A Friendly Reminder From The Mods Regarding Newcomers and Threads in OT

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By crachel, Retired Senior Moderator on 31st May 2013, 11:28 PM
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14th June 2013, 01:03 AM |#71  
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Ill tell you why.
Its fun, its silly and theres no "dont come in until invited". Idk why but I enjoy the tpam thread its one of my favs and its a stupid thread. But so what?
Threads like these give noobs a chance to partake in ot w/o intruding on the "club threads".
Also great for guys like me who "dont play well with others."
Getting rid of ot would be sad and imo stupid. People go to work, and after work some people like to go to a bar or somewhere to "lounge" . To me this is OT.
And lucky us this lounge is 24/7.
The club threads like gli and frat, theyre like the booths or the pool table; you dont just walk in to some tavern and sit down as and where you please and so on. Thats where threads like tpam or the ban thread come in. Its like sitting at the bar. Any one can sit down have a beer and then leave. Dont have to worry about being invited or fitting in.
Personally I feel ot should be off limits entirely for new members. At least 30 days.
In regards to posting that is.
When I first got here I hit ot right away.
I didnt understand the scene, and probably acted like a dbag. I literally stayed out of ot for at least a year I think.
OT mods have been more than awesome and i think I would be very sad if the lulz stopped such as the stuff you find in the all star thread.
I have never seen or xperiencd xda mods being dbags(sans the recent unmentionable mods who've banned etc.) or acting like power trippers. I wont list websites but some of the other forums im on the mods think they're god and act like royalty.
I completely agree new, or new to, ot mods coming in can rock the boat.
Kinda nothing you can do about it.
At least the mods here arent abusive to you verbally and will even listen when you feel they did or didnt do something.
I just hope xda ot will always have
guys like archer, poyensa, mark manning, diestarbucks, m_t_m, justmpm.

As another poster before me said you guys are awesome. Also I (and im sure others) wouldnt mind if these guys had special trolling exemptions. I gotta admit you guys come up with some funny shtuff @Archer and his tartis. .
Actually I think all the OT peeps are awesome mod/dev/user w/e.
I have met more cool people in xda ot than on the regular boards. Mostly because i feel people are more chill duevto it being ot. I dont think trolling in itself should be completely banned. We should be able to jest with each other in ot. This why maybe a 30 day no posting ban for noobs in ot.
I think it should be up to the ot mods to decide what goes or what stays.
They seem to have a good handle on things.
But mods aint everything.
I also hope that all the current regulars stay and dont leave because of w/e went on in one thread. As I said all the regulars and ot og's are super awesome people, not to mention smart and pretty damn funny. I hope no one leaves, and we can go back teh deh lulz.

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14th June 2013, 05:36 AM |#72  
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This place takes itself too seriously.

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14th June 2013, 05:42 AM |#73  
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Originally Posted by Sleepy!

This place takes itself too seriously.

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Forget about it sleepy! The days of free range trolling are gone. The PG–13 era has begun.
14th June 2013, 05:55 AM |#74  
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Originally Posted by LoopDoGG79

Forget about it sleepy! The days of free range trolling are gone. The PG–13 era has begun.

14th June 2013, 08:36 PM |#76  
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Well I think we're done here folks.

Like it or not this is the way things are going to be from now on and you can whine all you like about a "PG13 OT" but that's nothing new. The type of content your allowed to post here is not affected and if any of you genuinely beleive that this will affect the level of lulz to be had then the fact is that you need a better sense of humour.

For those of you who get it. Thank you.

Stay classy off topic......

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