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[Theme] Enoch v1.5.0.8-test1 [CM-DS 5.0.7/5.0.8-test1/SuperE 1.2] - UPDATE - 11-15-20

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By drpfenderson, Senior Member on 17th August 2009, 02:38 AM
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Who I am, and all I do (Twitter, Friendfeed, email, etc)

Official Enoch theme site
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

UPDATE - 11-15-2010 here's the deal.
I'm sorry to have abandoned with no news, but so many things happened at once that there was no way to just pick this back up.

First off, I only have access to one device - the Nexus One.
CM was originally just for a few devices, so it wasn't really a problem for me to fix problems in the 3 similar devices that it originally was released for.
Now CM6 supports nearly 20 devices now...and all of them have their own unique glitches and tweaks that need to be catered to. I asked numerous times for people with those devices to help me test and such - and although I got a couple responses, NO ONE ever replied to my call for help on that issue.

Secondly, there was a huge loss of time and files in my life at the same time - which did not bode well.
Around the time that CM5 was dropping, I had to have surgery which took me out of deving for at least the few weeks that I was on pain medication. It's rather hard to program on strong opiates. It's rather hard to do much of anything at all on strong opiates. But I tried anyways. Ended up updating my computer by installing the new version of my favorite linux - only I was all pill-addled and ended up partitioning over my main partition accidentally.
Which lost the nearly-a-month of work at resizing .9.pngs to HDPI. I was so spun by that turn of events, that I didn't even bother trying to catch up again.
Follow this up with major personal turmoil, a move, a new job, and the concreting of an important relationship and you get a mix that allows for not much time at all.

So - I'm sorry for abandoning you. Seriously.
This theme was one of the most fun things I did, and my phone was definitely been lacking for a while due to not having it. But the main problems still exist - I don't have an HDPI version of Enoch, and I don't have devices to develop on or people to test it for me. I'm not a professional developer...I'm a graphics designer who took my shot at making a theme that I would like.

As I have mentioned here and on Twitter, although you can get most of the files from just unzipping the installation zip, I can also give ALL of my development files to anyone who might want them. It's messy, and there's many different versions...but if it helps get this back off the ground, I'm willing to do it.

Please do not take this as some string of lame excuses for bailing on you all. It's just takes second string to my job, my work, and my lover.
But Android and XDA will always by my mistress.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Experiencing trouble with Enoch not loading?

If you are having problems getting this to load, and it won't get past the loading screen or something, you probably just don't have room on your SDCard. Flash back to your original mod and run these commands from the terminal on your will move your stock ringtones to the SDCard to make room:
(instructions tested on CyanogenMod, but should be universal)
mount -oremount,rw /system/dev/mtdblock3 /system
cp -r /system/media/audio/ringtones /sdcard/
rm -R /system/media/audio/ringtones
Original Font pack for Android - for users who don't like my fonts:

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

First off I need to thank Cyanogen. Without this awesome programmer sacrificing his time, talent, and energy; I wouldn't have a mod worthy of theming.

JesusFreke gets thanks for bringing us quality, stable ROMs and theme templates. Stericson is the best - tutorials, graphics, theme hacks...he mostly did it all first; pushed the limits of what we can do and shared it for all.

Hosting provided by yosho and the awesome Slicehost. Thanks so much for helping me get the product to the people.

Thanks also go to brandenk, cytown, Ted417, rogro82, Meltus, [Brp783[/B], huanyu, rgv151, MOONSSPOON, G1_Lucky, ultra spikey, tehseano, Dizzy Drake, manup456, xidominicanoix, irrenhaus, Loccy, jcowan, kaddygoodness, GODZON, freekyfroggy and tons and tons of other awesome XDA Developers who sacrifice for our toys. If I missed you, and am using something of yours - PLEASE let me know...I am grateful.
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

To Install:
  1. Make sure and have the correct CyanogenMod version flashed already for the Enoch version you are installing - make sure you have already loaded up your flashed CyanogenMod to make sure it is working properly before flashing Enoch
  2. Transfer the zip to the root of your SDcard
  3. Flash using Cyanogen of Amon_Ra's recovery mods
  4. Reboot
  5. Time to change text colors
  6. Head to Spare Parts and navigate to the User Interface tweaks section near the bottom.
  7. Under General, check "Show Clock" and change the following values to "White": Clock color, Date color, Carrier SPN label color, Carrier PLMN label color
  8. Under Notifications, change the following values to "White": Notifications ticker color, No notification title color, Ongoing notifications title color, Latest notifications title color
  9. Enjoy!

This is mostly cobbled from everyone else, but there are still some original tweaks. Any recommendations, suggestions, bug reports, etc would be awesome! I will hear everyone out, and make the best decisions I can. Would like to keep this theme clean, simple, and dark.

Enoch is compatible with the CyanogenMod Updater. If you want to receive automatic updates through that, go to your Settings, and then Theme Server, and scan the following barcode:

or, just add as the server address.
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Current Editions

CyanogenMod v5.0.7-DS
05.26.10 - Download Here (Mirror) (9.5 MB) - MD5sum (Mirror)

Or just scan this barcode for a direct download:

CyanogenMod-DS v5.0.8-test1
06.05.10 - Download Here (Mirror) (9.6 MB) - MD5sum (Mirror)

Super-E 1.2
06.05.10 - Download Here (Mirror) (11.3 MB) - MD5sum (Mirror)


  • Fix phone list background
  • Anything you all throw at me

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Enoch Advanced Launcher

For people who want the AdvancedLauncher, here it is - themed and optimized.

or scan:

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I have finally assembled a Metamorph for this theme.

01.04.10: ****REMOVED TEMPORARILY**** There are a lot of issues with the Metamorph version. If there are any developers out there who would like to help me test new Metamorph versions, please PM me, or email drpfenderson at
17th August 2009, 02:39 AM |#2  
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Changelog and Todo
- Calendar widget refinements
- ???

These changelogs are for the stable version ONLY. Changelogs for experimental versions will be posted with the theme itself.

03.06.10 - Download Here (10.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Compatibility update

02.01.10 - Download Here (11.5 MB) - MD5sum
- Compatibility and folder structure update

01.16.10 - Download Here (11.3 MB) - MD5sum
- Fixed stretching issues with certain pngs
- New Contacts.apk v2.8 by Wysie
- Small fixes I can't remember

01.12.10 - Download Here (10 MB) - MD5sum
- Clock made tiny bit transparent
- Google search widget dark and transparent
- More textfield fixes
- HTC_IME keys updated (although it never works for me anyways)

01.12.10 - Download Here (10 MB) - MD5sum
- Font change: Please discuss. This is due to longstanding complaints about how Cantarell was too wide, broke some widgets, and made it hard to read. The font is now Liberation Sans, which was developed by the same person who developed the Droid default font. I found LiberationSans a little easier on the eyes. There is still a revert package available at the beginning of this thread, or in CMUpdater.
- Search bar is now dark to match browser bar
- List selections are not that dark, hard-to-read grey...they are light blue like in the notification bar selection
- Search/Browser text field has been tweaked
- Alarm selection buttons aren't janky anymore
- New classy clock
- Enhanced Contacts.apk 2.7 from Wysie

01.04.10 - Download Here (9.9 MB) - MD5sum
- New analog clock (yeah...It needs work...please give me suggestions)
- Fixed power widget corners
- Fixed selection LED height
- New browser panel (now dark)
- Loading bar refinements

12.30.09 - Download Here (11.2 MB) - MD5sum
- More shiny dialogs
- Updated Contacts.apk v2.32 from Wysie

12.30.09 - Download Here (11.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Dialer fixes and refinements
- Search bar and widget refinements
- New dialog frames
- Music and Power widget transparency and fixes
- Picture frame now matches more
- ???
- Profit

12.28.09 - Download Here (11.3 MB) - MD5sum
- Compatibility upgrade

12.24.09 - Download Here (11.3 MB) - MD5sum
- Compatibility upgrade
- Loading bar refinements

12.22.09 - Download Here (12.1 MB) - MD5sum
- Contact/Phone.apk fixes
- Widget retheming
- Battery icon fixes

12.19.09 - Download Here (12 MB) - MD5sum
- Bootscreen refinement
- Icon color changes thanks to G1_Lucky
- Dialer fixes
- Eclair music and settings widgets

12.14.09 - Download Here (12.1 MB) - MD5sum
- Bootscreen changes
- Revert music widget
- Changed dialer - thanks to freekyfroggy
- Small icon/image/color changes

12.13.09 - Download Here (12.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Bootscreen Changes
- New wallpaper
- Music player updates from freekyfroggy
- Picture frame changes

12.02.09 - Download Here (12.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Bootscreen tweaks
- Stock CM animations (no real change)

11.30.09 - Download Here (12.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Fixed things not compatible with new AOSP code
- New bootscreen
- Recolored progress bars

v1.4.5 - skipped a number to catch up with no v.1.4.4
11.16.09 - Download Here (11.2 MB) - MD5sum

11.12.09 - Download Here (10.7 MB) - MD5sum
- More optipng speed!
- Camera touchups

10.31.09 - Download Here (13.2 MB) - MD5sum
- Rethemed settings widget to match better
- More color changes

- New battery icons
- Fixed settings widget

- More icon refinement
- Now uses the Canterell font...there is a package available to revert to stock fonts at the top of the first post
- New dialer, call frames, and in-call icons
- BetterBrowser 1.5
- Cleaner textboxes for searching
- Shiny lockscreen for donut!
- Color refinements for dropdowns, text-boxes, and more
- Widgets themed better
- zipalign/optipng for speed
- Animations from Blur
- AdvancedLauncher removed - there are speed and compatibility issues at this time. Most of the problems reported with this theme stem from AdvancedLauncher. In the futurre, it will be offered as an additional themed download...sort of a "Plugin" that will be available through CMUpdater
- Tiny bits I can't remember

09.07.09 - Download Here (10.4 MB) - MD5sum
- BetterBrowser v1.4.2
- AdvancedLauncher v17
- MAJOR icon refresh
- New bootscreen!
- CMUpdater compatible
- New, hotter widgets
- More sexy
- New wallpaper

08.29.09 - Download Here (10.6 MB) - MD5sum
- New dialer icon
- Some icon tweaks for random stuff, including reboot/silence/airplane mode
- New default wallpaper (change to older versions in wallpaper gallery)
- Darker bootscreen

08.28.09 - Download Here (10.5 MB) - MD5sum
- Updated for compatibility with 4.0.4

08.27.09 - Download Here (10.54 MB) - MD5: a325dd0ed6370139aa7d7462825276ee
- New fullscreen browser with no annoying zoom buttons (double-tap or multitouch to zoom)
- New Phone.apk (v8.2) by cytown
- Compatibility upgrade mostly

08.24.09 - Download Here (10.57 MB) - MD5: 0541f0f5094631408838fcad48e017a5
- Made search widget pretty
- Added more system icons
- Changed boot to include version ("The more you know!")

08.24.09 - Download Here (11.08 MB) - MD5: 6d7d31139f02942f9c9d93f44809e214
- Updated to Advanced Launcher v14

08.24.09 - Download Here (11.08 MB) - MD5: bd0a8d87fe30211b02913ad340cf3a97
- Tons more system and app icons
- Small color tweaks here and there (F1F1F1 instead of FFFFFF, for example)
- Rolled back to older version of Advanced Launcher to work with CM 4.0.2
- Removed CM Updater (Now in market)
- Crap I never remember

08.18.09 - Download Here (10.87 MB) - MD5: 3f2e1ab551adcdec94b6f89508388709
- Fixed MMS icon

08.18.09 - Download Here (10.87 MB) - MD5: d9b80db40d33f1232009c7e195927835
- Fixed in-call button issue

08.17.09 - Download Here (10.86 MB) - MD5: 955bd85d2fa459f059a6cc7e2e15fdcb
- Fixed progress wheels (thanks xidominicanoix)

RC 2
08.17.09 - Download Here (10.86 MB) - MD5: 0257c306f32d0ebb70a0f6581cb8914a
- Fixed text-input uglies
- Fixed all FCs I could find
- Reverted to CM 4.0 loading wheels - want to fix this

RC 1
08.17.09 - Download Here (10.9 MB) - MD5: ae42330e6378d74e88312d05718bb2c2
- Fixed camera FCs by pushing old Camera (have to work that out)
- Fixed landscape mode bug for settings widget
- Icon updates for most all apps
- New default wallpaper, and wallpaper gallery
- Major color overhaul
- Introduced ugly global search .9.png garbage (fix on the way)

Beta 3
08.16.09 - Download Here (9.7 MB) - MD5: fc4aa90f387238b8ae03643131d3068e
- Fixed progress bars for reals...sorry dudes.

Beta 2
08.16.09 - Download Here (9.7 MB) - MD5: 2162255c32149e1f5aec4b5b204d3423
- Add CM Updater v3
- Fix progress spinners

Beta 1
08.16.09 - Download Here (9.6 MB) - MD5: 7ee4eebbf276d1b7a321f77a649f6d75
- Start Enoch theme and release
17th August 2009, 03:04 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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im gonna give this a go since im kind of bored of all the other themes..lets see how it goes..
17th August 2009, 03:10 AM |#4  
Senior Member
Flag Joplin
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Great work man looks slick. I'll give it a shot.
17th August 2009, 03:12 AM |#5  
Flag Saint Louis
Thanks Meter: 2
heh, just finished booting up beta1, hit refresh, and bam.

beta1 looks good to me so far... flashing 2 now. Love the choices you made... good stuff!
17th August 2009, 03:14 AM |#6  
AbsoluteDesignz's Avatar
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are there larger versions of those smilies? or at least a site where i can get a large complete smiley set? I've been wanting to change the smilies in Hello IM
17th August 2009, 03:25 AM |#7  
drpfenderson's Avatar
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Originally Posted by yosho

heh, just finished booting up beta1, hit refresh, and bam.

beta1 looks good to me so far... flashing 2 now. Love the choices you made... good stuff!

Hahaha....Sorry. I probably won't be updating as frequently, I just needed to fix that pesky change, and noticed that CMUpdater had updated and was like- Why not?

Originally Posted by AbsoluteDesignz

are there larger versions of those smilies? or at least a site where i can get a large complete smiley set? I've been wanting to change the smilies in Hello IM

Yes, actually. You can download it here:
17th August 2009, 03:35 AM |#8  
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does it have htc music =]=]=]=]
17th August 2009, 03:38 AM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 0
ps screenshots look gnarly.
17th August 2009, 03:41 AM |#10  
drpfenderson's Avatar
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Originally Posted by krstnsn

does it have htc music =]=]=]=]

Not currently. I don't really use it (due to MixZing be wicked awesome), and I wanted to keep this theme LEAN. However, if there is enough interest I will release an HTCMusic version.
17th August 2009, 05:46 AM |#11's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag providence, RI
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lets give this a shot. looks pretty good from the screen shots. them is also tiny.
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