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[ROM] iHackers [MIUI v5] v2.5 [3.10.20] [Xperia S/SL]

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  • Based on Cyanogen FXP234 for Xperia S & MIUI v5 for Google Nexus.
  • Includes Kernel 3.4 as the Default Kernel.
  • Patchrom Adaptation and OTA Updates are Now Enabled.
  • This is The Best and The Most Stable Release Until Now.
  • Several Addons and Applications Included.
  • Aroma Based Installer
  • Includes Multiple Kernels to Choose From.
  • Several Addons and Applications Included.
  • Undervolting Options Added (Refer to Notes)
  • Bloatware Removal Options Added (Refer to Notes)
  • Google Glass Apps (Transparent) Included and All Updated To Latest Versions.
  • Several CPU Control Apps Added as Options in Aroma Installer, CPU Control FCs Resolved too.
  • More Apps Added Which are Optional To Install in Aroma Version. All of them are updated to the Latest Versions.
  • Per App Details (What the App Does, Should It be removed, Will removal of the App be helpful or problematic) Added in Bloatware Removal Script.
  • Wheather Issues are sloved and Stock chinese Weather App replaced with WeathreBZ.
  • Some More File Managers Added as options in Aroma Installer, All of them have been updated to the latest versions with respective patches and addons.
  • A Few More Camera Apps Added, All the Camera Apps are optimized to work on MIUI v5. You will notice better quality and smoother experience while using the included camera apps.
  • A few Music Players added as options in Aroma Installer for being used with ACID, Viper4Android, Dolby or S-Force Sound Mods. All of them have been optimized for use on MIUI v5.
  • Sevral Launchers added and Optimized for Use on MIUI v5. Iconset and Themes for alternate Launchers have been added too. All the included Launchers are Fast, Stable, Lagfree, Super Smooth and Full of Features.
  • Iconset have been replaced with a beautiful collection of 3500+ Icons, That means you will now have MIUI Style Icons for almost all the apps you install, If you feel that there are still some apps left out whose icons are not included let me know I will include them in the next release.
  • Wallpaperset for both Lockscreen and Desktop replaced with an amazing Collection of 100+ Wallpapers. If you guys have some other wallpapers which you think should be included in the ROM, give them to me and I will include them in the next Release.
  • Several other UI Improvements, which you will know once you use the ROM, Also The Default Wallpaper for both Desktop and Lockscreen have been changed.
  • All Lag Almost Totally Gone. Smoothness, Stability, I/O, Fluidity, Responsiveness have increased all together to a considerable extent.
  • Finally 1080p Video Works Perfectly and Without Any Lag Whatsoever.
  • FXP FM Radio has been already Included and Works Perfectly Fine.
  • Brightness Problem Fixed. If you still face a Problems Refer to Notes.
  • CPU Overclocking More stable and Less Battery Draining Now, Refer to Notes for More Details.
  • Optimized the ROM for better support, Faster and Smoother Interface and Lesser Incompatibility Issues.
  • Fixed the Issue of Small Contact Picture display during calling even if a HighRes Picture is attached to the Contact.
  • Mysterious Contact and Phone FCs Completely Resolved, Contact and Call Log Scrolling Completely Lagfree and Super Smooth too.
  • Proximity Sensor Delay and Several Other Bugs Related to Proximity Sensor Almost Completely Gone If you still face problems refer to notes.
  • Camera Now Supports Reading QR Codes and White Balance, Blue Tint and ISO Issues Completely Resolved too.
  • Video Recording more stable, Smoother and With Higher FPS. Audio Recording More Cleaner and NoiseFree. Auto-Focus Issues during Video Recording Resolved too.
  • Speaker Volume Issues Solved, You Should Use the Sound Mods to adjust it better, ACID and ViPER4Android are Included in the ROM, its your preference if you want to install one or both, they can both work good together too, Let me know if you aren't able to configure them properly.
  • Elasticity and Transitions on Launcher are Smoother and Better Now.
  • In Call Volume Issue Solved.
  • Glitching, Itching and Flickering Issues Resolved.
  • Removed Almost All Bloatware.
  • Streamlined Redundant Components.
  • Optimized WiFi Speed and GPS Positioning.
  • UI and Refresh Rate Improvements.
  • Fixed Song Play Failure When Screen is Off.
  • Optimized Memory Usage and Memory Management.
  • Fixed FCs Issues on Several Apps.
  • Improved Browser Responsiveness and FC Issues.
  • Increased 3G and 2G Speed.
  • Fixed Network Unavailability Problem.
  • All Third Party Apps Removed for Minimal Version
  • All Bloatware Removed for Both Stripped and Minimal Version
  • Fixed Zero Brightness Problem Completely
  • Battery Consumption and Heating Problems Solved
  • Lockscreen UI, Wallpaper and Theme Changed
  • Night Blindness Issues Solved
  • All Apps Updated to Latest Versions.
  • Added Pure™Graphics HD + Rendering Version (Credits to Jeeko).
  • Enabled GPU Rendernig.
  • Enable Dithering but did not Affect Consumption.
  • Enabled Use of the GPU for the Touch Capacitation and Management.
  • Improved Video HW Rendering.
  • Increased Benchmarking Scores on the AnTuTu Graphic Rankings.
  • Improved Pixel Density, DPI and Brightness.
  • Eliminated Lag System with the Video Entropy Generator.
  • Liquified the UI.
  • Added PureAudio™ Engine v1.0 (Credits to Jeeko).
  • Clearer Sound.
  • No More Track Noises.
  • Beats™ Audio by Dr.Dre Now Included by Default.
  • Now, The ROM is also compatible with the Headphones that don't support Audio Render at 60KHz.
  • Wherever possible, arranged for the Conversion of the Songs (in background) below 256 kbps to 320kbps.
  • During Playback of Songs / Sounds make a Soft Frequency Scaling to Reduce Noise and Highlight the Track.
  • The ROM now offers More Powerful and Closed Bass.
  • Efficient even with Sony's/Samsung's Generic Headphones.
  • Improved the In-Call Audio Hearing and Transmission a lot.
  • Enhanced the Speakers' Audio and Compression for Playing Music without Headphones in High Quality.
  • Added PurePerformances™X Mod (Credits to Jeeko)
  • Radically Improved RAM Management for MIUI (Lags... Adios!).
  • Graphics Improved: Pure Graphic™HD, Pure Dithering Plus™ and... AOSPA 3.60 System Tweaks.
  • Multimedia Scan Time Drastically Reduced.
  • Network Improvements, 3G Experience Even in 2G Modality.
  • All SQlite Database Optimized.
  • Enabled Hardware Features Turned Off by Default for a Better Experience and Stability.
  • Greatly Increased the AnTuTu Scores: Try it to believe it!!
  • ReduceD the Startup Time Per Reboot.
  • Now You can Play Ported Games Without Lags.
  • The Device now itself Cleans the System Every 24 Hours, The Cache Every Week and The Dalvik Every Month (Cronos Easter Egg).
  • Automatically Zipalign on Each Boot (Sensitive to The User).
  • Drastically Decreased the Battery Drain.
  • Check the Activities that Consume Too Much Battery and Stops Them with PureWakelocks™.
  • When the Phone is Charging Reduces System Services for Faster Charging.
  • The Battery is Calibrated on Every Boot.
  • Disabled System Animations When the Battery is Nearly Exhausted.
  • Improvements in build.prop as Regards The Part of Consumption.
  • Enabled a Non-Aggressive Dithering to save CPU.
  • When You Lock the Device, The Engine makes sure that the GPU is turned off.
  • Enabled Deep Sleep.
  • Audio Drivers and Libraries all Updated to Latest Versions with more tweaks for Better and Cleaner Sound.
  • Optimized Music Player Libraries and Increased Volume and Effects. Music Player and MusicFX FCs Completely Resolved.
  • ACID Sound Mod, Viper4Android, S-Force Audio All Updated to Latest Versions with some new tweaks and Modifications. Dolby Digital Sound Added as Default.
  • Camera Tweaked for Better Focus and Quality, Its Comparively Better Now.
  • Parts of Bravia Engine.
  • Parts of CrossBreeder (credits to dev).
  • Parts of Adrenaline Engine (credits to dev).
  • PureGraphics HD.
  • V6 supercharger.
  • Enabled Video Entropy Generation (Like Seeder).
  • Slightly Improved the Scaling of the Frequencies.
  • Lightend the Load on the CPU Switching the Workload to GPU Rendering.
  • Enabled the Swap Partition in Android (Experimental).
  • Added Several INIT.D Tweaks and Scripts
  • Default CPU Frequency and Governer Changed
  • Disabled Normalized Sleeper to Fix Wakelocks
  • Capacative Backlight Issues Fixed
  • Flickering Issues Finally Fixed
  • Battery Scripts and Tweaks (Sleepers)
  • Minifree Handler Tweak
  • Internet Speed Tweaks
  • VM Management Tweaks
  • Kernel Tweaks
  • SysCTL Tweak
  • EXT4 Tweaks
  • IO Tweaks
  • Lot More That I Do Not Remember++


MIUI v3.10.18 Changelog:

  • New – When you are trying to connect to a password-protected Wi-fi network, touch the Status bar to go to network login interface (10-16)

  • Optimization – Recording menus revised in Contacts (10-15)
  • Fix – Do not disturb mode will not change across time zones (10-15)

  • New – Increased support features for vision impaired users (10-15)
  • Optimization – Contacts take up less space in list view (10-14)
  • Optimization – When you change details for a contact their corresponding group settings change automatically (10-14)
  • Optimization – USIM card now supports the use of two numbers and two mailboxes (10-15)
  • Fix – When choosing a recipient, cannot search company or other info (10-14)
  • Fix – Customizing a ring for a contact made the Contact details page quit (10-14)
  • Fix – Tags for Contact details were not displayed clearly (10-14)
  • Fix – Deleted contacts would still appear under smart groups (10-14)
  • Fix – Error would occur when marking phone numbers (10-14)
  • Fix – Sometimes, when importing contacts from a Vcard, the app would quit (10-14)
  • Fix – App would quit when user was deleting a group from list display (10-14)
  • Fix – When editing contacts on the SIM card, the merge contacts function was displayed (this function is not supported for SIM card contacts) (10-14)
  • Fix – When adding a new group, another new group with the same name is added (10-14)
  • Fix – Contacts without numbers can be stored on SIM card (10-14)

[Lock Screen, Notification Shade, Status Bar]
  • Optimization – The status bar can transparently display items (10-15)
  • Fix – When viewing content in full screen, the Notification shade would roll back up automatically (10-16)
  • Fix – Applying a wallpaper would cause memory leak (10-17)

  • Optimization – When battery life is below 40%, automatically syncs photo history with MiCloud (10-15)
  • Optimization – The interface for scanning a QR code automatically hides the title (10-15)
  • Fix – Removed cloud albums start up popup (10-15)
  • Fix – In Guest mode, when user opened gallery, the regular user interface would be displayed momentarily (10-15)
  • Fix – Photos that were protected from being deleted could still be edited (10-15)

  • Optimization – When play music in horizontal display, user’s library is not displayed (10-16)
  • Optimization – New interface for MiSound configuration (Add sample illustrations for headphone type and added general headphones Settings) (10-16)
  • Fix – The numbers for song time on the “Now Playing” interface would display incorrectly (10-16)
  • Fix – When listening to music online, when user touched “Play random”, player would always start from the first song (10-16)
  • Fix – When listening to Music on the music widget, when user touched the ”Like” button there was no notification (10-16)
  • Fix – On the Settings page for MiSound “Xiaomi in-ear headphones” was displayed on two rows (10-17)

  • New – Customization on Useful pages interface (10-16)
  • New – Useful pages localization settings (10-16)

[Data usage]
  • Optimization – Ways to recalibrate and correct data usage numbers (10-16)

[FM Radio]
  • Optimization – When closing and opening the Radio, it records whether it is in headphone mode or speaker mode (10-15)
  • Optimization – Expanded the range of supported frequencies (10-15)
  • Fix – After FM Radio app was closed the auto-search function wouldn’t respond (10-15)
  • Fix – When playing, if user’s headphones became disconnected speaker would start playing (10-15)

  • Fix – User interface was displayed incorrectly (10-15)

  • Fix – When adding a name to the blocklist manually, user could enter symbols (not just alphanumerics) (10-16)
  • Fix – After user viewed info on the blocklist, the count of blocked calls and texts in the Notification shade would not reset (10-17)

  • New – New search experience (10-15)
  • New – Recently played list displays corresponding images for shows (10-15)
  • Optimization – Details page displays number of comments (10-15)
  • Fix – Instantly refreshes the numbers for “My videos” (10-15)
  • Fix – When the user hasn’t picked a source, and played has picked a source, associated images wouldn’t update (10-15)
  • Fix – Sometimes, user play list history list view would quit (10-15)
  • Fix – The individual numbers for Recently played in “My videos” and those for “Recently played” didn’t match (10-15)
  • Fix – After the player would automatically begin playing the next episode, app would go back to the wrong interface (10-15)
  • Fix – After user touches manual search field, default keyword (placeholder) would not disappear (10-15)
  • Fix – Sometimes, recommended keyword would not appear when user was searching (10-16)
  • Fix – Sometimes, the next episode in a series would not begin playing automatically after the previous episode had ended (10-17)
XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] iHackers [MIUI v5], a ROM for the Sony Xperia S

iHackers, Sumedha Kapoor
ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v2.5
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-20

Created 2013-09-25
Last Updated 2013-10-20
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Aroma Options:

  • FXP Kernel
  • TWRP v2.6.3.0

Audio Engines:
  • ACID
  • Pure Audio
  • Viper4Android

  • iHackers
  • MIUI Default

Glass Apps:

Glass System Apps -
  • Apollo Music 1.2
  • Gmail 4.5.2
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Keep 2.0.35
  • Google Music 5.1.1109k
  • Google Now
  • Google Play Store 4.3.11
  • Google Plus
  • JB Email 4.2.2
  • JB Calendar 4.2.2
  • News & Weather app/widget 1.3.11
  • Youtube 5.0.21

Glass Data Apps -
  • Adaway 2.3
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Dropbox
  • ES File Explorer
  • Google Calendar 20136302
  • Google Videos 2.5.22
  • IMDb
  • Mighty Text Tablet 2.1.4
  • Textra 1.21
  • Twitter 4.1.5
  • WhatsApp 2.10.768
  • Word Press 2.4.2

Mods and Addons:
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Performance
  • Multilang Addon
  • MiuiSpnConfig
  • Small Gapps

  • LBE Sec (MIUI)
  • SuperSu
  • SuperUser

WMS Tools:
  • Alarm Time Fix
  • Browser Autofit
  • Carrier Label
  • Current Track Launch
  • Email Rotation
  • Extra Battery Info
  • Hide Icons Text
  • Holidays
  • Keyboard Fix
  • MMS Festival
  • MMS Rotation
  • Play Store Fixes
  • Reboot Options
  • Search in Google Play
  • T-9 Module
  • Themes Authorization
  • Units
  • Volume Skip Track
  • Yellow Page


  • MIUI Home
  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Holo Launcher HD
  • Buzz Launcher
  • Advanced Xperia Launcher

  • MIUI v5 Iconset (3rd Party Launchers)

  • Fancy Widgets (Modified)
  • Clock Widgets (Stock)
  • Weather Widget (Stock)
  • On/Off Tools (Stock)
  • Photo Widget (Stock)
  • Recent Calls (Stock)
  • Top Contacts (Stock)

  • Enable On Screen Buttons

  • Install IOS 7 Lockscreen With Control Center

Bloatware Removal:
  • xxxx
  • xxxx
  • xxxx

Google Apps Removal:
  • Completely Remove all Google Related Apps

Version Details:

[Aroma Version]

Its the Big Daddy of all the other versions and the most ideal version to install for a person who knows what he is doing. It contains almost everything MIUI has to provide along with all the other Modifications, Tweaks, Fixes, Addons, Applications, Kernels, Bootanimations, Glass Apps, Google Apps, Bloatware Removal Script, Undervolting Options etc. The main thing that makes the Aroma Version perfect is that everything in the Installer is optional for the user to install, He/She can either install everything or nothing for a clean install.

[Stripped Version]

Stripped Version should be chosen by those who either have low speeds or tarrif but still want to enjoy the ROM or ofcourse the ones who hate installing something using Aroma. The Stripped Version contains All the Modifications, Tweaks, Fixes but Kernels, Bootanimations, Glass Apps, Google Apps are limited to only few required ones. It does not have any undervolting script pre installed but all the Bloatware is already removed from it. If someone wants to install something from the Aroma Version He/She should download the Addons Pack and if someone wants any of the deleted apps that were deleted while the Bloatware Removal, He/She can get them from the Official Port or from Aroma Version or from any of the previous releases that he has already downloaded and can extract the apps from.

[Minimal Version]

Minimal Version is a new version which has been specially optimized keeping the following things in consideration:
  • Lowest Possible Size
  • Battery Friendly
  • More and More Free RAM
  • All the Possible Bloatware Removed
  • No Additional Apps (Except the Most Required ones)
  • Optimized for best Performance, Speed and Smoothness
  • Etc ++

The Minimal Version contains All the Modifications, Tweaks, Fixes but Only one Kernel and Bootanimation, No Glass Apps and No Google Apps Except Google Play Store. It does not have any undervolting script pre installed but all the Bloatware is already removed from it. If someone wants to install something from the Aroma Version He/She should download the Addons Pack and if someone wants any of the deleted apps that were deleted while the Bloatware Removal, He/She can get them from the Official Port or from Aroma Version.

This Version is Ideal for those who like a very very clean Install and like to customize and add everything exactly What and How they want. The only things left out in the Minimal Version are the Core Apps without which you would loose the entire feel of MIUI and without them there would be no pleasure in installing it.

[Nano Version]

Nano Version is a Derivative of Minimal Version but with several core changes. It is Optimized and Streamlined to 500 MB Free RAM and a Super Smooth User Experience. The main target behind releasing this version was to provide the users with a Pre-Customized and a Pre-Optimized Version of the ROM. In other words, Instead of releasing a Flashable Zip, This time I have chosen to release a TWRP Recovery Image (Nandroid Backup) of the ROM which was made on my own device that already has all the Settings, Overclock, Governer, A Pre Configured and Optimized Launcher, A Few Pre Installed Apps, Hardcore Bloatware Removal and Heavy Streamlining and Lots More. So Now, The Users won't have to Download - Flash - Configure Settings - Restore Stuff - Etc again and again for every new ROM or Update that is Released, They can just Restore this Nandroid Backup (Using any TWRP Recovery) and Go Straight ahead to Restoring their Own Stuff which will save them a lot of time and efforts. IMO This Recovery will be the Smoothest and the Fastest MIUI you have ever used on your phone.

Installation: (TWRP Version)
  1. Download the Recovery to your Computer and Extract it.
  2. Copy the Extracted files to SDCard >> TWRP >> Backup >> BX######## >> HERE <<
  3. Install a Kernel With TWRP Recovery or Install TWRP Recovery Itself.
  4. Reboot to Recovery.
  5. Tap on Restore and then Select iHackers [MIUI v5] v#.# [Nano] and Start the Restore Process.
  6. When Restore is Finished, Tap on Reboot Button and Enjoy.

Installation: (Flashable Zip Version)
  1. Download and Copy The Rom To SD Card.
  2. Reboot to Recovery.
  3. Install Zip From SDCard > Choose Zip From SDCard > Install
  4. Follow The Instructions on the Aroma Installer or Wait for the Installation to Finish on Stripped Version
  5. Reboot.
  6. As Soon As Checking SD Card for Errors has finished, Tap on Import Settings Icon on the Homscreen and Select Nano v x.x.

[Multilang Version]

The Multilang Version is basically the Aroma Version with Multiple Languages in it. Later on if some one requests I could release the Multilang Versions for Stripped and Minimal Versions too. Currently The Languages that are included in the Multilang Version are English, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, French, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Norwegian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

  1. Download and Copy The Rom To SD Card.
  2. Reboot to Recovery.
  3. Install Zip From SDCard > Choose Zip From SDCard > Install
  4. Follow The Instructions on the Aroma Installer or Wait for the Installation to Finish on Stripped Version
  5. Reboot.
  6. When The ROM has been Installed and Booted, Open Locale More Pro App from the Launcher and Select Your Preferred Language.

[Official Port]

This version is the Untouched Official yet Unofficial Port by MIUI China Porting Team. It does not have anything either Included or Excluded or even Remotely Touched by either Me or Anyone else on Xperia S Android Development. All the credits and thanks go to them for keeping MIUI still alive for our Xperia S which almost died when Xiaomi decided to abbandon the Development for Xperia S.

[Addons Pack]

The Addons Pack has everything in the Aroma Version except the ROM itself. It is being provided only for Stripped and Minimal Versions because they do not have anything from Aroma Version included in them. So, In case if someone wants to install something from Aroma Version, He/She should use the Addons Pack and as its based on Aroma to, so naturally He/She will have all the options with what to install and what not. This Pack will not only work with my ROM, or any other MIUI ROM alone, it will work with all the ROMs and for any device.


  • This ROM is for Unlocked Bootloaders Only.
  • Work on This ROM is Currently In Progress, You will see further Improvements as the ROM moves in its further Development Stages. This ROM is originally built by MIUI China Team and All the credits go to them.
  • In Case You Face Proximity Sensor Issues, Follow these two steps. Step 1: Install and configure Proximity Sensor Calibration from Market. Step 2: Install and configure Tasker / Automateit Pro / Proximity Screen Off Pro. Let me know if you can't get the apps.
  • In Case You Face Brightness Issues, use Disable Auto Brightness or Velis AutoBrightness App or Flash This.
  • In Case You are Unable to Install the ROM, Whether the Aroma Installer finishes in a flash back, or It does not start at all or Unable to Mount System or Data, Follow these Steps: Use This Flashable Zip or Flash This Kernel and then flash the ROM from the CWM Recovery available in the Kernel. You can enter the Recovery by pressing Volume Up Button again and again as soon as you see Sony Boot Logo. I have also corrected the USB Storage Mount Problem in this recovery. So, in case you face any problems, you can mount your Internal SD Card as USB Storage from within the recovery at the time of flashing.
  • In Case You have Offline Charging Issues or You Feel that the Nova Kernel is Unstable or You Face Any Kernel Related Problems at all, Flash This For Installing Default MIUI Kernel or Flash This For Installing Nova Kernel Again.
  • The Default Clock for Nova Kernel is set at 1.1 GHz for "certain" issues, SetCPU, Kernel Tuner, Antutu CPU Master and No-Frills CPU Control are included in the ROM, For Best Results Either Use Kernel Tuner, or any CPU Control App from the Market or from the ROM and Set the max freq to 1.728 GHz (Both CPU Cores), Intellidemand, SIO and Setup Profiles for Screen-Off and Low Battery for more Battery Savings.
  • In Case You are either fedup, are having problems or don't like the Default Launcher, but you still want to maintain the feel of MIUI in your launcher, You can try any of the Included Launchers along with MIUI X5 HD Apex/Nova/ADW Theme as Icon Theme and Iconset already included in the ROM.
  • If Anyone Have Problems With WIFI Region Code, Download WifiManager, Install it and Give it Root Permissions.
  • Please Do Mention all the Bugs and the Problems you face During the Installation Process or after the ROM has been installed. This will help me to improve and make it better with next releases. I would also like to request you to share your experience after using this ROM, Your Suggestions for the Improvement of the ROM will be greatly appreciated. Also If you feel that I should Include/Exclude any App/Mod/Tweak in the ROM, Let me know.
  • Choose Undervolting Wisely, It can cause random reboot issues, If thats not an issue for you then undervolting could be the best thing you would do for improving your phone's battery life.
  • Bloatware Removal is only suggested for the users who face RAM issues with this ROM, Don't just select all of them altogether first consider knowing what the apps that you are removing are actually for and whether it would be beneficial or harmful or problematic to remove them. Per App Details are mentioned in the Aroma Installer.


  1. Download and Copy The Rom To SD Card.
  2. Reboot to Recovery.
  3. Install Zip From SDCard > Choose Zip From SDCard > Install
  4. Reboot after Installation is Done and Enjoy.
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Versions: [Aroma v2.5] | [Multilang v2.3] | [Stripped v2.4] | [Minimal v2.5] | [Nano v2.2] | Official Port [3.10.18]

Addons: . [Addons Pack v2.3] | Multilang Pack v2.5 | OTA [3.9.27 to 3.10.11]

Source: .. Free Xperia Project (FXP) | CyanogenMod (CM) | MiCode

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Thank you.
Any bugs?
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Originally Posted by davidbar93

Thank you.
Any bugs?

I am testing right now. Will let you know as soon as I find some. You do the same.
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Official Site Link About Supporting Xperia S again ???
2nd June 2013, 05:49 AM |#7  
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do i have to register.....???? any other link?
2nd June 2013, 05:56 AM |#8  
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too many bugs,i have canceld downloading.
2nd June 2013, 06:11 AM |#9  
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Can someone add a better link...PLEASE.....thanks for the good work mate...but need a better link..

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Originally Posted by 15131331231

too many bugs,i have canceld downloading.

hey...what u mean too many....? was about to install....
2nd June 2013, 06:29 AM |#10  
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Does it work for locked bootloader??and too many bugs???? i didn't get u!!

Sent from my LT26i using xda app-developers app

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Would love to have other link of this rom!!

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Originally Posted by prasad90

Does it work for locked bootloader??and too many bugs???? i didn't get u!!

Sent from my LT26i using xda app-developers app

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Would love to have other link of this rom!!

Sent from my LT26i using xda app-developers app

Locked BL???!
Pls answer
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