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Hello XDA-Developers,

I've been a reader here for awhile now learning things about the android development for my devices and used many of your all members TUTs, but now i have came across a big issue that has broke my phone and need assistance getting it back online to be used with my carrier again. Below I'll explain my situation of what happen and what I need to be done so I can use the phone again or least get it back to factory stock so I can get a new phone... I will also offer someone $5-10 via PayPal for the assistance if you can help me get my phone back to the condition needed.

To start it off, I purchased a phone off a guy on craigslist, a AT&T HTC One M7 (Model: PN07120), when I purchased the device it was unlocked so I could use it on my carrier that was the reason I purchased it because I'm with T-Mobile. When I purchased the phone i went to setup the device to my needs and requirements and after two days of having the device, I noticed that the phone still had the previous owners information stored and was setup based on him, so because I didnt know the phone was rooted or anything, I googled how to factory reset my phone, so that way I could set it up to my wants, and requirements and below I'll explain the steps i'm at and what it is doing...

1. Searched google for the how-to method to factory reset my phone...
2. Went to 'Settings App', Backup & Restore, Reset Phone, Erase everything, Selected OK.
3. Followed the steps, phone rebooted..
4. Loaded up to the HTC (green logo) screen and stayed there...
5. Waited a few moments, phone never powered 100% back online just stayed at the HTC welcome logo when you first power phone back on.
6. So then I did the Boot Menu steps, (Hold Powerkey + Volume Down) to get into the boot menu,
7. When I got there it loaded to the boot manager window and I clicked FASTBOOT
8. Loaded new menu/logo "twrp" logo, then went to a menu "team win recovery project v2.6.3.3" with the list of options: INSTALL/WIPE/Backup/Restore/Mount/Settings/Advanced/Reboot.
9. I went to reboot to try to least get the phone booted, then when I was in the option to reboot, it gave me the warning of "No OS Installed", Continue without OS?"
10A. If I selected yes, it told me Install SuperSU, for root, otherwise phone wont be rooted.
10A1. I tried doing INSTALL SUPERSU did nothing..
10B. Did without installing SUPERSU and did nothing too, just when I boot comes back to this same menu Team Win Recovery Project.

So it seems I bricked my device as what everyone calls it to what I believe, I am unsure though or unsure how to fix this. I need to get the device either back to factory resetted to like the device comes out the box, so that I can use it, or what to do to get it back rooted successfully and working to be able to use the phone like i could at first.

I tried contacting the buyer but hes ignoring me now that I told him he told me the device wasnt rooted but the device was rooted and i seemed to have a major problem happen trying to restore the phone to factory defaults to set it up to my requirements...

My concerns and want is..

- My Carrier is T-Mobile USA LTE - So, I would have to get the device to stay UNLOCKED so I can still use the device on my carrier: T-Mobile, as it is a AT&T HTC One M7 Unlocked (Was working fine on my T-Mobile Sim prior to me trying to factory reset, besides the phone was named to the original owner and had all his settings and customizations that i didnt like or want.

- I NEED to get the phone back in a working condition. So please I'm really asking for your help I tried searching a couple articles here but couldnt find anything related to my situation.. This is why I am offering a payment for someone to be able to successfully restore my device back to working condition. Please help me!

- NOTE: When plugged up to the computer via USB Cord it did not connect or anything also. I also did not perform a backup because I didnt need any information that was currently on the device because it was the content and settings of the original owner i bought it from so I wanted to clear it all and set it up to my own.

- Overall, my phone is messed up because I tried factory resetting the device not knowing it was rooted, during the process found out it was rooted and now seem to have a bricked phone and need to know how i can fix it, and get android OS back installed, as it tells me there is NO OS installed when I reboot or try booting the device, and it remains at the HTC Bootlogo when powering it on without holding the power + volume down key to access a boot menu to perform a reset, install, etc, Like I mentioned I just want to restore my phone back to working condition even if that means to have to root the device again, etc. All I'm asking for is someone to either help me with each step or to write a step by step what I would need to do to recover and restore my phone.

Phone: HTC one m7 (AT&T)
Computer; Windows

Thank you,
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