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By eschelon, Retired Recognized Developer on 24th July 2012, 05:04 AM
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20th April 2013, 12:39 AM |#21571  
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Originally Posted by daclothe

I'm with you 100% it would be great to have predefined window I know I could launch app X directly in windowed mode if I wanted to. That would be amazing and exactly what I posted about roughly 15 pages back.

This thread is updated soo often I often miss MANY many posts. I was just reacting to the stargate125645 character, I didn't realize u already posted the same idea. Goes to show how good an idea it is.

That popupbrowser mod isn't the same kind of resize you get with multiwindow, by the by. Still cool tho.
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20th April 2013, 12:48 AM |#21572  
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Originally Posted by stargate125645

The next big feature I can see being super useful now that multiwindow will be at its peak potential is getting this ROM (or maybe the kernel needs to be modified?) to work with the Screen Standby application. Our phones are one of the few that don't, and it'd be great when streaming to an external display to save battery life and screen life. Just a thought... Everything else is great as far as I can tell!

Have you tried the newest betas? They've been working pretty well for me...
20th April 2013, 01:37 AM |#21573  
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Originally Posted by pelo88

I wasn't talking about multiwindows not being resizable, I said the popup browser wasn't but there's apparently a mod for that, lol. As for what I WAS saying, I'd like to see the ability to from within a full screen non-setup in advance app be able to share or click on something that requests the open with dialog have the option to have that other app open AS a multiwindow app, just like the popup browser does, but for anything, facebook gmail, etc. Cuz honestly I never find myself proactively remembering to setup multiwindow and often find I wish I had when I'm sharing something to facebook but forgot something I wanted to quote or reference from it while composing my post.

When I click back to get back to my page or whatever I was in that I attempted to share I may find what I was referencing wasn't completely explained in the page I was on so I wanted to do a quick google search so I hit the home button. By the time I'm done, I try to go back into facebook and it's all gone, I have to reshare and recreate the post I was composing all over again.

I just think I'd not be alone in finding ways to use multiwindow more if we didn't have to think about setting it up in advance before using it. Think of how often you open new windows in your desktop. You never have to "prepare" the thing to not open it in full screen mode (unless your using windows 8 metro apps, lol).

Oh I'm sorry lol long day
20th April 2013, 04:20 AM |#21574  
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Originally Posted by daclothe

Have you tried the newest betas? They've been working pretty well for me...

US version? That's new.

---------- Post added at 10:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:32 PM ----------

Still eventually freezes for me regardless of the application or phone settings, even with the newest version.
20th April 2013, 05:05 AM |#21575  
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Synergy falling soundlessly
in the middle
of the night will always
fill my heart with sweet clarity.

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20th April 2013, 05:12 AM |#21576  
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When this rev first came out i tried the new s voice and attempted I wanna say was navigation and it opened in multi Window by itself without me having used it prior so it may be possible.

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20th April 2013, 05:59 AM |#21577  
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More (MD5: ed8c052395919200d7ba3f78cf2436dc)

This build contains a lot of fixes from the previous release and a bunch of new additions, as well as our exclusive new extension to Synergy’s floating multiwindows: Titlebar control. You can now access the titlebar control options via the display settings. We've got it coded so that the titlebars are not turned on until you go in there and pick the option you want. Trev's got more about this in his post below.

We've also added new logic in the way we automatically detect your carrier in AROMA. We don’t want to give everyone free reign to flash any GSM carrier on a CDMA board and vice versa as it will aggravate the carriers. But since like 10 different carriers all use the ATT board and recovery, for example, we needed to figure out a way to show some of the smaller US and Canadian carriers some love too, while still automating carrier detection for you in AROMA. Starting with this release every time you flash you should get a prompt saying we’ve detected several props trying to pin down your general board/recovery (may not always be exactly your carrier – this is ok) and list the carriers specific to your device’s CPU board. Just pick your carrier from the generated list and you’ll be good to go. For example, if you’re on T-Mobile and you see that we detected you as ATT, that’s ok. Just pick T-Mo that’s listed there as a carrier option and roll with it. That may all sound kinda confusing but it’s really simple once you flash and see what shows up in AROMA. We added a ton of new carriers to this build as well. If yours isn't listed or if you small carrier guys have data or wifi issues (since I can’t test myself) then PM me a stock build from your carrier and we’ll work with you to either get you added in or work to solve the issues.

We've also added new AOSP-ish (light), Synergy Recommended, and Fully Bloated (heavy) quick install options in AROMA for easy ‘click and go’ installations. Custom is also still there, of course. And we've added a bunch of new toys in AROMA so enjoy the added installation options. Also exciting is we've added a file explorer right in AROMA (w00t!). It’s pretty slick so check it out. It’s in the Synergy toolbox in AROMA. Give it a whirl when you need a powerful and handy file browser/explorer when you’re in AROMA without having to fully boot to the OS or mess with adb push/pull in recovery.

Lots of other goodness too. Bug fixes galore. New TrevE Wifi Tether app with MAC spoofing (see his post for more), the Ziggy kernel now fully works for the T-Mo guys (about frickin time), and Dormant mode now fully works, just enable the notification toggle and access it through there (thanks andybones for the logic!)

Finally, I know some of you were expecting to see features or additions that aren't listed above. One of the challenges for any dev is knowing when to stop, drop the hammer, and kick out a release. We've got tons more stuff lined up for you guys – including something pretty exciting I've been working on that I just couldn't get done in time for this release – so be patient and you may see the feature you've been wanting in the next release. In fact if it wasn't for TrevE – who was awesome with this build as always – I would probably never release as I've always got more and more things I want to add and so I have a hard time tying off a build. He's good about keeping me on pace with releases. Also, if timezone is still wrong then just force time to be manually rather than automatically set.

As always, thanks to you guys (and the moderators!) for keeping the thread awesome and helping each other out respectfully.

  • Exclusive new Synergy floating multiwindow titlebar controls options in settings
  • New AOSP-ish, Synergy Recommended, and Fully Bloated install options in AROMA
  • Added a file manager and explorer to AROMA (in the Synergy toolbox)
  • New AROMA options (including some stuff from CyanogenMod)
  • New TrevE Wife Tether with MAC spoofing options
  • Dormant mode now works (can access though the notification toggle – Thanks andybones for logic!)
  • Ziggy kernel wifi finally working for the T-Mobile guys (freaking finally)
  • New carrier auto-detection logic in AROMA
  • Added support for many more carriers
  • Fix rotating launcher (if you don’t want this then turn off ‘Auto Rotation’ toggle in notification drawer)
  • Fix copy/paste
  • Fix fibit Bluetooth softboot issues
  • Fix widget drawer crashes
  • Fix AllShare and Samsung account login issues
  • More debloat/system optimizations
  • Some Llama/Tasker fixes (this is a weird one and it seems lots of people are getting different results)
  • Some re-theming in AROMA for easier use
  • Fix NFL mobile sign in issues (if it fails the first time you open, close then try again and it should work)
  • New Play Store (they’re going to force this on you eventually anyway so deal with it)
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks, bug fixes, and app/hosts updates
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20th April 2013, 05:59 AM |#21578  
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A 4/20 present from team synergy

Synergized Titlebar Control
New option in settings. Allows changing the titlebars in multiwindow. Not all modes planned have been implemented yet, it was really a time vs functionality on this, and quicker release won. The extra modes turned out to be a bummer getting to play right.

For now we have:
1) Always On
2) Only on in MW
3) Never On

*Note* The first time you need to jiggle the setting for it to work, theres no default value set so its weird until you play with it.

*Note2* The setting only applies to new windows created after you change it. So if somethings running it will retain the old titlebar "style" until you kill it off and restart it.

WifiTether update!
Minor back end changes to configurations that dont really affect you guys but the big thing is the ability to change the AP's broadcasting MAC address. Non IT-guys will probably yawn at this but for those of you who know this isnt something that goes with cheese read below.

*NOTE* If you are dirtyflashing (tisk tisk) you may need to go into menu -> settings -> re/install binaries for things to work right.

New option has been putting in for AP Mac Address spoofing. Recently I came across a situation where a main access point stopped functioning. Needed a quick temp patch to slip in while we reflashed hardware. Problem was strict restrictions clients have setup to only connect to a certain SSID with a specific MAC. With no on hand spares, the result is this new option in wifitether.

Besides people in my situation, this option may also be useful to fake the appearance of real access point hardware. You can change the first 3 octets of MAC of say a netgear or linksys device to give your tethering AP the appearance of a real access point.

This brings me to my next use of the feature which is using WifiTether as a part of Network Penetration Testing. This is a big part of my day to day stuff- making sure jerks cannot reak havoc on my networks. Below are a few test cases for the IT guys out there to test security of YOUR OWN networks.

Possible Security Test cases? Only click the below button if you will use these for good

WEP/WPA(2) "Security Downgrade/bad neighbor" issue
1) Use WifiAnalyzer App on phone, or inssider on windows, and write down information from YOUR OWN security protected AccessPoint. You will need mac address, channel, and SSID.
2) Set those values inside of wifitether exactly the only difference from your real AP you will want to make is to turn security off then start wifitether.
3) See if any devices drop down to no security and join your network

Test for denial of service issues:
Follow the above steps except turn security on. Clients may deauth themselves from your real AP due to invalid password (from your new tethered AP) during the horrible network collision that must be created.

Another test would be set MAC filtering to ignore all and leaving security open. The same issue may occur.

Why is it good to secure against a Security Downgrade attack?
If your devices go to no security without issue from there someone running an app like WireShark or even "Network Spoofer" using passive tests could intercept/tamper with your traffic. This is not good.

Some devices have drivers/software bundled with them that is smart enough to atleast prompt a user before downgrading security but it is surprising how many devices do not.

Remember, only do said type of tests on a network you own. Running "Security Tests" on other network you do not have control of is probably illegal. Wifi signals are easy to scan for and most IT guys have some type of Network Analyzer app on their phone so to follow the signal strength to the originating device is a no-brainer. Dont end up in cuffs because you tried to "Security Test" your ex-gf/college/business/FBI's network. The partyvan is not as funny when its in your driveway. Like all root apps, with great power comes great responsibility.

Enjoy the new build guys
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20th April 2013, 06:06 AM |#21579  
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Yeehaw... Let the fun begin!

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20th April 2013, 06:13 AM |#21580  
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This cannot download fast enough. Pretty stoked.
20th April 2013, 06:15 AM |#21581  
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Any chance Exchange is working with Gmail accounts in this one?
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