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By demkantor, Recognized Contributor on 2nd July 2013, 09:42 PM
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HTC Desire Z & T-Mobile G2 Help Thread

Welcome to the HTC Vision help thread! You can ask all questions here without the need of background knowledge. This thread is dedicated to solve users problems, so if you don't want to start a new thread for your question, ask it here! Members ready to help will be monitoring this thread and provide answers as soon as possible. To see a list of supporters, see here


List of Supporters

@_MarcoMarinho_ How A ROM Works - Inside and Out!
@BIade - Modder and Manipulator!
@demkantor - All Things Vision! ADB and Fastboot Expert!
@fireball0093 - ROM Flashing Extraordinaire!
@guhl99 - Android savant - the more obscure the question the more likely knows the answer!
@HTCDreamOn - Kernels and Themeing and more!
@NeverGone\RU - Source Building Genius!
@Nipqer - Knows the HTC Vision Inside and Out!
@rirozizo - Battery Guru & all-around-android-guy!

Supporters: If you want to be put on or off the list, just send me a PM!

To those seeking help: Please don't bombard the supporters with PMs asking for help. Instead, ask your question here in the thread so others can benefit from the solution to your problem as well. If you want to be sure someone particular gets notified of your question, put his / her username directly after an @ like above. Also, if you have ROM related questions, post in the relevant ROM Q&A thread (if there is one) or directly in the ROM development thread. If you are not eligible of posting there, you may post here. And Please Read Post #5 Before Anything Else! Thank you!

ROM developers: Please read this. Consider if you want to have a ROM specific help thread or not, if not, most likely questions about your ROM will be asked here if the users aren't eligible for posting in development section.

To all of you: Remember the Rules and the Forum Etiquette
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2nd July 2013, 09:42 PM |#2  
Tutorial [FAQs][Guide To The HTC Vision] Root, Modify and More!!!--{January 2014}--
BIG Thanks to the entire XDA community for keeping so many phones alive and active!
This guide will be an attempt to help both new and seasoned users to navigate this forum.

*please use this thread to search for your answers, post questions and comments here. DO NOT create a new thread before searching out an answer!

In The Beginning There Was Root


There are many ways to root your G2/DZ but only one method you should use, if your phone has never been rooted use the method shown here.
If you already rooted your phone with a different method I highly suggest reversing it and following the proper steps.
THE XDA WIKI Will answer questions about your phone plus give you an easy to follow rooting guide
But before you can root chances are you need to downgrade first THIS GUIDE will help you do just that

If you are having issues then consider one of these two other guides, both use gfree to exploit and essentially are the same guide, but written differently, use what works for you.

Mirror If You Can't Find Needed Files
For T-Mobile G2 Variant
*If requested I will add a link for Desire Z variant as well

And of course before you root your phone be sure to understand how to reverse this procedure and return to stock, thanks to nipqer for this

Now You Are Rooted... What Is Next?


For some the rooting process was a breeze, others learned new curse words to use toward their computer. Either way many find what to do next just as difficult as it were for them to root.

Riro Zizo
MADE THIS GUIDE to help anyone confused after they gained root access. There are more than just ROM flashing tips so please read on...
Between ROM Flashes be sure to create a nandroid backup then wipe cleanly.
fastboot erase system -w is my preferred method, but I'm a bit OCD about wiping so also consider these tools (and wipe in recovery)
ALL IN ONE Wipe Tool
Supe Handy SuperWipe Tool
Now there are many modifications you can do to your phone, and we are lucky to have one with so many options! Here are some options that for the most part are not ROM dependent.
Adding Linux Swap (understand this isnt always the best thing for your phone)
Easy AROMA Installer for SD or Data Swap and SD EXT
Manually Setting Up Swap
Super Charging same caveat as swap...
Original Supercharger Thread
A Little More Help on Supercharging
Some Misc Scripts
Direct Injection Turbo
Project Xtreame
ROM Cleaner
Changing Splash Screen and Bootanimations
Simple Aroma Installer Simply flash in recovery and choose what you like!
Or Make Your Own Splash Screen - ANOTHER HERE
Learn to create Bootanimations Yourself!

ADB & FASTBOOT a MUST for Android Users!


There is much to learn about both tools, so if you are unfamiliar at least skim through these.
If you are an Android Ninja it may still be worth your while...
Setup and Usage
How To + Why To fastboot setup and the reasons you need it!
A little more info on Fastboot
Portable Guide
Another Helpful ADB Guide
There is Lots to Learn about ADB
Very Handy Simple Windows Installer
There is much to learn but so long as you have an understanding you can survive the cruelties of Android. Feel free to ask any ADB or Fastboot related questions here as well!

Radios, GPS, and More!


Changing Radios can be a huge performance boost to both cellular reception and battery life. Consider reading these few threads.
Suggest Links To Read Through
Lists of almost all Radios for the Vision
Info on lib-rils (Android Version Dependent)
A bit more info
WIFI Calling Info (still no WiFi calling in Jelly Bean!)
Very Helpful GPS Patch
More GPS Info

Bootloader, Hboot, SPL


The terms are interchangeable and all are to be thought of as BIOS for windows. Okay, not the same but an easy analogy
*There are many to choose from but you should only have one of two
The Desire Z Engineering Hboot or the G2 Engineering Hboot
There are a few ways to change bootloaders, recovery, fastboot or with a
**Whenever you flash firmware fastboot is the SAFEST method
If you haven't read up on Fastboot yet PLEASE DO
Here is a (possibly incomplete) list of all bootladers for the Vision
-0.85.0005 (published together with the ROM 1.34.405.5)
-0.85.0008 (published together with the ROM 1.72.405.2)
-0.85.0009 (published together with the ROM
-0.85.0013 (published together with the ROM 2.42.405.2)
-0.82.0000 - stock/ship
-0.82.0008 - stock/ship
-0.76.2000 - T-Mobile G2 Engineering Bootloader
-0.84.2000 - HTC Desire Z Engineering Bootloader
Sense ROMs need the Desire Z Hboot again see HERE On How To

Recoveries... Which is best for you?


I hate answering "which is best" questions so I wont But I will say 4ext recovery has the most options
4ext Touch Recovery
4ext Classic Recovery
4ext Info page for all Android Devices
ClockworkMod Touch Recovery
Original ClockworkMod Recovery
More Info on ClockworkMod Recovery
Latest CWM Recovery
More Info On TWRP
Stock Recovery For The Vision
There are also others for different Android devices, such as Amon_Ra, Cyanogen, JesusFreak, Cannibal, to name a few.
If you want to see any more to pick from talk to the developer or create your own! Lots of info on how to
Having issues flashing newer ROMs? SEE HERE

Kernels for the Vision
Reading For Your Pleasure!


One of the most important things you should do to become a true XDA member is search and read. Neither I will teach you to do... but start here!
Important Brick Info!
Main thread for all brick related Questions And Answers
Poll on emmc serial #'s
E:Cant mount /cache/recovery
When all Else Fails Boot From SD
Another Boot From SD Option
Some Did You Knows...
Did you know you can run pure Linux on an Android? Debian on your Vision! - How about Ubuntu!
Did You know you can fix that weak hinge? Read Here - And Another
Did you know you can remap your keys? One of Many Keyboard Remaps - How about for your Headset?
Did you know you can change your Screen Density? Manual Method (there are many apps too!)
Did you know you can increase your headset volume? Try not to damage your ears! - This is nice too
Did you know you can increase SD card Read/Write Speed Indeed this works!
Did you know you can add trackpad wake? For ROMs Without tpwake included
Did you know there is an entire section devoted to accessories? In other words please go hear for Q&A on SD cards, Cases, Screen Protectors, etc.
Did you know you don't need to download apps from the market? Of course you did, but how nice is this!

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2nd July 2013, 09:44 PM |#3  
Database ROMs, ROMs, and More ROMs!
ROMs for the Vision


*NEVER ask which ROM is best - This is a purely subjunctive question and will get a purely subjunctive answer (not too mention start flame wars)
Having said that there are lots to choose from, pick one, do a nandroid, wipe fully, flash ROM and anything else required (gapps, mods, kernel, etc)
CLICK HERE to see ROMs in action! be sure to thank fireball0093 for this!


KitKat ROMs

[06/25/2014]PureKat @_MarcoMarinho_
[03/23/2014]Andomadus - CM11 - Flinny's Build @Flinny
[02/23/2014]AOSB Project @_MarcoMarinho_
[02/15/2014]Permission Spoofing CM11 @guhl99
[12/03/2013]Andromadus CM11 - NeverGone's Build @NeverGone\RU

Jelly Bean ROMs

[03/09/2014]AlterNdromadus @HTCDreamOn
[12/21/2013]4.3.1 - Jelly Mod @masterleron
[12/03/2013]Andromadus - CM10.2 @NeverGone\RU
[11/18/2013]UNOFFICIAL MIUI V5 @santajin
[10/28/2013]Andromadus Permission Spoofing CM10.1 @guhl99
[09/21/2013]Jelly Baby @masterleron
[08/23/2013]Andromadus - CM10.1 @Flinny
[07/08/2013]Andromadus Slim Bean @blk_jack
[06/27/2013]Andromadus - AOSP Jelly Bean @cn.fyodor
[06/16/2013]Andromadus Permission Spoofing 4.2.2 @guhl99
[02/21/2013]PAC Man @xT4Z1N4TRx
[02/14/2013]Andromadus - AOSP4.2.2 @Flinny
[02/13/2013]Paranoid Android 2.51 @HTCDreamOn
[02/06/2013]Andromadus - CM10 @Flinny
[01/29/2013]LIGUX 4.1 @ajhavery
[01/09/2013]MIUI Light v4.1 @v1r0x
[12/05/2012]Ligux V4.1 @ablivian
[11/20/2012]Andromadus Jelly Belly @darkspadez
[06/30/2012]Jelly Bean Gnex Port @siulmagic

Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs

[01/21/2012]coolOS ICS 1.4.0 - (MIUIv4) @coolos
[01/21/2013]SENSEI @coolos
[11/03/2013]RandomROM @Dr. Globbyglob
[08/18/2013]Sense Revolution @The Android Manual
[05/22/2013]ViperZ @nitsuj17
[03/07/2013]Sabsa Prime @ajhavery
[02/27/2013]mySENSE-z @ajhavery
[12/26/2012]Sabsa Bliss 3.1 @lms24
[11/24/2012]MIUIANDROID's port for VISION @strawmetal
[11/09/2012]TrickDroid @ajhavery
[10/21/2012]Ice Cream SENSEwich @xT4Z1N4TRx
[09/04/2012]Andromadus Mimicry @blk_jack
[08/28/2012]Virtuous Infinity @evilcuber
[08/17/2012]Blackout ICS INCREDIBLE @xT4Z1N4TRx
[08/15/2012]EliteMod ICS @nik3r
[08/14/2012]DayDream SagaOfSense @napior
[08/09/2012]ParanoidAndroid 1.5a @NeverGone\RU
[07/23/2012]AOKP builds for Vision @adamz667
[07/22/2012]MIUI 4.0.3 @cjward23
[06/30/2012]Andromadus Audacity @darkspadez
[06/20/2012]QuadraSense @evilcuber
[06/17/2012]Full Sense 4 for Vision @lms24
[06/01/2012]MIUIv4 brushed @Cid-Vox
[05/29/2012]DayDream DesireOneZ @napior
[05/27/2012]AOKP brushed @Cid-Vox
[05/21/2012]SenseMOD FlashONE @djpbx
[05/21/2012]Virtuous Primadonna @masterismos
[05/10/2012]meXdroidMod Fried IceCream @mjybarr
[04/24/2012]Ice Cold Sandwich @jspina
[04/17/2012]MIUI_Au 4.0.3 @ajhavery
[04/14/2012]IceZSense @ajhavery
[04/11/2012]Gen.Y VisionX @yozgatg
[04/10/2012]Unofficial CyanogenMod 9.1 @jerl92
[04/08/2012]Ice Cream JIBwich @xT4Z1N4TRx
[04/08/2012]Ice Cold Sandwich for Vision @SnowOokami
[04/02/2012]LiGux-v4.0 @PJ.C
[04/01/2012]AOSP MIUI V4 @jspina
[03/26/2012]SmartBeat Venomous @zFr3eak
[03/26/2012]MIUI 4.0.3 @wez89
[03/21/2012]SmartBeat Supremacy XL @zFr3eak
[01/30/2012]Virtuous Affinity @cjward23
[01/25/2012]Virtuous Quattro RC3 @Flemmard
[01/25/2012]ICS Slim @s14mc
[01/01/2012]Ice Cream Sandwich for Desire Z @Flemmard
[12/22/2011]ICS AOSP Build @crowstar
[12/28/2011]Desire S ICS AOSP PORT @ xT4Z1N4TRx
[11/28/2011]:: Galnet MiUi :: @erichung_13
[11/24/2011]Ice Cream SandWich Aosp port @siulmagic
Ionic-OneV MIX @vistaman123

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2nd July 2013, 09:44 PM |#4  
Database ROMs, ROMs, and More ROMs!
Just About Every ROM Ever Made...



Gingerbread ROMs

[01/21/2014]coolOS GB 1.7.0 (MIUIv3) @coolos
[08/22/2013]CyanMobile X @demkantor
[07/26/2013]ILWT CM7 @tsubus
[04/03/2013]Sense-Ionic @ajhavery
[02/03/2013]Backdroid CM7.2 @Riro Zizo
[12/30/2012]The Family Absolution @Riro Zizo
[11/23/2012]Sense Minima @strawmetal
[08/06/2012]EliteMod CM7 @nik3r
[07/26/2012]Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Sense 3.5 @NRGZ28
[07/03/2012]Gen.Y Vision @yozgatg
[06/17/2012]Strawmetal.CM7.2 @strawmetal
[06/17/2012]InsertCoin_Vision @siulmagic
[06/03/2012]Strawmetal.Mi @strawmetal
[05/22/2012]Android Revolution HD™ @napior
[05/11/2012]Android Revolution HD™ @qriozum
[05/11/2012]Runny Xtreme Surprise @..Cory..
[05/05/2012]LightSense 1.2 @nagash91
[04/13/2012]RunnyMede Xtreme v2 @XxXPachaXxX
[03/31/2012]miXdroidMod Miui @noob15
[02/13/2012]MIUI - PyroMod @blahbl4hblah
[01/21/2012]Desire_Gingerbread_Sense @siulmagic
[12/21/2011]WP7.0.2 Vision Edition @mmmcfc
[12/12/2011]Virtuous G-Lite @tun4f1sh
[09/26/2011]Virtuous Unity @cjward23
[09/24/2011]NIGHTLY CyanogenMod 7 for Vision @Mikey
[08/22/2011]myVision - 2.3.4 myTouch port @bsbokc
[07/18/2011]Virtuous Sense v2.0.0 @rmk40
[06/04/2011]Senseless Romeo @siulmagic
[01/31/2011]CM7 - PyroMod @blahbl4hblah
WWE_2.42.405.4 Rooted StockROM @Runner85sx
BBQ CyanogenMod-7 @cyanogen
Pure English AOSP MIUI @miui-us
MildWild CM @Riro Zizo
Sense Revolution Incredible @The Android Manual
Android SpeedDaemon Fantasia @AndreS93
-=BlackICEv1.60=- @Riro Zizo
CoreDroid Vision GB @siulmagic
Desire HD Sense @adakaya1994
LeeDrOiD_HD @xT4Z1N4TRx
Synergy @siulmagic
Vision Gingerbread Sense 2.42.405.2-WWE @hawst
XperiaSense 1.2 @xT4Z1N4TRx
RunnyDrOiD @alirez_sos
Desire_S_G2_Port_Sense2.1 @siulmagic
G2 Slim v1.6 -- OTA 2.16.531.5 @s14mc
SmartDroid @desidunda
BeatMod BlissSense Hybrid @zFr3eak
JoyOS PORT IphoneUI @johrie
Official DZ shipped ROM - Arabic
Colorized CM 7 for G2/DZ @mbush78
BinDroid RUNMED2.5 V1.6 @DutchDanny
LewaOS 1.0 @g1doobie
Virtuous Doubleshot @eViL D:
DualSense @VaderSKN
CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2/DZ @cyanogen
InfernoSense v5 @saranhai
k2c_GingerBread @shadyx513
CyanogenMod 7 for the HTC Vision @CyanogenMod
Pyramid3D @samuel2706
T-Mobile G2 Stock Rooted @rr5678
MIUI_OsiMood @CarpeNoctem
Vision-Desire-HD-Sense 3.0 @siulmagic
XboarderMOD @xboarder56
BeatMod FlyDom @zFr3eak
UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 7.2 @g4rb4g3
LIGUX v3.2Beta2 @ablivian
DianXin OS PORT @xT4Z1N4TRx
Xperia_Vision @siulmagic
MikRunny v1.01 @aamikam
Stock w/root, odex and deodex post-OTA @fastludeh22
BlissDrOiD By PVTEAM @alirez_sos
Mini Mi @Bigt2003
SenseMOD Lite V2.1 @djpbx
Sensored Blizzard : HD Ice Vanilla @82_Z28
UNOFFICIAL CM7 G2/Vision Kang's @rhcp0112345
Virtuous G-Lite v1.0.3 @rmk40
IceandFire 2.1 @iceandfire
Vision Gingerbread Rooted @spookievision
SuperCM7 G2 @htcclay
Virtuous Codename: Trentacinque @cjward23
Pure/Stock Gingerbread 2.3.3 @xboarder56
G2 Bliss v1.0.1 - Stock 2.3.4 OTA Update @skmpowdjy
ModwithouttheCyan @tlytkine
Vision-RunnyMede-Sense 3.5 @siulmagic
Mod without the Cyan @tlytkine
MIUI for Vision, formerly known as Q'n'D-MIUI @g4rb4g3
T-Mobile G2 Stock Rooted @rr5678
TeamVillain presents...GingerVillain @nprussell
NO SENSE HTC Vision Stock ROM @paulobrien
Vision-Bliss-Sense 3.5 @siulmagic
Sense Paradox @siulmagic
Droid_X_Vision_Gingerbread @siulmagic
BeatMod FlyerSense @zFr3eak
HoneySenseHD @xT4Z1N4TRx
MIUI Portugal @IoDa00
MIUI-darkspadez @darkspadez
MIUI (v1.4.29) @tun4f1sh
Vision Aosp Stock Based @siulmagic
Vision_Gingerbread_S_TMOUS_2.13.531.8 @siulmagic
TeamVillain presents...SenseGinger @HomerSp
MIUI-Bread 1.5.13 : Ganii-Mod-DE/EN @Ganii
(unofficial) CM# CUSTOMIXED CM MOD @B6gSix
Senseless_Desire (sense gone) @siulmagic
Virtuous Fusion @rmk40
Shokouhi_Saga_G2_Gingerbread_Sense_2.0 @shokouhi
Unofficial CM7 Nightlies @G1ForFun
TMOUS G2 Gingerbread 2.13.531.5 @rmk40
RMK's DZ/G2 Doubleshot (Sense 3 + Espresso) @rmk40
DZ/G2 Sensation Sense @rmk40
iSensationHD SENSE HD @Moody
Desire_HD_Gingerbread_Sense @siulmagic
iNxS CM7-RC2 @Moody
Vision Sense Untouched @rmk40
GingerMod Sleek Edition @troby1986

Frozen Yogurt ROMs yes there are some...

[05/03/2011]Warm-Z-TwoPointTwo-Vision @siulmagic
[04/05/2011]Incredible_S_G2 @siulmagic
[03/17/2011]Droid_Incredible_2_G2 @siulmagic
[03/04/2011]MEMRoid Z ROM @mamat847
[03/01/2011]LiquidM_Villain @siulmagic
[02/10/2011]WITH SENSE: HTC Vision G2/Z MoDaCo Custom ROM @paulobrien
[12/24/2010]Enomther's TheOfficial G2/DZ @enomther
[12/21/2010]eViL's One Stop ROM Shop @eViL D:
[12/15/2010]CyanogenMod-6.1 for Vision @cyanogen
[11/29/2010]VillainROMZ & SuperVillainZ @nprussell
[11/29/2010]VillainROMZ & SuperVillainZ for the G2/DZ @nprussell
[11/20/2010]VillainROM Presents...Villision NO SENSE @nprussell

Miscellaneous ROMs As in a separate category...

[07/26/2013]Ubuntu Touch @utopykzebulon
[10/11/2012]SliMusic @Riro Zizo
[03/06/2011]Honeycomb_sdk_G2_port @siulmagic
Official G2/DZ shipped ROMs More Here

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Info 2 How To Behave on XDA Forums
This section is not meant to offend but rather inform XDA members, please read, understand and abide by what is said in this post... you will never be called a n00b if you do!

First Read This
This alone will save you - thanks Tony Stark

How to post your problem or question


This isn't really complicated but for whatever reason many don't follow the basic outline for posting. So let's see if I can help

Step One
*Have you searched for the answer to your problem/question?
If not do this first, both the search button in the XDA forums and Google work wonders.
At least attempt to show you did a little research before you scream help or this ROM is garbage, Not searching or just simply complaining will get you ignored EVEN IF YOU WRITE IN ALL CAPS
All questions belong in Q&A Forum All General Phone discussion in General NEVER post random problems in Developers section
Step Two
So you have searched for your answer and can't find it, that's okay, it happens to all of us. But before you create a new thread seek out a similar one (in the proper forum for you phone) and ask there.
You may think a new thread is better but in truth people look at the old ones just as much, and keeping all similar questions in one thread helps to elevate congestion and makes the next guys search a ton easier.
Step Three
Know what to post. This means explain your problem as best you can (don't write a book, just not "help my phone is possessed by demons" as this is not helpful)
So this means explain all about your phone, boot into your bootloader and write down all from that screen within your post. Explain how you rooted your phone. Explain where your troubles began and what you have tried to do to fix it.
Give details as much as possible, this usually will include a logcat. Which there are many ways to get, learn how to before you have a problem.

adb logcat > logcat.txt
adb shell dmesg ; adb logcat -b system -b radio -b events -b main
cat /proc/last_kmsg
Also read THIS or maybe try THIS
Use pastebin or codewraps around your logcat ( # sign from above)
Obviously every problem and question will require different information, but the more you give the better chance someone can help you.
Step Four
Wait for your answer, do not post the same question in ten threads, one will do. While you are waiting keep searching for your own answer.
When someone gives you help say thank you (with the thanks button preferably - don't make a post that just says thanks... not ever)
Even if you don't like the answer be grateful someone took time from their day to try and help if you think it's bad advice, maybe reiterate your question and politely ask for a clearer or better explanation to the solution.
Once you have an answer
Edit first post to add the fix. If there was no fix maybe explain why there is no fix in first post.
This will help others searching for a similar problem later. Make sure your helper was thanked as well.

*Remember ROMs, Kernels, etc, may be posted in the developer section, basic questions shouldn't be in those threads.
If you must add something, like a bug report, be sure to add a logcat or you likely wont be helped.

Happy Flashing!

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Info 2 Tech Specs and More!
Want To Know More About Your Phone?


Both Phones Are The Same But Different [HTC VISION]
Full Specs For The HTC Desire Z provided by GSMARENA
Full Specs For The T-Mobile G2 provided by GSMARENA
A Summary Of The Differences Read THIS
But Before the Vision Arrived....There Was The Prototype - More On the Blaze

XDA Official Review Thread For The HTC Vision This Is What Users Think
For Those Who Like Graphs and Numbers
Dont always agree with CNET but I always read their reviews

Some Very Informative Reading
Probably been here to root your phone, but read through - lots of info!THE XDA WIKI
Go Through All The Links Here, You'll Be Amazed

Physical Repair And Disassembly
Dissasembly Guide With Photos Man this guy ROCKS!
And Those who hate to read but need to repair their Vision Watch This
Need to fix your Keypad?
Is the colors on your screen all messed up? Probably need a new LCD or Flexcable
How about strengthen your Hinge? I did, its awesome!
Camera Lens gone bad? Try this out!
Common issue but couldnt find a better thread on How Easy It Is To Replace a Dead Flash
How's that Battery Cover doing? Need to clean it up?

So has anyone ever bought One Of These?

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Info 2 So You Want To Learn How To Develop?
Oh how much there is to learn... but before you read on, READ THIS!

Still Want To Learn Development?


How To Begin...
Learning Java and C++ are great first steps, but real time consuming... be sure to at least try a bit. BUY A BOOK?
HERE you can get a start, even if you know little to nothing
Next get ready to spend hours watching These Great Videos
Did you bother to read All This Yet?

Now That You Have Started The Long Process
Be Sure You Know ADB and Fastboot in and out.
You have learned a bunch about GITHUB And HOW TO USE IT as well as REPO?

So You Are Ready To Build a Rom From Source? Maybe a Port First... or A Kernel?
Not knowing where to begin is common, but my advice is the same as most others; start small, very small. HELLO WORLD
But you know this, so here are some guides for apps, ROMs, kernels, recoveries, etc.
Take Something apart and see how it works Like This start simple
Or Decomplie an app
Simple Modding
Some More Basic To Try Out
Some Nice Tools
UOT Kitchen
.apk modding
Put All Your Knowledge into a Flashable .zip
Make Your Own Kernel
More on Kernel Development
Tips on How to use REPO
Learn to compile from source
Still Have a burning question Ask It HERE or in this thread!

Vision Specific Guides
Tips From ajhavery ...thank him
Do Still Have Some Questions? Know Where To Ask Them

Follow The Rules....

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3rd August 2013, 08:49 AM |#8  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 2
I flashed G-lite 2.0.1 and ended up with no pop-up for USB storage when i connect to PC via cable. Can you help me pls
3rd August 2013, 04:03 PM |#9  
That's strange, I used that ROM many times and never had this happen, what have you tried to fix it so far? Dirty flashes? Clean flashes? Did it ever happen before? Does it still charge? Would need to know a lot more about your situation

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19th August 2013, 08:07 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by sunnyphan

I flashed G-lite 2.0.1 and ended up with no pop-up for USB storage when i connect to PC via cable. Can you help me pls

try a different rom and flashed to your phone to see it is from that specific rom or your phone has a problem
28th January 2014, 04:17 AM |#11  
Updated and added a poll, This is very time consuming which is often something I don't have much of
Just curious if others are using this or if I'm wasting time keeping this thread up to date
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