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(ROM) Sky Note Air - 4.3[I317MK6-MJ4-MK4 Hybrid] 3-15-14

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By seanzscreams, Retired Recognized Developer on 25th December 2013, 07:53 PM
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Sky Note Air

Built on planes , in backstage dressing rooms , and sitting in airports

A sweet mobile tech review of this rom

-Ziplaigned -Rooted -scrolling cache disabled -Debloated -system wide emojis -Deodexed -Bootloader stripped out -Wifi/Bluetooth tethering enabled by default -Working Fast and Slow Motion camcorder -4way reboot built in (doesnt need root. .. way faster and efficient) -lowest brightness set to 10 (Def 20) -4.4 KitKat Keyboard -Google play services -Google home launcher -Google now -Google kitkat Camera (photosphere) -Deskclock -Hangouts (Use hangouts for SMS Way better Emojis.. turn off messaging in settings) -Air Command -Default volumes are maxed at 57db Viper Audio Mod prebuilt in -Drag and Drop, quad view multi window -Eye Scrolling (Samsung Browser Only) -Video Pause with eyes -Myfiles from note 3 -Note 3 emojis and keyboard (additional) -Wallpaper chooser from note 3 with my 3 custom SkyNote Wallpapers -Snote 3 -note 3 Sketch -note 3 font -sbrowser -scrapbook -note 3 idea sketch -xposed framework installer -wanam exposed mods -wallpaper chooser Filled with pictures ive taken over the course of making this rom this month using my note 2 camera.. -Working Galaxy Gear -updated gear weather and gear nfc Some awesome I button ringtones Super smallm. less than a meg total -Working Fitbit on 4.3 -Gpu acceleration -Cpu boosting -Removed all bloat -Build.prop magic -Smoother scrolling and tasking -Deep sleep -Battery saving is in place (removed svoice and smsng tts as well....Huge battery saver) -Higher quality jpegs -By default use camera and flash on any battery percentage -min warnings and restrictions On all battery related functions have been removed -all animations set to absolute lowest setting by default. (100,200,300) (Def 300,400,500 -Fully Functioning Samsung 4.3 Keyboard -Removed all knox related crap -Se Linux is turned Off completely -Init.d enabled and a few scripts in place -Custom boot animations enabled -(u)(i)nsecure kernel

Wanam Xposed Features

•Call Recording •4 Ways Reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot, Download) •Full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements •Secure Samsung Keyboard •Option to keep “Add Call” button with Call recording menu •Disable Camera shutter sound (+Screen Capture) •Flashlight trough volume button UP •Skip Music with Volume buttons •Save Call Logs View •Enable Keyboard Symbols •Enable Hangouts Calls trough cellular •Enable Camera while calling •Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support •Bypass Exchange Lock check •Notification Panel Customization •Long Home key behavior •Long Back key to kill App (+ white list) •Disable increasing ringtone •Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion) •Disable Scrolling cache •Enable Full rotations •White/Colored Circle Battery •Transparent Notifications panel •Customize Clock format and size •Customize Battery text helper size •Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row •Collapse Quick Settings after toggle •2 line formatted date on the panel header •Dark themed Multi-Window •Disable Boot sound •Customize Two line date header format •White/Black Email App background (Supported on some devices) •Transparent Quick Settings buttons background •Default hidden SMS logs •Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list •Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list •Custimize Wifi AP Clients number •Disable Launcher page rotation •Add Exit button to browser •SMS Automatic input mode •Disable Call number formatting •Enable unlimited Contacts joining •Enable Gallery Rotation trough button •Set default Browser view to Desktop •Hide Wireless charging popup •Hide Full Battery Notification •Clock position Status bar (Hide, Left, Right, Center) (Compatible with I9300 and I9500 only) •NFC behaviors (UN/Locked on Screen ON/Off) •Hide Headset icon and notification bar •Disable TW DVFS •Enable TW DVFS Boost Benchmark mode •Hide Smart Stay, Alarm, NFC icons on status bar •Launcher: Enable Scroll wallpaper and Hide Dock labels •Disable Wake Home button •Use separate Address field on Contacts •Add Fast PIN unlock (to be used with caution) •Added SMS sent time details •Enable Screen ON options on Messaging App •Disable low Battery warning •Add custom carrier label on notification label •Set low Camera battery level

  • Thanks
    titoo7 for his note 3 features for mk4 v2 mod
    mythrandyr for his ink effect
    arsaw for note 3 features and coming out to tha show
    and anyone else whom I forgot lmk..
    also to all the backers and donators thank you so much
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25th December 2013, 07:54 PM |#2  
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OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Known Issues

-The note 3 Edition only Known Issues
-bc of the ink effect port I had to redo when choosing ripple effect for the first time the lockscreen will have a huge blown out lock image simply change the wallpaper and this shouldn't arise again even unselecting and reselecting ripple effect (wip to fix as we speak)(not important) -there is a Russian named folder in your app drawer simply remove its a residual from the necessary ids required to make certain apps function -contacts may fc randomly at first or for the first few moments after boot -signal may be flaky on first boot running through setup wizard simply use wifi to setup then reset apn. and or just wait till it comes back -phone may be laggy for the first 10 minutes after initial setup..just wait longer -nexus 5 google home launcher wont open until you've logged into and updated all google related apps -your home button may break and become the power button (make sure after you've enabled xposed mods and wanam that you actually set it up ) settings will cause issues in certain functions --certain features just don't work and never will (air view and certain hand gestures) so use included hand gestures app -Browser is in the Samsung folder -contacts may act funky from time to time if you lose all your google contacts or pictures delete your account and re add it and check sync settings under accounts as well or if pictures in contacts stop syncing or pictures stop showing try a reboot first

Both Editions Known Issues FYI

-svoice and Samsung tts have been removed.. after many hours and days of testing . I found it to be the biggest battery killer// I will provide a flashable zip for those who wish to have it back -Nova widgets still wont work..simply move nova to system/app using titanium there are two galleries and two cameras (its for photosphere and just to have another option remove it or use It. just be careful with the flash)

To Install: Att
-Are you coming from a 4.1.2 rom and haven't done the 4.3 one click? See A
-If your on 4.3 (one click or odin method or received the 4.3 Ota) just Flash as normal--or See B

To Install : All Other Carriers and Models (see all other carriers below b)


This method ensures working wifi (ATT ONLY)
Allows backup and restore of roms
and going back and forth btw 4.1 and 4.3
Try Different recoveries . Also some versions of TWRP
have been known to have restore issues
Remember to remove all spaces from the backup name

-Then unzip so you have just a tar
-open up odin .. place your phone in download mode (vol down+home+power)
and stick tar file in the pda slot and flash

-Or Try Devils Latest Kernel
(prevents you from having to use odin for wifi)
-but may cause lag issues or weirdness all around for ATT
ALL Devil Kernels


-Dowload rom
-Go to recovery
-factory data reset
-wipe system,data,dalvik,and cache
-flash the rom
-let Android boot up once completely
-reboot to recovery
-flash latest update
-now its safe to restore apps with titanium
-make sure apn matches this exactly

All Other Carriers and Models

-Dowload rom
-Go to recovery
-factory data reset
-wipe system,data,dalvik,and cache
-flash the rom

For experimental wifi
Tmob, n7100 n7105 and 1317m
-kernel for wifi

ALL Devil Kernels

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25th December 2013, 07:54 PM |#3  
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Sky Note Air Vanilla ...
Touch wiz Modded 4.3 stock ...

Contains everything from the whats included post,
except anything Note 3 related
everything thing works as was intended..
and there will be zero fcs in any settings or note 2 stock features
if you experience some.. you probably created it

Full wipe recommended

SKY NOTE AIR--- Vanilla Edition F1

md5: 6FE391559D14CE54342D0B5285241840


Sky Note Air...
Note 3 Features Edition

Fully working note 3 features built into a note 2 rom
some settings will fc and some things will never work..
this is the price you pay for the cutting edge
but mostly everything works
no gear apps are in this base
its just compatible with the add on ive provided below

Full wipe recommended

SKY NOTE AIR-- Note 3 Gear Edition G2

md5: 39363392E7763B5E846F85523AADDFCE



NO-WIPE Updates

Vanilla Edition

Latest Update 3.6 (wipe cache)


Note 3 Edition

Standard Data icons Update G 2.4 (wipe cache)

Att Icons Update G 2.4 (wipe cache)




Att visual voicemail

MK6 modem

MJ4 Modem

Svoice 2 (should install perfectly..frees up system space)

Lost root? Flash this

Super User 1.80



One Stop Shop V5
(literally everything in one easy that perfectly tunes your note 2 to
have the best apps and remove any conflicts with your current rom )

-not necessary unless you have a gear.. only benefits gear users

(Works best when flashed immediately after a FRESH rom is installed)
(before you reboot for the first time that is )

(fixed weather)


Viper Audio Mod Faq's,Info and Support

Included in the rom and the correct audio.conf edits have been made

thanks to zhuhang for giving me approval to add this in

-simply start the app give it root permissions when asks.
-then when the prompt to download libraries pops up
-simply choose the quality you would like
-reboot the phone
-now reopen the app and enable ..and enjoy the awesomeness

check here for answers


-fixed wake lag 
-super extreme battery heat , cpu and gpu temps
fixed slow opening of certain apps 
-removed all bravia related tweaks
-fixed scrolling 
-fixed scrolling and zooming in images
-fixed timeout issues
-fixed sensor problems specifically proximity
-fixed deep sleep problems
-also scaled down scrolling cache  intensity
-fixed a whole mess of issues I was noticing lag
app processing , opening and closing, and some other minor

phone may sod    after first reboot   (well mine did bc ive been messing with so much)
(if not ignore this   or pull the battery and reboot )



G2.2   and Vanilla F3.5
removed the remaining code  that was causing
serious app opening and closing lag
removed the gpu from handling the rom
although this creates a little bit more jagged feeling
the battery life and cpu temp are fixed

also  fixed wake lag
and added two necessary scripts

no more cpu temp spikes bc the gpu was handling all 
rendering duties

also maxing out the gpu was killing the  battery 

-Sped the rom up significantly
-please allow to cache bc  everything was changed  

-Sky Note air G2
Removed a ton of scripts
fixed the install script
-fixed battery issues
and lag all around
-fixed opening apps delay
-updated all apks I usually include
-a few new smoothness tweaks
-fixed build.prop
-and much much more

Update 3
fixed a ton of app issues
lag issues
app opening issues
overheating issues  when using the camera
removed a lot of gpu rendering from this rom
-app process defaults
and removed  a few elements from being forced into ram

-after first flash it almost took 10 minutes to cache correctly
all scrolling menus and side to side scrolls will lag until it fully caches and
sets in all the changes   .. but  the over all experience will be wayyy better

-added Teotihuacán pyramid of the moon to the wallpaper chooser

fixed  null wifi icon  and smoothed out the 3g one      

F3 vanilla edition 
-  Same as above

hopefully I don't break snote   but I made and attempt
at simply replacing the libs  for all pen/snote  framework files 
to fix the productivity tools


Note 3v And vanilla f2

Sysui may fc   and your phone may soft reboot  if it doesnt ..reboot it
Basically the scripts initialize on boot
And the composition type changes so im assuming    since sysui was a pain from the get go   this is it re zipaligning the apk
The over all rom will be smoother and battery life longer   

 changed and set the correct intervals for the compostition

 -included and set permissions for about 7 init.d scripts
 darky zipalign
 ram optimization
 app process
 loop scrolling
 in and out tcp 
touchscreen smoothness is up 
and SQLite optimizer
 and a few others 

fixed over all scrolling issues  and  lag  I found in a few places
 set minimum dalvik interval to higher
and removed se Linux a third way by relabeling it within the scripts

please  allow cache time    !!!!please !!!!! allow cache time  and you will see :)))

wallpapers may change  or act weird


1.2 Vanilla
Viper audio mod  now included
scrolling cache disabled
gpu set  to handle more front end as well
build.prop  now matches the note 3 version of this rom
all mods are current here as well
default gain is now set at 57
and all necessary viper edits are included 

note 3 version

- scrolling cache is disabled by default
 (allow 5 mins to cache  and then youll see how fast it can be)
- the gpu is set to handle more of the front end duties now (smooth)
-a policy edit  that will setup for future mods
-overall  the smoothness has increased bc of the small
snips I made out of a few animations . just allowing for quicker response

-fixed  audio conf file to have the correct edits prebuilt
into libraries and effects
-brought the max db down to 57   from 60 just to be on the safe side
-one more small icon improvement to each version
-added the latest wanam apk and xposed mod
fixes  soft reboots and any other button related problems


update 1.2
Default keys and signature issue
and wallpaper resizing issue
fixed all sysui fcs

Update  1  for Note 3 edition

-added back popup browser
-stock browser
-and google home launcher

-fixed data speeds  
-fixed apns  and stock apns
-fixed animations
-changed dalvik handling to be able to cache more
but respond quicker
 (please allow atleast 10 mins and up to one full day to cache correctly)
Added the louder default gains mod (be careful its loud  only go max volume
when you want to show of that song or two :)  )
-Fixed screenoff times
-proximity issues
-reinstated a few mods just to ensure there functionality (aka direct pen input)
-all new  seanz wallpaper compilation under launcher wallpapers

two versions of  the note 3 edition update
-one contains up and down arrows  and an assortment of cool data icons
to fix lte and separate the data better

-the other is my attempt to bring back att icons to the data handler
also had to shorten and move the wifi icon to make it make sense
if you hate it ...flash the other version

-vanilla update   
I brought the default gains in
new wallpapers throughout in chooser
and updated the build.prop to be in alignment with the note 3 version


Gear Flashable v2
-fixed a lot ofthings with the gear watch
flash this directly to it  after applying nulls latest rom
battery is insane
. google now works
kitkat kb
no more battery annoyances or shutdowns
and much more

-one stop shop v3
updated a lot of built in gear apps
also fixed the broken ones or simply removed them
-most importantly I updated to the latest gear manager and gearstub

Sky Note Air Note 3 Gear
 I took
thanks to titoo 7 and this international rom flashable

so basically I used att mj4 as my base
then I used all the latest extras from att mk6
-then I had to use the n7105 kernel bc of the Bluetooth tethering
and a few other library dependent and framework dependent issues
-then I used  the note 3 features  .. and just blanked out a lot of branded settings
as youll notice  some extra fields that have 
random @symbols..well deal w it my friend

-so after days  of countless flashing  and using it in tandem w my new gear :) 
everything works  that you have been wanting to work forever now
-color emojis
-actual functioning bt tethering
-direct pen input
-daydreams are back
-volume in settings works
as does air command when removing the pen
- most of these were fixed by using  n7100/7105 framework
and kernel, make sure to wipe a few times   no dirty flashing this one
-also by default included the hd Samsung tts
-fixed every and all root losing issues
by updating the app to 1.85 and binaries as well

- i put together a complete package of galaxy gear goodies 
in one flash you can have everything and a few extras
including hd Samsung tts

-galaxy gear flashable(meant to flash on your gear)
added a bunch of sweet battery saving build prop tricks
and screen dithering and surface flinger and sensitivity increased
meant to work with any mk7 galaxy gear rom (will not wipe  just changes the build.prop
and adds some new data/apps

Air Vanilla F1
-fixed the entirety of the rom 
included all new deodexed correctly apks
fw files , and libs that were missing
-also upped the over all smoothness of the rom
and baked in a few extra handy apps
-drag and drop multi window now available
and the gpu and cpu and bt drivers have all been updated
(def noticeable)
-also fixed root completely  no more losing root

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25th December 2013, 07:57 PM |#4  
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Thumbs up (ROM) Sky Note Air - 4.3 I317UCUBMK6-MJ4 Hybrid 12-25-13
Originally Posted by seanzscreams


Sounds awesome! I am patiently waiting
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Waiting as well!!

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25th December 2013, 08:27 PM |#6  
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Whoooo! What Xmas gift! Thank you sir!

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25th December 2013, 08:28 PM |#7  
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Nice work

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25th December 2013, 08:47 PM |#9  
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Your are one incredibly talented Man.

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25th December 2013, 08:54 PM |#10  
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Awesome Christmas gift buddy.

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25th December 2013, 09:11 PM |#11  
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Omg ...thanks seanz ....

Enviado desde mi GT-N7105 usando Tapatalk 4
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