app, kudos to the dev!:thumbup:

hit him a thanks at least if you guys liked his work. Thanks a lot liorry for this.

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Originally Posted by zain0300

hit him a thanks at least if you guys liked his work. Thanks a lot liorry for this.

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Haha thanks although feedback is always appreciated!
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Originally Posted by y0himba

Purchased. More people should, this is the bomb!

Thank you!
Let me know if you have any issues.
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2nd April 2013, 09:08 PM |#9  
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Would love I'd you guys can tell me which in house overlays you'd like to see.
In house overlays are not widget dependent so it saves you the trouble to install additional applications.

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Re: [APP][4.0+] Overlays v1.0.1- float your widgets ANYWHERE!
Have been using this app for a while but can't purchase until my credit card arrives. But i definitely will this app offers something unique as i haven't seen anything like it before. i Look forward to being able to put music widget on google navigation and whatever else you can imagine
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I didn't know this was possible O.o
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