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Here, I will try to bring a method to your notice which will maximize the chances of your question being answered and that too in very less time.


Let me introduce you to Android Question and Answer, Help and Troubleshooting Section

This section serves the purpose of a hub to people seeking answers to their questions. Any miscellaneous query related to Android devices is to be posted here. Some good guys check around for questions and try their best to solve them. They try their best to make you understand in easiest way possible
(Their Thanks button can be pressed as a reward to them )

However, we try to answer each and every question with our knowledge but sometimes, some quesions remain unanswered. This isn't the fault for people here but some reasons can be held responsible. Here are some of that:

  • Nobody really knows the answer.
  • They aren't able to understand the question itself.
  • The question requires higher developer knowledge to be answered.
  • Question is too device specific which can't be answered generally.

There are many more reasons but these are the General Ones.

So, let's try to ward off these reasons and boost the chances of your question getting answered.

Tips to avoid these conditions

☻Generally, answer is right there, staring at our face but we don't do a little search. So, we may get our answer easily if we search a bit. So, let's start some searching before posting.

New to XDA and trying to know it more? Here is your All in One Solution-

[GUIDE] - XDA New User Guide - Getting started on XDA

You are looking for a guide ? You may find them here -

Android Software Development Section
Android Software Hacking [General]

Looking for themes? Try here -

Android Themes Section

Want some Xposed Modules? Go here -

Xposed Framework Modules

Looking for some Apps or Games? Here -

Android Apps and Games Section

Looking for some ROMs but can't find your device forum? Maybe they are here -

Miscellaneous Android Development

Other General Items -

Android General

[IMPORTANT] Generally, people can't help people much because they don't own same device as in question and may tell something that may not work on that device. So, here community proves to be useful. You probably own a well known device and XDA has Forum for that. If so, you can ask there in the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SECTION

If you own a very popular device, you may find there forums here-
XDA Forums Index

If your device is a little older or with less activity, then you may find it's forum here-
XDA Legacy and Low Activity Device Forums

If you think your device is a popular one and does not have any forum, then you can request one here -
Request your Device Sections here

(Please post in respective forums as your awesome community knows your device better than us. They may answer more appropriately and correctly than we may. It will certainly make you accomplish your answer easily )

Sometimes people can't understand what we are trying to convey. This may be due to insufficient information we are giving or due to us understanding that the information we gave is sufficient. If this problem gets solved, you may get your answer in one turn. This is explained in next section How to make a good question

How to make a good question?

One thing we all agree that few things only are general in Android, so wee can't give one answer to a similar question. Many times confusion arises and people hesitate to answer because they're not sure if they will be correct or not. Many times a question badly written remain unanswered. So, These are some tips on how to make a good question and increase chances of getting it answered:

Here's an example of a good question:

Originally Posted by Mr.GoodQuestioner

Good Evening/Hello/Hi,

I own a Nexus 9(11 GB) and I am running stock firmware (KLP 5.0.3), unrooted and bootloader locked. I recently downloaded an app called malALARMware v0.1 from Play Store but it didn't seem to do anything. I tried contacting dev via email but he replied me with a "lol". It was the last thing I did with my device before this happened:

When I rebooted my device today, i found that all my apps were secured by a password which I didn't set. Hope you'll help me.

Thank You

You will notice the amount of details given here. Don't think that we know all things. Pretend that we don't know anything and tell everything possible to us.

☻You Device with as many details possible (Android Version, carrier, root status, bootloader status, etc)
☻Problem with details
☻What you did before problem
☻What have you tried till now
☻What would you like us to do

(If forum exists for your device, try to check for a solution there)

If asking for help regarding any mod or app
☻Clear specs of the mod/app you're referring to (If possible, with link)
☻Device details and Android Version, etc
☻What you tried?
☻Where you failed?

Try to provide brief and to-the-point logcat always
☻What would you like us to do

Always remember, as easy you make it for us, more quickly and better the answer you get!

Have a nice visit on XDA
May your problems get solved ASAP

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