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[ROM] HD2O© v22 TMOUS 1.11.11 [EN/DE/FR/IT/NL/RU/PT/SP/CH/GR/SV/DA/NO/TR/EE][online]

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By HD2Owner, Inactive Recognized Developer on 25th October 2009, 01:16 PM
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HD2O© v22 Windows Mobile 6.5.3 / 6.5.0

CFC Compressed / UC (user customization) / Co0kie's Hometab 2.0.0 Final





THE ROM IS COOKED WITH OSBUILDER (Thanks to Barin, AndrewSh and ultrashot for Support)

much better virtual memory management than stock and most other cooked roms
close to stock rom but size of rom reduced as much as "possible" while adding features
xip tweaked, size reduced and optimized (and all useful system/registry tweaks cooked in)
htc sense 2.5 cfc-compressed and unneded langs removed (1300 files removed!)
cht2.0.0 final cooked in (including hd2o preset and all addons from cht-team)
sys build updated with latest handpicked com3 build (stock rom is com2 with old user-interface; start button on top)
the rom is uc-capable (first boot customization via sdconfig.txt and cab's/xml's/tsk's on storage card)
high customizability via cooked in cab's (windows dir -> see post 2)
handpicked ati hardware d3dm driver and chainfire's turbo3d cooked in
Android/Haret Compatible (disable screen auto adjustment in wm first!)
Latest LEO/LEO_1.5/LEO_S/Huashan/Oboe EXT (htc packages)
576MB RAM unlocked (stock rom for international hd2's have 448MB RAM only)
rom-size: 190MB (stock rom size: 246MB)
startmenu layout configuration tool (hex, grid, wp7 etc) thanks to ultrashot

DOWNLOAD LINKS (Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.3) -> POST 2


- Always do a Hard-Reset after flashing (before the installation) and leave the phone alone until in reboots (silent-UC). the wizard will continue after automatic reboot.
- I recommend to install the latest tmous-radio-rom (Rename to LEOIMG.nbh and flash from Bootloader aka HSPL).
You need HSPL your HD2 first -> see HSPL Instructions:
Follow the tutorials and use at your own risk. i'm not responsible for bricked devices!

Co0kies Hometab 2.0.0 (removable!, including language pack 3)
Co0kies Hometab Editor 2.0.0 Final (nearly all translated versions)
CHT2.0.0 addons: analog/digital/flip clock, rss-reader, weather widget, tab/state-links
Registry Tweaks (Security / warnings off and much more..)
tcpmp (modified skin)
Chainfires 3D driver patch
android loader
latest utask (6.5.3 roms) -> thanks to ultrashot
stock htc 6.5.3 theme but softkeys size optimized
bubble-breaker / solitare re-added
registry editor
htc flashlight (no intro video)
leocpuspeed v4
latest opera 9.70
voice command (eng for not supported langs)
PIM Backup
hd2o welcomehead and install screen
hd2o startmenu icons
hd2o registry tweaks
hd2o ringtones
UC (user customization support)
4/5 icon / Listview / Honeycomb startmenu mod cabs
various mod-cabs to customize via uc on first boot
touchXbatterypercent icon (modded: real leo pin-keyboard and wm taskbar icons)
softkeybar cabs and other mod cabs for UC-installation
startmenu layout config tool (thx ultrashot)
and much more...

sample music
windows live
welcome center
bing/live search
search and help-links
large sample pics
first boot wizard
some wallpapers/rings
sqm/fwupdate replace with mini-versions
sample music


HTC EVO & HD2O CLOCKS (v1.8.0)
(cooked in as cabs)

(cooked in)

(960x800, 800x800, 800x480, 480x800, 25 wallpapers)


brickiller / okokur

-40€ donated to xda
-23€ donated to da_g (wp7)
-32€ donated to cookiemonster (cookies hometab mod)
-got a protection case and extended battery (replica)

please vote this thread if you like my work.

DFT cotulla olipro cmonex co0kiemonster andrewsh barin ultrashot
bepe, jerpelea, gtrab, smaberg, chainfire, mwang, boomer, airextreme,
da_g, netripper, dcordes, ervius, johncmolyneux, airextreme, 911sniper

tom_codon, itje, RTT, netdrg, serfer222, lesscro, anja31,
aveo89, showaco, xor, mobilevu, lokatho, makeveral,
zuinigerijder, jeckyll, kholk, APBilbo, arley12, whiskeybro,
nuShrike, mskip, webpatrick, aDEO....

exchange bug fixed since 23.08.2010 1.8.5_1T4 23132.
please discuss the activesync issues in the dedicated thread:

-NO DRIVERS NEEDED (CHAINFIRE TURBO3D and handpicked ati hw d3dm dll included)

1. please test the most recent version if possible
2. hard-reset your device and test again (without any customizations)
3. do a task 29 and flash the rom again followed by hard-reset
4. test without SDCard inserted if experiencing battery drain issue (backup/re-format [32KB clusters] and find/delete corrupted mp3's etc.)

if the bug still exists after you followed the 4 points,
you should post it with detailed rom-version info (version & wm-build & language & radio-rom).

if everything works as it should it's also appropriate to write something like:
"good work. no bugs found."
this will help the rom-thread to keep active on the first pages and keeps me motivated.

HD2O_2.0.0_17_DE_6.5.3.12 (29022)
HD2O_2.0.0_8_DE_6.5.3.12 (23152)
HD2O_2.0.0_5_DE_6.5.3.11 (23148)
HD2O_2.0.0_3_DE_6.5.3.9 (23139)

here is a poll about 6.5/6.5.3:

here is a poll about htc hd2 rom updates:

HD2O on Youtube


My other projects:
HD2O WP7 ROM Series
X1O ROM Series
Dynamics Rom Port for HD7
Dynamics Rom Port for Trophy
Dynamics Rom Port for 7 Pro
HTC HD2 stock ROM overview thread
Latest Opera 9.70 thread
HD2 WP7 donation fund for da_g
HD2 haret/linux/android donation fund for devs (cotulla, dcordes, markinus, letama, netripper)
HD2 6.5.3 global bold font fix (by ultrashot)
HD2Owner's youtube channel

Ultrashot's projects:
Dynamics 7 ROM for Mozart
Dynamics 7 ROM for Titan
WMDC/ActiveSync launcher
Native Debugger for WP7
XAP Deployer (on-device)
Opera Mobile 10 Port for WP7
Opera Mini Port for WP7

Great tools by Barin:
OS Builder (Kitchen)
LEO Advanced ROM Update Utility
Titan Advanced ROM Update Utility
Mozart Advanced ROM Update Utility
Blackstone Advanced ROM Update Utility
Topaz Advanced ROM Update Utility
Kovsky Advanced ROM Update Utility
Whitestone Advanced ROM Update Utility
HTC Splash Tool
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25th October 2009, 01:17 PM |#2  
HD2Owner's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Thanks Meter: 2,476

01.11.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_22 21690
14.10.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_21 21690
04.10.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_20 23153
25.06.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_18 29022
12.05.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_16 21690 / 21913 WWE/GER/FRA/ITA/NLD/RUS/PTG/SPA/CHT
29.04.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_15 21690 WWE/GER/FRA/ITA/NLD/RUS/PTG/SPA/CHT
22.04.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_14 21690 WWE/GER/FRA/ITA/NLD/RUS/PTG
29.03.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_12 29017 / 21916 WWE/GER/FRA
16.03.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_11 29017 WWE/GER
14.03.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_10 21689 WWE/GER
21.02.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_9 23152 / 21916 WWE/GER
10.02.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_8 23152 / 21916 WWE/GER re-upload
06.02.2011 HD2Ov2.0.0_8 23152 / 21916 WWE/GER
08.12.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_7 23150 / 21916 WWE/GER
28.11.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_6 23149 WWE/GER
18.11.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_5 23148 WWE/GER
23.10.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_5 23142 GER TEST ROM 1
18.10.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_4 21681 WWE/GER
07.10.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_3 23139 WWE/GER
30.09.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_2 23139 WWE/GER
28.09.2010 HD2Ov2.0.0_1 23138 WWE/GER
26.09.2010 HD2Ov1.8.5_2 23138 WWE/GER
24.08.2010 HD2Ov1.8.5_1T5 23133 WWE/GER
23.08.2010 HD2Ov1.8.5_1T4 23132 GER
19.06.2010 HD2Ov1.8.5_1 WWE/GER
10.06.2010 HD2Ov1.8.0_2test1 GER
06.06.2010 HD2Ov1.8.0_1 WWE/GER
12.05.2010 HD2Ov1.7.1_4 WWE/GER
14.04.2010 HD2Ov1.7.0 WWE/GER
09.01.2010 HD2Ov1.4.0 WWE/GER
07.01.2010 HD2Ov1.3.0 GER
06.01.2010 HD2Ov1.2.0 GER
05.01.2010 HD2Ov1.1.5 GER
30.12.2009 HD2Ov1.1.0 GER
28.12.2009 HD2Ov1.0.0 GER

OEM/COMMON: 3.14.531.1 (android compatible since 1.8.5_1t4)
OEM/040X: 3.14 (updated provxml/rgu/initflashes)
OEMXIP: 3.14.531.1 (DON'T USE 2.XX.51.XX RADIOS ON TMOUS-DEVICES!!, radio recommended (from 3.14.531.1)
SYS/XIP 6.5.0: 21913
SYS/XIP 6.5.3: 21690/23153
SYS/XIP 6.5.5: 23569 (threaded mail from this branch inserted)
EXT: 1.66/2.13/2.14/3.04/3.14/huashan/oboe (and various other roms)
RAM: 576MB
MANILA: 2_5_20181527_0 (CFC compressed and unneded langs removed; around 1300 files)
PAGEPOOL: 20MB (15 is stock value)
HSPL 2.08 recommended (use hspl2/hspl3 by bepe/dft, you can select between 1.43/1.66/2.08SPL/HSPL)
landscape disabled because it's still not finished (cab to enable cooked in)

INCLUDED CAB's (install via UC or install manually and reboot): (recommend not to install via uc - user input required)
_Co0kie.HomeTab_v2.0.0 (to restore original sense without loosing settings) (only in tur/eeu rom to fix cht issue after language customization)
_fim.v2.9.0.0.CAB's (cht watches)
_HD2O_CHTWL.jpg (cht watches overview) (Landscape-Mode; opposite of FS; no rotating music/pictures tab; still experimental) (softkeybar text only mode; hd mini style; no back/start-buttons; uninstall possible) (divided further since 1.8.5_1t4) (new colored sense slidebar icons; 2nd level; people/music/time; twitter needs to be added) (sense people tab 4x4 mod)
KeypadLedControl.exe (click or copy to autostart folder to use)
and more... discover it...

You can install this cabs with UC on first boot.

CAB: \Speicherkarte\
CAB: \Speicherkarte\
CAB: \Speicherkarte\
CAB: \Speicherkarte\
RST: Reset
2.0.0_22 (01.11.2011):
-virtual memory management optimized further
-some stuff excluded from xph compression in imgfs
-added nokia blue to tile color mod cabs
-removed 6 icons portrait (grid and hex) from startmenu config tool
-added 3x hex layout to startmenu config tool
-black screens hopefully fixed
-cooked with osb 1.3.174 (some nk fixups corrected; htc's faults)
-minor fixes
2.0.0_21 (14.10.2011):
-language files for chteditor fixed for some langs (where in ansi format)
-turbo3d language files fixed (already in some v20 roms)
-twitter langs fixed
-facebook app langs fixed
-sys build changed to 21690
-u3d v2 (fix blackscreen after call on hd2 with samsung chip)
-hdmini lockscreen added as cab
2.0.0_20 (04.10.2011):
-new startmenu folder called "Internet" (properly translated to ru/no/ch)
-ie, facebook, gmm, opera, rsshub, skype, wifi-router and youtube
 moved to internet folder in startmenu (was a lot of work for all langs)
-manila stock searchfield fix (exclusion list)
-new utdrv (bold font fix)
-cht2.0.0 20 widgets fix
-spanish storage card name adjusted (to fix some things)
-documents tab re-added
-deleted some leftover files from facebook tab
-updated sys to 23153
-facebook (people tab) notification icons fix (fixed in v19 already in ger/wwe roms)
-htc sense compression changed from cfc to cfc hd (lossless)
-all cfc hd recompressed from source png's (sense, cht and sense mod cabs)
-fim (facebook chat) cab updated from 2.8 to 2.9
-fixed camera freezes by adding some dependent files from footprints stuff
-minor fixes (tried to fix all mentioned things)
2.0.0_19 (27.09.2011):
-startmenu config tool with a lot of options (hex, grid, wp7 etc)
-adjusted some flags in xip to free up more ram and make rom even faster.
-newer compression methods (XPH wp7 mango compression method)
-taskbar service implemented (green taskbar on active call for example) - thanks to ultrashot
-folder icons reworked
-fixed bug of new and reply email in some langs
-cht messaging icon fixed
-taskbar soundicons reworked again
-skype icon reworked
-sense vsync disabled (thanks to ultrashot)
-sense set to "original" in t3d (ultrashot's patched disptools.dll in effect)
-fixed notification enhancement (disabled wm dropdown bar and added taskmanager icon)
-a new wallpapers in 1440x800 for cht panorama
-physics engine mod (finally bounce effect of 6.5 in 6.5.3) as cab- thanks to ondraster/ultrashot
-build switched to 21690
-camera freeze fix (related to share r/w sections)
-already compressed files and some exe's cooked uncompressed (thanks to ultrashot/barin)
-UC changed to XDA-UC
-gsensor angle adjusted from 60° to 50° (default=35°)
-listview mod to show more elements (fileexplorer/taskmanager)
-reversed cht2.0.0 cab (instead install cab now uninstall cab to have cht homeservice as module)
-physicsengine mod now in windir as cab (also a new version, thx ultrashot)
-new utask version 1.5 with better closing algorythm
-some new wallpapers
-default wallpaper, runcc and welcomehead reworked (new)
-added skype (useless stuff removed, runs from windir)
-removed footprints
-removed documents tab (a real memory eater)
-sipicon 6.5.3 fix (thanks ultrashot)
-menu enhancement from oboe instead leo (6.5.3)
-listview mod to show 11 elements instead 9 (fileexplorer, taskmanager etc)
-intro gif removed
-skype rotation support added
-d3dm.dll (picked another better performing one)
-i will include emailsetupwizard for all langs except russian, greek and chinese
-sofkeybar icons reworked (slightly bigger buttons)
-all startmenu icons reworked
-all cht icons reworked
-pivot background reworked (darker style like softkeybar)
-chteditor german lang translations reworked (too long sentences)
-some fonts changed (softkeybar, sysfont, menu enhancement).
-taskbar icons reworked (wp7 style)
-wp7 battery icon with 22 levels (no percentage) ->turns yellow/orange/red when getting low
-wp7 wifi icon sequence instead ugly leo wifi sequence
-added around 220 swiss german words in german rom et9 dictionary
-xda_uc instead old uc successfully implemented
-graphics distortions (ie, rss reader, outlook calendar, tcpmp filebrowser) fixed
-shifted chteditor from programs to windows dir (more free internal memory)
-shifted tcpmp from programs to windows dir (more free internal memory)
-shifted bsbtweaks from programs to windows dir (more free internal memory)
-shifted turbo3d from programs to windows dir (more free internal memory)
-shifted leocpuspeed from programs to windows dir (more free internal memory)
-swype tutorial graphics dummy replacements (more free internal memory)
-swype language database files of not needed langs removed for each rom
-dialup enabler/disabler removed (bsb tweaks has also option to disable data)
-two ugly animated wallpapers and all (big) manila files of those two anim. bg removed (2mb+ saved).
-colored animated background with circles is remaining
-7 ringtones i don't really like removed (1mb saved)
-195 not needed sense/manila graphics files removed -2.7MB! ( leftovers from tf3d/s2.1 or development)
-Netripper's LEO Notification Enhancement 0.92 implemented (thanks netripper)
-LEO NE 0.92 moved to windows dir (shared sense sdk with cht2.0.0)
-sense sdk downgraded again to 1.39 (for compatibility with LEO NE 0.92)
-lockscreen media controls disabled by default (only 1 reg key to enable needed)
-remaining not needed oobe graphics removed
-swype help files moved to lang dirs (more free internal memory)
-threaded email removed
-languages new: cz,hu,pl,ro,sk ( in windows dir) - eeu rom com2
2.0.0_18 (25.06.2011):
-new utask version with option to disable utask service (thx to ultrashot)
-chinese wince.nls fixed (regional settings)
-scroll speed returned to default value
-xt9 disabled by default (switch to abc)
-sim toolkit re-added (simore adapters)
-marketplace removed
-jpg assignment in file-explorer fixed (album)
-left softkey now "people" instead of "phone"
-annoying "start" text removed from taskbar (all roms except rus/ell/cht)
2.0.0_17 (22.05.2011):

-DAN/ELL/TUR/SVE/NOR translations added
-another startmenu mod cab with honeycomb look from wm7 beta (
-revoked certificates hotfix from microsoft (KB 2524375)
-rus - fixed sense today enabled by default
-russian doctab translation added (thx ultrashot)
-spanish doctab translation added (thx rajoar)
-italian doctab translation added (thx giano72)
-swe chteditor translation added
-doctab missing languages fixed (some are english)
Attached Files
File Type: cab - [Click for QR Code] (1.3 KB, 2294 views)
File Type: txt download links.txt - [Click for QR Code] (710 Bytes, 15568 views)
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25th October 2009, 01:17 PM |#3  
HD2Owner's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Thanks Meter: 2,476
Old changelog/downloads:
2.0.0_16 (12.05.2011):

-major new feature: CHT2.0.0 is now removable without loosing cht settings and presets!
many new reg-tweaks added:
-camera modes added, camcorder bitrate increased, new recording formats added
-camera 5mp fine quality (default) changed to superfine, superfine increased further
-enable menu in camera on start for 6 seconds
-camera shutter sound loudnes decreased (was very loud); let me know what you think about removing sound...
-removed oobe completely (first boot wizard)
-htc taskmanager installed as cab on first boot to make it removable (only 6.5.0)
-htc taskmanager mui's for german and russian added (0407/0419), other langs 0409
-fixed fonts and titanium lang in chinese rom CommonNonEA->CommonEA etc
-fixed footprints pictures in chinese rom (where overwritten by worldwide pics)
-other small fixes like startmenu icons etc..
-chinese cookies hometab editor translation
-CHT layout cooked in (my preset minus lang-dependent quicklinks)
-chinese cht-editor language (chinese simplified); please help me to find traditional chinese
-touch-vibration disabled by default
-weather-animation disabled by default
-german lcid changed to switzerland
-xt9 disabled by default
-sim contacts in sense disabled by default
-facebook autodownload disabled by default
-reworked portugues translation of utask (please help me to correct spanish and chinese)
-email tab "new account" fixed for some langs
-auto data disconnect after 60s
-scroll velocity factor internet people album tabs
-email reply instead reply all
-Adobe reader reflow (flowing sharp text)
-Adobe Reader zoom automatic fit
-show history and favorites in streaming media
-youtube rotation enabled
-streaming media rotation enabled
-increase keyboard responsivity when typing
-receive bluetooth files without passkey
-facebook events range enhancements from 30 to 90 days
-landscape rotation angle treshold from 35 to 60 degrees (bedtime viewing)
-usb to pc popup internet sharing option enabled (chinese rom)
-volume buttons sounds muted (dummy wav files)
-opera speed tweaks (besides 20mb cache tweak)
-cht level 2 textclock unpinned (slight graphical bug when swiping
-glyphcache tweaked further
-led notifications enabled
-tcpip cache tweaked
-tcpmp tweaked (settings gdi etc)
2.0.0_15 (29.04.2011):

-SPA and CHT roms added
-CHT Editor now in native lang (except chinese - couldn't find translation)
-small bugfixes for various langs
-fim updated from 2.6 to 2.8 (cab)
2.0.0_14 (22.04.2011):

-sys build updated to 21690 (, htc dev branch)
further optimizations to make rom small and faster (more streamlined):
-ereader removed (can be installed via uc as cab)
-jetcetprint removed (can be installed via uc as cab)
-several png's and bmp's made smaller by making them png 8bit and removing some greyscales
(camera, album, checkboxes, contact avatars, dummy for animated wp,
phonecanvas, album fake ui, audiobooster etc.)
-rss hub sample channels reworked for all langs
-facebook tab removed
other changes:
-1 blue wave wallpaper from xperia play added (480x800)
optimizations on xip:
-glyphcache tweaked
-fatfs cache tweaked
-encryption disabled
-disabled customer feedback
-default opera homepage set to google
-opera cache tweaked to 20mb (was 10, do not change it manually)
-opera all sections set to non-pageable to exclude from pagepool
-ie fonstsize mod
-module loader fixes (thanks to ultrashot)
other tweaks:
-vsync in manila.exe disabled and all sections set to non-pageable
-vsync in ManilaToday.dll disabled
2.0.0_8 (6.5.3, DE) had 228MB 
2.0.0_14 (6.5.3, DE) has 188MB
2.0.0_12 (29.03.2011):

-translated rom to french language (thanks to ninofr for testing 4 roms and language assistance)
-utask updated to v1.4
-et9 first letter finally fixed (was related to utask v1.3)
-bt mui's updated
-rss default links reworked for every language (and added my favorite rss feeds)
-3g switch graphics reworked
-sensor sdk fixed (rotation not working correctly in some apps/windows)
-flashlight app translation for all languages (was english)
-leocpuspeed performance level set to 17 by default (960MHz, 1.275v); disabled autoscaling
-bcr world card mobile mui's fixed (where missing)
-manila.exe all sections set to "non-pageable" to exclude it from pagepool
2.0.0_11 (16.03.2011):

-SYS build updated 29017 (WMD), (jan 24 2011)
-Transcriber added from 23569
2.0.0_10 (14.03.2011):

-SYS build updated 21689 (HTC), (jan 6 2011)
-XIP optimized (cleaned slot 0 -> from 15MB to 26MB free; speed gain)
-Shared R/W section of various modules (thanks to ultrashot/barin/andrew)
-RSS reader updated (from oboe1.18)
-lockscreen media controls added (default fathom lockscreen with htc graphics)
-twitter tab settings fixed (mui missing)
-digital compass set destination feature from 1.66 and below roms added
-digital compass IDS_*** (language) problem not fixed yet
-startmenu velocity x2 (with ultrashot's wrapper, thanks)

"GainVelocity"=dword:00000002 ;multiplier for initial velocity (1 is default, ultrashot's choice is 3x, mine is 2x)

i decided to make my rom more streamlined by removing big files:
-16 personal ringtones removed (only "all good" and "crank" left inside) ->3.62MB
-welcomehead (not visible) turned black and 8bit ->757KB
-4 sample pics removed (wm pics) ->1.62MB
-fixoperaflash removed ->2.09MB
-album ui fake pics 8bit ->752KB
-Nitrogen Player removed ->2.01MB
-CHTSheduler cab removed ->1.64MB
-ms myphone removed (grab it from marketplace) ->2.59MB
-IPSECVPN removed ->980KB
-Enterprise removed ->437KB
-win live removed ->1.7MB
-win live messenger removed ->1.08MB
-navi panel removed ->4.8MB
-htc 6.5.3 lockscreen removed ->1.04MB
-flashlight graphics reworked (8bit if possible) ->0.42M
2.0.0_9 (21.02.2011):

-system sounds finally really fixed and enabled (thanks andrew)
-android loader updated to v6.0 final (thanks mskip)
-fixOperaFlash v1.5.5.20 updated (thanks aDEO)
-htc twitter fix integrated
-split l modules enabled to free up space in slot 0 (speed...)
2.0.0_8 (06.02.2011):

-switched to osbuilder kitchen (from prb kitchen - evk)
-build updated 23152
-uTask1.3 by ultrashot (only 6.5.3)
-DST bugfix by htc
-Format SD app fixed in german version
-latest opera 9.70.36053 from oboe 1.18
-latest fm-radio (2_5_20211429_00) from oboe 1.18
-latest voice speed dial (1_2_b100825) from oboe 1.18
-Messaging icon fix (english version)
-other fixes

bugs: utask startmenu icon is missing (i will fix this later)

re-upload (10.02.11)
-fixed alarm sounds deactivated by default (i'm sorry if this caused issues)
-year overlap in cht2.0.0 appointment bar (was a bug in german language file)
-fixed utask startmenu link (english version)
-fixed dialup enabler/disabler startmenu link (english version)
-from 27 to 1 lang file (cht lang files), 1.13MB to 44KB, 1.08MB rom space saved
2.0.0_7 (08.12.2010):

-build updated 23150
-build updated 21916
-uTask1.1 by ultrashot (only 6.5.3)
-swype position fixed via uTask
-auto network time disabled (set manually, but dst-bug is fixed)
2.0.0_6 (28.11.2010):

-build updated 23149
-cleaned oem/ext mui's (see here - thanks to ultrashot and andrewsh)
-chte language set to german by default in the german rom version
-facebook client updated from to
-fim (_fim.v2.3.6.5.CAB in windows dir)
-sms screen wakeup disabled
-rss reader widget fixed
-leo cpu speed updated v3->v4
2.0.0_5 (18.11.2010):

-CHT2.0.0 Final
-CHTEditor Final
-Addon TabLinks
-Addon StateLinks
-All cht widgets
-_CHTScheduler_2.10.CAB (windows dir)
-build update 23148
-XDA UC NET removed (issues with cht steadysoft sdk)
2.0.0_5t1 (23.10.2010) ONLY DE:
-XDA UC NET added
-build update 23142
-global bold font fix v1.0 (single dll fix for ezinput and dialer) - by ultrashot, thanks
-test rom only
2.0.0_4 (18.10.2010):
-EZINPUT bold font fixed (colored call button in dialer still bold font)
-gps fixed
-base updated 3.14.531.1 (oemdrivers/oemxip)
-latest opera 9.70.36035 (fixed preview in internet tab)
2.0.0_3 (07.10.2010):
-CHT graphics reworked (lockslider, status-icons etc.)
-new ext's from 3.14.405.2
2.0.0_2 (30.09.2010):
-CHTEditor fixed
-build updated 23139
2.0.0_1 (28.09.2010):
-CHT 2.0.0 Beta
-CHTEditor 2.0.0 R3
1.8.5_2 (26.09.2010):
-latest opera 9.70.36034 (fixed preview in internet tab)
-fixed noise in call when using android (3.14 base works without fixes with 2.14 radio)
-many new 3.14 ext's
-sms/messaging bug fixed (was only present in the english version)
-start/done softkey cabs fixed
-android loader 5.0 cab included (thanks to mskip)
1.8.5_1test4 (23.08.2010):
-latest opera 9.70.36023 (fixed preview in internet tab)
-fixed noise in call when using android (replaced some files/modules with 2.10 ones)
-reworked softkeybar buttons to fit both skb-modes (htc 6.5.3 buttons)
-updated ms myphone to latest version 01.06.2718.0001
-updated ms marketplace to latest version 1.2.1422_0
-various other small fixes
-chainfire turbo3d final version
-d3dm-driver handpicked after testing around 10 drivers (not tg01; "inofficial" leo ati driver)
-softkeybar cabs divided further:

HD2O lockscreen now cooked in but deactivated by default.
to enable it, install the cab with the according reg-keys (

you can only use the hd2o lockscreen !OR! the cht-lockscreen.
don't install the lockscreen cab if you want to use cht-lockscreen.

CHT full changelog:
#v2.0.0 (changes since public beta) - 12/11/2010
-[new] sms and email notification shortcuts will jump to CHT widgets
-[new] option to disable non-edit mode popup menu (CHTEditor->Widget settings)
-[new] option to make toggle switch turn on bluetooth in discoverable mode (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous) 
-[new] option for original flip clock animation (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous)
-[new/fixed] updated chtstate v1.08g
-[change] tab and state links are no longer part of the base CHT cab - available as addons
-[fixed] phone hardkey not working
-[fixed] tab change bug when only a single home widget page is set
-[fixed] left/right swipe stops working
-[fixed] various quick/free links assignment and move bugs
-[fixed] independent quick links bugs (invisible link presses)
-[fixed] quick links layout bug when setting a lower max row count
-[fixed] quick links disappearing text
-[fixed] sms and email mark read on timeout will only be set if the widget is currently on the screen
-[fixed] sms and email swipe not active on the lockscreen
-[fixed] missed calls notification icon not updating correctly
-[fixed] bugs with "don't repeat multiday appointment" option
-[fixed] WM6.5.x detection method
-[fixed] sms/email popup menu exiting
-[fixed] wallpaper previous/next/random links with very wide walls
-[fixed] widget might disappear after being unpinned
-[fixed] pinning widgets close to or over the edge of the screen
-[fixed] free links size on lockscreen
-[fixed] appointment/tasks list hides independent quick links grid when it should not
-[fixed] add a link page in landscape
-[fixed] wide wallpapers move up after live change
-[dev] custom operator text and foreground layer changes are live (no need for manila restart)
-[dev] updated the setup.dll for addon widgets to add as small install safeguard
-[dev] separated appointment/tasks list and popup menu graphics
-[dev] addon links framework added
#v2.0.0 beta
- left/right sliding pages confgurable from 1 to 7 pages (separately configurable for portrait, landscape and lockscreen)
- redesidned softkey area, bottom menu and tab slider (tap and hold the slider button, don't just tap and release)
- quick links can be configured in any row by column layout
- new links that are can be freely moved anywhere on the screen (free links - add from popup menu)
- free links have a slide-to-launch feature on the lockscreen
- more widgets: email, sms, RSS, weather, clocks (digital, flip and analog)
- addon widget framework: widgets can be made by anyone and installed as an addon cab
- widgets can be pinned into place and some can be freely resized
-[new] option for scrolling appointment and task lists
-[new] task improvements: counters, color options, option to display both start and due date
-[new] high quality wallpapers
-[new] taskbar and softkeybar skinning
-[new] wallpaper control quick links: previous, next, random wallpaper
-[new] compatible with manila_home 2016 (with manila_core 2015) (dev note: graphics files: 1b8f4bec_manila, 55b3bed2_manila, 710705ec_manila)
-[new] addon cab: alternative lockscreen for WM6.1 users (read the notes below) - thanks to Kenia1234 for testing this
-[new][dev] the analog clock has it's own mode9 and script file (mode9: 1E1A6CCD_manila, lua: 1EC5924B_manila)
-[change] weather animation on the lockscreen now plays even if weather is off on the home tab
-[change] music player (or any element) will no longer be loaded on startup if it's not visible on any layout
-[fixed] analog clock hand alignment (thanks to rat_2665)
-[fixed] wallpaper selection on WM6.1
-[fixed] VGA: all tabs wallpaper, add toggle menu, titlebar disappears
-[fixed] photos tab picture position for both VGA and WVGA
-[fixed] clock highlight getting stuck
-[fixed] tab change side swipe not responding after unlock
-[fixed] analog clock resize button shows in non-edit mode
-[fixed] quick links disappear in landscape
-[fixed] appointments/tasks slim header autohide
-[fixed] previous track button disabled image on manila 19xx (dev note: for skinned players 59B6BB1D_manila needs to be copied and renamed to 10B1B92F_manila) 
-[fixed] white wallpaper when rotating with hdwall
-[fixed] test appointments don't show up sometimes
-[fixed] tasks sorting and range
-[fixed] if home menu was open when locking the unlock slider would be missing
-[fixed] slider bar appears on white menus with no tabs
-[fixed] phone toggle doesn't turn off if data was connected
-[fixed] weather animation freezes on comm switch
-[fixed] music info not updating
-[fixed] lockscreen bottom bar bug
-[fixed] uninstall problem on some ROMs
#v1.8.0 - 06/06/2010
-[new] many lockscreen improvements
-[new] new quick link types: switches, notifications and misc
-[new] wallpaper controls: home, all tabs, lockscreen
-[new] wide scrolling home wallpaper
-[new] 4 home levels and landscape are customizable
-[new] tasks
-[new] new list control for appointments and tasks (unlimited item count)
-[new] anything will hide behind the expanded app/tasks list (not just quick links)
-[new] music player with 3 layouts
-[new] text color settings
-[new] analog clock is x-axis movable and resizable
-[speed] significant boost to quick links animation speed/smoothness
-[change] tab slider is now always visible on white submenus (related to retractable slider)
-[fixed] many lockscreen related problems
-[fixed] highlights that stick
-[fixed] second hand freezing
-[removed] animated wallpapers (not weather wallpapers, just the 3 animated ones)
#v1.7.1 - 18/04/2010
-[new] voicemail program link
-[new] notification support for more than 100 sms/mms/email
-[new] sun rays animation option
-[fixed] advanced layout menu not working
-[fixed] black bar in submenus
-[fixed] music problem with locker
-[fixed] full screen animation showing wrong weather
-[fixed] program selector in VGA
-[fixed] clock becomes rotated sometimes
-[fixed] weather hit area removed from no weather clock
-[fixed] page indicator shows up after unlock
-[fixed] retractable slider bugs
-[fixed] clock weather text overlap
-[removed] dim backlight option (using system setting instead)
-[removed] suspend timeout option (using system setting instead)
#v1.7 - 13/04/2010
-[new] moveable and customizable home items
-[new] 6 clock layouts (including analog)
-[new] 2 or 3 quick links rows in main view
-[new] notification icons
-[new] customizable lockscreen with 3 unlock modes
-[new] more than 3 quick links pages
-[new] retractable slider
-[new] parameter support for button program links
-[new] automatic VGA mode detection
-[new] added voicemail notification
-[changed] position of more appointments indicator arrow
-[changed] adjusted 3x3 quick links layout
-[fixed] exchange policies related issue
-[fixed] bug with appointment range set to 1
-[fixed] miscellaneous smaller bugs
#v1.6.1 - 07/03/2010
-[new] option to hide or auto hide appointments
-[new] added more appointments indicator for main view
-[fixed] call history related bugs (rounded edge, overlap)
-[fixed] date button now always shows month view in calendar tab
-[fixed] removed side scroll animation from animation level 0
-[fixed] corrected quick links scrolling in landscape
#v1.6 - 04/03/2010
-[new] 3x3 layout added and 5x5 repositioned slightly
-[new] reworked animations with 4 levels and an animation toolkit
-[new] dynamic notifications - autohide call history and quick links
-[new] up to 5 appointments in extended view, 2 in main view
-[new] enabled swiping between tabs from home
-[new] option to set the number of quick link pages
-[new] option to hide shortcut text and text background
-[new] option to hide page indicator
-[new] weather animatin on/off switch
-[new] localization support
-[new] setting for date, clock and weather buttons
-[new] option to set a custom operator name
-[fixed] leftmost and rightmost column sensitivity on 4x4 layout
-[fixed] wrong date for multiday appointments
-[fixed] quick links bug on up key / volume key
-[fixed] appointments now always update on home tab load
-[fixed] added back htc start menu shortcuts
-[fixed] unfinished animation before switching to remove/rearrange view
-[fixed] re-enabled operator logo
-[fixed] a few bugs in VGA mode
#v1.5.4 - 13/02/2010
-[fixed] crash on start up (thanks to caliban2)
-[fixed] crash on swiping
-[fixed] past/future appointment mix-up with 12-hour format
-[fixed] bug when dragging appointment across pages
-[fixed] default page reg setting
#v1.5 - 10/02/2010
-[new] 3 pages of quick links
-[new] 5x5 link layout
-[new] drag and drop to rearrange
-[new] dated appointment for more than 2 days
-[new] call history button
-[new] configurable alarm, call history and calendar buttons
-[new] basic VGA support
#v1.0.1 - 31/01/2010
-[fixed] clock distortion bug
-[changed] 16 links is now default
#v1.0 - 30/01/2010
-initial release
Attached Files
File Type: txt Changelog 1.7.1_4 - 1.8.5.txt - [Click for QR Code] (7.6 KB, 196 views)
The Following User Says Thank You to HD2Owner For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift HD2Owner Ad-Free
25th October 2009, 01:18 PM |#4  
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Additional files/infos:
i disabled landscape in the latest 2.XX-based roms (because it's still not finished).
to re-enable you need to install (windows-dir):
to disable again you need to install (windows-dir):
you can simply overwrite the cabs without deinstalling the previous one.

i made two black bootsplashes (splash 1+2) for you. ready to flash (rename to leoimg.nbh and flash from sdcard (rom and radio stay untouched).

(rename to LEO_animated.gif and replace in windows dir with total commander)

BENCHMARK VIDEO 800x480 2000KB/s
i made a perfect benchmark performance reference video for you all.
source: samsung sound demo 1920x1080 9000KB/s
endfile: 800x480 2000KB/s (full hd2-resolution; no scaling needed)

TO COOKS/CABERS: Don't cook this files in other roms/cabs (i will contact admins if you do so). This icon-set is only for users not for cooks!!!
EXCEPTIONS: smaberg, xkan (for their contributions; ask me if you are intrested)
HD2O CHTWATCH BREITLING 1 (not cfc compressed for stock roms) (HD2O CHTWatch Breitling 1, already cooked in)

HD2O_Icons_Black.rar (HD2O Startmenu Icon set, already cooked in)
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	bootsplash.jpg
Views:	7368
Size:	9.0 KB
ID:	314516  
25th October 2009, 01:19 PM |#5  
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reserved space
25th October 2009, 09:27 PM |#6  
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Would you like to introduce yourself, are you a new member or a regular with a new account?
25th October 2009, 09:39 PM |#7  
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25th October 2009, 11:21 PM |#8  
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Nice to meet ya
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26th October 2009, 10:22 AM |#9  
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Watching this space closely ..

Lets just get this baby out !!!
27th October 2009, 08:24 PM |#10  
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Will this be 6.5 ROMs (218..) or 6.5.1 (23xxx) (like 23081)
3rd November 2009, 08:39 PM |#11  
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initial release will be official com2-branch (21864).
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